Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel! You guys I am literally in such a good mood today and I’m so excited to be sitting down and filming this video because this morning my palette restocked for the first time since the initial launch on You guys know we sold it out in only a few hours the first time and once again and it is sister sold out worldwide which literally like my mind is blown and I am so beyond grateful for all of your guys’ love and support and I never in a million years would have even expected to have the opportunity to make a makeup product. Let alone do it with Morphe, make it literally the best in the entire world and have the demand and reaction just be so incredibly positive that it sells out, not once but twice like holy crap obviously the goal of this palette was to inspire people and make people want to go out of their comfort zones and play with color and I will confidently say that we are definitely doing that some of the looks that I am seeing from this palette are like mind-blowing the talent is unreal and that is what brings me to today’s new video if you guys been around for a while you would know that I have a little series that I do here on this channel called recreating my followers makeup looks now, I’ve only done two of these videos In the past so far But they are truly one of my all-time favorite series to film because of the fact that 1. they are so much fun and I get to be a super super creative with my makeup but 2. I get to shout out really amazing artists that I believe have so much talent and deserve a bigger platform and that is exactly what we’re going to be doing in today’s brand new video for today’s video, I want to recreate three of them.. ..three of them.. that is still six three of them that I selected that I just think are so incredibly cool I want to challenge myself and I want to show you guys at home that have purchased the palette as well the true possibilities of the looks that you can create super quick before we jump into the video you guys don’t forget that I’m doing my entire month of holiday giveaslays every single upload during the month of December I’ll be giving away a PR package including the palette and my brush set an Artistry collection hoodie that has been a sold out on Sisters Apparel and is never coming back and as well a brand new 2018 Apple MacBook Air Oh my God literally the giveaslay of the century All you have to do to enter is be following me on all my social media platforms including this YouTube channel make sure you hit the subscribe button and click the bell icon so you never miss an upload and you are able to enter into all the holiday giveaslays this month. Also be following me on my Instagram and Twitter they are both just JamesCharles and my snapchat for more behind the scene type stuff is JamesCharles with an extra S after Charles give this video and all my other December uploads a big thumbs up and show your sister support and finally leave a comment down below and tell me literally anything in the entire world If you love the makeup looks, which one is going to be your favorite later on after you’re finished watching what you want for christmas, literally anything just leave me a comment and there will be one winner randomly chosen per video and every single winner will be announced in the description box of the next video totalling to eight winners total for all the information and official rules on entering please don’t forget to read the description box down below for more details. But yeah, I think that is it you guys! good luck and now on to the video [transition music] alright you guys so I’ve been screen shotting literally hundreds and hundreds of looks as you guys are posting loads with the palette and I also tweeted asking for a bunch of different artists to submit looks like they’ve done as well Just the case I missed any and I’ve picked out three to do for today’s video that I think are gonna be so much fun and I’m so excited for this first one because I picked out this iconic look by MakeupByRiquelle Oh my god, look at how pretty this is It is just a warm toned brown smokey eye but she added this beautiful pop of yellow in the inner corner Riquelle is one of my all-time favorite artist to follow right now. She is literally SIXTEEN years old and she’s been doing so many incredible looks using the palette like oh my god that blending work is insane I invited her to my launch party and she was just so incredibly sweet and is so talented! She reminds me a lot of myself from a few years ago and I think she’s gonna go very very far in this industry So please go check her out and show your sister support and love as always I figured this look would be perfect to do first in today’s brand video because so many people have been requesting a glam look from me Which I totally get obviously I’ve been focusing a lot on the rainbow colors because that’s kind of the point of the palette But I did put in a ton of beautiful neutral and warm tone shades in there as well perfect for everybody who doesn’t feel as comfortable wearing those crazy colors on their eyelids and just want something a little bit more wearable on an everyday basis. This look is gonna be perfect because it is a typical glam look but it still adds a little bit of a pop of color for those of you who just want to dip your toes in but don’t feel comfortable going all the way I’m gonna start off by grabbing my M173 brush and dipping it to my MAC Paint Pot in the shade ‘painterly’ and using this to prime my eyelids So opening up the palette we’re gonna be mainly focusing on the middle row of bigger pans right here obviously we are gonna add a pop of color later on but I formulated all these shades perfect for creating any warm tone smoky eye and that is exactly what we are doing today I’m gonna first start off by grabbing an M456 brush and dipping into the shade and ‘No Beans’ this Is the warm tone of brown in the palette and I’m just gonna pop the shade right onto my eyelid I’m next gonna grab another M456 brush and dip into ‘10% off’ and I’m just gonna place this shade right above that ‘No Beans’ color and just blend it lightly Upwards just kind of tapping that shade on there first and then using light little circular motions just to blend out that brown edge moving right up the line I’m next gonna grab an M433 brush and dip into the shade ‘Code James’ right next door and same exact thing I’m gonna use this color to go right over that edge and start blending a little bit more upwards just using light circular motions and then finally with an M441 I’m gonna dip into the shade of ‘Tune’ and then just a little bit of ‘518’ as well and use this to blend out that final edge. Moving on to the lower lash line I’m gonna take the same M456 and the shade ‘No Beans’ and just tuck this right up in there, bringing it all the way across the lower lash line and also making sure to connect it up with that outer V on the upper lash line as well I cannot stand in smoky eyes, when the lower and upper lash line are not connected. I feel like it looks really really messy so just put that color there [laughs] Going in the same exact color order next I’m gonna grab ‘10% off’ and blend that edge out and blend this right below ‘No Beans’ and then ‘Code James’ and then finally ‘518’ and ‘Tune’ To highlight the brow bone I’m gonna grab a little bit of ‘Face’ on just a flat top little brush and give it a quick spritz of the prep and set setting spray and just pop that right up in there I’m gonna grab a tiny bit of ‘518’ on just that same M441 brush and go over that because that was a little much so that is the brown smokey literally already complete using the entire middle row of the palette! Like I said you guys I picked these colors for a reason, it is so easy to create the most beautiful chocolatey warm tone eye look ever I’m obsessed with how this turned out Now you could totally stop here BUT I do want to add just a little bit of a pop of color you guys, it is so much fun to do so I’m trying to decide though because in Riquelle’s original photo, she had a pop of yellow in the inner corner which was so beyond stunning like I was obsessed with it! But sister Kylie recently posted a picture where she had a pop of a pink in the inner corner and it was so beyond stunning I feel like inner corner colors is becoming a major trend right now so I think just to switch things up a little bit because I have been doing a lot of yellow recently I want to do a pop of pink So to do my pop of color, I’m gonna grab an M431 this is a little pencil brush, it comes in the brush set and dip into the bright neon pink shade called ‘Skip’ Now I do want to give a fair warning you guys, this pink shade is insanely pigmented and if you have a sensitive skin it may or may not cause staining So [wink noise] be careful I’m just gonna pop this shade right here I’m just popping it right in the inner corner and then using any excess that’s left on the brush to kind of lightly blend it Into the kind of transition shades that we had going on around the eye I’m next going to grab an M562 and a tiny little bit more of ‘Skip’ but really tap off the excess and just use this to kind of fluffily- fluffily? What? this is a fluffy brush I’m scared! just blend out the edges gonna dip into a little bit of ‘Pinkity Drinkity’ to help me blend this out as well next for that pop of glow, I’m gonna dip into the shade ‘Literally’ using that same little pencil brush. I absolutely love this color it is one of my favorites from the palette and I’m gonna give this a good spritz of the Morphe prep and set setting spray and just tap that right in the center just to really make that shadow [tongue pop] POP! I’m just gonna grab a tiny little bit of a liquid glitter and the tiny little pencil brush and dot that right over top And last but finally not least I’m going to line my waterline using the Makeup Forever ‘aqua XL’ color pencil in the shade ‘Pink’ You definitely could skip this step if you don’t feel comfortable putting a pink in your waterline I know some people may think that that would look sickly You can definitely do a nude or a black instead if you want a more smoky look but for me personally I really really like when the pop of color just continues in, i feel like it really pulls the whole eye look together Alright, that is officially one eye all complete I’m gonna go ahead and do the other one off camera quickly and I’ll be right back with the finished look I just finished up the other brown smokey eye and I decided the pink looks a very very beautiful but in honour of Riquelle’s original photo I do want to add a pop of yellow in the inner corner just because the look was literally too pretty not to recreate and also to show you guys that you can do this with literally any other the color I mean a purple would be so stunning with this, a blue, a green like literally anything would look so pretty with this! So I’m just gonna do the pop of yellow I’m just gonna grab a little bit of ‘Bee’ on a pencil brush. Same exact technique as the pink, just popping the shade right in there Oh my God so pigmented! like the pink side, I’m gonna grab a fluffy brush and just dip into a little bit that same shade ‘Bee’ and just use this to lightly buff out the edges of that yellow and make sure it’s evenly diffused into both the regular skin around the area and also into the orange of the smoky eye just like the other side, gonna grab a little bit of ‘Ringlight’ on a tiny little pencil brush and give it a quick spritz of some prep and set and use this to highlight right on that inner corner grabbing some more ‘Bee’ to make sure that’s nice and blended it out. Then grabbing a little bit of a liquid glitter obviously this one is gold this time and I’m packing that right over top then I’m gonna finish this yellow eye off with just a yellow pencil liner, this one is from NYX gonna pop on a quick coat of mascara using the Mac extended play for lashes today I’m gonna pop on the Lily Lashes in the style ‘OKURRR’ they are not Miami’s for once but they are very very similar, these ones are actually just longer on the end so these are gonna be perfect for an eye look like this where we really want to focus it on the inner corner and you can still always use code ‘James’ for 15% off! So those are both eyes all complete, I thought this was gonna look crazy having two different colors in the inner corner But kind of like living for this little strawberry, banana, lemonade moment we have going on right now I’m gonna go ahead and brush off any excess powder that we still have on the face so we can move on to the highlight gonna give my face a quick spritz of the prep and set setting spray just so the highlighter has something to adhere to and to kind of melt some of the excess powder into the skin! Then on an M501 I’m gonna dip into the shade ‘Face’ and just go right in A little bit right above with the brow bone as always on the chin and then with that second M431 one from the brush set just a tiny little dot on the tip of the nose and one line right down the center then finally with my E4 brush I’m gonna dip into the shade ‘Literally’ the same color that I used on my little pink inner corner You guys know I’ve have been loving this shader recently for blending together my highlight and blush like I said in the beginning of the video lips are already on for obvious reasons and you guys I think that is the first look, inspired by MakeupByRiquelle, all complete [music] I had so much fun recreating this look by Raquel well I guess it’s kind of rather two looks today! Like I said beforehand, such an easy go-to warm toned smoky eye using the middle row of the palette this is exactly why I created it and of course we got to do a little pop of color as well just to fit with the whole “unleash your inner artist” theme I feel this is the perfect look for any beginner makeup wearer who wants to just dip their toes into color but isn’t comfortable going all the way yet But speaking of going all the way, we have two more looks to do so without further ado Let’s jump on to look number two Alright, it is day number three of filming this video but this is going to be look number two um just wanted to say that because my hair just got cut but in the next clip was it’s going to go back to long and really really gross this has been a mess filming but we’re gonna get it done together You and I so let’s move on to the look So for the first look we definitely kept it pretty simple glam still adding a pop of color but a really really great look for the everyday girl on the go But for look number two, obviously this is the ‘Artistry’ palette and it is a full rainbow palette so for this look you guys know I had to throw in something there with a whole lot of color So I found this look by Lauryn Bettles, it is this beautiful like rainbow cloud cut crease with lots of glitter different stars and I’m obsessed with how this turned out. Oh my god. I think it is so pretty you guys know I don’t get to play with glitter that often on this YouTube channel because I really really don’t like it but I feel like she used this very very wisely in this look and I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve that I think I want to add to this look to really tie it together as well. So without further ado Let’s jump in. So I first wanna start of in the inner corner in that little crease moment and obviously we’re gonna cut out the cloud later on but I’m first gonna grab an M456 and dip into the shade ‘Cola’ which is the deep matte blue of the palette and I’m just gonna pack ‘Cola’ right inside of that like inner crease area and I’m gonna bring it out a little bit farther too when I do cut creases, I usually actually cut it right on the crease line because I have this really annoying flap of skin that like covers my inner corner It seems like such a stupid thing but you have no idea how difficult it makes so many makeup looks especially cut creases But with this cloud I do want to kind of bring that in a little bit more so I’m going to take that into consideration next door to ‘Cola’ I’m gonna take a little bit of ‘Daddy’ on the same exact brush and place the shade as well right next to it on the crease- in the crease. [quieter] What did I just say? Next to ‘Daddy’ I’m gonna take ‘Bee’ on an M433 brush and place this right there patting on the color first and then blending it upwards I’m gonna grab a little bit of ‘You’re Kidding’ on an M456 brush as well and put that in here I’m gonna add in obviously in a lot more colour as well to blend these all together but I just want to kind of get the situation started just to kind of map everything out I’m gonna grab ‘Escape’ on an M456 brush and put this over here okay so now I need to go back into like all the transitional colors to blend all this together so it doesn’t look disgusting like this SO what I’m going to do is grab a fluffy brush and dip into ‘Single’ and I’m gonna use this and go right over the edge of this red and purple to diffuse these two colors together and to blend out this outer edge adding some more of “You’re Kidding’ a little bit more of ‘Bee’ gonna buff out that ‘Daddy’ using a little bit of ‘Social Blade’ and then finally a little bit of ‘Playground’ just to buff out that inner corner! To cut the crease and create this little cloud shape I’m gonna grab the Morphe white concealer, and I’m going to put this on the back of my hand okay, so I’m gonna grab the E19 brush this one is not in my brush set when I was making the brushes, I did not exactly anticipate doing a cloud cut crease, so sorry about that but I’m gonna try make this work [background music] Lump number one, pretty good lump if I do say so myself not gonna lie [mumbling] How do i do this? okay, lump number two [background music] Kinda down, kind of good kind of fresh, kind of funky kind of clouded lump number three [background music] [exhales] I forgot to breathe One more little lump, okay, this is good. Okay. So now I’m gonna grab the M124 This is my all-time favorite brush for packing on shades and I’m first gonna grab a little bit of ‘Love That’ I’m gonna pack this right over top of that outer edge then gonna grab ‘You’re Kidding’ on a tiny little pencil brush so I’m basically gonna like keep laying on these colors in the same rainbow order going back into the eyelid but I’m gonna leave more and more white space This is like rainbow liner almost next to the red I want to place a little bit of orange so I’m gonna grab a little bit of ‘Rusted’ put this like right there just kidding actually gonna do ‘518’ Finally gonna grab a little bit of yellow on that same brush, I’m gonna pack that right here now I need to pack on some white put a little bit of ‘Flashback’ right on top of everything Wow, I just realised I’ve been silent for almost this entire video that’s when you know, I’m struggling for a real one Okay, I’m gonna do the lower lash line now something easy.. and nice so I need to first put on some more ‘Single’ with an M456 and really bring this all the way into the lash we’re gonna kind of pull this down pretty far too because I am gonna be adding glitter and then just taking a little bit of ‘Playground’ on this same brush from before as well and tucking this right next door and I’m gonna bring this right up into the inner corner as well I’m just lightly feathering out those edges now I’m going to take a little bit of black, very carefully on a tiny little pocket brush I’m gonna put this right up against that lower lash line nice and smoked for a real one. Okay, that is looking really beautiful So you guys remember in the first look a few minutes ago? I talked about how I always like my inner corner, highlight and my waterline to always match cause I feel like it makes the whole look cohesive so I wanna do the same thing here I’m gonna have a huge pop of white in the inner corner So I’m gonna grab a little bit of that Morphe white concealer on a just liner brush I’m gonna tap it off so it kind of dries down a little bit, but I’m gonna tuck this right in my eyeball I’m gonna take a little bit of the concealer as well just to sketch in a new lower lash line in the inner corner Just gonna grab a little bit of ‘Flashback’ on a pencil brush and I’m going to pop this right on the inner corner just to blend out that hars edge- heart-t harsh, just to blend out that harSH to blend out that harsh edge that’s right, what is wrong with me? Oh the little stars and stuff [groans] forgot about that. Okay first I’m gonna start off by grabbing my NYX white liquid liner and I’m just gonna sketch in a few little stars in the rainbow portion let’s do like a little a moment right out here, notice for some little stars I am gonna pop on a glitter in the inner corner but I’m just gonna take a little bit more of that liquid liner and add in some dots right on that white shade this is something I like to do a lot too when it comes to putting a bright highlight in the inner corner because sometimes, certain glitters or pigments they only shine a super super bright if the light is hitting it but obviously depending on your lighting it you can’t always do that So what I like to do is sometimes take a white liner and put a ton of little dots here to almost like mimic the look of glitter because that way you can still layer glitter over top of it but even if the light doesn’t hit it, it’ll still be white. Now, I just want to take a few different chunky glitters Let’s see. Oh I should do like little star drips first, huh? I’m gonna grab my liner brush and dip into the shade ‘Single’ and then I’m going to I guess just like drip this down for a real one I’m gonna take a little bit of ‘Brother’ using that same little brush now I’m gonna pop on some glitter Okay, so have a few different chunky glitters that I’m gonna use today and they’re all from the brand ‘In your dreams’ on instagram I don’t want to tip that or it’s gonna fall everywhere and I’m gonna die but they’re super dope and they have a lot of chunky glitter I feel like for some reason chunky glitter is like impossible to find but its literally the only glitter that I ever use cause you guys know I hate glitter, period so we’re gonna put it on I’m gonna put it on using the Peaches glitter adhesive [background music] last but finally not least I have a few of these tiny little star glitters I do not know how far I can tilt that before it’s gonna fall but they’re shaped like stars, I promise thank you to my sister Rocio for letting me borrow them gonna glue all these little stars on to the bottom of each little like drip as if they’re like stars that have fallen out of the sky So cute. Oh my god. So that is one eye all complete and I am obsessed with this this is literally one of my favorite looks I have ever ever done and it’s also one of the longest times I’ve ever spent on an eye I’m gonna quickly cut and go off camera and do the other eye and hopefully not take four hours and I’ll be right back with the finished look Okay so I am back, I just finished the other eye off-camera this did in fact take me another several hours, which is just lovely but it’s done and that’s all that matters and I feel so beautiful I just popped on a pair of Lily Lashes in the style ‘So extra Miami’ use code James for 15% off your purchase and now let’s go ahead and move on to it the rest of the face for the highlight I’m giving my face a quick spritz of the Morphe prep and set setting spray this is my literal all-time favorite and then grab the shade ‘Face’ from the palette and then just grabbing ‘Literally’ on an E4 brush you guys thought this my all-time favorite combination and putting this right over top just to mix the highlight and blush together finally for lips my go-to nude combination and then just topping it off with some gloss and finally finishing this look off of the Mac fix+ goldlite edition for a little inner glow [music] Okay and literally four hours later, this is look number two inspired by sister Lauryn Bettles all complete I went into this look today knowing it was gonna be challenging and it definitely was but it took so much longer than expected. Now you guys know, I love just sitting down and playing with makeup but this took so much time and patience and precision cutting this crease, making sure all the whites and all the colors blended together, but that being said literally four hours of work later I think every single bit of that was worth it because I am obsessed with how this look turned out I think it is literally one of the most beautiful looks I have ever had on my face. Like are you literally kidding me? Hello you guys all better go double tap this Instagram picture once it goes live Oh my god but thank you so much to Lauryn for sharing this look with me and for supporting me and my palette it means so so So much! This literally goes to show that you can do anything with this palette if you guys decide to recreate this look at home do not Forget to tag Lauryn for makeup credit and also tag me so I get to see all of your guys beautiful looks as well and without further ado, let’s move on to the next one. Alright, so finally on to the last look of the video and I’m a little bit nervous with this one, I’m not gonna lie I’m assuming if you saw the thumbnail, this is probably why you clicked on this video which is why I kept it for last queen of marketing I’m gonna be recreating this look today from LavieDunPrince, one of my really good friends Jose Jose is an incredibly talented makeup artist but also truly one of the nicest influencers I have ever met to this day, such a sweetheart I absolutely love him the most but that being said I am very very nervous for this look today because this whole makeup look is actually inspired by a Marcelo Cantu photo who is an iconic photographer now if you’re not familiar with like makeup community history this whole look and effect actually went viral several years ago by a photo edit that Marcelo Cantu did. Now I’ve actually shot with him before, his work is literally insane one of the coolest photographers of all time and he’s very very known for doing digital effects now I know for a fact that this original photo that Marcelo did was completely edited on and Jose did it with makeup and when I saw Marcelo’s photo a few years ago I’ve always wanted to recreate it but I just generally never thought it would be possible using makeup because the colors are so vibrant but Sister Jose managed to do and to make it even better, he used my palette So I figured for the last look today, I would try my absolute best to recreate this if it turns out great, amazing If it turns out bad, at least it’s the last look and you guys would have already clicked off the video early on [laughs] Ok, so I think looking at this photo and also at this really great condition James Charles palette I think I want to start with the highlights and kind of build backwards with the colors Ok, so I think I’m first gonna grab my M433 brush and dip into the shade ‘Playground’ Which is this like teal blue I’m gonna put it on this side cause this is my better side. Just gonna put this like, right.. Oh my gosh there’s no going back now then I’m gonna bring it like up to the nose what I’m not gonna do is start freaking out okay, we’re gonna make this positive and I need some more up here, too I’m gonna layer obviously a lot more on but I feel like this is a good start now I’m gonna grab another M433 and dip into the shade ‘Single’ and I’m gonna use this like below the blues, so like right here maybe gonna grab a little bit of a ‘Brother’ on a M519 and use that to kind of blend together the blue and purple I’m just placing colors on here randomly So I don’t even know if this is supposed to be like a tutorial or what’s going on I’m assuming there’s gonna be a lot of FaceTune needed to like bring this to life You know what? That’s okay you know, I do love a good FaceTune moment I am the queen of FaceTune so we can definitely make it work. Adding that ‘Brother’ shade in between Playground’ and ‘Single’ definitely makes it look way way way better But um, still not good. Oh, I forgot my brow bone. I’ll do that in a second. Okay, I need to put more things here I’ve done some ‘Single’ up here next to the blue could add a little bit more purple here I’m gonna grab the shade ‘Love That’ on a little bit more of a fluffy brush and use this to now blend out the edges of that purple. Oh, yes Yes sis! The chief just called and this, this is it that that was so annoying a little bit of ‘Love That’ in the inner nose area I feel like during these videos and these type of looks I always get super super discouraged when it doesn’t look perfect right away but in the end… usually happy with it right now, definitely at that stage where it looks not good I’m not going to give up and hopefully it looks okay by the time that I finish this at this point I think that it it’s gonna be anything that’s gonna save this look, it’s going to be the highlight and like the white so I’m gonna grab an M456 and the shade ‘Hello’ It’s like the bright metallic, icy baby blue from the palette I’m gonna give it a nice spritz of some prep and set because I definitely do want this to be like very very metallic and I’m gonna start placing this color on the high points this is kind of coming together not gonna lie gonna pop a little bit of ‘Hello’ right on that inner corner and on the tip of the nose also down the nose bridge and on the brow bone as well. Now I want to take another one of the m456 brushes and dip into the shade ‘Ring Light’ which is like that metallic pearl I want to give that a spritz of prep and set and put that like even more in the middle This is exactly what we need. Okay? Oh, I should definitely some on my ear. Mm-hmm Definitely in my ear In Jose’s original photo, he does have a winged liner on I fully already have lashes on because I was too lazy to take them off before I started this look for some reason and now I’m gonna be really lazy, I’m gonna try to do my wing liner over top of my lashes Is this going to work? Probably not, am I going to try? Absolutely. Ohhhhhhh my GOD I am the queen of saving time look at that wing! Oh my god I would normally literally never do wing this thick but Jose’s wing was large and in charge today gal So we’re gonna match it. I’ll do it on the other eye too even though there isn’t gonna be anything over there I guess Did I just make my winged eyeliner like literally perfectly even? I’d like to thank not only God but also Jesus In Jose’s original look, he does have the lower lashline smoked out with black You guys know I don’t really like putting black on my waterline, but we are going to do it today I’m gonna dip into the shade ‘Spooky’ on my M508 brush and just go right in there !INSTANT REGRET! Oh My god, I should have just left that how it was i- Ohhhh NOOO I’m gonna use the Urban Decay glide on pencil in the shade ‘Zero’, which is the black one and put this in my waterline I guess lastly I’m gonna pop on a black liquid lipstick This is Ofra in the shade ‘The Bronx’ use code ‘James’ for 30% off whenever I do black lips I have the tendency to over line them way too much. Oh, that is not good. Mascara [music] All right you guys, I think this is the final look by LavieDunPrince inspired by Marcelo Cantu Photo all complete I’m really not sure how much better I can get this to look, considering the original was not even actual makeup and it was a digitally edited photo, where literally anything is possible Considering that I think we did …okay today I think it looks definitely decent with a little bit of facetune though This will be good… and fresh And with all that being said, I think those are all three looks all complete I really hope you guys enjoyed watching me recreate or at least.. try to recreate these three makeup looks on my face today Oh my god when I saw these three looks from the original artist I was so excited and I just wanted to play and sit down with the palette which is exactly the point of why I made this in the first place these artists blew my mind. And even if the last look didn’t exactly come out quite as planned I definitely had so much fun challenging myself today and I felt equally as beautiful in all three looks If you sisters at home decide to recreate any of these makeup looks make sure to tag the original artist for credit and also tag me so I get to see it! And as well, If you happened to pick up the James Chalres X Morphe palette before it sister sold out please tag me in all your makeup looks I cannot wait to see you guys playing with color and being creative and unleashing your inner artists if you enjoyed this video today please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below come share your sister support It means so so so much to me and also, if you have not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood We are over 11 million sisters strong, I feel like we were growing so fast on my brain cannot even keep up and also click that bell icon so you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, they’re both just JamesCharles my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is JamesCharles with an extra S after Charles This videos sister shoutout goes to Sister Kenth Thank you so much love for always following and supporting you know I love you literally so so so much and if you’d like to be the next videos sister shoutout, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter Alright sisters, that is I have for today’s video Thank you so so SO much for watching! Do not forget to follow all the rules so you can be entered to win this videos holiday giveaslay I love you so much and I will see you in the next one! Bye! [outro music]


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