should you go to art school

should you go to art school

our school right fellas at school the most asked question from every young artist is should you go to art school and depending on where you've looked and what you've heard it's kind of a mixed bag like some people say that it's great in that they learned a lot and that they had a really good time while others say that they've and that the environment was like really unprofessional and that they had really unqualified teachers and that they were like forced to learn how to draw a specific way without learning any of the other principles of art so this video will be discussing what I researched about it to kind of help for your decision because I think that a video about art school is a good way to wrap this channel up bear in mind that I'm not a professional about art or our education and that I'm literally just a 16 year old trying to help inform other young artists however your opinion and research might be different for mine and if it is I really really strongly encourage that you research and look into things for yourself before you make a decision so this videos literally just why I've gathered through my own research okay let's begin but before we get into that as videos once again brought to you by Amino if you don't already know I mean I started up this brand new thing that I really like and I think that you guys will really like it too if you ever wanted to make content or have ideas that are generally too small to post on YouTube without it being lost or disregarded into the YouTube void so no but you've this happens to me all the time so I heard about any news do story features really excited to finally be able to put those ideas to work somewhere where they won't disappear so I've actually partnered with an we go to make some stories of my own as you guys know I really enjoy cosplaying crafts and do-it-yourself stuff so that's Drive done with my stories if you're interested in learning how to craft fun relaxing things are interested in watching me make stuff that I head on over to my page click the link in the description or pin youtube comment or search for amino apps to download them you know find my stories by searching Atari make sure to follow me and click the bell to know what I'm posting new videos just like YouTube every time you watch my videos you will be supporting me so if you like my videos this is a simple free way to keep me creating go check it out and thank you amino for continuing to support me and this channel first you should decide on what kind of art school you're thinking about go – like are you gonna go to an art community college or university or Institute or are you trying to go for like a really fancy prestigious art school figuring this out will help make or break your decision generally community colleges are good for if you want to have a more relaxed and affordable course in education while full-blown art schools are good for you if you really want to learn and are looking for challenges this video I'll generally be talking about good art schools with an accredited art program which is what you should ideally be looking for let's talk about the financial investment most art schools that offer masters of Fine Arts credentials require that you'll live in some of the biggest cities in the world like take for example New York or Burbank or something on top of that tuition fees can be very pricey and there are some that you even need to pay to apply for on top of your tuition and housing expenses art supplies can also be very expensive you have the benefit of living in the area of the art school that you're looking at or you have like relatives or friends who live there that you can house with and some of you might not so I would put together a rough estimate of all of the money that you would need all together for just getting by like rent tuition food stuff like that and then just budget that out and I think that that'll also really really really influence your decision you should also think about how you learn like are you more open-minded to learning new art techniques and principles and stuff or are you only comfortable with what you yourself have already learned to draw generally with our schools you kinda need to be more open-minded to what you're willing to learn and you also gotta be a lot better about criticism like you'll learn new techniques and what to expect in the art business world as well as make connections and networks and depending on the school you might also find job opportunities and internship opportunities but if you aren't open-minded enough to want to learn more than what you're comfortable with or you're bad with criticism then our school might not be right for you even though there are a lot of benefits that come from it plus going to school for art can actually land you a lot of job opportunities despite what stereotypes say like our schools teach their students how to cultivate analytical thinking and how to collaborate on work and how to work alone how to critique constructively how to research how to communicate and it also kind of gives them unique perspectives and like qualifications that most other applicants wouldn't have so even if you don't go into art for your living even after you graduate there's still a lot of jobs that you can get like communications public relations and marketing it's like just to me with you plus there are so many different types of art jobs that you can get like literally the list goes on graphic designer industrial designer makeup artist illustrator animator oh my god the list never ends so if you do continue our after college then great and if you don't then that's totally fine you didn't waste your money because you're still using what you learned to get other jobs but I think overall you really need to be sure that you're willing to put in all the hard work and effort that our schools usually entail but good accredited art schools can be very stressful and like your sleep schedule might become non-existent and like and there may be times when you want to give up or if you try or you decide that you can't afford it or you just decide that you don't think art schools for you then that's totally fine I mean you can have you can have a career in art even if you don't go to art school all art school really does is generally give you more nor like useful business stuff and it increases your chances a little bit more of like landing art jobs and stuff and there are some things in art school that you might learn that you wouldn't learn for a while doing it by yourself but that's totally fine like art school really is not necessary to be a professional artist even though it is encouraged but only if you can afford it like you really don't have to go to art school to be a professional artist like if you can't afford it or if it's just too far away or if you genuinely don't think that you can put in the work then like man it's okay you can it might be a little more difficult but you can do it you can still make a career out of art without going to school for it so should you go to art school I say you should as long as the art school is good and has an accredited art program and as long as you can realistically afford it without being in debt for the rest of your life I think I found that most people who go to art schools and have really bad times they're usually didn't make sure beforehand that the school they were going to is actually you're like good and accredited or they just were refusing to learn I mean that's not the case for everyone but that's generally what I found but I mean everyone's experience going to school no matter what it is is different so really Who am I – I'm 16 who the hell am I to know essentially really research and look into the schools that you're interested in before you make any final decisions take your time research budget keep an open mind and good luck and that does it for me in this channel for the time being I really hope that you guys enjoyed these last few years of art videos about like this was something that I started when I was like 12 to 13 and I'm gonna be 17 soon and I think that it's time that I closed the book on my channel we've been through quite a lot here but I really really am thankful to everyone who supported me through the whole thing and continue to support me even after this this isn't an indefinite I'm done posting forever it's just for now I think that it's time that I close this chapter of my life and move on however I will be over streaming on Twitch pretty active sometimes I might do a stream onto YouTube but I doubt it I'll probably be doing it on Twitch um check my Twitter for updates on that if you're still interested in following me or if you're only interested in my art stuff then go to my tumblr and yeah well that really does it for me so so that's fun and good luck on your artistic journey and yeah I'll see you guys later


  • atari says:

    Don’t forget to download Amino and search my profile name, atari, to check out my Stories: ​​. Follow me to see more of my Stories and support me!

  • JAS dragon says:

    I think you should at least take a few classes. Academy of Art University will tear your 'style' down to the struts and really teach you the basics which is important for improvement

  • MrGamernova says:

    Good luck on whatever you do.

  • Awkward Doll says:

    Watching this the day before I receive the acceptance/rejection letter for an art uni! Wish me luck☆

  • Alicia says:

    Bold of you to assume I sleep

  • onecentJager says:

    it's been a good run old sport. here's to another phase in life

  • skittle pup says:

    I'm so sad to see you go but I respect your decisions 100%! Just know we'll all miss you!

  • PearlStartsARiot says:

    We be broke 😂😂😂

  • Cry Baby says:

    I'm in art school and… ugh. I kinda regret it. Everyone hate this place. A place I'm scared to come to. This school made art no longer pleasant to me.

  • dogryme6 says:

    Hope you have a great time out there! Try to improve your skills and stuff. If you ever come back, your fans will be waiting for you!

  • Colorfull Cute says:

    Tbh am going to business school to somehow have a job as an artist.

  • Lavender Tear says:

    From a person going to an art school, it's really important to pick the right one. It's gonna be hard to get in, they have auditions for you to show off your ability and if they let you in right away without auditions, it's probably not a very good art school but that's just my opinion, auditions show your range and challenges you. It's definitely an option, but I sont recommend going if you're NOT going to push yourself. It's hard to manage if you're NOT interested in it at all times. (As in it's not a hobby and you just draw like once a blue moon). Keep in mind, you may not be accepted your first application, but there's plenty of other schools to choose from and you can reapply. Just remember to apply yourself to a portfolo for your art and work extra hard. If you still don't get in, it doesn't mean you're not a good artist, it means that you have another opportunity somewhere else and you need to search for it. That's just my three cents on going to art school ♡

  • pur3g0ld says:

    Im going to miss your personality and videos so much!
    I love your art and you're super inspiring. Thank you Atari!! <3

  • Chiyo :3 says:

    take a break you look stressed not to be rude, but its fine we are all like that. and art school is good for those who want to do like realism and get things corrected, so like a checklist. i know it probably makes zero sense but its my opinion. you actually taught me a lot about art so i'll miss ya, hope you have a bright future, (and nice conan plush lol)

  • gp'art says:

    hey I'm actually doing a GoFundMe for paying for art school (SVA) bc I'm struggling badly. please consider donating or sharing the link!

  • gp'art says:

    goodluck! wishing u well!

  • SnowyPug says:

    I'm sad to see you go but I hope you enjoy your decision! Have a great life 🙂

  • Square Samuel says:

    It’s sad to see the channel go, but I’m glad you’re moving on to bigger and better things, and I’m glad you’ve made your choice.

  • _Lil-heartt _ says:

    I'm gonna miss you 🤧

  • RetroGamerKevin says:

    I'm definitely gonna miss you :'( i really love your videos

  • Mystic Blue says:

    In my opinion, if you want to learn more and grow in a certain media that you want a career in, are willing to be in debt and pay a lot for the school, and learn from others who have worked in those careers. I’d go to art school

    If you’re confident in where you are and prefer to teach yourself and not pay so much money for the classes, learning more from the resources online or in a book, and teach yourself how to do the art. I wouldn’t go.

    I’m going to a well known art and design college that has a growing animation program and was known for being originally an architecture school, and it’s in a small town, but there are still other campuses in the same state and out of the country (Savannah & Atlanta, Georgia; Hong Kong; Lacoste)

    Just wanted to give my two cents :3

  • Rosy Scribbles says:

    I'm really gonna miss you so much, I watched you for YEARS and often looked up to you for art advice. I hope you have fun in your new chapter in life and do what you want to do! If you will ever post on Instagram, then I'll try to like it. 😉

  • Faith Wilson says:

    I wish you the best💕💕

  • MoonDisc says:

    If this is the path you have chosen then ill accept it, let the path you have chosen opened many doors, when opportunity arrives, take it… And never let go, I wish you great luck atari and keep on shining✴

  • Finn Hm says:

    i have no other plans in life so, why not

  • Evelynn Agony's Embrace says:

    I am in art school (high school tbh) and uh..
    I think it's good, but also bad

    In the good thing :
    -You learn a lot, like really
    -Most people are kind to each other
    -Teacher are very competent (in my case at least)

    Bad thing :
    -Too much pressure (I endend up crying in class many time, and also have panic attack)
    -Sometime the deadline are insane (like, a freacking ended work, from the monday due to friday)

  • SketchiiiCat says:

    I'm gonna miss you, cya later friend

  • GalaxyXD says:

    Oki dokie
    Your videos improved much of my writing and art so if you need a break no ones gonna stop you. So…

  • ɐpuɐd-ııɐʍɐʞ• ヘ • says:

    I'll miss u atari <3

  • Robin the lynx And Snowbell the wolf says:

    Thanks for everything atari
    Wherever you go in life I hope it's great 🙂

  • Ravenpotter says:

    I’ve visited a few art schools and I like some of them. Some of them are reach school things that I probably won’t be able to go to and a few I’m looking at are less expensive and I could get into more realistically. Well I have another year or so to search before I have to decide what I should do or go to.

    It’s good to visit the schools and ask past students that have gone to the school recently. I’ve talked to a few artists who have gone to some schools that I’m looking at and have learned good and bad things they experienced in those schools.

  • Vivi Artist says:

    It's going to be sad for you not to make any more videos,
    But I'm happy for your choice! Hopefully you can grow 🙂

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