• BlimpCityFeeder says:

    Garnish her check and Income Tax for the next 20+ years.

  • Mark O'Cain says:

    200K??? who in their right mind would value that mess at 200K?

  • baldieman64 says:

    Notice how the image quality is so poor on this report compared to the original version that can be seen elsewhere..
    It's almost as if CBS don't want the public to realise that the "art" is in fact justĀ a bunch of cheapo white boxes lined up with Burger King style crappy crows plonked on the top.
    CBS, the BBC and others seem more interested in perpetuating the modern art con-job than in reporting the news.

  • Travis Bickle says:

    Of course she's a fuckin Asian

  • William Elliott says:

    Selfies are so gross. Get over yourself! Taking pictures of yourself? I can't wait for Russia and China to Nuke us into radioactive dust. Take a selfie of that.

  • Christina Moore says:

    Why did they have the display cases set up like dominos? Yes– the woman needed to be more careful, but the museum is partly responsible for displaying art in this slapdash manner.

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