Rockie Fresh – A-List Artist Support For "Destination" Album & Putting On Producer Homies

Rockie Fresh - A-List Artist Support For "Destination" Album & Putting On Producer Homies

I mean I think you know it's two things that I can really speak on Ross when you know take care your family's was most important I got the end of the day we live in a social media area where everybody got opinions on the music I'm gonna talk about where they want to see their favorite artists at they're gonna say where the artists should be doing whatever but at the end of the day that's still a job you know I'm saying as long as you take care of your family off of what you do you know that's what's most important so you got a black out that extra noise connecting to that point you know Ross lives by this statement called Davos which is you know the game and based on sympathy and I think you know that's something that I take with me everywhere that I go like I own expect sympathy from nobody all the twists and turns that I went through in my career I don't expect nobody to feel sorry for him your you know to try to pitch that as a as the way that people should fall in line with my music I understand that you know again I'm not sound for signed up for it's a lot of twists and turns and the real bus is know how to navigate through them and really inspire the people how they need to no matter what they're going through so those are the two things I love from my big brother Jose I got a new album coming out this summer it's called destination you know I think with me being 28 now me being a father me being signed to a major label for six years not having the ability to do my own thing independently there's so much that I learned in the game and it's not only game that I can give to you know other artists on the come-up but it's also just other entrepreneurs in general that's trying to chase their dreams and you know really like succeed at whatever they tell us our life so I really live that you know I'm saying so I put that into my music I'm also having a lot of fun right now I'm blessed to know a lot of major artists you know some of them are involved with my album shout out Chris Brown shout out a Tory Lanez shout out 24 hours errore who's another young R&B artist that's gonna come up that's killing it right now and these people are all involved in my debut album but with that being said it's like I'm in that middle stages you know I'm saying of like right before you turn 30 were you enjoying life but you understand how real getting and I think that's what my arm really embodies it is you know half you know having a good time but understanding that you know it's time to get serious with the moves you make in their life and yeah you know that's what I really want to give people that balance have a fun music and also having things they can really relate to and learn to learn from so yeah that's really what the album is about but also I already start working on my second album – so it's like you know we we've already events before the fans can see it you know like we're already working on the next thing and I think that's the cool part about it it's like well my new situation you know I'm able to give people as much music as I want to so we looking at late June or early July we in the process of getting this video shot for our single with Chris Brown's song called must be for those that don't know no rocky fresh featuring Chris Brown we streaming on everywhere right now and it's doing really good numbers so we finished shoot the video for that and initially I was gonna drop some more singles but I'm ready to get offense out because we got so much more music out to the album comes out so we bout to flood them this year so when it comes to producers you know I'm saying I I take pride in trying to find new artists like and I view producers as art is this the same way I view myself as an artist like there's such an instrumental part you know I'm saying no pun intended because they're making the instruments but they says the key part you know I'm sending to making music and I felt like we living in a great time right now where producers are starting to give more recognition and starting to build their own names and their own followings so with that being said it's like I took it upon myself to wanna bring new producers to the forefront some of them are from Chicago shout out to my boy shot Mike Mike daily shoutouts a epidemic you know some of them are from surrounding cities in the Midwest shout out to my boy Mateus and then I still work with some of the you know I'm saying the og shout out my boy here boy you know shutout Boy Wonder at the end of the day I want to be responsible for bringing new names to the forefront and shout out to all the new producers shout out Nezzer REO they're from Chicago as well I just want to make sure that I'm bringing you know new names to anything that I do and giving them new fads as well because they sow checkers was giving me my face yeah everybody everybody that I just mentioned on the production side is involved in my new album destination or they involved in the second elements coming out the destination

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