Rep. John Ray Clemmons announces support of musicians, film

Rep. John Ray Clemmons announces support of musicians, film

Nashville's mayoral election many candidates are focusing on issues like schools and affordability but newsChannel 5's jesse Knutson reports it today State Representative John Ray Clemens announced a new blueprint for supporting arts and entertainment in Music City music is really the fabric of what makes Nashville so unique representative John ray Clements grew up just outside of Nashville and for his whole life the state's capital has been known for its music above anything else but he believes Nashville is losing its identity due to the lack of affordability lack of transportation and lack of support for the entertainment industry a lot of musicians are coming here with a dream but they can't afford to live in the city they can't get to and from their gigs this realization came from Clements reaching out to people in Nashville including musicians to get their take on what needs to be improved I have some friends who are living in like basically like furnished garages and those are costing over $1,000 a month Alana Royale is a musician who has lived in Nashville for eight years and she says it's getting harder and harder for artists to thrive in this town we have music city built on the backs of artists and entertainers who are now being pushed out of the city not to mention all of the families and native Nashvillians who no longer can afford to be here either as part of his campaign Clemens has announced plans to put a focus back on entertainment and music first by sending a message that home recording studios need to be allowed because they're currently against the law but this is Music City USA you know not allowing and over regulating the music industry in this manner it just doesn't make sense here and beyond music Clemens hopes to reinstate the Metro Nashville film and television Commission to bring more shows like Nashville to the city it's a show Nashville that drove to about two hundred and twenty five million dollars in our local economy but at the end of the day Clement says most issues that musicians face are the same as other Nashvillians affordability transportation and keeping the character of this city on the rise Jessie Knutson newschannel5 Jessie thanks Jessie Clements is hosting a concert at exit in tomorrow featuring a lot of Royalle to encourage people to participate in early voting and to stress the issues facing local musicians

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  • aweflix says:

    Musicians have always made little pay till they make it big. It’s called paying your dues. This sounds like a bunch of millennials putting their hand out. You don’t like the pay, change careers.

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