Save our Story: Help Protect Wall Paintings

Save our Story: Help Protect Wall Paintings

For centuries, England’s story has been written on church walls and castle ceilings in every corner of the nation. Conserving these precious wall paintings is like drawing back the curtain on the lives of those who shaped who we are. From the damp English climate to failed early 20th century restoration attempts, to the very buildings they are housed in, these irreplaceable artworks, some even older than those in the Sistine Chapel, risk disappearing from view altogether. But, it’s not too late to stop them being lost. At English Heritage we look after the largest collection of wall paintings in the country and our team of experts work tirelessly to save them. With your donation today, we can care for more of these treasures sooner, and stop their stories vanishing for good. We are now embarking on a nationwide conservation project to preserve the wall paintings at 76 of our historic sites, your support will help keep these fragile paintings visible for future generations to enjoy. Visit support us on the English Heritage website to make a donation. Thank you.


  • inisipisTV says:

    Such wonderful historical artworks. A lot of them barely survived the Reformation era.

  • ifurkend says:

    I think it’s worth to translate these historical buildings into digital models with layers of information to every part of the building. With modern technology it’s increasingly viable and cheaper. I don’t mean to substitute the real thing with digital data, on the contrary, this makes future restoration works easier and more accurate.

  • Addi khan says:

    Done donated

  • Christine Thornhill says:

    Imagine what the churches wall paintings must have been like before they were vandalised . We are left with a mere ' shadow' of the original work . EH comes to the rescue 🙏🏼 , all the best to you . 👍🏼

  • Starr Daniel says:

    Please make more food videos…. they are awesome❤🧡💛💚

  • SnakeDoctorSilver says:

    This channel is if Townsends had a sex change and started shooting cocaine

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