Repairing Wood Sculptures – Art, Woodworking

Repairing Wood Sculptures – Art, Woodworking

Well, I am embarrassed to say that I have
to make a couple more repairs. I made these pieces before I realized that
there is a fundamental flaw in how these are made. I covered this in a different video. Once I realized my issue, I kind of expected
these to fail anyway. As you can see this one has cracked right
here. This one I started to saw already. What I am doing is I am going to remove some
of this material with the saw just to relieve the tension here. Once I have enough material removed, I will
just put some CA (glue) to hold it together. Then, smooth this back out. Same with this one. Although, there is a lot of tension on the
wood. I will have to put in a shim to hold this
apart while I saw this side. Once I get more of this material removed,
it is going to start pinching my saw. Like that. That is better. Let that dry for a bit. This one is going to be a little tougher. I am going to try to put this shim in here
to hold it open. I do not know if it is going to work. There is a lot of tension on there. There is still a lot of tension on this. As you can see it has closed right up. I am going to remove a little bit more material
there. This one went back together pretty smooth,
actually. Slight gap on this side. Not bad. I just sprayed it with some lacquer. Should be back to normal. Unfortunately, my repair job on this one is
not so nice. Thankfully, you cannot really tell because
it is kind of hidden. You have to look in here in order to see a
gap. You can see it from that angle. I just have to smooth this out and put some
more finish on. Ultimately, these repairs were a little easier
than the last few that I did. In a previous video I talked about the fundamental
flaw in making segmented rings like this. I made these before I realized that flaw. Now the wood has dried out and acclimated
to a less humid environment. I do not anticipate problems in the future,
unless they go back to a humid environment. As long as they stay in air-conditioned comfort
they should be OK. Do not try this at home. I make these mistakes like this so you can
avoid them. Thanks for watching. See you next time in Cammie’s Garage.


  • Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez says:

    no se si te paso pero mientras le pasaba el serrucho yo pensaba que no se arruine ,,,QUE NO SE ARRUINE jajajaj menos quedo bien restaurado….I do not know if it happened to you but while I was passing the saw I thought that it would not be ruined ,,, THAT DO NOT RUIN hahahaha .. at least it is well restored(((I hope you understand well with the translator from Spanish to English ,,, greetings

  • Jon Wills says:

    As woodworkers, we spend most of the time covering our mistakes! 🤣👊🏻

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