RWBY Volume 7 News Reaction!!! – New Outfits! THE CLIP! New Writers!!

RWBY Volume 7 News Reaction!!! - New Outfits! THE CLIP! New Writers!!

that's horrific and I'll pop out the job starting stream streams orange that's all good and I've just got like to say that your life so it's just lacking lagging you are live it's almost scary to start this drinks I'm like yeah Wi-Fi works if it doesn't nothing else is like hopping onto our Wi-Fi at the moment no we're smooth oh yeah yeah there we go yeah people on the chat cut that out I'm gonna pop chatter okay we're quiet okay let me crank up the mic it's Henry hi it shouldn't be quiet yeah it might just be because we weren't sure if it was like we're not so yeah cool sick I think we're good um just taking a while just on actual YouTube yeah you're just like falling over yeah remember last night wouldn't actually tell us how many people were yeah for our sake since YouTube seems to be having a hard time no remember to guard your privacy oh that always comes up cold so well a bit like that some people do welcome to our community meme live streams live in a community live stream you should spit them words my my because I've just write that thing that they posted yeah I bet Community Guidelines you trout organize the screen for us yeah because you've organised a pod I've organized it for me you don't have to do it i like to be able to read the chat yeah oh yeah we're not cosplaying that was just a picture from the actual panel yeah that was a picture from the panel when we were there watching it well before the panel started yeah can you know kik-kik I need so we're gonna like talk about all the different chef's that they talked about the panel and quitting the clap and I've seen someone say the clip so yeah there's a short clip that's been leaked around online yeah we're not gonna show the clip we know any footage of the clip but we and I can remember the club and we're gonna talk about the Aether's first though yeah cuz I have all the outfits lined up as you can see we have a nice picture of them all but I have pictures of them individually – yeah cause none hell on the street obviously no I'm making sure that we I can see have many people stream link around the stream line current thanks cuz we're so jet-lagged that like I'm not I actually forgot how to set up the livestream I just like had everything nice in the layout I'll get to go and I was like wait I did do this again yeah I mean she was like hide iqual live but I was like um all three IBS yes okay imagine we had to set up through idea yeah the person who posted the clip had a media bitch and I'm like dude yeah they spoke for two minutes about not foam on that yeah they pretend you didn't airy no they're like they said at it like this clip isn't finished it's not fully rendered not all of the lake you know scenery and ever since they're properly like don't film it this is just an exclusive for like you guys her here at the panel we're not gonna show what on the stream so don't record it and then some guy doing the front filmed it and it was like I didn't know we weren't supposed to film it we were told and that's that on that yeah yeah very very excessively told like there's no way you could unless you were deaf there's no way you didn't know what they said it so yeah yeah that was fun but to the outfits we should just like stop plainly your I'm on I'm not I'm there was a nail under it alright let's talk about you first cuz this is our idea I don't know if this chat something it's fully updated okay that's fine I just want to check Yeah right cool let's start let's start so I'm gonna get rid of the group picture no this is why you should ensure the bigger person chair right we'll get rid of that so they started with yang the aurochs backwards no they didn't yes they did they started with yang and white backward is he yes they did okay well we're gonna start with the yang – they brought up yang first anyone who's seen the actual live footage from it or who we're at it would have seen yeah um this got a good reaction it's a very gay outfit especially with the gartner yeah we kind of see the guard here with a garter on the because it's like a jump pilot jump so underneath the bomber it's very high low yeah it was very good it got a really good reaction from the crowd we were all excited I'd like low grip oh we were I'm Candice I didn't found with also I want to be in the moment but yeah lost your I lost my um but yeah I love the sort of Air Force one jacket that we've got it's just beautiful they did a really nice job with the new character outfit design so yeah also spot I've know everyone's already point but there's two gauntlets on that yang ones on a robot arm first thing I thought was ah no how am I good or like fact that I have to build another one robot arm and it's gonna need to build another one anyway cuz the one you bail is like the busted one what this scarred one oh yeah okay yeah and he's making the room warm anyway at some point but I'm also like that's good that's gonna immobilize my hand even worse than it already is so as I go back to not being able to get anything out of vending machines yeah but it's a really nice outfit and I look forward to cosplaying it and I like this like hues of all her different outfits she's got her orange scarf back from going one two three yep I don't know how she gets that gauntlet the only thing I can think is that she gets it and the other thing another one the other thing is maybe Blake has her other one but I really hope that's a good thing to hold on to for all this thing yeah I mean I we were talking about it briefly and I was like I suppose I could understand that happening like the reason why she might not have given her back earlier s because Adam was tolerant like she felt like she couldn't until that was that was all done today I still don't think that's what's gonna happen I think it's gonna be made a knotless yeah and like her garter from the like no yeah hunter it for you yeah the law of guard from that like I like that idea that she can wear as a garter or she can like step off and it's a little shadow Terah died house it was separable cargo shorts I yeah I mean she works a better than time and I love her bomber jacket I like bomber jacket I know so I'm pretty happy yeah and I like that it's like this nice form-fitting like romper with like detachable like tracer legs on it I think it's gonna be really nice it's her boots are also smaller and have but like so much he looks like they're more like actual khaki clothes but they're very deepest actually yeah they're like Doc Martens yeah Doc Martens are in there yeah yeah so yeah that was all good and you know you kick the – I didn't actually I moved this so that you wouldn't kick it I think you've been so I'm very happy with yeah and conclusion Yang's outfit went down a tree yeah and then they showed us Blake's are you gonna show Blake yeah we're gonna do it in order that they showed us they showed Blake's outfit and the whole died oh my god well Aaron's face just before it was hilarious because she obviously knew it was coming for ages and she just like yeah that's to bargain and just look to the audience like yeah yeah so yeah they showed Blake everyone died because her new hair you know like there was a bit of a pause like everyone started cheered because they were excited to see that she had a new outfit anyway before they even saw it and then it just like erupted with sound when they realized that her hair was gone yeah that would that by Fargo this correction Alex here all of them got a good reaction from the crowd but nothing quite like what we got for her here yeah cuz you again you lost it I lost my like I was excited enough to see yang yeah boy and then they showed Blake's and I was just like literally Ken okay I see you see you Donovan about when that yang at for RTX but I think I'd be fine because I survived our FEX with my beating the b-side for which is like three layers I'm gonna be fighting in that we specify we'll get yeah yes you can use the jacket to do a little bit less action yeah and the good thing is also you don't have fur in the inside just for on the collar you can we can say really lightweight yep oh yeah I also agree that like Yang and Blake's I can assure more confidence with like have the arm and the relief at that point yeah they obviously cotton you here's a huge thing for a character that's had here as long as Blake's for as long as she had it's a big visual change yeah but I like that it really does mark I like closing like her mom yeah it's reminiscent of her mom I feel like she's she's freed herself of everything that she was worried about before yeah it's also such like an enemy just female character trope like when they've been through trauma and stuff that they do know that's a female character sure yeah that they cut their hair when they have experienced a great change yeah are they close a chapter on a chapter of their life yeah close the door on it yeah um so I'm very happy to see that all the Bleak cosplayers will be lovin late because they're suddenly libery to the long wake and always colors are like how they get the by say it's a bob yeah good and like as far as I'm aware like the actual people that work on Ruby do member to it that was the bisexual bomb like they call it the Blake Bible the Bible the Bible yeah so nice like as a natural practicing now also like the actual colors to her eyes are getting gradually more like white yeah alright seem to get more um not military but like professional yeah every like change and now I know why are and said all those yeah I mean she's not that she's kind of as Queen at this point yeah and her boost are the locally her leggings yeah you're gonna have to work Road that somehow I'll figure it because you cannot have like it's just not gonna work like were to brush over a haircut I feel like it's gonna be like huh this is gonna be like a really important yeah they touch on because we could talk about it after yeah but I did there's it's it's gonna be a major thing with her character obviously neither of us know how it's gonna happen but like yeah there's no way that they're just gonna be like oh yeah like I start here no nobody comments on it like 100 percent they've done it for the fact that it's gonna be a big character moment for her you know I wouldn't have just caught her here yeah sorry think all but also none just because I saw someone mention in the chat yes I do have as my mom it's really important to me you wanna shoulders wider before I mean yeah we're gonna do an archaic haul of everything we dogs we got a lot of stuff but we got this chunky boy and is the best teacup ever it's so big and it's quite low it's hard for you to spill as well yeah thankfully we have like secured an harder spell mug I mean our shirts are also from our tags because we got quite a long shirt yeah um but ya know Blake's like that is bangin but I'm worried know I'm wondering if the Gamble's was a placeholder yeah for a new web link because obviously she's got gamble in the picture if it's gonna be like she flexes it cuz it was gonna change cuz it feels like her weapon like breaking was also a kind of big deal and there was a point to it mm-hmm and also I mean I know that it would be new pieces but I feel like she can't live with the weapon that killed Adam even if it's just a replace if parts have been replaced I think yeah I'm very kind of of the opinion that it as a placeholder because we really like dying art from volume 4 like where they didn't put the robot arm and they just put like the stomach with her long jacket but she never wears it like that but that was the placeholder so that no one knows she's gonna get that rule didn't you look at gamble like you know I miss about to move the mouse over here like they would see they want but there's no like cuts yeah in gamble there is no like this is where we fixed it so I I don't actually think it's gonna be gamble but that's just my opinion how are those tats feeling they're feeling good you're not gonna show them right now because um no because they're like bad it's just cuz I want to like take a nice picture of them when they're done you can see mine creeping yeah they're a little scabby because they're healing yep but we will show you them in time yes they filled a little bit there there's worth the reveal yeah they are I'll show you the tiny little bottom of minds so that it's like fair that you can see a tiny log bottom of Kali's yeah yeah gamble does look one more – it does but also it's the way she's holding it cuz the handle still down here it's just the way that she's gonna yeah she looks like she's in large and in charge she's all I can say let's jump let's jump twice that was the next one yeah hell yeah so that was her no I'm just gonna okay yeah I'm pretty sure this is why not every waste cosplayer okay they just are like right you could have won twice cosplayers at this point you try to like we yeah I love the design so much yeah the first person I thought of was ELISA yeah because ELISA has been the main MVP forgetting a bob cut for Weiss yeah cuz the Vice if you're not ice cause / you don't realize how heavy the ponytail is because it's cut most people just clap it onto their wig it's heavy like a string your neck and especially when I used to cosplay as Weiss I was so worried about like at slepping because obviously it's heavy that I like sword snap clips onto the side of the wig on this side but that meant that when I clipped it down and then I kept the ponytail on the other side it like dragged my scalp it was so painful yeah so shy Jeffrey Weiss cosplayer but I also really like as more as more military and that blue star like brighter and deeper there's a lot that sort of faded balloon and wink that she had I see because the like red contrast has been part of her early outfits always yeah yeah it's just been the most recent one that's not had the red yeah how would that be right it's right the yellow hat right in it so it's nice that she's got that love of also the belt the belt so we can't Acula Laura better when I was three there's three that we can see currently yeah but you know you know she has to tie up a lot of races so she's got as many belts as supposed to like hand got people with yes and also pointed out by several people but you probably already seen it the little SHINee symbol has changed it's no longer the Schnee dust company symbol yeah it's a difference new one well yeah it's more like heart wouldn't tape on it which I really like yes the bluff it was completely different yeah it's a little different it's nice I love the outfit the colors are just I also like that she is the only one that's not wearing like trousers or leggings or anything but she's used to the cold that we're gonna get there and I like that because she's more acclimatized to what the weather is gonna be like yeah and the rice perfect but still pretty hairy does she wear high heels I can't remember I think her to the pictures that I took at the panel yeah a pressure she still does wear high heels yeah I just totally can't remember so she also nice big long blobby things to know and like the gloves yeah I do as well they're very very is all very military which I like she just looks like a bitch that's gonna get done that's that's racist lectures the she does wear boots yeah I can't confirm or deny if they are high yeah the can look like her oh gee they do look like the og wedges so it might just be back to the wedges but it's definitely boots with a little bit of like white material like stacking up from the top of them I'd show you it but it's just the not only terrible ocean so that I would never go across in there no on the webcam she just she looks alright and I'm so happy and her dad scream not so and she's just kind of actually Austin arrested she's got the ruby in her like low yeah in the chrome frame she's she's the queen no son I'm so excited for our our canals it's just like everything let's jump to our last week and here we go so now we're unsure if her hair is like that no this way firm the pressure for ya that I usually don't when you know she has an hour so yeah the cost economy protagonistic I do like that it's like crow yeah I think it's very relieved actually yeah it's I love her little like many combat skirt I'm under no illusion that she'll have like shorts on underneath it but she looks great I love this outfit it's not too different but it's different enough she's depth the sort of like gappy like feathery sleeves for like skin-tight sleeves sturdy sleep that's nice like corset front to it still got her combat belt with everything she's got in her little scarf she just looks again more ready for the actual bow oh yeah I love that she's got the fingerless gloves I don't know what efforts like so much that she's taken inspiration from yang but I think it's more just so she has like a sort of steroid a very sturdy R like opera arms and stuff because she's obviously swinging crazy rows and stuff around yeah she needs gloves at the very least so that she doesn't get really bad calluses from that weapon but at the same time she's to be able to use her fingers and the co-op's just aren't yeah they're just not just not yet so yeah again like I said all of the characters got a really good like reaction from the Crown's the biggest reaction was obviously Blake's here but you know and was really excited to see every yeah every single design everyone can have enough spikes definitely got the latest reaction yeah yeah I just I'm think I'm really excited to see how they look bless in the news software I'm excited to look and the song because all I see this is concept art so this is not exactly how it's gonna look in the show there may be slight changes to make it easier to animate yeah my says don't feel it's protective like it would be hard to enemy because it's a loss yeah so I'm interested to see how how they actually look in the animation I'm thinking I'm pretty good but I do think that just because this is concept art there's gonna definitely be small details darling there yeah and I can't wait to see like the full wraparound of the outfit like I've seen a couple of people making the outfits already and like y'all look amazing but like we're waiting I'm gonna wait until I make a single thing until we see it showing get wraparound yeah yeah good thing that they mentioned at the panel as well this isn't so much about the outfits you want to change it back to them are in the main group sure what they mentioned that the panel was that the release date is hopefully gonna be November 4th but it's not a guaranteed date because if they get closer to that date and they recognize the EM that there's gonna be a bit of fun yeah bad time getting it all finished on time instead of making everyone crunch to get there they're gonna push the release date back so yeah November 4th is the hopeful well now we can talk about that because it does they talked about this actually quite at length about obviously the crunch stuff and whatnot there they are trying to work better and their resources that they have yeah the there's no one else but for a season to have genlock because they just know that they're not at the stage to do that properly and like within their work within their means and you know what most entertainment companies just wouldn't do that so the fact that they are actually taking all this into consideration my angel and Craig bumblebee I love you child oh we're still told yeah but they they're very they seem to be pretty flexible with the start they November 2nd maybe I remember it is November 4th but I also might be wrong on it yeah very very likely and yeah the obviously they also have brought in a new way of destruction each like episodes they're gonna have an episodic director's instead of it been like the same director for the whole thing it's like just a lot of winter said the voice is wearing wedges no heels well there's like a dream I'm sorry so we're doing whether it be they're gonna do episodic directors so they're not gonna have one director to do all 13 episodes no permit was 13 12 or 13 I think they're going for 12 just now yeah but the that sort barrack is most actual mean streaming TV shows and whatnot there of any kind of quality have episodic directors because it's just it's just more interesting because as much as obviously there is gonna be a had cookies of Luke and plot throughout the whole thing and they're gonna also have a wee bit of a different Flair on each episode which is nice so I'm pretty excited about that yeah why are you gonna escort I'm just gonna ignore that and and also the new writers that has been a bit of it's been yeah one of the writers because one of the writers the guy that's nice didn't I brought on him can you stop he he was at the Ruby panel so he got like a good to cheer with the girl not there no no no it she wasn't and because he's done stuff on genlock and I think he's done a bit for Ruby's no that's a bit bridge the writers aren't trash dude this person's just here to point assault no that I've read into the stuff with the second writer a bit more because it did concern me the person called Keirsey yeah the female writer they brought in so I'm obviously there was a lotta talk about that because one of her books the representation and it was quite off mmm so that's concern if they brought her in for that purpose um but I've read em some actual reviews of it and apparently what she actually is really good at isn't representation it's actually writing like characters with like depression and people that have like suffered abuse and stuff like that so I think she's actually not been brought on for the obvious reasons he brought on for Weiss and Weiss's mum stuff yep and so I'm gonna I'm willing to give her a chance like it was concerning but I'm but if they were under the bus when we haven't even seen an episode also remember she's not a main writer she an advisory right yeah she's there to read over everything that they've done and then give her opinion on how they maybe change it you don't to say that when she says hey I think you should change this to be more like bested they're gonna good night yeah they're gonna you know like yeah she's just there to help to make sure that the show was gonna be the best version of itself as it's gonna be so she's not actually in charge of writing she's not thinking she's advisory and like she's just there's actually she is pretty decent stuff about depression and abuse and whatnot then that strikes me as being um more for Weiss's stuff and Weiss's mom stuff and yeah the stuff with the bomb movie because honestly my wasn't carry him handle the stuff with bumble bee pretty really well I'm not like worried about them handling it yeah so yeah as much as it was a concern when I first saw it I did read into a bit more than like actually it sounds like it's more for this thing yeah because one of the things that miles high like it's in the panic is they they were asked to like sort of some like give a little tease for going seven with three words and miles is was really thirsty mums was just yeah so thank you what's up cause like an actual yeah crazy shitstorm other reactions in the crowd but obviously it was a great way to put it but you Dom he's talking about wases mom cuz I'm gonna get her alcoholism it's gonna come in two things a bit so yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty I'm pretty sure that it's probably more that sort of stuff that she's been brought one for yeah and we're really excited to see what they're gonna bring because it's a big step to recognize that you need to bring on extra writers that you can't just do it all yourself so the fact that they've recognized that they maybe need that extra help and they've taken that action and also because obviously not moosie you were not at the panel but like the actual vibe from miles and Kerry was incredibly positive on the right hand side I don't think I've seen them happier talking about brightly and they said that they were in the final episode yes they were on the final episode which is like far more along and they've been in previous years they're doing really good they said that they might change a couple of things but the thing is with extra writers you have more people to do like reads the resolve you can do multiple read-through subscripts so yeah like there's like Nicola problems with things they can be changed before they start to animate totally and that's the point yeah like I think also miles and Carrie openly admitted that when they've been writing for repeat before that they've missed the boat yeah I know a lot of things and there's a lot of things that they haven't fully explained or they would have redone completely differently that they would do completely differently if they had a chance to do it over and that there's gonna be things that they're gonna focus on like sample sentences an aura apparently they're gonna actually try and explain it properly because they feel like they've done a bit of a Miss Justice not explaining it properly before yeah just absolutely justified and they've been able to recognize that there are problems with it not necessarily that there are huge problems but problems that they can fix and that they're gonna try and fix and it's good to actually acknowledge like that there are things any defects but I do think that people that's fine I do think people need to shell a little bit on the whole fashion that particular writer cuz like i think i think wit like let the volume speak for itself yeah it's fair enough to be concerned if their works been like bad but as I was saying it seems to be more actually from because the obvious thing would have been the representation angle but it actually seems like it's more likely gonna be from a sort of that sort of abusive depressive side of things that she's gonna be more yeah someone also mentioned in the chat that they might be there for Blake side of things as well having to deal with the fallout of all out of killing yeah which is justified so she might be there to help them with that because it's not something that you can just bounce back from and just be like yeah and we killed the guy yeah they gave off like such a good energy energy from them at the panel was so nice like they're obviously actually enjoying doing volume so very yeah about what they're doing yeah they're enjoying writing they're enjoying everything about what they're doing I'm really excited to see what they've done because the fight that they were given off is just so positive and it was likely matka a lot of members that work behind the scenes are artix yeah and they all seem super positive about how the boys really excited they're so excited for us to see yeah I think they're they mentioned that there may be honest with one or two in terms of for animation for not like finished not finished not completely finished but they're about like Episode three or four in terms of well where they were yeah so they're doing really good with it I'm really excited to see what its gonna be like especially because we got the chance to talk to like a couple of people that weren't buying the scenes on the actual like animation of stuff yeah it was so good to talk to them because you get I feel like you get one vibe from talking to like what we would class is the front man so like so if you're Barbara and Aaron yeah Myles and Carrie you've got like one side of it and then you've got like the background side that work on the animation the lighting the cameras everything that they need to do yeah but the fact that the vibe was very positive from both sides yeah really really good thing I was really excited yeah no I was it was really nice so that was one of the best things about it was actually like meeting a lot of like the actual crew whether it was the voice actors or it was like people from the animation Department cuz they're all so pleased and we got a nice gift which we'll be able to show you guys in the haul video yeah a really nice gift from some of the guys in the background team yeah really really excited so yeah so much for volume 7 I really like can't wait I can't wait because it's gonna be really dead we did see Mel's parents dress that's awesome sale day look they were slowly yeah I didn't want to like bother them they looked when we saw the look amazing and you know we were at the ruby meet and they were jumping in for like pictures and stuff and they were just lovely so yeah it was just a good good vibe just by I mean we were like dying of the heat because our questions most of the days were quite thick and we're from Scotland but we still had like really good days cuz so many people that came out to us were so positive yeah I've not walked as much cited on Sunday but that's purely because I walked back to the hotel to change we come back to the cotton because the new outfit was really lovely to wear it and it got a really nice positive reaction from everyone because those people hadn't seen it yeah but like no was so uncomfortable yeah truly cowboys are the best way to dress for Texas is what iPhone yeah there was a great part I'm just gonna tell you this but because it's so fun but we were in the artists alley and and I was looking at something and music started playing and Kelly just when we have to go and I was like what so she started like walking I have this like shop but and dang the old-time Road that was plain she was just like walking here like with our cowboy hat yeah thank you so much I really liked it I decided that when I went back to get changed into my other new outfit that I might as well try and make it reminisce and note the fact that Kelly was doing be hall so I was like Southern Belle me or network oh yeah okay Nathan I didn't randomly go off-topic three words that they said and four were teases for the the new season so meiosis was really thirsty mountains I have no idea what carries was I guess I was still laughing I've let you know I do it I do remember Barba now hence cuz Aaron's was she said I'm gonna tease again with lather and I'm like you're really stuck in this way other thing and they've kind of run and joke with the panel had been there's someone misheard the new book tiger which is after the dawn and met through the phone no no the new no then you knew but yeah yeah after doctor me after the dawn and Barb misheard it and went after the dog so then that one think admit didn't making dog jokes and as soon as aaron said later I was just like which was really funny that was really funny yeah so I'm gonna ask the PHA why doesn't wake up two sets of ears and Aramis like it someone was a OD get asked that a lot Aaron and I was like no I never think about it yeah and then she but wouldn't she look really weird and then she also said she also hosted um well I need to say eight years cuz it makes it easier to hear when I X and then Barb's was Mallika yeah Barb's three words were well because well I wrote did a freaking and most like why do you do this to me yeah it was really funny yeah but the baby but the panel was just so good lots of jokes no that's a good chat oh yeah Aaron's face then was pretty bracelet actually went barmy the Dom Joker face she was just like of course she twisted my thing into that instantly instantly yeah the whole thought it was really funny actually yeah No oh yeah in our hotel room there was weird little cuff things above the bed so you could like yeah yeah they were strange very kinky I don't know yeah I'm sure anyone that follows me on Twitter would have seen this but it was I took them down and because they were a Velcro velcro them to my wrists and was just like hey Blake possibly started Blake cosplay start yeah the Maurya is obviously into bondage if you're ever in the Marriott in downtown Austin you understand if you don't you can follow me on tire well a nice way to plug your Twitter yeah yeah that was that was basically everything from the panel except for the end clip yeah literally you're on there on a ground doesn't stop the clip a bit so we can talk about the clip yeah we just can't show it obviously because we don't have it but if we did have it it wouldn't be showing it no obviously so basically the clip is like six minutes or so after volume sex and it's really really quickly after volume six and they established that it was also and mantle so in the lower part of that list not above not the floaty part so I'm assuming that they had to like land or crash land or something into mantle instead of flying up to Atlas yeah and when they arrived in mantle is being attacked by grandma but the grammar really cool yeah like redesigned the Grimm a little bit so that they're kind of icy yeah because they're most of a Tundra grim so these were like Sabretooth grim they're really good they were awesome they looked really good yeah and they have like little bits of ice on them so yeah they were doing a big attack they threw about a couple of lazy and soldiers yep and everyone everyone's just like oh my god I have to fight more yeah they all looked like so we were talking to one of our friends that does like the sort of background stuff and we were saying that we weren't sure obviously she couldn't confirm or deny when we were saying we couldn't we couldn't figure out if the bags under their eyes was actually because they're tired or if it's just because it wasn't fully rendered and obviously she couldn't be like yeah or no but they looked kind of tired but crow got a really good part where he like kicked the show some grim you know I was neat as like everyone was really excited when they saw that yeah it was a really nice little sequence if I have just beaten up Walter Graham yeah punished one of them that was great yeah he like salt them good yeah and then you know you saw like other people sorry going to buy it like right yeah they're essentially like Ice Age creme which is a cool idea yeah like I can't explain how this ice was second out but it was like an extra layer of armor and I like radiated like a frosty energy didn't have the new voice actor in the club dance are you sure yeah I don't remember anyone dead but he was making grunts so it's hard to tell so he was in the clip but also I think a voice actor that he recorded quite a lot of stuff already and I think he's recorded all of it no I know though I think he has maybe knows everything that they've got so far at least yeah he's recorded uh oh yeah t-rex cream I suppose if we're going to Ice Age we could get some weird prehistoric stuff yeah and then we got a cute B moment no wait we always kill stop before that okay cuz then rainin weight had a killer SWAT team up oh yeah cuz waste glad everyone shoulder-launched to focus on that Blake he wastes left a bunch of them and then rain like dotted about and slice the ones that were like frozen it was cool spot yeah yeah and and Nora threw herself on Jones she was cool yeah it was so cold like this are a team attacks that they definitely didn't net have word it was all fighting really it was all fighting yeah like the backgrounds and stuff were still purple because it's not finished yeah it was just like the main characters that were enemy and then uh yeah the Yanks punch and a bunch of them yep and just can't distract no Blake tries to hit one before this with her gotten not her got her sword and then she realized she obviously kind of muscle memory had forgotten this heart is like slashed in half yeah and so she like goes like this and then what's the stats and then folds into gun wooden shoes oh yeah that was right at the start really everyone because obviously it's like half size you know like chef like she can't compensate orange yes so she like so then like yang was like punchi punchi some grim yeah and then one was like behind her and Blake shot it and then they had like a moment where they look to each other yeah it was more it was very very reminiscent of their like emerald forest meeting when they became like team partners because at the gram like drops down to reveal Blake have a little look and then the bass have I'm one of the Grimm like the saber Graham jump back into Blake like we met turned around and panic and black and everyone went not just and this was before did they show that before they outfits they did yeah they showed that first and then they showed the outfits so now everyone's like dead Blake caught her hair dead actually not cut it properly but caught it yeah um it was it was good but yeah the audience reaction was hilarious when it cut to fight and you were just like yeah it cut to black yes how dare you do that to my baby I was like well you were mad yeah but also it makes me so big also just to hear that quickly jump back before I forget cuz I'm likely to okay someone I think it was actually inspector who asked if we submitted a question no we didn't our friend dead which was the last question that they answered which was okay wait you need to establish this we had a bit of a meme at the week one of the memes of like the weekend with our core group was why does Sun not have any nips that kept getting like cuttin quick blush yeah and more we haven't got ranlo insiders realized that you could put submit questions multiple times yeah at the Ruby panel so they were like it I'm just gonna submit why does some not have nips 50 times and the holds the last question of the panel is yes and they preempted this by saying this question got asked a lot of times and we all just look to each other like yeah we're all like hmm because no one else think to us the fact that you could submit it multiple times it wasn't us it was our friend but she submitted it many many times yeah so they couldn't not answer it so yeah that was a question of the grip yeah and then they read I and I think my us was like oh yeah it was like his really tragic act any sense dude doesn't like to talk about it I sensed him about it he won't talk about your friend much really don't like shears it was like that was she's like wow and it was like that was me like pointing and we were just like I didn't even hear the first part of them like talking about it I was too busy crying I was crying and I couldn't hear anything like because of the reaction of our group yeah yeah I couldn't I couldn't catch my breath before the panels I'd asked her to look something up and she was like I can't I'm submitting this question and I was like okay so many so that was a good way to end the yeah because they avoided the fights that gira has nipples so like our friend was standing there like but Kyra has them why does not know it's just like I hate that was one of the memes that weekend was the net and it was a terrible question but the fact that they ever felt the need to answer accepted sense or any times that was the meme that was the real true me Martha it was the fact that they felt required I think what else they actually talks about from the the panel we actually have basically all the actual mean production and story side of things thanks oh yeah I can't I look sure can't think of anything else that they said I think everything and cause we've done this later than everyone else they also to talk about the right to controversy yeah okay okay I don't mean a lot about controversy clearly if you guys have any like questions about r-tx going on yeah if there's anything that you know was in the panel that you want to ask yeah ask away yes um and we also have some artist videos coming up some pictures well I'm not gonna put pictures up Brasher no or the comics yeah the comic bit look I mean I look really nice so cool so I think it's set between volumes three and six so it's gonna mail said it would fell and some things that maybe weren't as explored as much in the show which I'm like oh I want it but also know because it may be angsty someone suggestion which I want Dyer I saw somewhere I was like could we please finally see like son talking to yang about the fact Blake's ran away and I'm like no can the law but also can we avoid it yeah yeah um favorite moment from the panel hmm I gotta say Blake's here like yeah but purely because my reaction was so like crazy honestly I got enjoyed a lot there was so much to enjoy the clip wasn't everything Woods to their new rate your inclusion was really nice to hear but honestly the thing I liked the most was just the pure positive vibe that I was getting from Myles and Kerri yeah they seemed so happy everyone as well they had for them they protect which to that a particularly today but like I don't think they did that's two years ago I they might have but it was a long time years ago yeah but um they did this thing where they were like everyone who's in the cast and crew that's like in the crowd stand up like put the lights on and stand up yeah and then they were like everyone cheer for these people because they do such a good job mm-hmm and I thought that was such a like nice thing to do because obviously the background people just don't get to be seen that much I guess because they're in the backgrounds they do all of the like hard work to make sure that the show looks good that sounds good that it's got all of the music you know that's why I appreciated like meeting so many rather members of the Kirby mm-hmm cuz it was like yeah I feel like they deserve more appreciation for me than this so much appreciation like yeah honestly probably shouldn't a volume one I was obviously different being in the actual room and getting the energy bit yeah the the positivity which it was surprising to me cuz I was a bit worried that there was gonna be someone who tried to be an eddy at the Ruby panel but there actually wasn't there was a positive flow is such a nice panel yeah it wasn't anus and that really could have made a bad nothing doesn't make it bad it was also really nice to see Ironwood yeah yeah big boy ha ha and when he came once almost like the iron daddy yes he's so buff like I've never looked into iron woods like a voice actor before purely because I haven't I really really haven't well we was talking about when Monte like chosen to do iron what and he was like this is the character and then he was like well how do you want him decided and he's like I don't really know just try it a couple of voices and he did a couple of voices yeah he was like you want him to be more gruff do you want him to be more like professional like smooth talker and Monty was just like not actually I just like your voice I kind of like just let's go with that which was a really nice little yeah extra tip yeah because one of the questions that was asked was like what advice would you give people one again the voice acting and and a couple of them were very transparent with the fact that they wouldn't have been given the opportunity to do voice acting had Monty not given them the opportunity yeah and like it wasn't something that they had particularly thought about pursuing the haven't thought about doing it and but Monty saw that there was like a potential in them just from being around the office yeah and so he picked people but there was also a lot of good advice like Erin was in and like if you want to do voice acting just apply for everything even if you hear nothing back because you might have been like the second choice but you might never know because they can't reply to everyone and no it was some really nice advice that they gave that could apply to everything not just voice-acting also what other problems we go to we didn't actually go to any other panels we went to they always open an after-party thing on the Saturday yeah and then we had like our meet up on the Saturday afternoon afternoon which was really nice yeah the thing is the over in the UK we don't really have a lot of panels and it's also not I didn't want to go to any but cut see when you y noticed about our TX right away was there's nowhere near as many cosplayers so like everyone that's gone is probably just more the intention of I'm gonna go to this panel on this panel on that's kind of it see when you're in cosplay like the last thing you want to do is q4 panels all day anyone it's to go to the vital cast panel yeah and then we had like an incident with your dress my dress was just playing up really badly trying to get it on and the heat just made everything so much more so yeah yeah exactly I figure out panel you don't get to see people as much as I would have liked to have done more it was just well yeah because it was funny because at one point Kelly left to go be part of the yang girl group picture yeah and as she left Erin appeared in the hallway so I got to speak to Erin well you went the glistening – bye it's fine though because they're dead resolve itself because we met bar no we met barbra and Erin again later together her so yeah that was funny that was such a weird coincidence but I really spoke to it was so positive and good god did we get stopped a lot yeah I think because there's as many cosplayers people just stop people more for pictures and stuff and a lot of the people that we did meet knew us yeah from like would you choose right tumblr yeah from Twitter YouTube anything like yeah it was really nice to speak to everyone that managed to find us because we know that a lot of people go to the event so it's hard to find people that you want to see yeah also we know that some people like we're too nervous to come see us that that's yes because there's even a guardian that came out to us at one point when we were just sitting there like hi I just wanted to say I really like your guys's stuff yeah I'm sorry I'm really okay not that cool I'm swear yeah that was like the meme of it was everyone that came up that we were like I was too nervous like I was scared in case I came over and I was embarrassing and we were just like Spears virus yeah shame yeah because I'm sad because I had prints to give people something like oh my god without science well we do have some so we'll probably do a giveaway of them yeah oh my god you're really gonna start off with that was probably at that point yeah like a Mexican standoff do you not remember I mean I must have been talking to someone at probably actually was that when we just got over a piece I think that wasn't talking to you yeah yeah yeah was showing me her new art yeah it was too much fun being coke if you ever wanna see like more of our actual stuff from arty actually definitely need to go into her wires because yeah our twitter is currently where we're most active yeah and it's very posting a lot of stuff from em r-tx already there's some good quality meme videos that are probably gonna put on the channel but I'll probably put it in like the RT x vlog which is gonna be a complete clusterfuck because our microphone can't up with my footage so I'm like how much of this is usable yeah and also I miss the skitters in Austin so bad the scary everyone we spoke to about the scooter is in Austin though we're like their past like we can hate them they're awful and we were just like the novelty yeah that was good – it's good anything else you wanna be's I'm sad that J looks not being like confirmed for any more seasons but I also totally understand like literally I ron was so Java at that fact that as much as we thought was really leaked a lot we've completely that is bare yeah the workers to like actually be treated properly she use more than you can say for a lot of entertainment companies yeah rather than for the sake of pumping out content they know it's gonna make money because someone actually they asked the question like what are you gonna do with all of the controversy stuff that's happening at the moment em and Kari said openly that he was glad someone asked because he wanted and wanted to talk about it and it slipped his mind because there was too much to talk about because not only were they Sean as often your content the new outfits um they were talking about the comic a lot some new merch that they're putting in the book um they're entering entire collaboration with the Good Smile Company yeah um to make new figures we guess but they have any pictures to show us they said it was very new only recently sort of being developed but they were really excited for it so there was a lot to be excited about he touched on all of the stuff that was going on with the crowd and they were very good about it so I'm positive about what's going on yeah my won't those hurt because the figures are probably gonna be really cute big space they are usually pretty pricey yeah well maybe that's why you're not so sleepy yeah no I think I'm not supposed to like people cuz I slept until half three today cuz Jake like sucks I was trying to sleep tonight yeah yeah the good smile yeah you were you almost bought the black almost bought the bleep bag but I couldn't justify fifty five dollars for a bag when I just literally bought in your bank before I can see if you hadn't bought a new bag you probably would have got it yeah but you just bought a new backpack okay yeah honestly if I hadn't bought the backpack before I win then we're closed you know school closed it was a tie-up between that and a new shirt and then I decided that I wanted this why monk that's absolutely oh so we have somebody like pictures and videos of cosplay stuff from r-tx that you should definitely follow us on Twitter and stuff or so I'm not sure Alex there is loads of the bags left but they weren't matter they were still $55 see if they don't bring out that duffle bag I want that I want real gentleman oh the ambush Road you mean this baby in the back yeah I've switched out all their dumb credit see yeah actually you might be able to see it buyer if you turn the light on grab the light you can aim it pretty clearly yeah but it's a bit washed out what we make ourself levy we are not gonna make ourselves sleepy and honestly at this point it was so dark no no just turn the light this way so that it reflects off instead of shining diamond I honestly feel like we can see things by her though on the screen it looks so dark but hey they look sleepy telling them it's not so good timing honestly we could do with some sleep eating live on camera okay yeah yeah we've got well yeah I think it looks better then you're not in charge of the light and see people are insane it looks good and also said it looks good yeah it's great yes also we just like recorded a video for the channel that's that I'm probably gonna edit soon looks like how the hell we got together cuz I realized I've never actually explained how we got together on here ever yeah it's always been like bets and pieces in other places but never the film's story yeah so that's gonna be a game video coming to you soon also we felt when we were in Austin we did a couple of photo shoots but we also one of the days we specifically recreated the post Adam fight from volume six that little scene shop for short so I'm really excited to add to that obviously it's not gonna be exactly the same but I'm really excited well you know water fuel yeah we didn't have a waterfall and we had Ambrose right so it wasn't quite the same but it's still gonna look cute but I'm like well I put that on YouTube probably not we are gonna wait until the tattoo is heal yeah because you can see a better main or wrong I mean I could maybe show like a bit of mine but I'd rather show both of them at the same time yeah because – and because Callie's has a little bit of color in it so the color is healing faster than the black and white so that's scabbing already like wait I'll do like a chose very slow sneak peek sneaker that's actually only a bed that goes right yeah mine is like up here yeah you just like shot so much not really because so yeah so expect lots of r-tx videos and cosplay pictures and garbage like that all my props need a little bit of maintenance yeah it's really hard to transport props to another country mm-hmm oh my god yes please give me leaves goes the GoPro clip because I'm gonna plot and plan to do like an archaic specific video for the main channel and then like a actual travel walk for a second channel yours is what the fondue cube one you took one yeah that's math word Oh Dora's alive thank God nice oh how you tagged us nice yeah dogs actually ours everything got through customs okay because we put like I know in the top of our suitcase that was like these are real and they're delicate please don't break them and we only actually had our bags searched on the way back yeah I think it's because we forgot to put back I had such a bad journey back actually but it's really no one need to go in no but it was it was a bit of a nightmare there's gonna be a little bit of a complaint made but that's whatever we got home um we raced it for like an hour to make our dog back and we are we telling this story well I'm gonna tell really really anyone has any more like cuz we don't yet when I go on a complete before we go completely off tangent yeah if you have any more room I'm gonna say one thing after we've made sure that all of the questions have been done yeah any Ruby specific anywhere be specifics from the panel that y'all want to know anything we've not touched on you know what are you sitting comfortably that's so bad for my tripod your tripods fine very good I bet it is bitch oh I don't like we're not I clean I don't think they're gonna get and I think they might well they're not gonna be like crazy different yeah potential be like small changes yeah we love Yang's outfit we stand it oh yeah we stand yeah yeah okay thank you now I can get some video of us and balls we didn't show the clip just make that very clear we don't have the clip we didn't show it they specifically asked everyone in the crowd not to record it and not to produce it anywhere else someone dead that sucks I just been taken down it's been taken down no one else is supposed to see the clip no one was supposed to start we also talked about it in pretty detailed descriptions and their slime stream so you can once this is put up yeah you can go back yeah and don't go looking for it like Alyssa said don't go looking for it because that just takes away the hard work that everyone else is doing yeah so as much as y'all are excited to see everything don't go looking for it because there's nothing if you find it on YouTube report it don't watch it yeah quick yeah and that guy will not be getting a media pass again no yeah oh yeah I wasn't a fan but they were told it was very clear that we weren't to record it yeah people do too culture comfy with that yeah it's like – late night – stop it yeah anyway let's so let's all just stop watching okay let's just like cancel this whole relation Adler here thinks that we all should stop watching Ruben not live stream at that Ruby and he's obviously the commander in chief oh they actually got kicked from the convention thank God because I knew that they'd thrown a moon ball no that was the guy that yeah okay heck yeah not the guy that found the remember know the person that threw a man ball got kicked out yeah and I'm very glad about that you did a ribbon photo shoot today and it was all God I can relate I was we get that we did a photo shoot last weekend before he left Austin ridiculous on the Saturday you were really sick I was also very elder Ellis that was the whole holiday yeah I think it did make me sweat out all the elders cuz I really thought I was gonna faint yeah I'll never feel a convention again after that because it like the Sun was really beatin yeah it was not a good time so before we move on to anything else we have a very sad announcement to make don't we yeah I'm not gay let's stop together yes we make that very clear but we do have to say that sad announcement I don't know what we've had to say goodbye to the nut button oh yes I repressed it oh God so the the nut button is dead I got um we took it to Austin and made it to Austin no but we had put it in our hotel on like the little desk thing and we there also had been a bottle on there that we didn't realize but there was condensation on the ball which came off the bottle and flooded the nut button so unfortunately blessed if I do not was so bad I pressed it to try and see this don't work did it just was like it was just like we really really tried but it's time to say our prayers and yeah you know what it's fine we'll probably have a new one for Ruby's volume 7 like guarantees they have a new not button but it's gonna be really sad because we're gonna get to the volume 7 like she was not everyone obviously watches these and never like other than that button like the old not button died man this is new not button this is like new painting deserved it does deserve a little send-off I don't even know where it is two people bring it back yes but I don't know where yes all I can say I wonder if we're gonna like have to get like a snazzy or sort of looking one yeah I mean like great the nut button what I really want is like a sound desk so that I can press stupid noises all the time that would be bad for the livestream monks I would take full advantage give it a Viking you know maybe I send off to the just like slow-motion shots in her life black and white no time to write a tribute song for the nut button please do oh I'm so sad about it actually when I realized that was properly broken my plan was to attach it to my belt okay boy yang and then I realized it was dead I was like woo yeah did we bring it on ourselves I was so unsure what you were gonna I know I'm not very impressed it is too painful I'm like no it's fine it still works just like slamming oh no we can't no we can't because it would be disrespectful I hate I filmed the whole thing what we should be home video the one where I'm on the skirt if you haven't seen that you're missing it but it will be in the architects like compilation thing I'll put up here we're just gonna be a bit less shocked people that I haven't seen it and it's just like here have this did you pick up their being huh the bean haul videos up yes yes does that fly extol was dad flakes some people not rely I hate no more indomitable means that's the worst yet well Casey encouraged 100% actually cuz I wasn't 100% sure what I was gonna do this Sunday and then when that hardened and ready in case the guy was like now I'm doing the beat oh yeah it's gonna happen yeah I got such a good reaction as well for bees let her come freak awfully good yeah so just had fun was that flask yeah every time we went through security we had to get the flask to security so that they could shake it to make sure there was no liquid in it I was really sad cuz we couldn't bring any like witson you could refill your Walter once you go ahead the best thing was when I was going up like the street still on that scooter just back to the hotel after the convention there was like a lightening of people that had been at the convention they're just like yeah yeah oh my god but we should really we should really so anyone have any more RT x memes early before we talk about bob aura oh well we can talk about our like hale journey yeah cuz we actually just had like the wars the worst time getting getting home it was a whole thing yeah the window don't throw the nut we're not gonna we're not gonna throw it very high okay I just want to get a slow-mo shot of it no let's uh I've got like a filter on the chat so every time you swear we have like click it to shore tonight Yeah right why are we chatting about are we gonna try about our Hill journey mics is Mama's gonna show up cuz my necessary on Thirsty mom's so that's confirmed well he said ah I'm not gonna talk about what happened at the airport because I'm making a complaint about it we can show you about that after there is so nicely specifically like talking about it which isn't really art it's really it's but like if that's about ground rules yeah ground rules we probably have to reiterate this again once we get to like yeah voice well pretty start to get back into everything we'll probably because obviously legs at the start of a video again obviously the audience is bigger when we get to the actual volumes because everyone's engaged at that point which makes sense so we won't do this again but it's probably worth just touching on it just now yeah obviously the people that are in here are for the most part for the most part respectful obviously there's the people that comment in chat toes and the chat we love and appreciate you and then there's other people that just hang out in lesson and that's fine yeah whatever floats your boat that's absolutely fine but with um with the recent happenings over the last sort of week yeah with all your money huh yeah online like personalities I guess II girls online personalities youtubers twitch streamers whatever medium that you have that connects you to other people to fast a mine or even like a small Amala main it doesn't matter but we're gonna have to not sit down harsh ground rules but with everything that's happened we can't just let things slide a slight the way that we used to we were way too relaxed with because we hadn't done live-streaming before or like des cords stuff or in the night we were really relaxed with the way that people acted and spoke and whatnot and the way that we were treated in some instances too because there there was a lot of examples of people not being respectful for our privacy our own relationship what we were comfortable about sharing online we're very open people anyway yeah and over there is our text yeah anyone that's ever a medicine person has ever been in a live stream you know that we're open as hell like we're happy to talk about most things that you guys want to talk about but the reality is we can't just let things like the way that we did so and everything that's like happened this last week has genuinely spooked both it was a little bit because we've had like lots of death threats we've had death threats not about you but I've had rape threats but a lot of stuff like that um we still get stuff we still get stuff like that but we can deal with it there um but as things stand know if anyone in the chat mentions any sort of death threat rape threat any sort of know even less than that Michaels are just overly soldier anything that tries to insinuate that they want to cause us any harm they want to get in between us and it's an that's gonna happen like that it's gonna be shut down immediately you're gonna get blocked and if it's severely bad it will be reported not only online but if it's really bad it will be report that's just the box that I've been so close to like contacting the police about certain individuals well like just personally I've had people like stalk me and email me and thank me some really nasty things to my own email that I shouldn't have to deal with but I dealt with it in my own way I figured that I and I started it but from here going forward if anything like that happen if we're just like uncomfortable with a person or like a situation or the way that someone speaking like we're not because we have a real problem we were just like we are just too nice we're just nice genuine people yeah and that which causes us something you know which causes us to like v2 nice when we shouldn't which we need to be more firm yeah so that's just like very much what's gonna be like I'm going source or anything so any of our individual videos that we put up on YouTube our life strings Twitter Tumblr anything if anyone gets to over-familiar they'll get blocked and just not in are like I want to be your friend but no we're quite tolerant of people that are just like genuine I want to talk to people that want to talk does people that want to be our friends please don't take this as a you can't be our friend ever we love talking to you guys otherwise we wouldn't do this yeah but anyone that tries to muscle their way in can go there and anyone this expressing any sort of bodily harm anyone this anyone that gives us concerns anyone that gives us the slightest Lobeck inside we well good because there are people that gave us concern like literally last while they do online only somewhere over ever are on our live streams and we're just like oh it's fine it's just online okay when this happened the last week like obviously it's very unlikely but at the same time who the is you don't yeah well then we'd rather be safe already the thing is is that this whole time we've been like it's just online we can deal with it because nothing's gonna happen in real life but it happens in real life and it sucks and the fact that it happened to such a young girl mmm that had a huge following which was she did have quite a large fall yeah if you look at any of her social media she had quite a large following and and it just second lecture happen with someone that's got small following – yeah it just takes the wrong person yeah yeah just the wrong person so I'm respectfully we're gonna not step back but just protect ourselves you're intolerant of lie yeah people making us uncomfortable anyone that tries to ask like what part of Glasgow we live in like isn't like anything like that no you can leave and if you do creepy kissy faces are I'm gonna kick you I'm not gonna tolerate that either but also if anyone makes any sort of threat whether it you're gonna go through it with it or not it's game over and that's just how it is right now and that's how it's gonna stay from now on this isn't just a passing train that's only gonna last for like a week or so like no that's gonna go right internally car volume 7 mushrooms yes people have actually asked this stuff like that like what particular part of Glasgow are you from because I stay here that's great but I don't know yeah I don't know you just hear yeah um and we don't know what your intentions are so you know all that will ever say is what conventions we're going to because we want to meet you guys but we won't give out where we live where we staying what we do for laughing like in terms of where we work and stuff like that like that just one yeah people just I think cuz cause like it's online people just decide that they're like they do knows and that's okay too because most people aren't most people understand boundaries but some people don't know clearly don't so just to get rid of that day yeah um that's that yeah not gonna be tolerate it's thankfully no one's ever asked us for our bank details yet no cuz they're not interested or money they don't want our money yes I don't know what Lane what the they don't want us yeah in their weird way but yeah it just won't be tolerated yeah if you suddenly get blocked or report it or we call you out on something and you feel like it wasn't justified like I totally get it but we're not gonna tolerate it and you've probably done something no offence yeah like if you get blocked or called a it's probably because you've done something that oversteps a boundary yeah because we engage with a lot of people online absolutely fine possibly all the times yeah I think most people do understand mm-hmm yeah and like see the good thing about like me in conventions and stuff is like I'm meeting people in conventions I'd really like meeting people in conventions because it's like a controlled environment senton like I know there's it's unlikely but I know that there's security like I know that they've checked people's bags and like that so yes I know it's not a danger we're not gonna be if someone just came up ties in public it's a completely different more scary scenario again unlikely they have bad intentions but like yes Lee it's a much more sketchy scenario yeah so yeah we just wanted to clarify that um sometimes these things yeah but we just had this huge chat if you don't think I'm gonna delete like that okay but yeah exactly yeah so yeah that's just to basically put it out there okay what's happening you know yeah um it's just better to be that way yeah it's because we need to protect ourselves yeah that's it so if things like that happened just yeah yeah and we don't need it because it's like we've literally reiterate so many times most people are absolutely fine like our lunch rooms are gonna make fighting where she's not gonna tolerate people being little ships yeah and especially with everything that happens in the last week it's scary enough being a openly gay woman in society sometimes so hey yeah anyone that wants to know about what's happened to the girl that I'm talking about sorry that's not what I'm here for I'm not gonna be able to talk about that but also be safe when you're looking up it's all I'm gonna say because there's some nasty out there so just if you're gonna look up make sure that you look up with reputable news sources and not just on like reddit or fortune don't do that yeah and also it's like yes I don't think it's that hard to line to walk is just to be nice and not be invasive like there's questions I just know I'm not gonna ask people unless they do we've had an established friendship friendship yes no there's things that Alaska lists are Alex and the chat well like in private but I wouldn't ask on here no which is why sometimes you'll see that I look down at my phone because I'm like oh yeah I had to ask them that thing yeah and then I'll go and do that but thank rebound reason that's all we're asking is well anyone actually wants the safe boundaries that's all yeah so yeah what's fortune not 100% trustworthy it's not even that it's not trustworthy it's um the pictures that are on it like don't want people to see that are looking to understand what's going on yeah yes Jim got deep but anyway um and like we said this will be reiterated in later videos to know well before we get close to home 7 because I know that's what our audience is gonna be more active like yeah we need to definitely reiterate this what yeah yeah I think other than that as I anything else you wanna talk about no I think that's it yeah yeah cool cool was that other than that last part but when we had to be serious for a little bit it's been a pretty fun well live discussion it's yeah and I'm not sure what the hell our next live stream is gonna be yeah I have literally no idea actually well you wanted to talk about our health or any but without the inclusion of what happens so that I can make my complete actually just don't care that lunch I don't know if we're gonna talk about Jorah instead so Jorah ours yeah we got back from being on holiday and hat yep yeah because well Austin sucks I was behind our usual time yes so it's like it's a half 11 here which means it's like half five yeah yeah so we came back and napped until like three o'clock yesterday and then we woke up and got ready and we went downstairs to get our dog and he was being looked after by your mum who did a great job looking after him it's just unfortunate how things happened and he got out of the car he came like running over to us but he wasn't as excited as we thought he was gonna be no she usually goes mad when where I feel I usually go crazy he's like really excited he cries he's like really you know hyped on life that's fine um but he was not that excited he's crying right now he wasn't as excited as we hoped he'd be so we were like you know playing with him Peyton um and I patted him and then I pulled my hand away and I was covered in blood and I was like okay it's not a good sight it's not that sad we would be like everyone's really so it's really most really think we would have talked about that he wouldn't be life's fine um yes I like I have blood in my hand but we were like you know maybe he's just caught himself on something that's not a lot of blood we'll just he's fine we'll get men more freedom he'll be okay so we got him inside we fed him he was still bleeding a little bit but it wasn't a lot so we sort of bandaged that we called the favor years yeah it was from his ear yeah um like the sytem is you're not insane zero yes so we thought like because he got a couple of texts we weren't sure if it was just something like that or just got caught and we performed the vet just to get some advice and they said that we had to bring him in and we were like okay you're really really positive stories yes just notice I tell her how it is okay or how is in your brain yeah they were like we need to bring them down but we can't give you an appointment so you find like okay no you go do that well you went to go to the shops and the bleeding had stopped well because we'd literally been away like we'd been off at this point for 24 hours because we traveled from Austin the same day yeah with that brief nap that we had yes I was like I need to go get my mom took me to get food because we had literally no shopping and I used to be been gone for two weeks so yeah I was like I need to go do that so Kelly wouldn't that that I took Dora to the vet his ears started bleeding on the way there more on that in a minute and so I got them to the vet and they checked it and he'd nicked his ear like maybe about like the like the length of my nail here no not a beg cup but where it was there's a vein so it was bleeding bad you know I felt really bad and so they had to take him down straightaway Munter in stature so he's feeling a little bit sorry for himself you wanna well there's an extra part to the story that was so yeah okay sure Dora it's a bucket boy he has a bucket on his head yeah this is our son per bucket baby so he's all bandaged at the moment he's okay he's just a level but dopey yeah cuz they had to give him like gas so they could actually do it properly stitch it and then whilst I was away get and you tap that saw whilst that was it again like shopping you phoned be more like this is the situation oh by the way there's lots of blood than the hallway I excite our fly you need to clean it up it's really bad and I'm like okay I'll go and do that yeah cuz he shook his head and when he shake when he shook his head it opened the bleeding again so it was like Globus just little droplets like it wasn't like it was a complete bloodbath but there were droplets are in so I was like you need to clean up the hallway and Kelly was like it's fighting I've got a mop I'll clean up so I always come I was going back from having bought food and whatnot and was in the elevator up Tara flat and the elevator door opens and there's a police person and our neighbor standing and I'm like oh what's happening yeah turns out our neighbor came out the flat saw all these blood droplets to our door and thought something that like happened to us so they phoned the police the police like knocks our door couldn't get any answer cuz nobody was there yeah I'm more like fawning more police officers so that they could knock our door and check that we were okay and I was like we were okay it was my dog's ear yeah I'm gonna clean this up I'm really sorry and they were actually fighting about it yeah so I was like I have a stay with nothing are throttling 28 hours at this point probably other than her to or not we're so jet-lagged yeah we'd had a hellish journey it was awful we hadn't slept in the plane we'd come back napped and all of the situation with Jorah had to go and get him to the vet the police were about to knock down our door yeah that's great but um thankful for the fact that our neighbor is Carroll oh yeah yeah so yeah thankful because like I said it wasn't a lot of blood but it was a trail from our door to the left which obviously they wouldn't be able to tell if was leading to the left or leading to the door but they were worried yeah yeah which was absolutely fair enough we're absolutely fighting with that yeah actually yes so thankfully we had a door firstly we still have a door door is fine he's just Dorothy fine he's just really dopey and he's got that's like going on and he doesn't like it but oh my god we were so tired and like we had we were starving and yeah we just said we basically ordered Chinese he walked back Jorah was like dragging his feet because he looked fine and then the more he walked the dopey er he was getting yeah right sure so he was like dragging his feet like that's trying to get back and I was like trying to hold him didn't hurt himself but we got men he slept yeah then we tried to sleep and then Jorah go up and get cry and like many times because the corn is like it's like out to here so he can't like see anything so he got up during the night to try and turn around and readjust himself to sleep and couldn't see where he was going so he started crying woke me up I got him down and then I went back to sleep and he start crying again woke up Kelly and I woke up later in the night like Kelly had been up for three hours and then she got back to sleeping and I was up for three hours and then we both got to sleep and then we woke up at half 3:00 in the after bright as a button yeah it's gonna be hard to get to sleep tonight because an accent obviously with that we kind of their gel-like plan off yep cuz the whole plan was we'll go home we'll have an hour and a half of sleep we'll get our dog back we'll eat and then we'll go to bed at like 9:00 and then we'll wake up at like 7 8 o'clock the next day no we wouldn't we've no woke up at 7 or 8 but that was like my plan in my head no I like to wake up at like 10 yeah but if we woke up at 10 that would have been doing he is our baby yeah that's my son he's our son Jesus but I gave birth to him we got when he was four months old I'd be really worried if you burnt them that way Oh God but he's fine yes fine and we're also kind of okay now but we probably we're gonna probably take the longer to get back to our time zone in terms of sleep patterns yeah and like try not actually rest properly hopefully I can sleep tonight with that yarn yeah that's the tea of yesterday yeah and now we've had a nice chat livestream today yeah and I've got loads of content to post so that's exciting we're gonna do at home garlic's whole cuz we got lots of pens there's so many pens or maybe was like gifts pen gift and rates so we had a great time yeah so yeah yeah we barely sleep for another 13 oh my god if I sleep gymnastics I've not been to the gym for like two weeks who have been on holiday and I'm feeling bad about it I was like I'm totally gonna go to the gym today probably that later but I will and then obviously when we talk to like happy no that's not happening yes if we both had like grand plans of like editing and went to the gem and just like being able to take Jorah for a walk but now we can walk dora because these two dopes did they go anywhere it's fine man and we got nowhere to think that well you got a little bit of editing done but video essays planned I don't know I don't actually know what I'd want to do next yeah I'm not like salty about doing video aces I'm just kind of like at a weak point now where I want to take my break but like not make huge videos like that just for a bit cuz I've got that upcoming CMV neon thing that I need to plan properly for her and like organize a studio I've got a location but best I adored my studio she's gonna take up a lot of my time yeah video wise other than obviously my actual job yeah so I don't know about video ace isn't also mmm-hmm the criticism on the videos doesn't really bother me but it's still criticism but sometimes I see Matt it seemed me bad-mouthed on other people's videos in the comment section and I'm just like why what the like why do you feel we need to run a bit my stuff on here yeah I also like straight up why my video you guys will see the bumblebee shirt that we did in Texas we just need to actually do edit the video did the video you say if you if you follow me on Twitter you know seeing the cute little jump hug video yeah yeah and I'm personally gonna reject my patreon I got quite a lot of good pictures from when we were in Texas so um where I'm gonna edit some of that probably do a little bit on it tonight maybe no I might actually edit the bumblebee thing video we did maybe I'll do that yeah I'm just debating whether to like put it to the actual audio from the episode or not or should put music but we shall see the discord is via patreon but just a one-off patreon it's a one-off payment and then you can it's beyond my pitch I'm sorry yeah it's just a one-off though you don't need to keep to it because you'll get like the access yeah so like if you want to keep – that's fine yeah it's all up to you but like yes I signed up for it just to make sure it was working and I never took away well you don't know you stuff favorite but yes I'm personally gonna be rechecking my patreon a little bit and I got lawyers notorious to post on mine yeah hey some posts so we've got some pretty exciting things coming along yes well but so yeah oh yeah but I don't know apparently they're terrible video essays so I guess I don't construct them well either yes see I would say that's it's like even if you disagree with me you could still say they're like well but well you put together but some people have their head so far up their own ass that they don't care while they disagree with me so firmly yeah that like everything about it as bad yeah like they can't even say oh I thought that your opinion on the fact that this was correct but I didn't think the rest of the points were valid like people will watch it until they hear the first bit that they don't agree with which would probably be the first point because they don't care like this whole video is mmm I mean I want more people have talked Potter's super positively about it to be fair we even had no this is okay to say well the bumblebee video was viewed by one of the RT members of staff yeah who loved it so if people who work on it appreciate yes when they are into the work Internet how much research it was and loved it and actively actually sought it out because they wanted to see people's opinion on it and they loved it so yeah people that work at IT like the video then maybe your opinion is just wrong yeah also no doubt the no gamble does no offense because the way that the ember celica Zerona it curves up so it wouldn't fit that's all you need to know about that one yeah but ya know the old Gamble's on the ground it's fine we'll do a giveaway of all gum she's still nice-looking still because she's lasted pretty well today yeah literally the only thing that's gone wrong with her is the weapons come off the top I'm not gonna name names about a member of staff was cuz yeah because it's not really far I also doesn't matter really in the context yeah and I wouldn't like to say their name without knowing that it was okay to name them I don't like doing that I'm off the opinion that unless they directly say it's like hey you can mention me and your fethiye was by name you're not gonna I'm not gonna yeah because everyone else deserves their own privacy yeah no I want to be like on YouTube enjoy so yeah some people just prefer like doing their own thing or being a wallflower whatever like that's up to them and this is the best thing about this is it's a weighty bro yeah yeah cuz that guy was so light but it's only for ya also if anyone was waiting to see what Barbara and Lyndsey Jones looked like as Bart's they've just put up the video so go check that confirmed yang can turn into a bird cuz we do have more stuff coming up so you will see you again very soon very soon and you should probably follow me on Twitter because maybe I'll post that bum who we had tonight cuz we're so jealous and I'll probably be posting some teasers for my patreon so yeah exciting times guys it's really exciting times so yeah enjoy yep have a good evening or nice walk yeah whatever time zone your ends probably late evening in Austin just there yep coming up for 6:00 p.m. so yes so when we miss Austin but we're thankful to be out the heat so yeah good day guys aware was when I was walked at home no gamble the video of Barbara and Lindsey was on Twitter yeah on Barbara's Twitter so go appreciate it enjoy it we love you guys a lot you know see you next time however wherever that will be but you will see using a video shoot in a video at some point but it'll be very soon in the meantime follow us on twitter by stay gay


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    I’m sorry I don’t really want to watch the whole video but what is “THE CLIP” in the title referring to?

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