ROSE Doll Show! Requested to See Artists! Bonnie Brown's New Sculpt "Maddie" Reborn Baby Dolls!

ROSE Doll Show! Requested to See Artists! Bonnie Brown's New Sculpt "Maddie" Reborn Baby Dolls!

I'm on my way to go pick up a baby I'm at Bonnie brown space and she's introducing a new baby this is Maddie oh I'm so cute look at those toes chubby little legs look at that one toe that goes up on our hands our adorable as well all looky there Wow she's adorable miss Maddie she's going to be out so she's coming soon coming soon I meant Angie's Dicker's booth grandma's little cookies little angels and here's her contact information right here got it and here are her precious baby I just love the onesies she's dressed them in weights you see they're just adorable just as adorable as their babies of course such cuties look at this guy well I helped it take him home well I he's amazing look at that such a cutie look over here Wow and there's more come along with me more of tan jeez beautiful babies Oh looky this one has been sold and you can tell why looky there such cuties and over here this one more on the end we see right there right in there I met Lena Smith booth and here's her contact information but guess who caught my eye ready ready hold your breath she is gorgeous wait you see her wait do you see her she's amazing isn't she she has human hair and her front little wispy hair have been hand routed and it had growing hair just amazing look at her she's precious look at those lips she's amazing is she's in a little moon beautiful here's skaia isn't she a cutie look at her she's gonna breathe any minute now Wow look how she did the highlights of the coloring it's amazing look at the hand beautiful and I spotted a very handsome guy oh wow look I just saw his toes take a look at those feet tickle those toes adorable did I met Ashton Drake and here are their babies just love the monkeys bundles of love Oh such a cutie and look at this precious face there's more sorry for the shadow it's right about me there we go oh and look at the minis there's the minis more babies to see such cuties I have to cross the room to get all over I can just scan he's already graduated I found a bear it's a sweet bear to come over at Macpherson's picking up some paint and some brushes and I spotted a bear I meant baby aventures booth but it's pretty spectacular so I wanted to share it with you it has all sorts of Alice going on in the mad tea-party and take a look at the teapot amazing it says take some more tease the lines of Mad Hatter it's amazing and there's more to the set here there's another little one here and look the guards the guards are here what is a great display it is amazingly cute madness see how the chief cups are stacked you know the Mad Hatter's been here apply babies by michelle manning and here are her babies oh look it's a little angel right there so sweet oh look oh look look look look Wow stretch cuties I'm at Stephanie's booth in love with reborns 2011 here are her babies here's some more out front and more babies oh look at the kitty kitty cat whoo and here's a little clown and another baby another baby more babies


  • Callie's Room says:

    I was trying to guess which one that you were getting. I have a sneaky suspicion that you didn't show that one. As you'd want it to be a surprise for a blanket reveal later. So many beautiful babies, it must be hard to choose which one to take home.

  • Patterns of Life 12 says:

    Can’t wait to see who you picked up

  • baby dollluv says:

    Thanks for showing the different artist's babies. They are all so beautiful. How can you resist them??? Have fun at the show.

  • Judy Grenier says:

    Your vendor footage was wonderful,Yvonne! xxx

  • Paul ine Hallsworth says:

    Yet a other fab video Thankyou for sharing Yvonne. Sending lots of hugs from me and my babies to you and your babies xxx

  • P.E.& The D’Vinyls says:

    Ahhhh Maddie, the waiting is the hardest part… fell hard for her when they sent out the teaser. So many wonderful babies and artists, so much to take in. Thanks for the show! Hugs, Joy

  • Donelda's Darlings says:

    Thank you Yvonne the close ups are so great.❤️🇨🇦

  • Deirdres Reborns and lupus life says:

    Thanks Yvonne for sharing these videos,the little dark skinned baby with the curls is stunning xxhugs

  • Karrie's Little Cuties says:

    Good morning Yvonne. Thank you for sharing your videos with us.👍 So many beautiful dolls. Love that Shirley Temple doll❣ Have a wonderful day. 😃 Hugs

  • Arlene Chardon says:

    Stunning babies ❤️ Oh wow, look at those young kids😍😍😍 Thank you for sharing. I want to see what baby did you pick. 👀 Lots of love ❤️

  • Nana Helen says:

    Awww thank you so much for sharing the Rose show with use.. the babys are so amazing.. wow!!! It would be so hard to choose one.. or just one hehe.. oxoxoxo my friend and have a great day!!😀💟🤗💞😄💕🌹

  • AngelKisses Reborns says:

    Thank you. Your videos are the best of all.

  • Bertha Cutie's, nursery says:

    Woow such a beautiful baby's , thank you so much share with us 💜😊🤗

  • jeffrey63031 says:

    WOW!!!! JUST WOW!!!

  • justbippy says:

    Very beautiful babies.Who made those toddlers ? The ones you showed after the Ashton Drake Dolls.I love the Shirley Temple doll and the AA ones.

  • Kellys Rescued Reborns says:

    I think I could watch the doll show displays all day 😁. Love all the beautiful babies.

  • Chrissy’s reborns says:

    Beautiful video Thankyou for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bumpy Born says:

    Wow Yvonne, this was fabulous, thank you so much xxx

  • MadHatterDJ says:

    Yes the MadHatter has been here 😜🎩 ahah! Wow those child dolls you showed were absolutely stunning! The sculpting was amazing they reminded me of waxwork figures. Have a great day, hugs ☺️❤️ xx

  • Dolly Mae Porter says:

    So Adorable ❤️

  • Aunty Shonna's Life lil Moments says:

    More amazing views thank you so much 💜💜

  • Suzy Q's Bunting Babes says:

    Hi Yvonne! I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely babies, thank you for another awesome video! Who's going to occupy that stroller? Hmmmmm. Hugs and love, SuzyQ 🤗💖xoxox

  • Suzanne'sBabies says:

    Omg 😮 just wonderful Yvonne thank you xxxx

  • Hopalong reborn nursery 2 says:

    Hi Yvonne, oh my goodness so many beautiful babies. Um, I wonder whose going to fill up the empty pushchair🤔🤔🤔? Thankyou for videoing for us. Love to you 💜💜💜

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