SIRT Performer – Review and Issues

SIRT Performer - Review and Issues

you hello everybody this is hammer striker here today I've got something a little bit different on the table this is a cert performer training pistol so we should read a few things about it first off it's not a real gun it's a training gun so I don't have to go clear because there's no way to chamber any ammunition and this the purpose behind this thing it's actually a pretty cool concept it's for training trigger control grip sight control possibly introducing newer shooters to your safe handling of a firearm it's about a Glock 17 size it's got the basic or economics of a Glock 17 it's even got a Picatinny rail so it gives you the feel of a full-sized pistol and it has a fully adjustable trigger you can adjust all of the characteristics of the trigger from the taking up the weight the engagement points over travel your number of different features simply by pulling the slide off it and using a tool like a hex wrench to adjust some cams it also has two lasers one laser as you bring the trigger down aim it once you start to take up the tension on the trigger the first laser comes on this laser would not be anywhere near the bullseye it would be off center of the bullseye and it's purposes target tracker of tracking of the gun as you're pulling the trigger so if you're pulling the trigger and you jerk the gun as you pull it you'll see this laser bounce around the second laser comes on when you actually break the sear and that would theoretically be right on the bullseye and could be used to tell if you're on target and there's some software available that you can use that will track one important both of these lasers so that you can do some automated tracking of whether you're hitting your target as you're supposed to and there's a switch on here to love you to turn off that first-stage laser that's right here it's kind of difficult to get to you'd reach in there with a pic or something like that and flick it one way or the other to enable or disable that that first take up laser the other thing that it has is it has interchangeable weighted mags so the way the mag is roughly the weight of a loaded clock seventeen magazine and it works like a Glock 17 so that from a training perspective it's actually you know the concept is a pretty good tool for that it's even got Glocks tile sites now we can move into some of the problems we have with it and one of the things you can probably see right there is that the site is quite crooked the slide is actually warped and the slide is off-center and crooked so would that warped slide resulting in that Canton site at first I was going to just ignore that you know it's not a real gun and you're not actually trying to use it for targeting until we were messing around with it and we saw one of us was actually canting the pistol a little bit when we held it to correct that site picture and that was a real showstopper moment because if you're counting the gun to correct the site picture and this is the training tool then you're effectively training in proper technique as a result of that so that was a real problem so I contacted them to talk to him about that and customer service with the company was kind of built kind of a dichotomy it was very difficult to get in touch with they took two days of repeated calls and no matter what option I picked it would go – it seemed like the same person's voicemail but anytime I was actually successful in getting a hold of them they were exceptionally friendly exceptionally cooperative very happy to do what it took to fix the issue so it you know very irritating trying to get in touch with them but it's hard to stay mad when you do get in touch with them and they're very forthcoming they offered to send me out a replacement slide this is just a plastic hood you know they call it a slide because that's what it kind of looks like but it's just a plastic hood they offered to send me out a replacement hood which they did and I received it it's right here and I thought cool we're going to be you know past that issue so I went to put the slide on which it just clips out on the top and then there's two pins that go through it to hold it in place and that's where the happiness ended the whole center's from the forward hole to the hole at the back are off by about millimeter or two millimeters between this replacement slide and then the that's already on there so I could put the front pin in or the rear pin in but there was no way I could put both pins in because the holes were off-center so you can see here I kind of got it a little bit closer I've lined up the ridges at the front and the back and you know both slides are a little bit warp so it's going to be a little bit off but you can see that the front hole is pretty well centered on these two lined up if you come back to the back hole you'll see that they're significantly off from one another and again it may have it a little bit forward or a little bit backward but the you know the basic gist of it is the hole centers on the replacement slide are one to two millimeters different it's a little bit the hole Center is a little bit longer than on the original one so I was unable to install the replacement and put the pins in when I put the replacement on and just held it by hand it did appear that it had resolved the rear sight issue you know it wasn't warped at the back but it was unusable without having to you know try to drill these holes out and then you might have some slop and some movement in it that would you know kind of bring back the original problem so at that point coupled with one other issue we noticed with this and I didn't notice it as much as hammer did if you look and it's going to be kind of hard to show this and get a right angle you see how the magazine release sticks up significantly significantly more than a glock 17 would and it's got very sharp edges now with my hand my thumb doesn't reach it unless I actually force it to reach around and get it and that's true of a Glock 17 so but that's nothing to do with this but hammers got much larger hands and his thumb would come over to it while he was holding a gun and these edges would bite into it so I looked into maybe possibly trimming this down and I can't shorten it it's the way it's made it can't be shortened I could buy the edges and you know take some of the bite out of it but I started to kind of question the level of quality control yeah when you've gotten something like that you've got this initial issue with the slide the replacement being out of spec as well starts to make me wonder about the internal components and how are they in spec you know overall so I went through the phone game again for a second you know painful experience of trying to get in touch to him and when I finally was able to get in touch with him I told my basic just wanted to return it and they agreed I've got no hassle they did offer to allow me to send the gun back in and they would fix it but when I said that I was pretty much at the point that I wanted to return it they gave me no hassle whatsoever so what I've got in my hand is actually a very cool concept and for the purpose intended if some of these quality control issues weren't there it actually would probably work quite well and you may not find the issue you know for example with the sights maybe you're going to use it solely for instructing new shooters proper handling techniques or maybe all you're going to use it for is trigger control in that case you might be fine but I just wanted to let you guys know that there may be some quality control issues it may be hit or miss as far as what you get when you order one of these so take that into account so there you go this is the cert performer it does come in a pro model which has a steel slide presumably I guess with the steel slide since that would be a steel casting you may have a little bit more dimensional accuracy the slides are all in varying different you know noticeable colors such as red blue purple pink it's it's very obvious that this is not a real gun which is a good thing and overall if you wish the quality control is a little bit better because I think this is something that could actually be quite useful but as soon as we finish up this video it's going to be packed up in the box with the RMA paperwork and it's going to go back to them and I'll look for some other training tool of this nature and hopefully you have a little bit better luck if you like our videos please give us a thumbs up share subscribe have a great day thank you you


  • opmike343 says:

    What a hunk of junk. Seems like this company would be better off just using off the shelf airsoft Glocks and loading their laser crap inside of them. Even the cheaper airsoft stuff doesn't fit this sloppy.

  • Bryan C. says:

    No excuse for this level of quality.

  • The Dill Pickler says:

    How close is the trigger to a real glock?

  • Boomer says:

    Excellent review Señores Hammer and Striker

  • raw data says:

    I've had a pro model for a few years.
    It's a great training tool and still working well.

    Needed surgery on my right arm.
    Stopped me from shooting real guns for 6 months.
    Kept practicing with the SIRT.
    When I returned to the range it was like I never left.

    I also practice Israel method of point shooting with this gun.
    It's worth the price.

    9mm ammo isn't cheap in my area.
    So I augment my training with laser and a .22 practice handgun.

    I find I'm always dialed in at the range as a result of regular laser practice.

  • Forvitnir says:

    glad I watched this before dropping money into this.

  • britt lentz says:

    I would love to chat with you. Can you please email me at [email protected]

  • c b says:

    I hate the gen 1-3 oem Glock mags release, used one in a class and it tore up my thumb …I just file off the shape edges….so that the mag release button on this was sharp is no suprise

  • &e &e says:

    Thanks for the insightful review. Do you have plans to review the "CoolFire" dry fire tool?

  • Sam Taylor says:

    i agree quality of these sirt pistols sucks. i have problems with my mag not staying in laser keeps going out when i put mag in gotta keep fucking with it to get laser to work. doesnt hold zero very well at all and my slide is warped to. way over priced for such low quality stuff.

  • Tony Wang says:

    Why not buy a airsoft?

  • Joe says:

    I have two Glock Sirt Pistols One with Metal Slide and Red/Green Lasers and a Glock Sirt Pistol with Plastic Slide and Red/Red Lasers. I also have a M&P 107 Pistol with Red/Green Lasers and Metal Slide. I have absolutely no problems with the guns that I utilize everyday. I have no issues with the Holes Lining up and no problems with the sights not being aligned. I would suggest that as indicated in the instructions that a clamp might be utilized to position the slide precisely when putting the slide on. My only issue that I find is the fact that the M&P 107 Pistol doesn't have the feature like the Glock models of the Shot Indicator laser and the take up laser being switched on the gun. I also have the SIRT AR Bolt with Green Laser that is functioning well on my Colt 6940 AR. I actually recall that I did have a problem with the M&P in that right out of the box it wasn't firing on the first trigger pull. I live on San Juan Island in Washington State and when on a off island trip I visited the New Level production sight and they were great at making a adjustment to the 107 Sirt. I have had no problems with the Pistols in the six months I have put them to use every day. The SIRT Pistols combined with the L.A.S.R. Program/software with the available options/accessories is a Fabulous product combination.

  • Randy Madruga says:

    Appreciate the video and info. For that price you could buy a real gun, ammo and range time to actually train for real with enough money left over to go have lunch at McDonald's …

  • ConnectTheDotsNOW says:

    Very good review….and THANKS FOR THE REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE with the company. Wow, a training tool which is SUPPOSED TO BE A PRECISION TRAINING INSTRUMENT (i.e. LASER ) but the LACK OF PRECISION in the "slide" IS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF LACK OF QUALITY CONTROL on the company's part. Are they KIDDING or what ? And then….your replacement slide was DITTO the experience. This IS a BIG F-A-I-L !! Thanks for giving US the heads-up….and hopefully THE COMPANY IS WATCHING THIS ??? "Precision" training …..MY ARSE !! Hammer ON !!

  • ProudNavyDad SWO says:

    I was interested, until I seen the price.
    No thanks.

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