Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure – No Patriotic Songs

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure – No Patriotic Songs

Something’s wrong, man. Just don’t be one of these
people that’s surprised that black folks got issues. Them the people
I can’t deal with. I’d rather talk to somebody
that don’t agree with me than somebody that’s had
they eyes closed. “Hey, did you know
black people– Why are black people angry?” –, we been angry. This ain’t new. You think this just happened
last couple of years? Black folks been trying to
tell y’all forever that they had some issues
and we sat– We invented the blues! (laughter and applause) What more of a sign
did you need? We literally invented
an entire genre of music based on sadness,
that’s how sad we were. And we–
the blues was created here. That is
an American art form. That is not native African– Go listen
to old African music. The shit is happy
’cause we was free. (cheers and applause) Go back. Every old African song. ♪ We have freedom
in Africa ♪ ♪ Freedom in Africa ♪ ♪ Freedom, got freedom
in Africa ♪ Soon as we got off
the slave ship. (imitating blues guitar) (imitating harmonica) We’ve been sad.


  • Neil Robert says:

    Come on black you have the number one you had the worst black president ever

  • Albert ardis says:

    "We invited the blues"… True

  • Dayana Haddy says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Xanax GamingTV says:

    Sub to me
    Like my comment
    I'll sub back

  • Angel Samael says:

    Traditional African music is happy because they were happy because they had slaves.

  • Ragnok Ulfbhert says:

    Sad that even though the joke was good but the histrical references and perspective wasn't even close to the truth… how it goes in SJW medai I guess that everything comes down to race politics and worse

  • Kamal Reza says:

    Hay, i'm from Indonesia. I used to love Stand Up Comedy so much. But i want to say something to some of your videos. I love to hear more stand up comedian from African-American but sometimes i found that their accent is hard to be hear by people who didnt use English as a first languange, and the subtitle more faster than the video itself i think. I hope this comment representative by non-native people all over the world. Keep up the good work, CC. sorry for my bad english

  • Eduardo Villagomez says:

    “We invented the blues!” Damn he doesn’t even need to say anything else, he just won the argument right there

  • Preston Chandler says:

    Hurt peoples hurt people

  • Russell Nathan Gwinn says:

    Hey look, it’s the other guy that ruined the Daily Show.

  • Spooks McGhie says:

    he can playMLK

  • Spooks McGhie says:


  • Bradley S. says:

    hahaa man

  • Salia Suale says:

    I love roy!

  • nejolo will vote for BERNIE SANDERS 2020 says:

    Yup white denial is as irritating as the European attachment to the word "discovery".

  • Cancun771 says:

    I shouldn't write this, it is a terrible thought, but… wasn't it all worth it because now Blues exists?

  • pop5678eye says:

    How the typical white guy handles complaints from black people is also how he handles complaints from women. 'Ugh… he/she just complains all the time, and it's not as if their problem is ever real. I will tell them exactly how they should feel about their problems and the problem can then just go away.'
    a. It is time we white guys listened more rather than lecture. b. Pretending a problem doesn't exist will not make it go away.

  • Vanessa Acosta Hernández says:

    we been angry lol

  • rich whiteboii says:

    When do u think tho

  • David Duarte says:

    This bit is similar to Dave Chappelle's 'Whistle While You Work' routine.

  • Kuhdie Jay says:


  • ToxicFireGamers says:

    I would love to see your fat and lazy @$$ try to survive in Africa

  • Meury Antonio says:

    I like this guy but the "Blues" is not the first genre of its kind. There are dozens of African music genres far older than the "Blues" that are all about sadness and slavery, and the hope of freedom, most of it in dialects. And just because some slaves stayed in Africa, doesn't mean they were free, it means they were enslaved in their on homes. I'm sick of American black folks acting like they were the sole victims of slavery ( you were not even the first) . You gain freedom over 50 years ago, my country was freed in 1975. " Oh but the community still has scars", you think the whole continent didn't? I'm not disclaiming your past but most of you your so shallow minded that forgets to research about what really the facts are.

  • Sarah Cooper says:

    Every clip is pure gold

  • Milly Monroe says:

    Mean while Puerto Ricans had the finest females 📠

  • SAUNDRA Leonard says:

    On The Daily Show you have a young lady that was doing commentary for Martin Luther King Day she was not funny she was disrespectful even if he had an affair that was not for her to talk about that man lived under the FBI scrutiny J Edgar Hoover until the day he died and that's probably who killed him and I really wish that you would put her on check thank you very much

  • amanichi says:


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