Recipe For The Religious

Recipe For The Religious


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  • shamaremet says:

    Produced on a Linux Mint personal computer with the following specifications:
    Z97X-Gaming-7 MB
    i7 Intel 4790 4.4GHz Haswell processor
    16GB DRAM
    GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU
    Dual monitors (ASUS 23" VS239H-P 1920×1080 native and Acer XG270HU 4K native)
    2x WD 1TB HDD, and Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA III (with Linux Mint 18.3 'Sylvia' 'Cinnamon 64-bit')
    Text editing with gedit V 2.30.4, transition to slides with LibreOffice Impress Version: Build ID: 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial2 CPU Threads: 8; OS Version: Linux 4.10, speed memory processing with help from – In Impress, set as follows: Graphics Cache, 80 MB, Memory/object: 2.0 MB, Remove from memory after: 1 min; # Objects: 60. Also, removed these to speed processing time of slides (see libreoffice-gnome, libreoffice-gtk, and all non-native language sets.
    Note: edited zip file per and modified blinking hourglass waiticon.png file to transparent in GIMP per
    Graphic background composed in GIMP for Linux.
    Graphic image edited with Pinta for Linux.
    Slide presentation captured in OBS with NVIDIA X Server Setting set to Use Force Composition Pipeline and Allow Flipping turned off in OpenGL Settings (prevents screen tearing and screen flickering).
    Pre-production video transcoding for first through the third generation may have been done in Handbrake.
    Post-production audio editing in Audacity with amplification set to -1db from maximum volume (some audios may apply compression and leveling (i.e. for human speech) to normalize audio levels).
    Post-production video and audio rendered in 4K (3840×2160) with Blender 2.79 and saved in AVI format for direct loading into YouTube in 4K format.
    The settings shown below are used in Blender to render all shamaremet 4K videos after 9-21-2017:
    Resolution: X = 3840 px, Y = 2160 px, 100%;
    Frame Rate: 30.0 fps; Anti-Aliasing = 8 / Mitchell-Netravali;
    Performance: X = 256, Y = 256, Start Resolution = 256, Acceleration structure = Auto;
    Output: = File Extensions, Xvid (FFmpeg is okay if available);
    Encoding: Presets, Container = AVI, Codec = H.264 (prevents video pulsing), Output quality = Medium quality, Encoding speed = Fast, Keyframe interval = 18, Bitrate: 10000, Minimum = 0, Maximum 100000, Buffer = 1792, Rate = 10080000, Packet Size = 2048;
    Audio Codec = MP3, Audio Bitrate = 384).
    MP4 download available in 1280×720 via Video DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox browser V57.0.4.
    See additional source materials: (Yada Yah on YouTube)
    Companion web page to download files related to this video:

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