good day my beautiful people were back up in this house once again and it's very bright hope everything is good and I was well with all of you and today yo I popped it on Tyra I wasn't expecting this I wasn't expecting this we all know BTS world has been released we have done videos on BTS world soundtracks part 1 2 & 3 and y'all know media's keeps just popping content like non-stop so they when they released the game BTS world they also released the fourth single soundtrack which is called heartbeat sung by all seven BTS members without any features no nothing you know and kind of what the first initial hearing of the song for everyone was within the game within the actual game so you know I wanted to see what the game was all about you know I'm a proud level 15 at BTS world at the moment ya know and it's all fun and and everything like that so if you haven't checked BTS walled out definitely do I think it's a pretty cool game you know and and all the content that content content that it's given you know and anything so it's pretty fun it's pretty cool especially if you're an army I think that you would enjoy it and if you're not an army you know and if you just like storytelling kind of games and if you enjoy like kdrama vibes and and everything like that I think that you might like it as well but today we're watching BTS World soundtrack number four heartbeat we're watching the music video because as I mentioned BTS keeps popping content like non-stop so they gave us it gave us the music video for heartbeat so we're gonna watch it you know I have heard the song already you know but I wanted to see you know what is it all about does it have any changes you know and especially within the music video I wanted to see the music video for itself you know as it is a soundtrack a soundtrack I expect for the video to be you know very cinematic you know very movie like of course and so yeah we will we will see what is why we will talk music I guess you know and and what I like about this and and and let's have a great time and let's see what is what is what let's get it [Applause] okay shine as bright as now whoo good firm Erte spins me around and drives me crazy majid delegates huh okay yeah it's very cinematic you know this so far shows their solo storylines and everything cookie beautiful it's beautiful filmed this is a total soundcheck man but the video is beautiful so you can see all these videos all that also in the game initially so some snippets of it it's beautiful the galaxy and you know all the stars and little late oh that's that looks gorgeous Wow phases of the Moon and everything Wow so Wow they meet each other shook an arm they meet each other and I had to sneeze Wow I love I love their vocals on this as well but the video though beautiful harmony on the track st. interesting to see this you know like both of the storylines mixing within the video Wow Wow beautiful Wow Wow this Wow Wow yeah I love I love the song this is such a this is the ultimate soundtrack and you know that is why when we when we spoke about you know the parts 1 2 & 3 you know in my opinion those parts they were you know kind of they didn't have this kind of finale they didn't have this you know conclusion you know even though you put them all three together in any kind of order you want it you know whether if you look through the lyrics you know and kind of set everything you know throughout the lyrics or within either the vibes of the songs or anything like that they didn't have that that finale that grand finale and this is this is the ultimate soundtrack this is definitely the ultimate soundtrack but the music but the video though it was beautiful you know as expected it was very very cinematic it was you know you could see that um but in the video you could see that there were these both storylines that you can experience you know within the game whether that is the solo storyline for each for each member you know for example there's in that solo story mode basically they show each character if they hadn't you know wanted to become BTS at least so far that it's what it that is what it seems but from the video it shows that that sugar and RM they meet each other they bump eat like they they bump into each other you know on the street so who knows maybe they maybe even with the solo storylines and everything like that you know maybe they all end up you together you know theory conspiracy the berries but you know it's beautiful I loved you know the the solo you know videos there and everything you know we saute as a farmer we saw cookie as you know a student you know Jimin and working in the rice cake shop you know and you know I'm being you know a detective writer and you know a novelist you know and so on and J hoping you know the vet thing and so far but and then you see this this other storyline you know when you when when they you know when they practice you know and they were preparing for their debut and everything like that so it's beautiful how these two kind of storylines are also shown there within the video and I love it but the song itself it's such a bittersweet you know kind of grand finale you know and it's it's beautiful you know their vocals are incredible you know and you know of course all the all the instruments you know we get this um this is kind of this grand finale you know it include it incorporated more of those kind of live instruments you know we even get like a lot of synthesizers we didn't get like a lot of sampling or anything like that you know and this would be a beautiful song to perform live especially you know if you would get like live musicians like oh I don't know maybe not even like an orchestra but for example like a standard band you know maybe some string instruments you know some maybe like a string quartet or anything like that and maybe a piano and yeah this wow this game is such a kind of like a like a melancholy like bittersweet kind of vibe you know and feeling and it's beautiful it was it's beautiful Wow you know also um a regarding like BTS world also the entire original soundtrack album also got released the same time as the video and we will do a separate video on it you know cuz the soundtrack includes 14 tracks if I'm not mistaken so there are 14 tracks we get you know the previous parts 1 to 1 throughout 3 and then we get heartbeat on it then we get theme songs for each member and then we get additional 2 or 3 songs I think which is which is really really cool also something that I noticed also something that I noticed when I was playing the game itself was cool that that you got you know I was also tweeting about it you know like being like being the music nerd that I am and seeking out you know every single detail and picking on things you know and trying to figure out why is it the way it is you know because I'm very much so like that and I love doing it especially you know within the music um and so one of the first things that I noticed when I was playing you know be test Walden and and everything like that even though I'm not much of a gamer yeah still I wanted to see what everything was all about so I did and it's actually really fun but the first things that I noticed was that we get like a snippet of gogo we get a jazz version of DNA we get a lullaby version of DNA maybe it's that's also included within the original soundtrack album I haven't I haven't listened to it I have you know downloaded it and and I'm also waiting for the physical copy to arrive which is in the mail somewhere and we're gonna do you know separate videos on on the physical copy as well but you know I'm gonna do a separate video also on the you know on the music itself you know as the video for the physical copy will be you know more of what do you get when you buy it especially when you preorder it when you what you get so that's gonna be kind of cool I think and I think that y'all might be interested in that but yeah such a bit this is such a bittersweet song you know and this is this is definitely the ultimate soundtrack this is this is actually this vibe for the soundtrack like the entire soundtrack in general in general was actually the vibe you know that that was that I was expecting for for the parts one through three and you know but it's good that they kept you know kind of different vibes for for each part you know you know his mom was very more dancey the other one was kind of traditional meets trap and and then the third one was funk meets trap meets on being soul and so so this is this is kind of that very melancholy very bittersweet kind of sappy you know grand finale or just which is which is great you know and and and people have been raving about the song they've been you know and people have you know said a lot of great things about this track you know and it was it was produced and co-written by DJ swivel so DJ's will cover out and co-produced heartbeat which is unbelievable we have seen you know we have seen and work with BTS previously and and and he's I think he's a phenomenal producer you know we saw him produce euphoria both versions of euphoria so the original and piano version so those those are also produced by him and you know he's just fantastic as a producer you know he's he's he's really really awesome and I enjoy his work very much so and he has worked with a bunch of different artists you know mostly a-listers you know and it's it's it's awesome it's definitely awesome at night and I love you know and I love his work what he does and especially what he what he has done you know with BTS while working with them so kudos to him uh you know he's definitely awesome and I love it very much so but you know yeah Wow Wow this took very this is very long but yeah we will do separate videos on the BTS world soundcheck official soundtrack album and we will do a video also on the BTS world official soundtrack album physical copy so those would be two separate videos and yeah let me know if you like if you if you like this song if you like the other three parts have you listened to the entire soundtrack are you playing BTS world maybe if you are let me know what level are you you know I would love to know what chapter are you stuck in I'm in chapter or five I don't know but yeah always remember to be good be kind rock and roll and I'll see you very very soon with a new video Cheers


  • **** love says:

    My precious Tae.
    I love this beautiful song.

  • Bích Hy says:

    Please react to Epiphany live

  • Lucas says:

    4:53 scene where bts were so-rounded by stars, its actually the army with there army bombs on stage.

  • En Lig says:

    This is showing what they would probably have ended up doing as careers if they didn’t become successful artists.

  • Frank Cho2 says:

    lyric translated by Korean-American

    It leaves me feeling sea sick baby

    Seems like I am locked deep in the dreamlike reality

    It spins me round and drives me crazy

    Seems that I am like the moon in the midday

    If I was alone, perhaps if I didn’t know

    you, I probably gave up, lost at sea

    But my heart’s still on fire with a burning desire

    I will find you again like it’s our destiny

    I wish that you would love me like yesterday and don’t let go of this hand again

    And every time my heart beats, walk step by step so that you don’t wander again

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in you you you you you

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in me me me me me me

    When you hear my heartbeat baby

    You give me new life you give me new birth

    I feel your heartbeat away

    I’ve been losin my mind

    I’ve been cravin my shine

    I know me before you was a ready-made me

    But you designate me and you did resume me

    I’ve been calling your name in this whole universe

    Now I need no space, I got youniverse done

    Meeting you was like a scene in drama that this universe has revealed (shined on)

    Countless days of floating aimlessly, wandering without an end that I can see

    You who guided me from this labyrinth (maze)

    You are my light and my salvation

    Until the end of this labyrinth (maze), I will not let go of your hand

    I wish that you would love me like yesterday and don’t let go of this hand again

    And every time my heart beats, walk step by step with me so that you don’t wander again

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in you you you you you

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in me me me me me me

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in you you you you you

    Feel (believe in) the destiny (fate) in me me me me me me

    My heart’s on fire for your love

    Oh my heart’s on fire for your love

    I wish that you would love me like yesterday and don’t let go of this hand again

    And every time my heart beats, walk step by step with me so that you don’t wander again

    Believe (feel) in destiny (fate) in you you you you you

    Believe (feel) in destiny (fate) in me me me me me me

    Believe (feel) in destiny (fate) in you you you you you

    Believe (feel) in destiny (fate) in me me me me me me

  • NeraSomnia Choice says:

    My favorite part is the end where they sing "My heart is on fire for your love"

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    I love your reaction and your voice as well 💜

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    It's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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    i feel the same with you it's so emotional

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