San Diego Comic Con 2019 Artists Alley & Small Vendors LIVE

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Artists Alley & Small Vendors LIVE

a live stream from San Diego comic-con 2019 I'm Christmas's yellow productions this is part of my series of exhibit hall walkthroughs and videos on San Diego comic-con 2019 in this video today I'm gonna be walking through the color booths if you're looking for the big booths like Marvel and DC and WB you're gonna find those at the live stream I did yesterday you'll find the link in this below to the archive of that livestream have also got videos on cosplay and if this is also your first time here we'll all be publishing videos all weekend I've got some free videos coming up but today everybody always asks and says Chris can you go through artists alley because Comic Con would not exist if it wasn't for the independent artists that draw comics and so that is where we are going to start good morning it is 10:00 11:00 a.m. Friday here this is the second day of comic-con and in this exhibit hall it's a big exhibit hall it has eight rows something like that so the artists alley is on one side of it and that's that's where we're gonna be if there's somebody that you want me to check out in particular let me know and I'll try to head over there and if there are people who look particularly chatty then we'll pause and chat with them hey good to see ya so we got the artists here strong up Sonic the Hedgehog can Anders and if you're already and because they're independent artists they often don't have a lot of other people so sometimes they're not here because they actually have to get lunch they have to get something to eat Derwin and gwyn perpetual flights some cute animal prints here Sumeet science fiction art see some Star Wars prints there and some dinosaurs and of course Godzilla because everybody knows nothing goes better than dinosaurs and sci-fi these are some neat metal prints right here this is Peter Cooper original art spy versus spy and there's already people lining up in the middle for special autographs we've got people in cosplay got a princess in pink right here with revell studios we've got Tim vigil Rob Thomas says I remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis years ago great game on the Sega Genesis I have to say Abraham Lopez has some art here with some neat car magnets if you want to take on what it is to be a Disney pass holder maybe maybe in this case you you was about and you're not a pass holder anymore one of my favorite Japanese characters right here dr. OH are they good yeah DJ gamer nation joined in and asks if Kim Jong ji is there you know I don't know everybody who is here people that come to comic-con hey I'm gonna spin around right here we have Todd knock the artist of spider-man Deadpool Doctor Who Nightcrawler Young Justice and Teen Titans currently closed for today many of these people will commissioned sketches you can have them sketched some original art but if they're popular you've got to come in early and get that done early we've got some Lego art right here is this a meet watercolor art Griffith he's joining the livestream says thanks for doing this Chris I enjoyed it last year thanks Erin says good morning good morning Erin is good I like the line monitor the line monitor is so on the side they've got some special guests in the yellow tables will eco cartoonist and nesters joining the livestream from Sequoia think thanks for joining in Olaf ha we say Gina J leap hail Hydra know this meet cosplay right here look at those snakes hair death cited 666 s I've been to the hot toy booth yet I don't think so I'm not sure I know where the hot toy booth is Marv Wolfman it's not here he's on a panel return once it's over Harville Jones Marvel and DC Comics creator at a panel all right he'll be back at 11:30 thank you very much I'm just filming artist Sally so thank you very much Bree Paulson some cute art derpy vampires and occasional space with a book more derpy vampires and some other stuff bye Bree I think we'll go through this aisle across the way this is a really cute or the art of Lian – and some loaded charms of Disney characters he's winnie-the-pooh right there this is the art of Morgan Gil this looks like in a part that looks like stained glass a meee says my husband wants to meet you which aisle are you I'm in the artists alley right now they sit at the beginning of it kind of close to the lobby I'm probably not hard to find because I'm in a yellow shirt right the corner we've got e is for erotica which this is a family-friendly livestream so we're not going to go in the books look got a live stream with about 72 people on it would you like to tell them about your heart when that light turns green that microphone will be live seventy-two are watching you right now yes that sounds great 24 different artists it's ten year old documentary see it online on Amazon characters here selling t-shirts and mugs and other stuff on CafePress if you apply 0 my characters characters you get a shirt like this and of course Veronica it's all about dr. Seuss we're adults do you think we know your ABCs we never learned like these I love it dr. Seuss for adults thank you very much I appreciate it so that's it it's a it's the artist of comic-con that make the place go around we'll be talking to more people as we're going around people who look friendly and they want to chat Michael Moran wants me to give a shout out to hardcore comic movie fans and it should unite right tonight they've got some more sketch work in progress here like Carlito said the mic isn't working couldn't hear him could anybody else hear him because I could hear him just fine in my earbuds so I'm curious other people let me know could you hear him or not Lulu says I couldn't hear him candy says I heard about my TV the volume was a bit low I will try turning up the volume on that microphone when I give the next one meiosis I can hear you yeah I've got two sets of microphones so that might also be why there's a question of anything from Steven universe yet there is a Steven universe booth here and I went by that business meet armor Damon says long before no if you want to come to New York I want to but I've never been I don't know they'll actually go I live here in Southern California so it's much easier for me to go to San Diego comic-con and it is to New York I think it would be interesting to I just don't know that it's in the cards the mighty skull boy army were on your side thomna win bouquet monster studios hi there good how about yourself I'm doing a live stream yeah I have a channel called 'yellow productions for youtube we can see you want to talk about your heart a little bit sure we can see if this microphone works they were telling me wow that sounds loud now can you guys hear that this seems really loud now yeah I can hear you tell us about your art illustrator for about 24 years now I think this is my to see Mike Thank You 10th year at San Diego comic-con my work has been with DC Comics a little bit of Marvel which is like freelancing jump around a lot some Dark Horse IDW last few years I've been doing a lot for television in comics what I still have a sec try to anyway to stay at somewhat relevant all right well very cool thank you much tom yeah I appreciate it thank you thanks are you doing my name's pen I can people can see you too otherwise they just see me Ken's right here I'll give you and everybody whoever spots bi there's one for you there's one for your wife too brownie what that looks like Portia gets there jerry says i think we can only hear your mic the handheld isn't working which is frustrating why isn't the handheld mic working the handheld mic worked perfectly yesterday we're gonna set this down see if I move the handheld mic into this other spot maybe you'll hear it through number four you know here's the number five have you guys look this way for siding okay so here's a question for you all and help Mike do you hear me tapping if you do that means like working it out you John it doesn't I'm just gonna keep going no you don't hear me tapping yeah somebody does somebody says yeah everybody else says no all right well apparently I am just gonna give up on the handheld mic and ulji can hear me talking says needs more game do you guys hear that tapping this is the behind-the-scenes of live streaming right the more equipment you get the more the more complicated okay well we're just gonna give up on the handheld and you just get here for me so that's how this is gonna roll today all right going down here we've got more of the artists alley youngji cha visual development illustration candy says I can still interview I will and tell you what when I do the interviews I will stand stand next to them so that my microphone is close to the house itself yeah over here we've got Larry Houston super Indian your Native American reservation sensation let's go never heard of that comic before hi there last week I've been watching your clips on on YouTube yeah right on that's cool some live streaming right now Edwards I appreciate it thanks I think it's always cool to have your name etched into your beanie a good way of doing it we've got David Peterson's Mouse guard cursed pirate girl Keith Hall down at the end okay you know I'm gonna set this down one more time and try this microphone spot just one other place to try and get this microphone working dtft says awesome livestream greetings from London UK greetings dtft thanks for joining in microphone more gain more gain more gain does it sound like more gain now and help microphone right here tap tap microphone tough town anybody here that's happening on the microphone we're gonna try this one more time Wow okay everybody says no well that's all for ports on my audio recorder this is what the audio goes into so this is this is what that's what I'm connected to but we'll see behind the scenes on that later still have less technical difficulties going forward the funny part about you guys not being able to hear that microphone is it's not dead I have headphones on and I actually hear it in my head films so why it's not mixing with it to actually go to the phone is another question entirely dtft asks what I like best what I look forward to most a comic-con frankly just everything you know I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of one thing in particular I do always like to see Kevin Smith I love to see the Kevin Smith panels I was love the animation stuff Family Guy The Simpsons the Orville anything Seth MacFarlane's a lot of fun mobile game rats I'm coming tomorrow yes I will be here tomorrow so if you're here tomorrow you can look for me in so oh this this tile is really crowded so we're gonna go down this aisle Sam wants to know where's Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was here yesterday he was here in Hall H yesterday so he is not not here today more than likely he was kind of a surprise guest yesterday let's go back this way Sam said just made the news in the UK today I bet there's a little bit of that a little bit of that time lag between the US and the UK one more thing to try to make this audio work I think I know what stopped it from working so but hoping this livestream doesn't stop if it stops I will be right back now that I'm back can people hear me differently do I sound differently I should sound differently now because I think I have a different set of microphones do you hear that tapping tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap yes I sound different all right this is actually going to work now much more clear yeah louder – it's amazing the difference low but yes alright so now I've got the wireless microphone on whereas before it wasn't actually connecting to the wireless microphone you were hearing me from the phone microphone before okay Arturo wants me to go on with the interviews who do you want me to interview let's see we need to find somebody that looks like they'd be fun to talk to anybody I could find interesting yes I will look for interesting people sorry no it's all good these women many 21 so busy here there's so many people chris wants me to interview an old person we should interview eat them here a 14 year old artist he looks like he's busy doing art hi Ethan I've got a livestream with 130 people on it would you like to tell them about yourself and your art sure you think asilo an artist gamer nerd 14 years old here at comic-con in artists alley I love spider-man you know he's my favorite comic-book character and I've you know loved him since I was a kid and yeah it's amazing art you're really talented thank you appreciate it you were at Comic Con last year too right yes I mean I think it's my third or fourth year okay he's everything yeah very good well thank you very much thank you so much appreciate it and I'll I'll hand you a card in case you want to find that later all right thanks anything keep drawin yeah see if our travel said that was the opposite of old but great yes 14 since when I was a kid dan Parsons right here is a game of Thrones artist that's cold Philip Moy comic book artist Powerpuff Girls Samurai Jack Star Trek danger girl GI Joe hi there okay let's go through the line to the other side and the guy's steam wow this is neat art Barbara marker it's a different style and we've seen here today you only have three yeah Bank seems like I've never even drawn will bring before you my first will bring ever and then she I thought she got the bombs rough stuff here hi Bob how you doing I've got a live stream with about 140 people on it which likes is talking about your art ello 140 random people how are ya they're not random they're on a great channel called yellow productions find it later not so random people I will look you up so Wow that's my table got some art here I tend to do a lot of mashup parody type of things so tell us about this one right here this one right here is a Aquaman mixed with the Little Mermaid so he's under the sea doing his under the sea thing you know and what's the Hulk watching behind you well this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe watching at the time was infinity war but I guess I can say they watch an endgame man nice and yeah I like them mash up pop culture thing that's saying that sort of stuff that's very creative a couple people said great artwork and oh wow thank you alright thank you very much Bob pleasure to meet you Oh Harrison thank you for the superjet I appreciate the $2 very kind of you to keep me going hi there hey guys doing I've got a livestream with 135 people on it I'm just walking through Artist Alley would you like to introduce yourself and tell them about your art hi I'm Leo Hernandez Seidman I'm an artist and writer on Teen Titans go for DC Comics very cool and this is my husband my name is David Seidman I'm a writer of about 40 books and very and written comics I've got a story coming up in Mad Magazine number nine out in about a couple weeks I was very cold we will look for it where you both from Los Angeles Los Angeles all right not too far to come to comic-con thank you very much everybody you have a good day and I'm sorry you're not here I miss you all yes and if you come by are you guys gonna be here the rest of the week yeah all right come find them in artists alley if you want to see on the livestream that's the name of the channel yellow products be benign all right artists alley table be benign thank you very much I just want to let you know somebody said you both are very sweet he says hey you go I don't know them that's funny Karin Helen artist illustrator and part-time Jedi interesting is interesting art here of carlitos wants me to go back and interview Jim Cheung again and so does Star trooper and star trooper thank you for the super chat I appreciate it I will I will look for him again once I get back in that direction plain dead playing dead the comic and he's got a sign I think he looks friendly because he has a sign that says artist does not bite have not lunchtime you say Chris I've got a live stream with about 136 folks on it I'm just doing a tour of artists alley would you like to introduce yourself in your artwork hi I'm Chris googly re this is my artwork got a webcomic which I am turning into a comic book which I released in very limited quantities here this year and from there on the the webcomic will be more comic book format I've got prints and doing watercolor Commission's I'm having a blast stop by BB BB 15 that's really cool I love I love to see you doing watercolors here at the table it's not something you often see people do in artists alley so that's very neat I do enjoy it all right thank you very much Chris hi there how you doing good my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream through artist Sally I've got 145 folks on it would you like to introduce yourself in your art sure I would I'm Adam with us Adam where there's one half of the Comfort and Adam husband and wife duo my wife comfort is not here but she's around and we make comics we are the husband and wife action fashion responsible for a trio of self-published comic series the uniques rainbow in the dark and the kitty game we also did the complete guide to self-publishing comics for Random House the only book that we have not self-published isn't a book about self-publishing that's awesome yeah Reiko is this your first time at comic-con and you got here off the first time in almost a decade and our first time in artists alley so it's like a whole different experience how's it been so far it's been great the people are wonderful the crowds are intense yeah they are yeah it's it's been a really good time that's awesome well thank you very much Adam you too yeah and if you want to find yourself later well that microphones really in the camera for everybody but the channels called yellow productions it's on the live stream called Artist Alley thank you very much hi there would you like to introduce yourself with the live stream No yeah all right you're just hanging out okay well thank you very much okay here we have the arch of IDI rotor and chin falling art by there my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream through artists alley I've got a hundred and fifty six people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself in your art you're the wife can you introduce your husband's art sure my husband's name is Chen Fong and he sent to sci-fi and cyberpunk so if we could like all of these are all of his originals he does have to that's not it so these are dirty that's not originals it's cool yeah Street Fighter art there yeah so that's pretty much it Jin Fong art calm in case you want to look it up people said whoa the art Wow dopest alright thank you very much there's kind of a neat way to display art back here on clotheslines hi there are you Joel yes hi I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through Artist Alley I've got a hundred and fifty six people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself in your art alright my name you can hold the mic alright my name is Joe el Santana and I've got a variety of just fan art everything from little superheroes just more vintage II 1950s kind of style but yeah everything is very light-hearted very playful kind of fun a spin on these existing characters yeah it's really cute thank you what do you do your art in what medium it's all Photoshop a lot of times I sketch it on paper sign it in and then finish it in Photoshop that's cool Jerry on the live stream says he loves the vintage oh thank you thank you very much where you from I'm originally from New York but I live in Tampa Florida now so okay is this your first comic-con or you've been here before I haven't been to this one I've done a few out under West Coast but this is the first time at San Diego how does San Diego compare the other ones you've done pretty big it's got a larger scale yeah I would say the last big one like this I did was New York and I this one feels a bit a bit larger than that yeah sure right on awesome well Joe thank you very much I appreciate it and if you want to if you want to see yourself later the live stream is on my channel called yellow productions you're at about 40 minutes in all right thanks Joe where are you Jesse Jesse I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through artist Sally you're just talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself in your art seventy people on the live stream awesome how you guys doing out there hope that's going epic and you're like two and you can make it out here and have fun as well right ha yeah so uh my name is gestured and Ezek about urban Aztec online all social media everything so this is some artwork here we got posters pins a lot of vinyl toys I've been working on over the years this one is uh just came out the machlin with unruly industries which is part of sideshow collectibles and it's actually fully black light reactive that's really neat you guys can't see that on camera as well as I can't here but it's like really oriented with robot and those came out last year and the 5-inch dunnies were exclusive with a footlocker and yes you know some older pieces here as well the mecha Azteca and the Jaguar night tell us about the poster somebody call Jay Christian says the poster behind you looks amazing oh then you want to know what other people are saying freaking awesome just follow them on Instagram amazing hell yeah right all you guys you're so in your epic oh man poster so that is a geek poster with idea for a Melvin's tour tour stop in 2016 and that is the foil version which are fully you know they're intense yeah and then it also is backlight reacted with the fluorescent thanks only because you see later and then it gets like a whole other crazy thing I am that's really cool yes I do gig posters as well my table is not super big but I have a whole other booklet here of art right now I can open it up if you want to check it out for a second some crime this action Expo lucha lucha libre designs also why not actually this is a mask idea for let's say dorado when he went to the WWE yeah a design all his gear that's really neat yeah right on man and that was a who into Guerrera the juice yeah yeah so got quite a bit smoother for like 311 yeah I like that I like the yellow skull there were kind of a tongue out to Bruce Lee Bruce Lee you got the non floral version of this one here plus the fur and then that's the Fort Wayne here again Jerry Donnelly says you take it to a whole nother level must respect my man appreciate you if you if you guys didn't see his Instagram before it's right there urban Aztec with the theme and this piece is actually has become a sculpt with Sideshow Collectibles so if you make it over to that booth okay I have that one an Iron Man that are the prototypes are on display and they're available for pre-order right now yeah does he have a name yes well so it's licensed by Marvel so they wanted to keep the names as Wolverine an Iron Man but I call them iron mine and will be mortal yeah thank you very much pleasure to meet you yeah if you want to see yourself later my channel spot the other productions you can find the artist alley livestream thank you I appreciate it yeah thanks by the way Joelle people asked you if you had a website give a website here let me hold up my card okay I'm just giving you that so people can hear you now should I hold it up or just speak it you can just speak it okay that's gonna be the art of Santana calm the art of Santana calm yeah so his last name is Santana right there yeah here's a friend of my card and it's got my email my website on there as well and then through there and through my Instagram you could find my online shop and everything else as well okay right on can I have this card yeah go for it all right thank you thank you okay here we've got Caleb King some interesting art back here hi Caleb I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through artists Ali would you like to introduce yourself in your art there's about a hundred and eighty people watching right now well hi hundred and eighty people there's good you're gonna slowly drop to about a hundred and twenty hey I'm Caleb King I'm artists from Chicago I'm totally excited to be here at San Diego comic-con this is my work so you owe me to tell jokes like I got really horrible stand-up like it's heads and colors right yeah yeah it's I do predominantly watercolor work okay and I discovered a love for that early in life so I went to school and trained as an illustrator in Chicago at the American Academy of Art and I've been really just all-in on watercolor so I kind of developed this this style a few years back and have loved it and it scratches my desire for like minimalist stuff wit but with characters that we all know and love right on that comment from the lifestream Michael Moran says that's way nice some of the name of kim jeong-hoon Oh excellent oh actually I'm not sure if I should take that as a good sign or bad 'only in North Korea starts you know flashing these images everywhere just nut Kaleb I'm not the only one but there are a couple in there do Wells out there with my name so I had to put the V in front of it too we all knew it was me Javier wants to know if you have a Hanno's head I do have a vanos and it's really awesome too I it was one of my favorites okay behind it on your website absolutely yeah this visit my website check it out there I'm actually even running a sale for those of you who aren't at San Diego this weekend so if you visit my site you'll see it that's cool yeah Kayle about trading my card for the microphone yes I would definitely take that yeah that's a handsome guy on the right you're at about 47 minutes into the livestream perfect you have a card Caleb awesome I love the square right there alright I love the branding thanks Caleb pleasure to meet you okay this aisle is busy we've got plum peas here Carlito says he's loved in the artist interviews I'm loving it that I got the microphone working so that I can view them and I'm loving chatting with the artists too the ninja Empire born a ninja Diane ninja that's creative all right I'm Nick good how about yourself Jarius if i know how many artists are here I enter a hundred but I don't know exactly Wow look at this cosplay coming up here this is good look at these heads on these people this is creative one has joined in from Louisville Taiwan okay there was somebody that I interviewed earlier and I'm trying to find again as my microphone wasn't working Jerry but the problem with this thing is now I I don't remember where he was Christopher Arnold wants to know if I've come by an artist by the name of Dave Helen yet not yet this is interesting art back here my name are you Carla I'm Cris I'm doing a live stream through artists alley with about a hundred and ninety people on it right now would you like to introduce yourself in your artwork to them here's a microphone Your Honor I am correlations Carla was gala here at San Diego comic-con le table FF 16 what what inspires your art Oh super les animation from when I was a kid whatever is this your first time at comic-con no fourth year fourth year all right do you do other cons or just this one yeah I do WonderCon I'm gonna be at midsummer scream in Long Beach next month and I'll be at New York comic-con as well ex-soldier Marci wants to know how much are the prints in the book these sizes are 20 each 3 4 50 and I've got way too many way too many bunch of pinups mermaids it's very creative person says it's great stuff thank you and Alex says very nice thank you can people follow you on a website or Instagram release I am under Carla with gala and you have to spell it right CA r la WI is the G a la on Instagram and my website is correlations calm good deal two more people said amazing thank you very much yeah pleasure to meet you hi Elena I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through artist Sally I have a hundred and ninety people on it would you like to introduce yourself in your art okay so tell us about yourself in your art hi I'm Melina ciao I'm an author illustrator and I do kids book and also do gallery ad cool is this your first time to comic-con oh no this is my five years also as an exhibitor okay what what medium do you do your art in I use watercolor watercolor yeah and then this he man out here is kind of a like a three-dimensional one yes there's a paper cutout I do that for the Mattel official Mattel show at gallery 1988 so as I run they're promoting he-man very cool and if people want to follow you you have a alina challenge yes Elena's charter home is my website but all my social media is under my name so you'll be Elina child for Instagram Facebook Tumblr tweeter everything thank you much Elena I appreciate it here we have lately try they're good you guys look friendly my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream through artist Sally talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself to about 200 people on this line freelancer all right here's a microphone so they can hear you hey how's it going they'll say good in about 20 seconds when that cat yeah no I'm Keith hall and this is my I'm debuting my gob tropi list brand of webcomic I'll be producing kind of a Animaniacs meets married with children and a overflowing world of goblins very cool and yeah just doing commissions I I have my website ink stain brush comb that I do commissions and all kinds of freelance work in addition to my projects that I'm working on what inspired you to do art about goblins you know my wife actually inspired me by doing a I do an art challenge every year called inktober in October where you do 31 ink drawings one a day and that year she told me that I needed to have some sort of theme and she shows confidence for me I've always been a fantasy guy so I had no problem in the next thing I knew I had 31 goblins that I didn't want have anything to do with so I started putting a world based off the characters I had drawn I just kind of spawned into this this franchise and I'm debuting the book today that kind of introduces the world of all the various characters and the creatures I didn't have at that world and yeah just starting off right at comic-con cool well yippy says I like the skateboard Dan kettle says it's right up his street kim jeong-hoon responded he said he's doing good and that he likes your goblet these guys shared it yeah if you want to find yourself later that my channels called yellow productions perfect is at about 55 minutes in on the live stream all right take it easy thanks for the smiley face on that comes up Kim jong-un any chance I can visit Sergio in DD 19 DD 19 where are the letters and numbers on these things that can ask this guy if he knows excuse me do you know where DD 19 is not off the top of my head but there's an information table right next to the phone okay thanks okay let's go look for DD 19 I gotta pop yes the people that are line minders don't always don't always know everything right their job is just to mine the line okay we found FF and then what's this aisle DD DD 19 hi are you Sergio I Sergio I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through Artist Alley talking to different artists and there's 200 people on the live stream and one of them said I love the work of Sergio he's at DV 19 can you go talk to him so would you be willing to introduce yourself to him and everybody else on the live stream hi this is Sergio care yellow I'm the artist on the action Bible and I also drew the Lone Ranger series for dynamite which is a very popular series as well as many DC Marvel iconic superheroes over the years so glad to be here on the 50th anniversary of comic-con I think it is a special year especially yeah I think I've been here 13 years or it's a long time yeah so going to be live stream with you thank you very much Louie del Martinez or martinis says tell him I say hi that he does awesome work candy says that's so cool Aaron says love his work Simon well says Wow so if you want to catch yourself later you're at about 57 minutes in my artist al your live stream channels called yellow products yeah thanks Aaron Gio I'll give you a pound boom thank you very much Cody I'm Chris I'm good how about yourself what's your name Alex Alex and you are Rachel would you guys like to talk to about 200 people on a live stream right now through artists alley sure who would like the microphone all right so tell us about yourself in your art I'm Alex Kane I'm the writer of beyond the Western deep it's an all-ages fantasy webcomic at Western deep net we got this nice hardcover here that we kick-started the help of several hundred of our wonderful readers and we're here just sharing it with folks and trying to spread the word is this your first time at San Diego comic-con this is our first time at San Diego comic-con it's a it's been wild this place is nuts yeah yeah it's busy isn't it this is extremely busy we've done a lot of East Coast shows but nothing nothing quite like this New York I mean maybe comes close but yeah that's about that's about what we got that's cool and you do watercolors is that what this is done in there yeah are you doing some watercolor there right now this is a commissioning took yesterday guys obviously have ten he's eating some noodles there yep nice all right thank you very much yeah thank you pleasure to meet both of you yellow productions that's right right on what's your name I'm sorry Nelson jr. I work on video games I actually met Alex at GDC 2018 he works at Guild Wars 2 fantastic guy and I worked on him the space outlaw and kandra's prey which has been the itch bestseller for the past week ok that's cool your first time is sending a comic-con there yes it is safely overwhelming it is there are a lot of people here aren't there there's nothing I've never been to an event like this and where are you from I'm from El Paso Texas currently but I've bounced all around the world South Korea Italy London yeah a lot of different places yes good deal if you haven't my live streams if you haven't seen my travel videos I've got them on all those places you've already been there but yeah yeah yeah my mom was again she loves your work I've seen some of your stuff and it's really cool it's nice to finally meet ya nice to meet you I'll give you a pound because my right hand has a camera in it I mean I'm all about a boy and confluence sanitizer thing in my pocket which I will be using it this conversational yeah everybody I ever mean I'd hand them a card though there's a card for you there cards for you guys as well yeah all right and this card will be a moment so for my mother which is I'm sure not something you hear I'll give you two one for you and one for her all right push to meet you thanks the same thing so I think I was looking for Jim Chung again but Jim Chung has stepped out it looks like candy says autograph it I should carry some pens of course I I carry no pens with me I still generally well this is some interesting artwork right here lazy son that's somewhere that's what they say look at that hey somebody asked if I saw Totoro heart yet and there's a Totoro clock sorry I'm barging in on you I'm live-streaming artists alley so 195 people somebody asked if I saw total art so that's the first one I've seen thank you ashle Popplewell of beasts and bones nicely they do it I'm good I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream through Artist Alley just talking artists would you like to say hi to about 200 people on the live stream here's microphone so they can hear you hello everybody tell us about yourself in your art I'm Ashley Pablo I have been coming to San Diego for about 10 years my artwork is kind of weird and and very symbolic lots of Bones and animals and cool creatures like that I am very big into biology and zoology so animals and people do you have a biology background I do in my undergrad it was gonna either be art or biology and I chose art but like by a very small margin okay yeah almost like that double major right a little bit at some point you have to decide yeah this your first year at San Diego comic-con er no I this is my ninth year exhibiting here very cool I think ninth year yeah it's one of those things like it just kind of blurs how has it changed over the nine years you've been here well it's definitely still huge and everything's more strict now I used to be but I think they've got you know some some things never change there's always people who love art and we want to look through Artist Alley so the real whitey says he likes the purple hair thank you and Arturo wants to know if you're a fan of Godzilla I am a fan of Godzilla classic Godzilla pleasure I'm going to point you to my friend mark down here he has classic kaiju artwork okay you got to hit that if you like mark dos Santos is his name you have to check them out I will do that people want to follow you how would they do that where would they find you you can follow me on instagram at am Popolo or you can google my name Ashley Popolo and it will come right up good deal yeah thank you so much if you want to find yourself later that's the channel name yellow productions you're at about an hour in all right thanks Ashley okay let's find mark with his kaiju art hi there are you mark hi mark Ashley sent me down here my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream I've got 200 people on it and walking around Artist Alley talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself in your art all right so she said you had some awesome kaiju art I do so do I just introduce myself introduce oh I'm mark dos Santos a comic artist convention artist this is some of my stuff here the big thing that I've been working on lately is my kaiju collection which you can see a couple samples here and there's a whole bin of them there yeah I just like drawing monsters and I really like Godzilla's so perfect fit that's good dan kettle's wants to know if you have any Mothra I do have Mothra there's my mother I am look at that very good so the the object objective is eventually to do every version of Godzilla and all his monsters I'm up to 32 different ones right now very cool technically I cheated because for dos prints our King Ghidorah heads I decided to give him each head a different Prince since they all have different personalities including the mecha head which is right there right on ex-soldier Marcy wants to wants me to ask you who's going to win Godzilla or King Kong well if you go by the original movie it'll be King Kong but I have a sneaking suspicion what's gonna happen is much like in Batman V Superman they'll come together to fight some bigger bear which we might actually be mecha King Ghidorah so based on the little bumper at the end of king of monsters but that's my speculation I could be completely wrong right on very quote well mark I'll give you my card in case you want to find yourself on the live stream you're about an hour and thank you very much I appreciate it by their muse and ER I'm Chris hi you might have heard what I just said to mark but I'm gonna live stream through Artist Alley would you like to introduce yourself in your art absolutely hi I'm Xander cannon I'm a comic book artist and writer I've been working in comics for 26 years or so yeah long have you been coming to San Diego comic-con 20 no actually 26 years yeah before was my first year I see a sign behind you that says your banner is lost with your luggage yeah your luggage get lost yeah this year keeps you it keeps you humble a little bit you know there's always a few little hiccups yeah but you know it's still fun I have these books so that's good tell us about tell us about what you got here on the table so this is my latest and the ongoing series called kaiju Max and it's a gritty prison drama starring giant monsters who have games and drugs and stabbings and so forth it's a lot sadder than you would expect it to be I guess this is not a very good tagline so yeah it's published by Oni Press since 2015 and the graph or the collection of season four is about to come out and this hardcover collects the first two issues so very cool it's a it's a lot of deep cuts into monster movies and so it's it's annotated as if it were a medieval tapestry or something James dragged on the live stream says it's all really awesome somebody else says they are sorry you lost your luggage and somebody wants me to ask you what your favorite comic is my favorite comic I don't know I mean it's it's hard to say of all time but I have read batting year one by Miller and Meza Kelly about five hundred times all right very cool clothes and ER if you want to find yourself on the live stream later the tail is called yellow productions thank you very much for your time thank you I hope your you reunite with your luggage soon hey thank you okay sander that was a pretty cool guy and yes it sucks to lose your luggage I thought I've been attending a comic-con for a pretty long time or 26 years that is a lot of years attending San Diego comic-con there's that cute Winnie the Pooh booth again so I'm gonna I'm gonna move on from Artist Alley at this point and make my way to the small press area so we can see some of the small press folks as I wander over there I will show you the other booths and other things to see that aren't artists that are that more in the merchandise category so here we've got offworld designs the best t-shirts in fandom and we've got protective sleeves so if you buy some art you can get a sleeve to put it in assuming to put in your luggage you want to go look over here leave me what are we got here this is an interesting booth of almost like some of its space inspired art they've got the moon shot limited edition of 50 some other anime portrait artwork you can see this is the the main while thought main walk we have one of the sidewalk waste at Comic Con today it is 11:20 a.m. on Friday so busy what kind of material this is the Neopets booth 20 years of Neil yeah just says he loves neopets what do you love about Neopets Jeff Adam wants to decide if he should take off work and head down to comic-con I think so I think it's cool down here and just says I should please talk to them what do you want me to ask them just they are kind of busy see if I can get in here because it a lot of people around their booth yeah it doesn't look very promising because they got this wheel that they're spinning and they seem busy so it'll look chatty at the moments for me artists does flow as if I've seen Maria Maria who I think there are many Maria's this is the cartoonists boss America dinosaurs across America Steve the dog and the wings tiger some kind of neat sketches on cardboard here yeah a lot of people are saying rest in peace Stanley I agree definitely allege in the past the Los Angeles Academy of fingertip art sorry Allen panicles ancient ones don't anything I got it back here I sold out of this one in this lemonade there was a question of where the cosplayers that cosplayers are everywhere they're walking all around you could probably see some of them out in the distance but they're all around the convention floor tons of cosplayers here probably just not when I'm looking at the booths right the people in the booths aren't really in cosplay but the cosplays are the rest of the attendees world famous comics a giant somebody's waiting for me to show the Avatar to trailer probably not a lot of trailers here on the exhibit hall floor hi there how you doing good my name is Chris I'm just doing a live stream around the exhibit hall on Comicon would you like to introduce yourself and your heart that you've got here okay yeah tell us about mounting where's booth he's not here at the moment right now but this is all of his art everything in here is created specifically by him throughout his 27 years being in the business he's drawn for matching the gathering for Dungeons and Dragons he's done a lot of coverage for coffin comics you'll see has a lot of fantasy work right here this is our show exclusive right here our play Matt the name of this piece is called cry havoc and there are a limited run of these play mats in the cry havoc and the ones over here to the other side are called hear me war and this we exclusive for the Denver pop culture con good deal thank you very much I appreciate it so as you can see looking down these aisles I mean there's a lot of other artists that aren't in the artists alley this section now is illustrators and comic artists is what this section is what yes carefully obviously the size and number of artists that come has exceeded how many people can just fit in the artist alley just lie there are a lot more artist groups all throughout the convention so you can see if we walk around here the aisles are there wider than before the booths are bigger which of course mean the booths are more expensive too we will off-site the art of John Stanko who apparently also does magic art original sculptures some pretty photo realistic-looking art pieces here but it's our right there hey do it I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream around comic-con I see a sign this is the coolest children's book ever would you like to tell about 200 people aligns with coolest ever it's a live stream so who wants the microphone okay so this is our first children's book it's called creative creature catcher it is a fully narrated augmented reality children's book that has it interacts with your phone and there's augmented reality on every page let's take a look on the big screen over here and we can demo it for you so what am I looking at the book of the big screen or both I'm not with the iPad I can't I can't put all three on the live stream so I can look at one place okay so there's a book down there everybody and actually it's probably easier for me on the camera to see cuz I can see down here I can see your iPad down the book so you can see that all that's going on is we're just projecting what's on our iPad up to the TV that was just the cover inside you'll get instructions on how and where to download the app and then the content itself pops up like that very cool it makes reading exciting on every page the entire book is narrated out loud I have a our main character Malcolm pompe we frequently add new pages to the book so for example this used to just be narration recently added some more animation to cool-lookin train messy club Dan kettle says it's a cool idea maverick says wow that's awesome if people want to find your book how would they do that they look for us their local comic book stores in October otherwise it's going to be Amazon Barnes & Noble any major book retailer and it's probably creative creature creative creatures creative creature catcher alright thank you very much appreciate your time hi are you Whitney she just stepped out yeah can you talk about Whitney's art no all right that's okay it's a live stream so yeah here we go Ryan meandering head of visual development at Marvel Studios so the thing I mentioned earlier the difference between here and artists alley these boots are bigger they have more people which means less people end up talking about it hi there how you both doing good I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream I've got about two hundred folks on it talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself in your art for the live stream all right so just tell us your name and about your art yeah absolutely my name is Peter Hahn and I'm here at San Diego comic-con booth 5554 promoting my first graphic novels that actually wrote drew color designed everything and I'm actually also an instructor teacher at the Art Center College in Pasadena with also educational book on this end over here and I've been just drawing all day that's cool what are you drawing today I'm actually doing a commission for a person for who won in an Ironman Gundam cover actually so I'm penciling in something at the moment I'll be inking it and water coloring it very cool is this your first time at comic-con no this is actually my tenth year in theater and theater absolutely how's it changed in the ten years you've been here just a lot more people but actually he's gotten great in terms of the fluctuations where last year is a lot more fan base interest but this year independent comics and independent artists doing really well right yeah that's cool christian says nice samurai art ah thank you so much I appreciate that very cool well thank you very much Peter thank you I appreciate it hi there hi I'm Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to folks here at comic-con together 220 people on the livestream would you like to introduce yourself and what you got here hello my name is Brett Beane and I've got t-shirts and I've got art prints and originals and books and myself yes tell us about your art well it's visual so you can actually just look instead of having me talk about it what would you call the style of your art I would say mine good work for like Disney and Jim Henson's Creature Shop and and you know DreamWorks and stuff so it's very animated friendly and you know you know that side of things whatever makes you laugh and giggle and smile is pretty much what the artworks about this guy makes me laughing giggling is good yeah that's what he's there for that's cool or the this one's neat your flapasaurus for apis or is like a Frappuccino combined with a dinosaur exactly exactly we have the velociraptor okay so velociraptor going up into the heaven nice you got octopi a lot of it octopi right there at the pie and an octopus combined together yeah I love I feel falafel on the other side and holy holy so you know yes if that makes me giggle and hopefully make somebody else giggle so what happens between diapers and deadlines this is all the artwork I did when I had a baby so it's all between diapers and deadlines I saw the artwork I did during that so it's just a bunch of sketches and call it's people want to find you and if they're not at comic-con how would they do that right here on Instagram is probably the best spot or shop and draw calm we have all of our merchandise and stuff there too if you want to support local artists Cole Veronica says fun stuff and mark says nice beard thank you I grew it for you mark nice and Dan kettle says talented fellow by the way if you want to see yourself later it's on yellow productions you're about an hour and 20 minutes into the artist alley livestream awesome all right thank you thanks right thanks so now we have Dan says all hail the beard I agree all hail the beard so now we rendering just some more vendors less artists here but they got a bunch of these Japanese statues Dragon Ball Z here we've got the art of Brittany Lee this is Olivia at Ozone productions cherry awesome sunsets joined in hi cherry this is kind of a cool stall right here lots of very colorful things Robert asked if I went to small press yet no I have not been to small press I am heading to small press as we speak I'm walking in that general direction the art of Joker Oni cherry says just followed Brett beam on Instagram some cherry I'm glad I could introduce you all to some new and talented artists okay so to get the small press we have to go through what I'll call the the part of the convention so I'm going to turn off my interview microphone for about five minutes because here I'm just walking through people and I want both hands all right so on my right this is essentially the lobby of the convention center down that way this is the aisle closest to the lobby we just passed the Nickelodeon booth we're coming up on the Col nominee booth trying to walk the path of least resistance sometimes people say like Oh Chris it's not very busy it's just not very busy where I happen to be walking right now I mean and yes I would describe this as not very busy because when it gets very busy you just you can't walk and it has a feeling of Tokyo subway style karremans join in she says hi from Germany hi Carmen thanks for joining in from Germany by the way if this is your first time on the livestream I'll be doing comic-con content all this weekend so make sure you hit that subscribe button click the belt or turn on notifications see and notified of some of the other content I'll be putting out I did a couple of 360 videos yesterday that'll be coming out tonight stay tuned for those and I always cover the cosplay on Saturday I also did a cosplay video from yesterday of the best cosplay from the first day of Comic Con and if you're already subscribed hey do me a favor hit the thumbs up button and say that you like the live stream and I will be live streaming likely for one more hour so you want to get your friends in things like that share it with them have them join in the fun if they can't make it here to comic-con Moulton is joining from Malta how come there are no cosplayers there are cosplayers but the biggest cosplay day is generally Saturday so there are cosplayers though you just maybe can't see them around everybody else so as you can see it's starting to get much busier here sometimes I feel like a cow or sweeper channel as I walk through comic-con on the right these areas where it says no standing or sitting these are places where they're just staging the lines so these are lines for various things I don't know what this line is for but everybody jokes that comic-con can often be called line con virtual graphics joined in from Switzerland thanks virtual graphics for joining in Jai Slayer says I like the video thanks for liking it I appreciate it I saw those likes go up so thank you very much for everybody who liked the video if you haven't yet you know that little thumb was pretty easy to click and here's the here's me stormtrooper thanks to the extra people who click that thumb I appreciate it numbers up to 90 now thank you very much kim jonghwan liked which is super awesome thanks kim jung-eun everybody loves it when i share with them your comments look at that what's a 99 likes who's gonna put us over the top and get to a hundred likes Vidya wants to know if I'll be streaming something from DC tomorrow comic-con does not allow streaming in any panels so I only stream from the exhibit hall so I left what I'm walking by this is the big Star Wars booth Star Wars has a really big booth if you missed yesterday's live stream in yesterday's live stream I walk through all the big booths like Marvel DC Warner Brothers viz media Marvel Hasbro that's why I'm just skipping all of them now to get to the small press area dan says how big is the exhibit hall the exhibit hall is 55 aisles wide long 55 miles long how long is that like in linear feet or meters or things like that I don't really have an answer to that for you I mean it feels really long like in the video that I'll be putting out tonight which is a 360 walkthrough I did yesterday in that video I walked the length of the exhibit hall and to walk the length of it takes about 20 minutes so and that's kind of like walking I don't know if you walked as fast as you could it's maybe 15 minutes but that's also with a lot of people in it if you're trying to cover the whole exhibit hall and you're coming to comic-con and you've got four days I would say it takes about two days to see everything on the exhibit hall there was a question about why doesn't Comic Con have a streaming service yet well because they want people to come to comic-con so I don't think they're particularly in the business of setting up streaming services they want people to come to the convention michael says comic-con turns 50 actually this year is the 50th year of comic-con and it's also the 50th year of Apollo 11 okay so I moved over to the middle aisle now this is the marble booth on the left usually they do a cosplay contest on Saturday assuming they still are I will be joining that tomorrow well of course when I say joining the contest I don't mean I'll be in it you know my my my costume my costumes just the costume of a youtuber right that's what I've got right here with these earphones so I can hear people actually talking hey it's the guy good to see you guys I love people who see my videos and then see me so it's always fun and earlier one of the artists said we could find his sort of Mexican inspired art at Sideshow Collectibles the Sideshow Collectibles booth is this one right here to my left that has all the things kind of in plastic cases I'm not gonna go in there because I was in there yesterday and yesterday's live streaming Dale wants to know if it's the same yellow shirt as yesterday Dale I have about 30 yellow shirts so this is not the same yellow shirt as yesterday when I go on travel I pack only yellow shirts it works for consistency and this yellow shirt in particular when I'm doing something like this and I have the lapel microphone on I need something to run the microphone through the shirt so that you guys can hear me hey that guy's pretty excited to be alive that's good I always love when people are excited for the camera okay so we are we are getting near the small press area so when I started this we started at 555 and now I'm on aisle 19 they actually had two zeros so it's 5,500 1902 number all the booths there was a comment that the resolution is down I don't know maybe because there's more people here maybe it was better in artists alley with a higher resolution I don't know what to tell you I did not I don't have anything to adjust the resolution we are just at the whim of the internet gods I just I like the giant robot booth here because they have a whole bunch of little merchandise okay ice now see the sign that says small pressed West good deal Dan kettle says his cousin thanks for the loss biggest reviews yeah thank you okay let's try to find what the beginning of small press West is I think it's over here why is it West I think it's like divided by a food court or something Carlita says love the cosplay video thank you very much here's a couple folks doing some cosplay Adam wants to know what panel I'm looking forward to seeing to the most hopefully Family Guy Simpsons and the Oroville panels tomorrow morning also Kevin Smith tomorrow night hi there you guys look like fun people my name is yeah you looked that way but but you're not sure I'm Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con what any of you like to introduce yourself and your art that you have here it's always like take the microphone Todd there's about 240 people on the live stream right now 240 people yeah yeah tell us about yourself in your art I'm Todd this is my art you also draw people and crayon for a dollar that's true yes yes mm-hmm and it makes them look awesome oh yes what what inspires your art but one dollar drawings it's a 243 people just about yeah all right is this year this your first year comic-con you've been coming many times yep how many how long have you been coming to comic-con me I've been coming to comic-con 40 years 10 years 10 years all right I know I've seen these like 40 years I've seen mr. toast here how many years so would you like the microphone dad yeah I haven't come in since 2004 yeah are not at small press okay they got a booth and have made good friends like Todd who we didn't know each other before we knew each other and now we're friends and we share booth so what'd you draw mr. toast he actually who drives mr. trikes created mr. toast okay he draws the mr. toast comic but then like this is my mr. toast original art that I sell here very good and what inspired you to create mr. toast I just love breakfast yeah nice yeah that breakfast too super big breakfast yeah we just went to breakfast this morning where'd you go to breakfast we went to the broken yolk yeah that I'm dumb that's nice did you enjoy the broken yolk we always do yeah all right give him a shout of him shout out to the broken yolk on 6th Street 6 Street 6 Street yeah Kim jong-un wants to know how long does it take to do a drawing for a dollar or if you did it for me I guess what if you do one for me for you it's not it's like a minute a minute ok I can't hold the microphone while I do it maybe he can hold the mic down the microphone then we'll draw what's your name what's your name my name is Chris Chris yeah I'll give you a dollar but look there's a shot myself or dr. cha puppet stuff well look at that yes that's the back of a chopped-up and stuff that's what you're missing by not being a comic-con they are missing a lot that's me that's my channel so the yeah aren't you gonna draw him yeah let me give you a bell er don't give him the card you're gonna draw him on not time we had a favorite to show the dollar going in there $1 yeah we didn't know each other until we knew each other okay thank you now what my favorite color besides yellow is blue so what Todd does is he asked you first what your favorite color is if you don't have a favorite color that he makes the joke what's your second favorite color and then they come up with a color all guys pick blue because guys are boring is that so pretty much I would say 90% of guys pick blue with because blue is lame I would pick gray cuz gray is cool right on all right pick tan because tan is also cool I wouldn't care or you can pick white if you want to be really meta what about chartreuse I don't know what color chartreuse is I always think it's green but I think it's actually pink yes so it should be green it should be like a little off lime green but it's pink so that's kind of stupid so Tod just eat goes to town which not in the way you're thinking but it usually takes them it takes in about a minute a minute and a half and it's amazing because everybody that does it they get it even the skeptical ones then turn and a smile wraps across their face yeah and we have people that that take them home and they frame them and they put them on their wall we also have people that come every year it have come for like five six seven eight years yes and so you see sort of the evolution of a post Thursday in the Tod drawing interesting I have to make the decision now if they're so yeah yeah I've been to comic-con gosh probably every year since 1993 I mean 93 that's a lot of time it is a lot of time and how long have you been have live streaming it live streaming for about the past three years Wow this is the first year I upgraded to that microphone so that they can hear you 10 it works a lot better and do you dump this up to YouTube after it's everything's done it's on its live streams to youtube and also it saves the whole thing so if you like and watch yet see how you idiotic we look do you look fantastic people would think i seriously doubt that they were they were glad they were glad you engaged they were they were sick of time talking and they're glad that i could come on and commentate and just sort of take over the show because now it's 232 that's going down his says his favorite color is lightsaber green and okay and jay Slayer also loves blue so always say he's a guy he loves blue yeah Eileen says more gray and tan see yeah there's a girl after my own heart ready for the big reveal for the reveal all right over there hey that's pretty cool yes see look at that you have a giant if you could see his face he has a giant smile on his about we can't see it very well yeah no probably probably not like a live stream so here we go it's like a bat that's really neat does that focus here I've to I have to get the faces out so they can focus on this absolutely look at that is everybody think that looks like me yeah I think it does it's the yellow shirt especially the lines coming up from the table I it stands for my channel yellow productions yeah that's right now we need to put this in a way put this away in a way that I don't I don't crush it well we're both nineteen forty fives are coming down to comic-con come on by will be here will roast you if you want will engage with you will yeah everybody everybody says worth the dollar for a dollar pretty good great yeah that's right okay well I think it's frankly just the bandwidth of the live stream so I lay in the bed yeah I will blame it so guys I'll post that up on Facebook so you can see the whole thing and if people want to if people want to find you like online how do they do that I'm it you can find me on Instagram shaky bacon shaky bacon yes and you can find Tod Tod where can they find you on the web his name is Tod web by the way I met Todd bot calm Tod dbo T Todd bot calm spelled out Tod DB o TD o TC om o alright very good god calm actually candy says I think they're going to keep your mic is it okay if we definitely awesome gentlemen thank you very much as a pleasure to meet you and it was a pleasure to meet you too thanks and yeah thanks for the trying okay those guys are a lot of fun here we have the art of Mauricio Abril that's what do we have over here we have rare earth comics Commission's prints original stories this guy looks pretty friendly hi there good my name is Chris I'm live streaming I got about 226 folks on the live stream just talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself in your art here absolutely my name's Ian Ali seals I'm a writer and the publisher of rare-earth comics and I'm Jeff tingly one of the creators here at rare of comics so let me tell you about rare earth comics we are a small press comic book publisher from Hartford Connecticut and we have three really cool series going on here at the show all right over here we have dr. Atlantis I'm partial to it I wrote it it's a steampunk series set on the high seas it's about a world where the earth really is flat the ocean is endless and the main character takes his steam-powered ship out into the endless seas to explore the unknown now I could talk about heretic hex right now and I will that is created by Jeff tingly here I'm simply gonna say three words punk-rock Gandalf and now Jeff I'm gonna put it to you to give some more words and just so you know the comments what people are saying dtft says you're a very confident dude and sam says woot actual comics thank you yes woot back so heretic hex was created in part from my love of a lot of 90s independent comics and I wanted to get that feeling into that energy back into it as well as the energy of punk rock so the main character in this is a wizard but he has more of an attitude of like a Joe Strummer or even a Sid Vicious nice awesome that's heretic hex it's a fantastic book and the last book I'm going to talk about create a Calm effort would be here to talk about it but he's offering a portfolio review for someone so here we go falling awake is a story of two women from literally different worlds one from the world of magic and fantasy the other from Middle America but every night when they go to sleep they dream of each other's lives and then their worlds start colliding it is a fabulous book and I happen to think that all of our books are fabulous and we're here trying to get them to as many people as we can cope for the people who aren't here how could they find you guys online or some other way where is comics calm rare-earth comics calm all right very cool Eileen says SiC Wolverine oh yes well here's the Bears the sad thing about this Wolverine um and tell everybody about this so the co-creator of our company David Robles drew the Wolverine as well as the Zatanna and as well as a number of different prints that we have here at the show one of the things that we do at the show to make ends meet is we do commissions people come up to the booth they want spider-man drawn we draw you want pickle rick fighting deadpool that we did fifteen minutes ago hey and it's one of our favorite things to do and it helps pay the bills now david Robles who was one of was a fabulous artist he couldn't make it to the show and so he's back in Hartford Connecticut just sitting there waiting to get a commission through the mail and or for us to do and it keeps almost happenings you know if anyone loves that particular Wolverine you want him to draw something talk to us we'll get it done a good deal and Dale like the baby Groot oh that's by a wonderful crater named Jennifer Harris she's one of the other creators at rare earth comics if you pan up there you can see a picture of her book dungeon minis or it might be on the other side actually you got it and Jenn Harris and Luke Harris they're co-creators and they're just absolutely wonderful and they've drawn a lot of the prints at our table all right well gentlemen appreciate it here's my card if you want to find yourself on the live stream you are an hour and 45 minutes in on the actual lives thank you so much have a good show everybody yeah pleasure to meet you both thank you the vampire Scrolls hi there how you doing good I'm Chris I'm doing a live stream talking the artists would you like to chat about your booth here in what you got here's a microphone introduce yourself and what you got here hi my name is Greg Burke I'm from Australia I'm here at comic-con exhibiting my novels I've got two in the first series which is the vampire Scrolls Quan and book two and then this season I've just released is called elementals cool what part of Australia are you from from Sydney Sydney yeah is this your first time the city of comic-con you been huh actually each of the books has been launched to you so it's actually a 60 here we live coming it's a biggie trick but we have a lot coming here so yeah if anyone likes you know vampires or ancient Chinese mythology come past vampires and ancient Chinese mythology but an interesting combination yes well this is actually a book that I wrote about 25 years ago everybody just self probably should so what what inspired you to do a book about vampires the vampire book it was just interesting I was actually interested in the blood countess sudden I'll show the in her the third is I've married okay so she was actually alive in 15 late fifteen hundred's and she was the most powerful woman in Europe and then she was convicted of being a vampire and having been murdered six hundred women and showed up in her own castle so that was a fascinating story for me so hence its historical fiction the other fictions wrapped around her real story interesting is it a graphic novel or a word I just said normal okay how much does it cost at the moment it's ten dollars or for one book you'll get both books for twenty dollars plus a set of the character cards and a free comic to show you what the kiss on the other coaches look like okay very good well thank you very much I appreciate your time thank you very much if you want to find the live stream later my channel is called 'yellow productions you are about an hour and 45 minutes in okay thanks yeah thank you here there be monsters press hi there hey doing good I'm Chris I got a live stream with about 220 folks on it just talking to artists about their art here at comic-con would you like to introduce yourself well talk about what you got here you're on yeah that's the whole problem okay you want more before I get a lead in act first a lead in accident then there we go that way aim is Jaime Cabrillo I'm here with here there be monsters press at comic-con for my 15th year here selling my art that's basically it that's cool what would you consider the style of your art fantasy illustration I like I like dark themes mostly my wife hates them she tells me I paint too many skulls so there's a couple of pretty things in there somewhere yes I see a lot of one I see a lot of skulls yeah they're fun and I mean they're kind of universal I think we all have them yeah what what medium do you work with it's about 99% oil paint it's traditional medium I haven't gotten into the 21st century yet support original art the dtft says the dragon above your head looks awesome which I assume is that one that had that's you know most everyone this year yes thank you very much appreciate it appreciate the comment if people want to find you online or things like that how would they do that they can get my name on i'm on instagram there there's how you spell my name if you type that in I'll come up and feel free to follow me on Instagram focus but I do work for different companies right now I'm due for Lucasfilm to Acme archives Star Wars friends things of that nature so well I assume for twenty dollars those are great you just print do you sell the originals – I do sell the originals I didn't bring any this time but yep I sell them online okay so they'd be able to find those on your website oh yeah all right somebody asked that question oh yeah and Black Betty says I like the Grim Reaper with the mustache the Grim Reaper with the mustache with the mustache which one's the Grim Reaper helpful I don't see a mustache I don't either maybe she's the this oh that's a blood the Impaler that's an original okay that's probably what I was showing – showing down here so that's true Dale says top right corner I guess he likes that one that is not that is definitely not that but alright awesome well thank you very much I appreciate it if you want to find yourself on the live stream channels called yellow productions awesome they got an hour and 50 minutes in thank you okay let's look for the next friendly artist to chat this one pirate Cove he's busy though pirate Cove outrageous comedy extraordinary adventure average Joe Dan says the picture just got way better it's not like I did anything but I'm happy to hear that everything DTF tsy botany fling yet I have not bought it out of here this is cool this is a kaiju tourism bureau postcard sets magical landscapes of japan's kim jongmin is right I bought the one dollar drawing and Kim jong-un I didn't say thank you earlier because I was getting the drawing but thank you very much for the $0.99 super chat I appreciate you funding the drawing so really I I only paid one cent so thank you Kim Jung and I think maybe we'll come back and chat with that guy when he's not so busy this guy looks like he's fun hi I'm Chris I'm live-streaming talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art okay well can you tell us about his art then of course he's actually includes by John Ross I don't know if you know who Don Rosa is but he is a dizzy duck artist he's working on the Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck okay he's also influenced by Robert Crumb who is a artist underground artist from the 1970s he's he's very hyper detailed he's also influenced by Todd McFarlane hence the name fallen the god ah that makes sense so this is if Todd McFarlane was a goblin is that the idea well no no no he just has the name okay about a tree goblin Shaymin who's trying to find a new land to live it so each comic book is an adventure into those different lands and one lands you have to race everywhere to actually get the place you're going in another land everything is protected by a vault because no one shares and they want to keep all their treasures to themselves and then in the end you find out if he finally finds his home he makes a lot of other characters and different people along the way good deal yes thank you very much all right you too yeah you too Melvyn that a super-duper robot hi there I'm good I'm Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at Comic Con would you like to talk about what you got going on here sure here's microphone so people can hear you there are 220 people on the livestream all so introduce yourself and an Melvin sure my name is Jeff Margolis and I am creator of Melvin the super duper robot and I'm a clay sculptor and one day I decided to figure out how I could tell a longer story about one of my sculptures and so I decided to write some children's books and so what I did is I took Melvin outside I photographed him in the real world and then I started to construct his narrative around that so these are my books and everything is a live photograph shot in the real world with a unique ceramic sculpture to help tell the stories interesting how long does it take you to make one of these sculptures so it takes me anywhere from about six to 20 hours on a piece sculpting is what's easy for me I've been doing it for about thirty years it's the writing the photography the editing those are the things that really were the long challenge and sold my first book took me about a year to do yeah and then my new book Melvin the super duper robot took me about six months the new book right here yep Melvin the super duper robot so this one's not photos this one it is little bit more digitally alternative Illustrated though okay this book is on sale here for $10 and I actually give you a free $5 lapel pin with the purchase of the new book ex-soldier Marci wants to know why does Melvin look so sad so in the first book he's a little sad and lonely the book is about depression and anxiety but it's also a book about working through those emotions and so he does end up happiest by the end of the book though so it's really important oh that's good yeah Amy he says great idea Caitlyn says so cool Super Mario fans is amazing that sounds awesome cool and so there we go all right well hey thank you very much as you meet you if you want to find yourself later channels called 'yellow productions you are about an hour and 57 minutes into the artists alley livestream great to meet you hi there how are you I'm good I'm good I'm yellow you're golden how do i phone yeah I'm live streaming talking to 236 people on the life welcome to my adventures this is a comic book series that I created called The Adventures of golden a SS about an amazingly sexy spy who is saving the world one bad date at a time yeah deal what the what inspired you to create this series ah bad dates bad dates I mean everybody needs to be rescued especially when they have a bad date so that's how the premise came along no I just come in the first five books available in print and then of course we have stills from the book itself we have tank tops as well as a little package deal of looking like the golden ass which is the eyelashes the cape and the gold shorts cool comments Adam are says you were made for this Dale laughs about bad dates and Dale wants to know what booth number are you oh I am small press P 13 small press people yes come on by get some goodies you won't regret being a part of the adventures and exil Jamar C wants to know if your costume is based on your character yes I am actually caused playing on my costume now this is the costume that my character in the book dresses up as when she takes down the bad guys Oh Dan kettle says he can see a movie in this yes that is the bad movies television we want world domination we want everyone to recognize goals and ass yeah awesome I love the gold eyelashes too thank you very much Gold enjoy pleasure to meet you if you want to find yourself on the live stream it's about two hours in on the artist hour livestream all right thank you very much that was funny right there hey you guys doing my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art okay there are 230 people that you're talking to right now on the livestream all right that's awesome my name is Scott set uh-huh I write closer they write illustrate and published my own line of kids books have since 1985 86 and these are all my cut of my books they're all in rhyme they have a little lessons to them and my wife makes little dolls to go with it see very cool have you been coming to comic-con for a while it's my first year first year all right what do you think so far Wow wowie wowie wow yeah anyone who doesn't believe on life under the plants needs to come to comic-con believe in life under the plan no I said if they if they don't believe in life on other planets like another planet got it and now I've kind of draw stuff teaching how to draw the way how to draw something to do see guys do it is it does it actually teach you how to draw stuff how to draw yeah same method used by the animators and and coming for cars and then I have also the monster manners – Paco God teaches 20 different manners that got from school teachers very cool let me read you a little section no matter do you got time yeah sounds great okay I'll hold the microphone here we go monster manners by Scottie Sutton when you sneeze or have stuff stuck in here knows use a tissue to clean him that your fingers are closed flush the toilet to wash your hands when you're through because there's germs in the toilet and it stinks pee oh thank you very much nice super cool Mario fan says wow a cool book and Kass says I love the book and that your wife does cuddly toys brilliant and Vidya says awesome book of manner and Veronica says a modern dr. Seuss yeah absolutely here's a card in case you want to see it later you're about two hours into the live streams you guys have a card to you guys have yeah yeah or just tell me what your booth number is that way everybody can hear it p11 we're in the small class section go p11 and small press case you guys want to check him out thanks appreciate it nice to meet you yeah thank you let's go over here it's a falling rock national park hi there are you both doing good my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream through artist Sally I have 238 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself and what you got here okay we're actually covering our friends table for lunch all right he's pretty awesome okay we can tell you about it name is Josh a liqu uh-huh he had a series it's called falling Rock National Park it's basically a series about animals in a national park and all their silly adventures and he also he started doing just like black and white dinosaur outlines and that actually what inspired this coloring book and then then he colored a few and made them prints so this has actually been pretty popular with kids and then yeah and he also made like a Nick Offerman like Goldie Hawn yeah I've always wondered what would happen with Dinosaurs in space I know I mean someone has to explain that's right now you have an answer and you can color as you learn about it but yeah so he'll be back in like an hour cool comments from the livestream ex-soldier Marcy says ahoy yeah two people said to hide Vidya says that as well James has great stranger things cosplay oh and Super Mario fans as well so thank you both appreciate your time all right whenever the question how much are the comic books not much of the kind of course the individual issues are four dollars here I'm gonna turn this on and they can see both there we go selfie screams all right hey the individual ones are four dollars and then the bundles are depending on which ones you guys like oh yeah all right good deal thank you very much case you want to see the livestream later channels called yellow productions yeah you're about two hours and five minutes into it all right thank you much where can you order them where where can you order them so literally his name calm Josh ailich J Oh sh sh al ek calm all right good deal thank you much okay that's all the questions I'm coming back with now okay there was a request and a super chat that I saw super chat from starch trooper please go back to comics for peace where was comics or peace go back to comics for peace okay star trooper I'm going back to comics for peace comics or peace hi my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to harness to comic-con star trooper who's on the livestream with 230 other people saw me go by your booth and said please go back to comics for peace so I got a microphone so they can hear you it would introduce yourself and introduce what you guys have here hi We're from chemical peace we have these two students over here who flown 10,000 miles they are jet-lagged they are where they worked along with 20 over the 18 of the students from all over Pakistan and they worked on creating these awesome comics you see now which are over here now and they're all available for free so if you're coming over here you can get them all for free for the next two days as well or you could down them down to them from comments or peace calm they're free over there as well and they're all on the subject of peace let's go is this your first time at comic-con yeah yeah first time in the US all right what do you guys think I'm gonna play okay how was the flight how long was the flight from Pakistan thirty hours that's a long way for layover for yours yeah but worth it definitely worth it yeah loving the Louisville yeah getting a lot of love from a lot of people people are loving the are comics and we're just very grateful they'll be able to sort of like show our culture present a different image of Pakistan from what I sometimes you see on television media which is not that great right we talk about women's rights we talk about dealing with depression and loss we talk about like economic rights and education rights and just minorities in general but they're also very engaging like this one is like about a transgender superhero this is about a very Orwellian dystopian future this is about a folk story from Pakistan and they're really engaging and write interesting stories and they're all in English and you can all read them all and enjoy them the twist is that it's you know it's all about you know from from from Pakistani perspectives so which is it so it's something new and different in that if people wanted to order them and get the prints online could they or online can they just see the digital one the only suggested addition was for now we are hoping that the prints will be available as well okay we're talking to publishers over here if you guys know anybody yeah how much are they so that's why they're free they're free if they come to comic-con but online as well they feel like well the digital ones but if you know publishers right so so comments just so you know people said el 400 said you guys are doing great Willie Tyson yay comics or peace Eddie says making the world a better place Aaron says good work I'll check it out online Zach says the booth is awesome so yeah awesome everybody's loving it awesome kim jonghwan is on the live stream he says nice people yes tell them to come back for more cons we would love to come back yeah yeah if you don't like him let us know as well that's cool it sounds good here's a card for you guys in case you want to find yourself on the live stream you're a little after two hours in so all right thank you all let me rest you're calm thank you all right they will okay that was fun those people traveled a long way from Pakistan this booth looks interesting hi there how you doing good my name he's the artist artist you have a moment to chat maybe he does my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream talking to artists at comic-con I have 240 people on the live stream right now and I also love to travel to Japan my primary point of my channels to travel videos I have over 100 videos on Japan so I say you have a lot of Japan stuff I thought maybe you'd be willing to introduce yourself and introduce your art hearken back to the days of old vintage travel posters with Japan and I kind of put together some fun cause you Bureau of tourism for them all that's a call make up something that right that's neat I take it you're also a fan of Totoro big fan of the Studio Ghibli honyaki films yes I love integrating the feel of cold Japanese prints and the look of old vintage antique artwork ephemera ex-soldier Marcy says the artwork behind view is beautiful oh thank you and you've also got postcards down here postcard sets yes they come as prints and as postcard says caz Stuart says loving your art and that you like Ghibli excellent guy super mario fan says amazing art with a smiley face after it that's wonderful if people wanted to find you online how could they if they were hero to my website it's WWE Chet are calm and from there they can find my online shop we're actually offering free shipping for the next week on all orders ship within the u.s. cool and it's a Czech art CH e ta RT awesome thank you very much well thank you Oh hand you a card in case you want to see yourself later you are 2 hours and 10 minutes on the live stream awesome pleasure to meet you thank you for your time and Veronica says great use of color this looks like an interesting comic book right here these are black sheep comics skull bunnies the last 8 copies ever hi there I am filming it's a live stream actually I'm doing a live stream talking to artists a comic-con are you the artist here yes would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art there are 240 people watching this live show yeah I'm artists from San Francisco I don't know what the same tell us about your art I love doing whimsical and cute artwork like come from it looks like a fairy tale it does look like a fairy tale yeah thank you I agree what the what medium do you do your Argan so right now I'm nowadays I usually mostly do digital art because I have a full-time job so digital art is like a way faster to see the result and so Larson says I love how unique her concepts are oh thank you and minging she says the bunny looks cute where's the bunny maybe the bunnies I don't know maybe this is maybe this looks like a bunny I think it's not a bunny though I think it's up are those dogs right yes those are ducks those bunnies right here castewart says the one with the person in the sunset looks amazing thank you if people wanted to find you online for those people who aren't here how could they find you so honest you can find me on instagram @ c my ID is edium h-e-b i un so you can find me on instagram @ c or even facebook page alright i mean i have a tumblr but not active as much cool well hey you got a transaction so as a pleasure to meet you thank you very much if you want to find the livestream later my shells called yellow productions yeah alright thank you oh this one has pandas pocket pandas limited-edition canvas print can't get enough pocket pandas want to support the artist hi there my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists would you like to introduce yourself and your art maybe okay well there are 250 people right here on the livestream if you'd like to take a moment I am the creator of pocket pandas they are tiny little pandas they go on adventures to eat all the food we believe in nobs adventures in nap time if you take a look at this sign right here it has all the places you can find me on social media the pandas have their own little webcomic and they are joined by a polar bear who's not really good at life but tries really hard anyway in a trash panda because squat goals that's awesome on on my channel and I don't have him with me but I have a stuffed panda that I travel everywhere with I do travel videos and so I want to hand you a card so you can find it later and you can find yourself later and I'll let you get back to the people at your booth you are at 2 hours and 15 minutes into the artist Ally live stream you have a card as well all right thank you very much all right pleasure to meet you and super mario fan says the pocket pandas look cool maybe she said the artworks are so cute all right thank you look at beetlejuice yeah hey good even sounds like beetlejuice that's amazing hi there how you doing my name's Chris I'm good I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art you're just minding the booth okay so no got it hi there my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con I've got 253 people on the livestream would you like to introduce yourself in your art you can hold the microphone yes don't give me that kind of response I'm a freelance illustrator and storyboard artists this is the comic I make warhead and my name is Katrina and Queenston cool tell us a little bit about warhead somebody somebody as I was passing by said warhead I wonder what that's about it yeah it's kind of a surrealistic slice-of-life about a graffiti artist in London who has a giant a screen atom bomb for a head and have a normal face your body so they're all object heads or animal heads or monsters and you're kind of left wondering whether or not the main character is losing his grip on reality or if this is actually a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape and it's kind of an examination of what it means to be human through more surreal circumstances than mundane if that makes sense yeah very interesting concept for people who aren't here since none of these people are how could they find you if they wanted to see more about them you can find me at warhead comic or a slash warhead or Kay underscore s ang o on instagram cool super mario fan says the art looks cool Larsen says this is so creative it could easily be a TV show or movie love it ex-soldier Marcy says unique love it and minging she says these artworks are so cool exclamation mark exclamation mark thank you so much thank you you too Hey good to see ya okay so at two hours and 17 minutes I got the low battery warning which means I need to plug into my external battery source so I'm going to step out from the artist alley for a moment so I'm not in the way as I plug in and then I'll go back into the alley when I got this this cable I'm plugging in here so bear with me where to next I'm going to continue this small press area is pretty big so there are more people to talk to I just need to make sure the battery doesn't write completely die because that would that would end the point of doing a live stream if there's no battery yesterday I got about three hours out of this so I figure we've got about another 40 minutes left of this live stream hopefully all of your batteries are lasting sorry for the shaky footage okay there we go we've got some battery that's charging all right camera again okay also that where we have what is the being world the most peculiar comic-book experience I wonder what makes that so peculiar left daily busy I'm not gonna bug them day he'll wants to know if I take restroom breaks before and after it's really not while I'm doing it cool the moon minis idea the whole folklore about 4000 years old about the spots of moon representing the bunny making monkeys do you mind if I put this microphone here so the live stream here is here while you talk about I can hold it see if it moves the boy he was in the Dark Side of the Moon and he wants to capture the moon cake recipe so you can wish the whole moon to be his make every day Monday and make everything taste like Brussels sprouts thank you so yeah so he's busy so I'm not gonna bug him we'll come back later to talk about the moonman's hi there I'm Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con there's 255 people on the live stream right now would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art sure my name is Dave LA and I do a book called the space auditorium tell us about the face auditorium it's a science fiction fantasy adventure it follows this girl she's the held captive by an alien race and made to watch nothing but 90s sitcom television which they use to communicate with her and because they probably can't speak our language right because that's what they identify with and they use that to get her to run this death race against these giant robots and deadly traps and such and she realizes her predicament and breaks free and it becomes this kind of science fiction fantasy ass and wonderland adventure that's called the edgy Indian says science fiction I love it some of your artwork down here yeah so my original work that went into the book Lauren s says nice artwork great style thank you thank you yeah I like to use I let's start with the traditional medium with ink and pen brushes and quills and I use a lot of watercolor some marker over here oftentimes I'll even put in like crayons and charcoal various effects that's very cool Aamir says wow it's fun I like it that's cool Veronica says excellent use of black Thank You Veronica people wanted to find you online how could they do that they can go to WWE thought aureum comm and both me and the writer Chris over here all our info is on there and you can even see a sneak peek you can read a free chapter on there and see if it's something you might like that's cool Larsen says the 90s was the golden area I have to read this wonderful art really an artist excellent artwork thank you so much I love to hear that thank you and if you guys if you guys want to see yourselves on the live stream later my channels called the yellow productions you are at 2 hour and 22 minutes into the artists alley livestream all right thank you enjoy the rest of your con hi there good I'm Chris I'm live-streaming talking to artists at comic-con I have 255 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself yeah hey everybody what's up my name's Johnny Parker I'm over here small press booth in 40 so my comics everything like that enjoy and comment card wish you guys were here but hopefully having a good time at home that's cool tell us about your comics sure so I'm going independent writer and creator and I've got some cool books on my table I've started down here my book die q instrumented rom-com it tells the story of this kid Elvis who has a crush on this girl but he what he goes to give her a mixtape that he made for the action is up dying but it's through dead the answer discovers with the true meaning of love this it's really cool it's really beautiful also this is my video game enemy breaks called broken it's kind of like Pokemon me super smash brothers melee super dump super fun this my other book right here it's called a walks to bear the hobbits because they are definitely the store that he was actually growing the dread destroy the One Ring instead of the hobbits and it's amazing it's hilarious VI my books by here black mr. Brown had a black and proud exploitation comedy it's really funny it's a black and brown perspective really great really also down here we have the blackness guy – getting pulled over sadly it happens a lot installed the statistician satirical look at have some fun with it this is a book called deficit bitch it tells story Ashley she's the most popular girl in school and a total bitch until she dies and I was really lonely to get her life back and she has to take someone else's night and then this will relate to you it tells this call team or I tell the story of this girl grace wants to be famous you to star so she's flipping over these happy to school but what issues from their best for Wyatt density over the kids could we chase it demons by the teachers and also to save their school using the power of what social media that's cool so yeah I'm Johnny Parker from the live stream so that you know katelynn says the Ewok idea is really good also take jail appreciated Lauren s has got a lot of original offer authors great sounding plots star-shaped thank you thank you so much Dale wants to know does broken video game only play on the Gamecube good question that's a prop that we have it everything like that it soars is really cool by the way about watching why cuz we got a really walk here right now yeah better than true you musta come back take a picture in there right so yeah thank you guys so much if you want to follow me I'm on I'm on Instagram atwitter at Johnny P three one three you go there find out about books online to give us Johnny P three one three you can also check me out of my youtube channel I'm with that hashtag show com so you check me out there again everybody tell you what find this on YouTube and leave a comment with your link to your channel yellow productions it's the negotiation see also so you are like two hours and 25 minutes in to this life that's so awesome does it go don't stop don't stop that's right and a couple of comments about your shirt being awesome – hi there are you doing good my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at Comic Con there are 252 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself in your booth hi I'm Jim Hillen and you may know me as the zombie bunny guy I've been here for a while number of years I've seen you here many years yes yeah so we've got zombie bunny comics we have zombie bunny plushies for sale we've got our pins buttons but as far as the comic goes I started out as a visual effects artist and so the very first thing I wrote about was a visual effects company at South Santa Monica called wire heads and I did wire heads for four years and out of that as those guys that you know they're just a bunch of nerds working in the dark with computers and explosives and so as they got more sleep-deprived the zombie buddies came in and started taking over there are my little interdimensional beings that their queen has told that they don't want us to get portal technology otherwise those humans have to come into our world all the time we just don't want that stuff we don't so they send the the her spies over to make sure that they shut that stuff down if we ever get close with the tech unfortunately they were watching companies a big industry but they weren't watching this guy named Jeremy Jeremy is a little inventor who lives up in Big Bear he's got a little basement lab and one evening many years ago he finally got these crystals vibrating just so in a portal open through the mirror he has he got so excited he got up on a ladder and he started fixing some wires he'd go test it and the ladder broke he went catapulted through the portal into a world he doesn't know where he is his family doesn't know what happened to him he has no way of getting back so I had to write a story about what happened next right on that's cold comments from the livestream minging she says I really like your art the edgy Indian says zombies I haven't seen something about them from a long time Veronica says she's a nerd working in the dark in Gotham says they love the concept of zombie bunnies bunnies bunnies amazing or a couple of the other comments fantastic so funny lovers oh yeah that's cool if you want to find this on the live stream my channels called me yellow productions after you at about 2 hours and 28 minutes into the artists alley live Wow yeah thank you enjoy the rest of your con this a walk is stalking me yeah no it's okay and a bunch of people are stalking the ewok – look at that no it's all good I blocked the aisle – with my live stream so yeah there's someone else with the DJI Osmo mobile to look at that where's Topher yeah I don't have enough hands for Topher right now yeah what's your name Brian Brian good to meet you Brian you want take a selfie sure hey you can be on the livestream – so hey my wife is watching for long that's cool let me tell them right now hey tell me about you tell yourself how much how long will you come in to comic-con for about 13 years 13 years yeah all right you should be able to come in buy tickets here but now you gotta like it sort of way into them yeah yeah that's cool you follow your guys from Las Vegas yeah well then Colton I save you so much money yeah thank you very much well everybody who spots me I always give them a card so I'll give you a card I just spin this around so I'm not looking at my chin there's one for you and there's one for you life what's your name Jamie Jamie if you're watching your husband can wave at you on the live stream all right thanks pleased to meet you some ghostbusters right here I'm gonna go back I'm gonna go back and see if Betelgeuse is there I saw this guy who was dressed up like Betelgeuse and ability Beetlejuice do you mind if I interrupt thank you hi there my name is Chris I'm a live stream in here talking to people at comic-con I've got 261 people on the live stream oh my god do you want to tell us about yourself and what you do actually this my cousin she writes the comic book this one here and she also designed the the tarot cards good deal what's special about the tarot cards in the comic book well the tarot cards are actually set on on emotions so it's not like your typical tarot cards and so there's 52 cards all all done with a really great artist in cool candy says I should not say your name three times thank you yeah great to meet you and minging she says she likes your face and sour Steve wants to know what you think about the musical oh I haven't seen the musical I've not either so no comment all right cool good deal thank you much Cameron asked if I've been to the art germ both yet I have not been to the art or movies I'm not sure that I know where the art germ Ruth is remember wow this this comment spam really is quite annoying – so whoever just joined in with what I think I think this is often like people do this like maybe livestream bombing right they come in and they say hey I'm gonna watch this other channel so I guess welcome everybody who joined in but yeah maybe you can just kind of cut it out a little bit with the mr. Cinemax stuff because I don't think that's gonna get anybody to come over when you just come over and spam a channel I think it just causes people to not want to come to your channel by there they do it my name is Chris I'm live streaming talking to people at Comic Con I have 300 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself in your booth to the Internet here's a microphone so they can hear you tell us about yourself what's your name uh Hulk Hogan you are the Incredible Hulk Hogan and that what do you have here your booth phantom monster theater monster tantrum comics brand bra c'mon take a spider-ham Mike Hampton spider-man's he's in the bathroom shooting webs Oh in the bathroom that's uh that's quite a mask you come there that's hammy could spider-ham whoa Peter porker cool and tell you about the arts that we've got here we've got some he Mia there's a phantom a new comic hood they just came out with I got some coasters Tila evylyn come on what else is out there and you got these employment you have Beetlejuice in the back I just saw beetlejuice two aisles over there yeah these are like Halloween door hangers you know like skeletons okay it's moveable part yeah and there's a Michael Jackson Jackson Thriller yeah I love Star Wars Batman oh well thank you very much I appreciate your time yeah thank you Travel videos yes all right on Thanks this is an interesting interesting booth back here with the planets I'm trying to get to if I can across this aisle hi there how you doing good my name is Chris I'm live streaming talking to artists here at comic-con you look like an artist there's there's 284 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself in your art hi I'm TL Smith I write sci-fi and sci-fi mythology fusion as well as Paiche and these are my paintings back here as he Scrolls to the back right yeah your paintings are pretty kind of a spacey yes basic eye right side pie alright sci-fi so I should say my books over here I have far future I have mythology fusion with Cypress I hide mythology fusion and I have a knave American religion and sci-fi collide cool how long have you been coming to comic-con I've been coming to comic-con for a number of years but this is my first time behind the table yeah very cool very how has been your experience the first time behind the table very interesting I said it's a it's a tough road to be in the back well but I'm at the end of it I also I catch people as they come yeah that's good and are you are you selling these here today yes I am and I see the small ones we have here are my 20 to 25 dollars 25 to 30 on the top and then in the back 32 $100 good deal so nothing now I'm fit in a suitcase no perfect and your website right here tl smith books calm that's right alright thank you very much thank you pleasure to meet you ninja bot interesting name so to fight the Turkish spam I have just made has Stewart a moderator test do it if you're still online if you could just click those comments and basically ban all these people that are telling to go to this other person's channel from my channel I would appreciate it I just can't do it and walk at the same time so castewart if you are still online please be our Saviour and ban the spammers candy says she can moderate to okay candy you are now a moderator to hi there good my name is Chris yeah I'm live streaming time people here at comic-con I got a microphone there's 280 people on I'm yeah introduce yourself again into the microphone so they can hear you I'm KJ Kaminsky I am the writer co-creator and publisher of a couple comic series called the resistance hyper action and Sophia Saturn cool and tell us about those particular series ah the resistance is about alien refugees human outlaws and bounty hunters 100 years in the future kind of a mash-up between x-men and GI Joe hyper action features the bounty hunters and criminals set in the resistance world and Sophia Saturn is about a high school senior ready to start your adult life until her and her friends get sucked through a cosmic wormhole kind of Arg gang lost in space yeah that sounds interesting hates the hates do you guys often come to comic-con oh this is my second year here I'm a one-man operation big blue comics um and yeah I've been publishing for the since the beginning of 2017 and this is probably my 35th show since then super mario fan says Wow amazing and cool comics Veronica says that's the best storyline I've heard yet awesome thank you very much I've been talking to people in booths for two hours and 40 minutes awesome to people I've talked to and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't mention my awesome artists Jason Johnson is the main artist on the resistance miniseries in Kestrel and then Ben Herrera is the artists on Sophia Saturn and does some of the work in hyper action awesome and I would be writing novels without them DT wants to know if you have an Instagram yes it's big do comics big blue comics big blue color I am a little older and I'm still getting used to be Instagram I'm on facebook more than anything cool alright well thank you very much supposed to meet you yeah if you want if you'd like to see yourself on the livestream you're 2 hours and 40 minutes into the artists alley livestream right all right thank you much super emo friends by Salvador I like that one hanging hanging Chad entertainment I know my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at comic-con we are alive there are 271 people on if you'd like to introduce yourself in your booth here's a microphone so they can hear you know it's on it is yes The Adventures of mighty moose it's a critically acclaimed superhero crime war thriller okay or it's Dark Knight Returns meets Zootopia all right interesting interesting mashup yeah I've got two trades here first trade is the origin story and then I've got the second tray which is next storyline issues 12 13 14 15 and upcoming 16 are all one in done books that have separate stories for different characters but all of those stories will come to a head in the next big story arc somebody asked is that an elephant behind you yes it is it's a cyborg elephant and we don't know who while we find out who he is in issue 13 but he will be a big big character in the next story arc very cool well thank you very much pleasure to meet you they're in the hole over there well there's two holes dtft as if spammers have lives and real jobs I don't think they do so candy thanks or thanks for moderating thanks for helping me delete some of these comments I know there's probably a lot of them so hi there hey doing good I'm good my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream talking to artists here at Comic Con there are 246 people on the live stream would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your art a balloon of risk and my art is all pen and ink is all stippling this is work here as you can see it's like that that's cool so what's the image seen more or less in etc the first book is the second book etc the third look nice the art in etc is like a prequel and a sequel it's the art that came to pour more and the art that came after less and they're also full of poetry I wrote all the poetry as well very cool also helped my comics that I drew tell us the italics they're hand-drawn to size photocopy the staple zine style and basically it's a story about a bar a story about out this story is literally a story about a bar ok nice so that's what it is and it's just about the evolution of a bar and you can't dismiss out of the bar very interesting cool well thank you very much as pleasure to meet you yeah have a good rest you're gone sounds interesting too much coffee ma'am hi there good my name is Chris I'm live streaming 250 people on the livestream talking to artists at comic-con would you like to introduce yourself and sure my name is Shanna wheeler and I draw a strip called too much coffee man and this is a book of the same t-shirt and then in the last few years I've started drawing book called my president says which is a series of truck tweets that I Illustrated put out a zine recently illustrating his deleted tweets before that he wrote the Bible with a friend of mine called God has disappointed in you and currently I'm working on turning the report into a graphic novel all right that sounds interesting are these posters like as an advertisement for that yeah just think about before the show but I'm on about page 40 of a 200 page as what the graphic novel will be very interesting are you a regular at comic-con or is this your first time bringing here a couple of years yeah probably too long but yeah oh well it's pleasure to meet you thank you very much thank you very much thanks have a good rest you can we have some hippies here and we got some cosplays people asked about cosplayers a lot of cosplayers here RK 35s joined in by the way I think it looks like all the Turkish spammers have left sir they've all been banned so thank you very much Candi and Kaz for banning those men cause I also added you to just there was a lot of them so I thought we needed some extra help so everybody thanks for agreeing to help pitch in on that I really I really don't understand why people decide it's a good idea to just show up in somebody else's livestream and annoy the heck out of other people that doesn't really seem like the bullet train to actually getting more viewers because I would imagine if you ever saw the name of that channel again you'd be like there is there is no way I'm going over there all right so that was the small press section so Super Mario fans says where to next yeah no not really decide where to next I'm sort of wandering around to see if we find some more artists to talk to but I am I'm getting near the three-hour mark so likely batteries won't be lasting or for that much longer sour Steve's joining us this hey yellow productions I want to say someone that sells at conventions thank you for asking before interviewing artists hey I appreciate it sour Steve where are you Jeff Oh Jeff's not here all right cool thank you very much right the thing that supposed to be Great British gamers says awesome livestream can even keep it going let's come talk to these people howdy how you guys doing my name is Chris I'm live streaming talking to people here at comic-con would you like to introduce yourself in your booth to about 260 people hi I'm Jamie Taguchi this is the digital pimp booth 1237 okay hi what do you what do you sell here distil pimp well we've got a couple of books these are collections of various web comics Joe lost crappy movies our friend Joe loves watching terrible films and so these are his reviews of why they are so amazing okay matriculated is a series about college friends that just graduated I don't know much about that one I'll have to bug Phil later about that this is turtle vs. bunny it's the classic tortoise versus hare but told as like spider spy so they have weapons and stuff and try to kill each other which is where the the shirts come from the cute animals with weapons and stuff two animals with weapons there's no better combination than that yeah minging she says the characters are cute oh thanks mark awesome and then she says awesome cute yeah Joe's got a great eye for making cute things with terribly vicious weapons and I assume if people want to find you online they can find you at digital pimp yes yes that's our URL all right great all right thank you very much appreciate your time whatever but that was so great Aaron so we talking about Neal Neal Adams family I'm not sure where they're hanging out so here let's talk to Alaska robotics hi there how you doing my name is Chris I'm doing a livestream talking to folks at Comic Con about what they go there's 260 people on the live scene would you like to introduce yourself in your booth oh yeah hi my name is Pat race I'm down from Juneau Alaska we have a comic shop art gallery up in Juneau and which I draw a lot of whales and bears and things if your art here is all my artwork and yeah we've got shirts and calendar with whales on blender with wheels on it and buttons and prints and things like that yeah it was the exploded salmon a it's kind of a meet chart exploded engine diagram nice and this is this Winnie the Pooh in Alaska oh no I just draw a lot of bears that's a it's just kind of a hiking bear we've got garbage bears they get in our garbage all the time back home that's annoying bear the whales yep bears like salmon as do i and the theme I see is kind of like bears and aquatic creatures yeah kind of generally though I do see like a like a dinosaur playing a saxophone well I did some dinosaurs of jazz we have a it was for our local jazz festival that we have and so I there's a few of those floating around yeah inspired a lot by nature and then just also some other random weird things like soul space cats and cats Stuart says he's loving the exploded salmon oh thanks a lot appreciate it and minging she says she is hungry when looking at the fish oh good good I'm hungry I'm great look about that time isn't it yeah all right well yeah Yeah right if you want to find yourself later oh yeah channels called yellow productions the things called artists alley livestream you are two hours and 50 minutes into the livestream we are at Alaska robotics comm if you're interested in finding our stuff there's girls thank you very much Wow look at this cosplay right here there's something now I'm candy says thought you all lost me I'm still here the connection was the connection burping a little bit my goal is to get over three hours so and here we got some more cosplay nice you know the chat is so much more peaceful now that we've we've lost the Turkish spammers I like the peacefulness it's cool Sergio Aragones if you all know Mad Magazine famous artist from Mad Magazine here thank you because you know first one hi there you are not Joe Weatherly as what your nametag says alright it was nice to meet you not Joe Weatherly hi there hey guys doing are either of you the artist here yeah my name is Chris I'm doing a live stream talking to artists at Sandia comic-con I have 240 people on the livestream would you like to introduce yourself in your art here's microphone so people can hear you it is on hey guys I'm mark McDonald from creative marks just here enjoying comic-con 29 from creative Mark's just here enjoying comic-con 2019 that's cold tell us about your art I am a Disney instructor and character designer who's been working in the field for like 19 years and it's also nice to be able to come and enjoy making art for art's sake and that has nothing to do with this studio so I also do instruction stuff that is more animation but also you know it's cool to do your own art stuff that's cool what what what is this is this these things on whoa yeah so these are woodblock prints which you would do in elementary school and my wife came home and wanted to do a woodblock print for one of her own t-shirts for fun and I just decided I'll I'll try it and then I got obsessed as many artists too and it just happened yeah yeah all right well put it in meet you yeah thank you much thanks for your time what number banner is about well it looks like people have said the live stream is freezing for them my cell phone must not be working that much or the cell phone service is not very good here so with that note for those of you that can still see this portion of the live stream I encourage you to make sure you subscribe so you stay tuned to other videos and Raphael says he can still see so that's very strange all right well I'm gonna keep going then and not not give up since there's at least somebody who can still see because my goal is to get this over over the three-hour mark we're gonna do it we're gonna go over three hours is interesting this is Coolsville retro a go-go this is marks non-sports cards candy said she had to refresh yes sometimes the issue is on the YouTube side other times the issue is the livestream side getting women hi there hey do it my name is Chris I'm live streaming talking to people here at comic-con there are a hundred and fifty people on the livestream would you like to introduce yourself and what you got here well we are drink it and I'm Nick trowel and we're doing a signing of our book oh okay sorry so we're doing a signing of our books our first novel London where it all began that tells the story of how Drake and makalah four start adventuring together and nearly get blown up together spoiler alert and then we have some anthologies that we're in including one that hypothesizes is a clockwork mechanism that could accurately predict the future and how that clockwork mechanism makes its way through time and space wrecking havoc wherever it goes and then an anthology called next stop on the number thirteen the number thirteen is a multi-dimensional public conveyance and the conductor and the engineer are cursed and so it could be different wherever you get on and oh by the way I'm the editor of this and my husband Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake uh-huh yeah is the cover artist in fact he's the cover artist on both these books very cool comments from the livestream DT says love your style thank you riff EF he says cool hats Super Nintendo fan says cool minging she says she likes the hats as well and super mario fan says time and space cool so I guess we're officially cool today you are officially normally we're just ever hilarious thank you pleasure to meet you both thanks for your time what do we have here in this corner we have Tosh works expedition Tosh works crocheted cactus and soft to the touch this is kind of a cool stall they sell and merit badges or the con so if you come to comic-con and you want like an achievement badge you can get these badges tells you today the crowd danger st. vincent's really high and there are these different merit badges you can get these things that you've got in the Hall H or you didn't get into Hall H I'm doing a live same talking to people at Comic Con would you like to introduce your merit badges there's about a hundred and seventy people on the live dragonis Ohio where the con Rangers we make convention merit badges we've been doing it for about three years or so maybe four so it's been pretty exciting we've got everything from Eden emergency hot dog which we definitely did earlier today how was that emergency hot dog necessary that's a good word for it yes actually use giant bags so we've seen people that have made presses and crates all out of the bags okay good what's your best selling merit badge one sells the best an exclusive what's the exclusive it's attempted San Diego comic-con 50 so it's a gold one that you can see on there yeah and it's sold out for today for today next Isis Hall H with Shino makes sense good yeah next is the Hall H right there because everybody's really proud of getting in the hallway yeah that's cool all right well hey pleasure to meet you if you want to see yourselves on the livestream my channels called the yellow productions I'll hand you each one you are at three hours into the livestream okay thank you both there's one thing I regret – where I'm like I don't as your first time hi there how you guys doing good my name is Chris I'm live stream and talking to artists here at comic-con are either view the artist you're the artist okay cool well I can talk to both of you so there are a hundred and seventy-six people watching right now oh wow so introduce yourself in your art hi my name is Collin Lawler I am the artist of spirits the soul collector I'm Joe Gavazzi I co-create and co-write it with Colin I'm also wondering why the 177 people aren't here today I know because a lot of people from a lot of other places people online from Germany and Canada work a little bit more you can actually read spirits on webtoon so if you go to webtoon just look up spirits and you'll be able to check out the comic for free that's cool what what inspired you to make this comic a lot of things I mean I've always wanted to tell stories and things like that but when we started like collaborating kicking ideas around we really loved all age fantasies from things like avatar to Harry Potter or the Rings all that sort of stuff and I don't know the story just kind of fit and made sense and as we started rolling with it I don't know and so we've been working for a few years now and it's I don't know we like it you think you would toe that's a tall so to answer your question as to why they're not here flood stir said he couldn't get tickets another person said they're from the UK it's always been their dream and riffy epi says tell them some of us couldn't get badges to get to the con so we try to come here recreationally before we had tables we also couldn't get it right another good reason to be an exhibitor here right so Super Mario fans has awesome art and dtft says nice drawings sure here yeah thank you I'll give you both cards if you want to find yourselves later than one for you one for you what booth if people are coming Saturday or Sunday what's your booth we are in the small press section of the floor and we are booth q12 q21 Aaron says I love talented artists they are the highlight at SDCC not media con crap yes see you guys here we have some dinosaur art it looks like we have a traffic jam here hi there yeah sounds good my name is Chris there are a hundred and ninety people on the live stream right now hi I'll come over here someone get run over so yes introduce yourself and tell us about what you got here I'm editor Zamora part of the blast and we make our own comics we've this scuba has been running for seven years seven years yes this is my second year okay so tell us about blast what is blast so so glad stands for blaze unless you're the super team and just as he said it we've been here for seven years this is our second year here and we make comics where are you both from I'm from Chula Vista okay and you okay how's your how's your second year comic-con good it's like it's better than the first one what's your favorite part about it the toys the toys any toy in particular you're looking to buy toys yeah what about you like a lego guy a lego guy yeah all right you pick up any new Lego things this year not a lot of Lego stuff for sale here right no but there is the Lego booth yes yeah right on well that's cool sour Steve says awesome job guys keep making art and rafi happy says some very talented young artists here all right well thank you very much I appreciate it yeah I'll hand you a card so my channel is called yellow productions if you search on youtube you'll find it ok here you can have a card – and you guys are three hours and six minutes into the livestream so all right thank you you too there we go last all right thank you hi there I'm doing a livestream talking to artists at Comic Con would you be willing to talk on the livestream and tell us what is the bean world yeah when you're ready there's a hundred and eighty four people you're talking to you right now the bean world is a most peculiar comic-book experience it's very hard to describe it I always say it's easier to read and it is to explain but having said that it's a fantasy ecological romance about two tribes beings that are 100% dependent on each other for to maintain their fuchi which already sounds boring so it's just deleted yeah yeah read it okay good deal well thank you very much I appreciate your time hi there hey doing good not you okay bye good to see you again hi I didn't talk to you before you want to talk well your same booth alright good deal I just thought you might have a different poster yeah all right well this livestream has been going for three hours and ten minutes so for everybody who's hung on for as long as you have in front to say congratulations and my belly is getting quite full and my battery is getting quite low so I think this is going to bring us kind of to an end of today's live stream how are the crowds is compared to yesterday some people said except feel a little less busy right now than it was yesterday at the same time people asked about anything on off sites yet check out my playlist below I added a video from yesterday walking through all the off sites it's about a 30 minute walk through the off-site you'll find that in my comic-con playlist you can check out yesterday's live stream if you're new here makes your subscribe so you'll stay tuned to all my comic-con content from this weekend including some 360 walkthroughs that I'll be putting through tonight thanks to Kaz candy and Minh for helping moderate the Turkish spammers and thank you everybody who gave super chats today and Kim jong-un for the suggestion I should go get that car to drawing alright thank you all for watching couldn't do this all without you because what's YouTube without an audience I won't say goodbye because I'll see you in the next video you


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  • Gerben Den Heeten says:

    Great stuff. Being a 'veteran' at european con's, it is great to see such a nice glimpse of 'Walhalla' ! 😉

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    I just discovered you yesterday and find you the best Comic Con walk-thru person I've run across in years. Your likable personality, good audio (usually!) and camera work makes it easy to watch a long video. I'm definitely subscribing to your channel and catching up on many of your past posts.

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    Very entertaining and full of creative people. Thanks for taking your time to bring this to us. Who could not go.



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    Go to the ACME Archives booth and check out the life size print of my new Han in Carbonite painting 'He's All Yours, Bounty Hunter.' Unfortunately, I'm not able to be there to see it in person.

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