“ROSEBUD!” Legendary writer ALAN MOORE retires, “ #ComicsGate” on his fuzzy lips.

“ROSEBUD!” Legendary writer ALAN MOORE retires, “ #ComicsGate”  on his fuzzy lips.

Oh what is the light welcome to comic artists Pro secrets I'm Ethan Van Sciver 26 year veteran of the comic book industry world's most charming elegant eloquent and yet humble man great big star Wars fan trusted member of the media let me sharpen my pencil here and sharpen my pencil you know get ready well it's San Diego comic-con weekend and unfortunately I don't have an internet connection and I won't have an internet connection until Sunday when the kindly cable man comes over and does whatever he does we got a bunch of thunderstorms here which affected my life in ways that I never thought that a thunderstorm could it removed my internet capabilities even it removed my Wi-Fi and all I have left is 4G so feeling sad feeling blue I tried to upload a video with my 4G and it took a long time but eventually it worked and I thought well why not just keep recording videos and uploading them with 4G because you can't miss San Diego Comic Con there's too much great stuff going on right now too much well not great the interesting things we just had an video get up and give a a lecture a DC a big panel discussion DC Nation and basically say I don't know what comics are foreign or and he's like can you guys help me like what is it that you want you know they and and according to this article he just kind of said yeah I don't know with the you know the sales tricks and variant covers I'm not even sure what we're doing right now so that's wonderful no that's another symptom of the decline in the comic book industry it's deeply concerning because Dan DiDio is a very honest guy he's very forthright and upfront but he's he keeps his ears open and Dan videos reaction to what's going on in the comic-book industry in terms of how DC Comics is scaling back their production by 24% firing people and closing down entire imprints that were owned and operated by DC entertainment that's reality you know Marvel comics reaction their continued drifting they're figuring out schemes and ways to kind of keep Marvel Comics afloat and still like double down on the number of unsellable books that they produce that is an illusion that is not the situation as we find it right now yes yes yes you know it's like it is it isn't good and as as the ship known as the comic book industry the big glorious unsinkable unsinkable a seafaring craft breaks into and splits into cents beneath the bubbling dark waters a few people scream and yell and give us the finger as we in common skate float away in our lifeboats into whatever is out there whatever is out there in the darkness and that we're not particularly stable we're looking for land you know we're looking for new opportunities and a new method to produce comic books and fun stories but we're still being given the finger by some of the biggest names and comics I've said it before and I'll say it again comic skate is the only thing that matters in the comic book industry right now as many times as they shuffle the deck chairs and talk about hey we've got this creative team there we're moving them over to here you know what are their big announcements at San Diego comic-con is that Jim Lee and Brian Michael Bendis are gonna be drawing the Legion of super-heroes so you know herb not he's gonna Jim Lee's gonna draw and Bendis is gonna write it whoop-dee-doo III you know I'm not sure that at this point that's something that's interesting to too many people comic book stores are closing down and just sort of recycling the same stuff and rearranging funding the game of musical chairs that goes on with creative teams versus ip's just isn't really gonna be the answer it's not gonna be enough to pack them into the comic shops which are rapidly closing anyway so what is the answer you know I don't know I mean we have our own theories as we move forward Alan Moore has Alan Moore is not going to descend beneath the waves Alan Moore has ordered a helicopter to drop him down a ladder at war Alan Moore is gonna fly away on a large dragon and he's gonna say goodbye to the hobbits that have been accompanying him on his journey as he descends as he you know flies away into the soars into the into the beautiful night sky and you know I'm firing off magic spells this man actually does believe in magic which is interesting to me I don't know how you can be an adult and believe in magic I don't but then again the comic book industry is a haven for some of the most eccentric people in the world and it pays them it pays them and allows them to live in these bubbles where they can continue to be an eccentric and weird and nobody really questions them these bubbles are beginning to burst the truth is Alan Moore is an extremely talented guy and so people are going to tolerate his eccentricities and the fact that he seems to look like some kind of biblical prophet or something I'm not I'm not sure what he's what he's doing but for everyone else in this industry we've got Alan Moore real talent and then a whole lot of super talent boys who have equal strange eccentricities and scouts on their faces and it just doesn't work when they're producing the kind of work that they're producing which belongs I don't know in the recycling bin thank goodness for recycling I'm gonna recycle some of this stuff legendary creator Alan Moore takes a parting shot at comics Kate I suppose this is supposed to hurt my feelings no it makes me feel joy again we are the only thing that matters and as the biggest writer who has ever existed within comics other than Stanley and by the way I'm not that crazy about Alan Moore's writing I watch men to me was a slide to get through I acknowledge its greatness I never want to read it again Killing Joke by Brian Bolland the artist the most immaculately drawn comic book I've ever read in my entire life and also the saddest and ugliest and strangest Batman story I've ever read of that that would be on this man's shoulders I'm wondering why Batman is sharing a chuckle with the Joker at the end of that story after the Joker just paralyzed Barbara Gordon and drove Commissioner Gordon to near insanity I guess a joke about a flashlight is kind of amusing both men have a pretty good sense of humor Batman should have put the Joker in traction I feel a gallon more lost the plot there I think he knows that I think he feels the same way but he has written some great things League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the comic book is extraordinary it lives up to its title it's an extraordinary and fun interesting book and he's written many many other things but what he's mostly known for in the comic book industry is his Watchmen and his fight with DC Comics his fight with DC Comics in case you don't know went like this Alan Moore wanted to use the Charlton characters Charles Turner is a Charlton I want to say I think Charlton has sometimes I'll my brain kind of fur uh loses a name or something like that as I'm talking but you know Blue Beetle and those characters and they told him that that you couldn't use them so he created kind of stand-ins for them and called them the watchmen and he wrote this extraordinary tale and he wrote it as you know work-for-hire so DC Comics owns Watchmen but because they had such respect for Alan Moore they promised him that they would not exploit commercially his characters beyond what he agreed to and he didn't want anything like he didn't want action figures he didn't want any of this stuff to exist now the book became such a hit such a hit that DC Comics couldn't resist and went back on their deal and actually produced hahaha a watchman wristwatch and the watchman wristwatch was enough to make Alan Moore lose his mind and decide that he would never ever ever work for DC Comics again and indeed he'd never did and even though he had a ton of Superman stories that he wanted to tell he wouldn't tell them for DC Comics instead he allowed Rob Liefeld to hire him with Rob Liefeld kind of stand-in for Superman called supreme and Alan Moore wrote he worked for Rob Liefeld writing all of the Superman stories that he wanted to write using this kind of Superman knockoff that Rob Liefeld oh so good for Rob Liefeld for you know providing that opportunity and being in the right place at the right time Alan Moore has been he's a legendary guy he's one of the most important people that's ever been in comics and again I say as he leaves the comic book industry which everyone is going to have to soon he leaves early in his on his dragon his final words are I don't know making fun of comics gate I mean I've if that's amazing to me that is absolutely amazing to me and I you know in a way pardon he doesn't believe it let's look at this art I know I'm going on and on again I have a lot to say about Alan Moore writer Alan Moore seems set to retire from comments with the release of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume for the tempest number six on which he's working with artist Kevin O'Neill that guy's an acquired taste you know you have to kind of get used to his work you might not like it at first I'm still not sure that I like it you know who's Green Lanterns stuff I'm not sure that I'm a fan I think he did a lot of you know 2000ad work as well it's interesting it looks like this stuff that you would it looks like a really really good version of doodles that you would do in your notebook you know I can't I I can't really explain it past that it looks like something you'd absent-mindedly draw on your notebook however the legendary comics writer didn't leave the business without making a statement on comics gate how could he how could he leave the business without talking about the biggest thing in comics right now that's you and I unfortunately I'm not sure that he wrote this I'm not positive that he did it really does seem like some blue haired SOI boy wrote this and I'll show you why let's scroll down and look at this the letter reads so it's he's got a letter column the back of his last book and it goes dear Alan keV that's Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill as the middle-aged conservative in cell right here is Alan Moore hip enough to use the word in so he doesn't even have an internet connection I don't think I don't think Alan Moore's is down with memes and he's British so he says sitting wedged behind my keyboard trolling Alexandria okay zo Cortez this can't be Alan Moore I want it to be I desperately want it to be because if it isn't it ruins my entire premise in my video but is he does he use the word in sell and does he know who alexandre of kzo Cortez is and if he does and he isn't also trolling Alexandre okay zo Cortez if he doesn't think that she's an idiot Alan Moore is not as smart as I thought he was a OC is a dummy and she's ridiculous and he shouldn't know better with my Batman shirt covered in Pringles so in other words a fanboy who's eating junk food not really us not really comics gay comic skater usually like retired professionals military like enlisted men police officers the best of the best you know great I mean I'm you know the only person I think in comics Kate goes a Batman t-shirt covenant Pringles might be Donald the light might be Donald I it would be me but it's more like you know what would I have on a t-shirt cyber Frog t-shirt covered in pie maybe alright so can I ask with a straight face why you're leaving the comics business see this is bitterness I mean you know for Alan Moore to write that look of course he's like saying of course only in the comic book business of course he is and why wouldn't you know why wouldn't he and he's also implying why aren't you why are you leaving the comic book industry now this is this is what's strange he says yours he signs it yours Hiram J comics gate this seems anti-semitic to me Hiram isn't Hiram J Hiram J Comics gate seems kind of kind of anti-semitic considering that this is this character that he's writing is someone that he's running down this is not this is not the stance of a comic skater comic skaters would say we know why you're leaving the business you're leaving the business because it's dying because it's no longer catering to fans it's no longer catering to readers who actually would want to read stories like like you wrote it's not it's catering more to finding it's catering to people who will never recover to have no money and even if they did they would never spend it on comic books that's what that's the audience that the comic book industry is seeking right now and it's you know yeah like that we go yeah of course you leave in comics alan moore of course you are and you know that's cool that makes sense why don't you you know if you're ever gonna do another comic book again you know maybe do one or one every two years you know crowd fund it and make it make it a big deal you know the comic book industry cannot support someone like you anymore and here is Oklahoma a high oh I guess he's making fun of the way American states out it his British ear haha yes so the response from Moore and O'Neill is an equally tongue-in-cheek response reading at one point you're the most intelligent and appreciative we could have ever hoped for I really hope that he wrote this but I don't I'm starting to think he didn't you say I'm not gonna read this whole thing the gobbly gook the letter is a joke written by Moore as each end to the series features obviously each issue of the series features obviously fake led letters for the creative team to answer but is it was it the editor that wrote it it sounds very American it sounds very young and very American how Moore's like 67 and British alright so we scroll down this is what I'll Morris and then down here here is here is CDRs explanation for what comics gate is this should be amusing comics gate is a group that considers itself against forced diversity well are you I guess everyone else is for force diversity then are you for force diversity are you for diversity we're at all costs where it doesn't belong in the place of story or common sense and progressive values in the comic book industry no I don't think that's true that not progressive values social justice warriors in the comic book industry bullies you know extortionists we're against a coercion from these people were against threats were against whisper networks isolation campaigns were against cancel culture all of the things that come along with if you want to call that progressive values I'd be more than happy to allow you that honestly but I'm you know for your own sake and out of respect for the handful of decent progressives that might exist out there I'm not sure I'm not sure I'm willing to let you just fumble into that progressive values you would call you would call a social justice warriors and progressive values that's frightening they don't have any values they don't have any values they're eight for there any club they're a group all right in the Congress you're claiming it's led to a decline in sales well you know the fact that there is a decline in sales in the comic book industry cannot be denied cannot be denied and I think that it's fair to say that at least some of that can be blamed on this can be blamed on the agenda can can be blamed on the agenda of social justice worries when in the comic book industry I don't think it's everything I don't think it's the totality of that but it is driving customers away and driving customers away from comic book stores makes comic book stores close down which means that these people there are fewer outlets to purchase these comic books the movement has previously been denounced by such creators as Jeff Lemire and Bill syncovich propagandists you know Bilson cabbage decided to stand up and come out against comics gate and you know Bilson cabbage is somebody who came out against his own aunt for voting for Trump and then denounced her and called her names on the internet because she was a trump supporter that's his family and a lot of these uh a lot of these people did who was it Tom Brevoort did the same thing to his son publicly he called his son names for you know being a trump supporter Jeff Lemire I don't think Jeff Lemire understands what Comics K does how's that and if he does he's wrong about it I'd you know Jeff Lemire started this whole thing saying comics are for everyone well that is I put it to you Jeff that is the position of comics gate comics are for everyone comics should not be targeted at very small minority groups people shouldn't be going hey we need to actually focus this book on this tiny minut a bit of audience this little tiny bit of people out there that are not currently necessarily buying comics and maybe that's because there aren't comic books for them and then when they fail try it again comic books are for everyone marketing with some kind of like high-powered scope target marketing on that kind of a microscopic level is obviously going to end in disaster it's obviously gonna end in three straight years of decline and sales across the board comic book should be for everyone and they were at one point and the people who love comic books the people who love comic books were happy with them as they were they were selling very very well until some geniuses came in and decided that there wasn't enough representation we needed more diversity and they started to forget about what comic books actually were meant to do what they were about and what their purpose was and instead use them as pamphlets to offer left-wing propaganda to an unwilling uninterested and frankly rapidly becoming hostile you know buying public so that's where we are right now that's what comics gate is both of these dudes are wrong they'll say cabbage is very very wrong Jeff Lemire onions who cares who cares about either of these people neither of them is important as comics gate as a movement or as Alan Moore and both of us are looking eye to eye right now and that's all that matters everyone comics kate is the most important thing in comics right now I'll say it again most important thing in comics it's the only topic that everybody has an opinion on it's the only topic that matters it's being discussed it's such a it's it's such an important subject that talking about it will get you banned from comic book related message boards that's how big we are the history books will be written and at the end of any honest assessment of the comic book industry comics gate is going to be acknowledged for what it is the most important movement aimed at saving this disastrously injured animal known as the comic book industry that that was put forward alright 20 minutes while this is a wait too long I thought you'd go on and on and on thank you very much for watching and please subscribe please like this video share this video tell me what you think what are your thoughts isn't this pretty exciting I guess if you're a comic book fan it should be pretty exciting to you you know yeah Alan Moore acknowledges comics gate salute how you know enjoyed some of your work and have a great retirement bye hey I've got a new t-shirt the soy boy t-shirt avoid this soy with my classic soy boy drawing look how iconic that is be sure to avoid the soy and pick up your brand new soy boy t-shirt why do also voice look exactly like this I don't know links in the description thanks very much hey you want to follow me on Twitter are you sure well if so I'm at Ethan Van Sciver that's at Ethan Van Sciver see you there hey I got a P o box one two semi some mail send it to Ethan Van Sciver P o box 607 Marlton New Jersey o 805 three and I'll probably open it up on the live stream thanks very much everyone


  • Robert Schmidt says:

    Well, I read it and thought immediately this doesn‘t sound like Moore. But who knows?

  • CharlesHB says:

    I always liked Moore, he thought Lois Lane should have stayed dead in Superman the Movie. How right he was.

  • Crypticmind242 says:

    Didn't this guy portray a bunch of underage girls having sex in one of his books? Yeah I will not take lessons of morality from this closet pedo.

  • James Baines says:

    As in the words of Micheal J. Fox once said in "Back To The Future 3"," He's an asshole!"

  • Daniel Cevallos says:

    We are the comics industry now.

  • dobbinmog says:

    "ComicsGate is Comics"! 🐴😸👌👍😎

  • Retro Nemesis says:

    Alan Moore is a stupid communist.

  • Jack Lillico says:

    Alan Moore has always been salty that Rorschach is the character most people identify and agree with.

  • David R says:

    ComicArtistPro Secrets Alan Moore believes in magic about as much as you believe in Democrat honesty. If you had been fucked by Marvel and Dc so comprehensively as he has throughout the 80s and then pursued to a new company ABC you would be pissed off as well. Alan almost singlehandedly recreated quality comics in the 80s and 90s. He is a man of rare intelligence and is both funny and engaging but his interest in the Art is clearly over as evidenced by the last three titles he penned (Providence and LEOG Vol 3/4). We should all be thankful of his contributions and we should all respect his right to say fuck you to Marvel and DC who clearly have no business acumen at all given the sad state of Comics these days. Alan is about as Soy as Trump although I have no doubt Alan would be offended by the comparison given his background. Love ya Alan, you will be fucking missed. (EDIT: should it transpire that Alan did write this comicsgate shit it further underlines the validity of his decision to retire because it is just dumb a fuck)

  • Ron Jon says:

    Oh No ,The Sjw bastards have overtaken EVS internet provider. Storms?!? I thought you would have A BatCave by now Ethan. So let Down . 🐸

  • Armageist says:

    Is this guy the English cousin of Bryan Johnson (of Comic Book Men fame)?

  • RocketSurgeon says:

    Moore's League is (co)published by Top Shelf, which is owned by the former president of Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, aka, the SPLC of Comics; THAT is where you likely find the true author of the piece.. unless he called his old colleague from his Avatar days, Rich Johnston to write it.

  • pizz001 says:

    as someone from the UK and into comics for 30yrs+ he never write that in any way, he would have ripped into UK stuff

  • harnois75 says:

    Progressive? Thats subjective.

  • Edwin Rivera says:

    I feel some creators are so separated from their fans and their old selves, due to time and fame. It seems that even recluse writers like Moore have been misinformed about CG. They only see the negative aspects because of its high profile. But if they refuse to see that fans are falling into the movement through a need to want fun comics again. You would think that people who have been claimed to be intelligent writers are being paraded out as anti-CG or make statements that seem to be against the movement. I don’t have any ill will against Alan Moore if these are his comments. I’ve been learning that when people make fun of you they’re either ignorant or assholes. Although I do fall into the second category, I’d rather let the movement go through its growing pains and learn as long as the customer comes first.

  • pizz001 says:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes . Kevin's his 2000ad stuff is good but you are right about the way he draws but its ok

  • RocketSurgeon says:

    Moore's not that big of a name really.. he did one halfway decent book 30 years ago.

  • Mostyn Fizzle says:

    Hiram is the name of the central character in the Masonic myth of Hiram Abiff of Tyre…very Alan Moore to be fair.

  • MegaCityPatrol says:

    Please remember that Alan Moore is probably being fed a whole lot of nonsense by his daughter Leah Moore, terrible writer by the way, and the Brit SJW comics squad on Comicsgate so please take any of his comments with a pinch of salt – they probably arise from ignorance on the actual situation

  • Scott Brown says:

    I don’t think he actually wrote that either but who cares? Watchmen was overrated and the movie was boring and had way too much giant blue dong. The correct amount is zero, btw. C’ya Alan, thanks for paralyzing Batgirl in a story with zero payoff.

  • gorkamorka999 says:

    Who cares? He's just a guy. Money talks and it has spoken loud and clear in regards to CG books.

  • ron williams says:

    wow took a long time to get to the point with this video.

  • Alex Eastwood says:


  • thunderspleen says:

    Personally I think ya boi is the current gold standard of comic writing, but then I haven't read Cyber frog blood honey yet so my opinion may change.

  • cedric javaux says:

    Your story about watchmen is false….It’s true than Alan Moore created this characters because he couldn’t use the Charlton characters but DC promised him that the day they will stop to reprint the comics ,the characters will become creator owned . But because the title became very successful and because DC never wanted to give back the characters to Moore , DC never stopped to reprint it….Alan Moore feel tricked and he is in war with DC since that time.

  • Stumpy Hobbit says:

    Batman snaps Jokers neck at the end, or so I read a few years ago, that's why the laughter cuts off, killing joke, and why Bats is laughing too, he loses it.

  • The Law says:

    That far left old Anarchist lunatic is forever bitter that his attempt to shit all over Steve Ditko and encourage people to hate his beliefs by creating Rorschach backfired on him.

  • DeliverersBestFriend says:

    alan moore looks like nostradamus

  • B3Chandler says:

    Serving in the military and also working for PD I’m humbled by you associating Comicsgate to both departments EVS.

  • IRLotsEvil says:

    Sounds like British irony to me.

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