Singular's Composer – Transition Timers

Singular's Composer - Transition Timers

this video is going to teach you what transition timers are and how to successfully use them in composure transition timers affect the time that it takes for one overlay to transition to another overlay on the same layer in most instances transition timers are used to prevent overlays on the same logic layer from overlapping when you're taking those overlays in and out in a control application to follow along with this tutorial navigate to the singular market place in your dashboard and select a pre-built composition of your choosing I'm going to download the metal theme once you've opened up your composition you're ready to get started first I'm gonna do some quick prep work right now I'm deleting all the overlays in this come except for two overlays in the upper right layer you'll see why I'm doing this in a second okay so right now we have one type of layer listed in our composition navigator called upper right the first step after prepping the comp for this tutorial is to get familiar with the overlays now available take these overlays within the upper-right logic layer in and out to understand their timeline animations now that you're familiar with the built-in timeline animations of these overlays let's get an idea of the three types of transition timer options available to add to each overlay the transition timer button is located next to each sub composition overlay listed in the composition navigator select the transition timer button and you can see that there are three options available none auto and custom none is pretty obvious it's the default selection where no transition timer is added to your overlay Auto is also probably pretty obvious this is the selection that triggers an in animation for the in bands overlaid once the out animation is completed on the current overlay basically this creates an automatic transition time between two overlays on the same logic layer lastly there's the custom option this is the selection that allows users to input specific positive or negative variable delays basically you can add a custom amount of transition time without a five-second delay between the first and second overlay in this layer within the comp Nava Gator select the transition timer icon on the second overlay in select custom from the drop-down menu then change the time to 5 seconds ok perfect to see how this change affected the transition time take in the first overlay on this logic layer then take in the overlay with the five-second delay that we just added as you can see the overlay will not come on until five seconds of passed all right cool you just added your first transition timer to an overlay and specifically added a custom positive variable delay of 5 seconds ok now let's add a negative variable delay you might be asking why a negative transition time would be necessary in instances where you want a bit of crossover between your layer overlays this feature is actually incredibly useful go ahead and add a negative 1 second delay to the same overlay that we added a 5 second delay remember to select that same transition timer button choose custom and then input negative 1 first taken the overlay that does not have the negative timer now take in the overlay that we just added the negative 1 second delay to do you see the crossover Congrats you just added your second transition timer to an overlay and added a custom negative variable delay of one second just to recap negative time variable delays are fantastic for adding crossover transition effects between two overlays you can see how you could get pretty creative with transition timers go ahead and test Auto and none the two other transition timer options see how Auto creates an automatic transition time and how none obviously removes that transition time to recap there are three different transition timer selections none auto and custom play around with the different options to see which selection works best for the logic layers in your composition as always thanks for watching and you can check out other videos on our channel or access support by going to support Cingular dot live

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