SJW Comic Book Writer Subjects Potential Artists to Bizarre Political Purity Test

SJW Comic Book Writer Subjects Potential Artists to Bizarre Political Purity Test

hi everyone see boy Zach and check in on god-king I'll just be quick on this one $3.00 shy of 95,000 very exciting at 100,000 we're gonna unlock the stretch goal of Ethan Van Sciver cover so alright not gonna beat that like a dead horse but anyway so I hadn't planned on covering this and then I found out about this like one minute after I uploaded my last video so it was like I like I almost wish I could have postponed that one to talk about this one because it's just so fascinating to me um so one of the other cool things about this is you know sometimes threads on Twitter they can be a little hard to understand but this one's real easy though the bottom is the oldest the top oh wait yes is the newest so I don't know sometimes it doesn't but when I open it at this time it came out like that so this is John layman John layman has been in comics for freaky and ever since 1996 we've seen steady work steady work steady work steady work geez geez we're only it's like 2006 steady work though geez that was a while ago steady and then you start seeing something happen it starts starts dwindling and when does a dwindle it dwindles when everything else dwindles in the modern era of comics we're seeing right now since last November he's only had one thing I remember talking about Leviathan really pumping it up really really really trying to sell it and he was just being awful with people um and I think I said I read that one went on hiatus because of like the artists had some health problems or something like that but he started out of darkness and I remember at the time you know I have insiders to give me those preview PDFs that they sent to they send out to you know stores and the guy from the store he's like it's pretty good it's just like you know I usually try to put like separate the art from the artist but sometimes it's just tough and sometimes like I've just I've been trying to sell this stuff and he's been like actively attacking so it's just like whatever I wash my hands of it hehe puppies you know one of those people on Twitter all the time he pops up I think the last thing was him talking about he was pissy that was it when I think it was when the directors son got to write spider-man he's like well I don't get to write spider-man I'm blacklisted from there and it's like hmm is it really that kid he's gonna write one miniseries or is a ton of other completely unqualified people who were picked for reasons like their hairdo John layman I don't like the guy he doesn't like me but this is the career of an actual writer and now he's an actual something else so I'm going to okay it's like a minefield I'm done I like how it's all visible at once so I don't want to click on and click oh can I do it can I do it so again the bottom is the oldest so and as far as I can tell this came out of actually no I think I know where it went to it was one of those twelve psychos on Twitter were angry that doug tennapel is on a panel about crowdfunding at san diego comic-con they're angry that the guy who just made like eight hundred thousand dollars on one project he's gonna be on a panel for crowdfunding because did their brains are melting into their sinuses his Twitter so some people did post about him and then some people were like why are they talking like this oh it's because that but anyway this is one of those things where it's like you said the quiet part loud but then I was like oh no it's the 2019 comic book industry where insane unprofessional mean-spirited just awful behavior is rewarded if you voted if you're in the community the community is a bunch of people who are scared of each other welcome to the community uh nice where's the exit where's the exit oh the exit works like this you disagree with us once ever over anything and then we'll just kick you out okay so it's a semipermeable semipermeable membrane so he tweets this yesterday hey I like when it fills up the screen more be very careful about it that's so much more satisfying so um when vetting potential collaborators for creator-owned stuff a frank conversation about political leanings is now routine at first the philosophy was quote if you are a voting to take away my healthcare i will not work to put money in your pocket now though it's so much more if you can justify and support the daily outrageous we now see the racism and hate and abject cruelty you're not a person I want to associate with professionally or otherwise so this is you know Trump derangement syndrome but this is not really worth doing a video on until you see the other shoe drop so I'm gonna try and go back to the page where you see all four of them at once and I want you to look up so it's like when you click on it you'll see the time so it's like 122 on yesterday 122 p.m. yesterday and then he woke up and he posted this here's my schedule for San Diego comic-con and the rest of the year and it's for shows this is a guy who's been in the industry for like 23 years and then he says I'd love to do more US Comic Cons but invites have slowed down as a writer who can't sell commissions or art it's not economically feasible for me to go on my own dime just to sell $10 books so I go we're invited so you're telling me that this guy who's written astro city and Darkchild eventually ended up hos planetary gen 13 these are the big books with the last of them planetory the authority the monarchy which is actually kind of a modern hit back in the day Batman death blow was a good book geez he wrote that a lot of planetary Wildcats a lot of a lot of wild storm stuff and then always real gambit he wrote Red Sonja he wrote Xena he wrote a lot of Xena apparently you just get his career it's so full he wrote Juhi he's a co-creator of Chu and then while he was a Chu danger girl and he's old ds2 Deadpool he's doing what what happened that now your book launches at thirteen thousand and seven months later you're barely selling four thousand and you've been in the industry for 23 years do you think maybe it's because of this insane obsessive bullying behavior I can't believe this is real except for this industry is so toxic and it's not the fans who are toxic it's the pros who are toxic lame is just awful it's so much so that it just becomes like attention-seeking I was gonna say disorder when I meant to say behavior but I think I was right the first time so he just says something very rude or mean or stupid or contradictory it's not a big deal but this is a real thing this kind of discrimination by the way if he was an employer I'm pretty sure this would be an illegal question to ask he's not an employer he's just some broke-ass but he's a bully and business decisions although it's loosening up like I had one guy he started working with me he's like I'm nervous I want to use a pseudonym how I'm gonna get bullied and then you know a year went by and then basically I was like what name do you want to use and he's just like let's use my name know what I mean you pay better than Marvel DC or any nd you're more dependable source of work than any of these people yeah just to use my name was gonna be this week little desert midget it's kind of cyber bullying me but it's it's a real thing and it's cruel it's malicious it's in my opinion mentally ill I mean I can only I can almost imagine somebody asking this because they're all old and we've been watching Rachel Maddow for 12 hours straight so like oh so we're gonna work together right so there's no pain there's exposure you might end up making a couple hundred dollars up eight months or now who do you vote for what are your politically so the first thing you you would do is kind of chuckle you know a little uncomfortable a little social cue that it was it it was not an appropriate question just go and he goes no seriously I need to know your political leanings there you go no you don't in fact you need to stop asking because that's completely abnormal this is obnoxious it's aggressive it's bullying and it's discrimination I've said this before these people are always appointing themselves as moral authorities but they have no morals and they have no authority like this is ridiculous this guy barely gets work right now he has one book coming out that sells four thousand gems up a couple years ago he broke this down barney style like all the different metrics and in the cost the expenses of working an image and he makes place at five thousand that's like break even for like basically minimum wage for everyone so we got people either working for exposure or sub minimum wage right now now the deal is and I said this last summer when everyone Leviathan Leviathan should have been that big breakout hit of the year but we had this behavior and the thing is these people on these teams they usually share the profits so you have someone who's apparently giving a void comp test you know which is like is this to determine if I'm a replicant or lesbian is this to determine if I'm a replicant or a concern you have no right to even consider asking this question and the and the reason when you do ask those questions you end up stuff like this you're writing Deadpool and Batman one year and then you're writing the outer darkness have booked it nobody bias I actually heard it's okay but we're talking about toxic behavior and this is this is just disgusting I worked with a guy for like nine months I didn't even know his name correctly I thought his name was Alphonse I thought Aaron was like he says Aaron don't know I don't know I thought I thought Aaron Elfi cheese first name was Alphonse I think because the guy who entered us the the the texting app spell-checked Elfi June 12 I thought his name was Alphonse honestly you're accurate name your PayPal address to send you money your email address and if you make more than six hundred dollars a year which is everyone except for ether man Sciver he's agreed to take more he he won't you he he wouldn't take money less it was embarrassing you got to do the taxes in the year it's like anyone you pays more than 600 tell us it's like he doesn't even rate so I don't know Ethan's social security number yeah you gotta know the security number and their address to do the tax forms but that's it you have no right to even start this sentence to ask someone what their political leanings III my thing is I always want to know less about the people I mean I wish I didn't even have to know their addresses like this is just like how do we work together how do you turn in stuff you know consistency and difficult or maybe it were a bad match to work together but stuff like this toxic what I would call mentally ill or at least a personality disorder like ah I'm a layman no pun intended you know and you know determining things like this but what is this like can you imagine you know I've worked in you know a military most recently before comics I worked in IT and the idea of this even being approached is like it's so far beyond unprofessional that you would just be instantly fired it doesn't matter what position you are you know you get a little team hey you know we're we're checking out these servers you're sitting there okay so hey I'm working with you so who you vote for now also this thing about if you're voting to take away my healthcare here's the deal first of all that's a little it's oh no it's a lot histrionic but um you're in a democratic republic and part of that is being an adult and understanding that you're not always going to get your way you're gonna vote for someone who doesn't get elected a bill you want to get passed doesn't get passed this is obnoxious you should not be checking anyone when you yourself are so awful and this thing has run rampant my my friend was basically saying well layman's being very honest he's just saying that thing that they already do he's just admitting it which is a good point that means this is so ubiquitous in the industry but this guy who like again I'm Melana no pun intended I don't know we appease autistic give us a personality disorder order what he has that he thinks it's okay to say stuff like this to anyone anyone I'm not even sure what country some of these people are in some people are just vaguely Eastern European I don't know if they even said it one guy I thought was Eastern European was like I don't even know I don't even know what country these people in it's not my business what country you're in unless it's America because I go to Texas if you're not in America it just so you know foreign contractor at that one's easy um but uh yeah I mean uh the fish rots from the head down you know anyway I mean this is someone who is an editor who is in a position to be on elder statesmen we've seen the same poor behavior from Mark Waid and Bilson cabbage this this toxic hateful and hate-filled behavior that just drives everyone away you know one of the things I used to do is you know I'd say you know my my audience and show a picture of the earth and I would say oh also the other side just you know we're gonna take one picture at a time but I realized what my audiences my audience is the person who drives by the comic shop and doesn't go in anymore they used to Lisa go in every week Lisa go in very excited and it became every two weeks than every three then once a month then every two months and then they just stopped till in their 30s or 40s or 50s they've got money they got more money than they've ever had before I mean their kids have probably out the house now and they love comics they love superheroes and this is what they get a purity test this is not American again that's kind of historic thing but this is stuff you would read in like Kafka this is like Stasi behavior this is Russia you know before glasses nose this is the type of stuff that would happen in North Korea no one in the comic book industry or any other industry has the right to ask you your political leanings you should either ignore them laugh in their face or tell them to off that's the that's the reaction to this unfortunately and this is what breaks my heart I know people because I used to be one of those people you have that dream to be in comics and you get that connection and you're so excited and all you have to do is submit to this man baby this malicious bully I don't care how small he is this is bullying straight out of a 1980s you know movie this is a bully this is a mean hearted person intimidating people discriminated and what do you get you get stuff like this like that I showed in my video earlier what are say else like oh you know what are the whether the unit sales oh no this is this is from last November this is the one from this way so how are sales oh you know they're uh let's see what are they can only to topped it well there are down three percent compared to the same month last year they're down three percent compared to five years ago four percent to ten years before that dadada and this is where it comes from this type of behavior if you're a pro out there if you are an aspiring pro don't put up with this bullying behavior honestly you need to have another job to fall back on you're a graphic designer you work at Lowe's you know you work in IT you freakin full-time national guard yes that is a thing it's different than being on active duty because when you can fall back on something when you don't have to say yes to everything you don't have to kowtow you can tell malicious bullies like this to the hell off which is what they deserve a John layman is a good writer it's actually a very good writer Beatty is completely unprofessional and he is a bully I don't have any right to ever ask anyone what their politics are whether it be in real life or in business certainly not in business especially with me being the owner I mean I don't actually have an employee's but that would just be completely unethical so don't put up with this behavior if it's subjected to you and you're like oh well you know I really want to be in comics well anyone can make comics and the old comic industry is dead these people with all the connections these bullies their time is over now they got to connect to fans and they can't connect to anyone in any real way it's all threats this is this is literally stuff that would happen in the stasi write down your politics these are people like oh I saw this guy talking to this guy oh my god why are you monitoring associations of people that's weird stop it so anyway thanks for watching subscribe make sure you still subscribe hit the bell for notifications thanks everyone give them to the GoFundMe in the indiegogo your funding original content and an original love suit to me it's for stuff like this this bullying discriminatory political discrimination bullying anti-competitive practices it's gotta stop I mean well technically it will stop when the entire industry collapses but they're hurting people people are living in fear people don't want to use their name on that other artwork they're writing in their coloring their lettering that they're proud of because of malicious bullies like this so anyway thanks for watching and comic book pros I know trumps election three years ago made your frontal lobe melt into your sinuses and now it's dribbling all over your boy beard but good jack normal for 24 hours so I can start reviewing some comics I got a real backlog of them thanks for watching bye


  • Lateef Reid says:

    Some of these people think so fucking SMALL.

  • Hau Ruck says:

    Great video from ya Boi right here.

  • Kris Anticknap says:

    Layman is a VIRTUOUS coersive bullshit fascist person.
    He'll put a gun to your head and make you swear allegiance to his cause, but he'll be honest and tell you that this is his goal.

  • Youtube User says:

    Don't you think maybe you should sell digital in case the "Guy that used to buy comics" missed your campaings and wants to check Jawbreakers out before funding a new one?

  • MegaCityPatrol says:

    Jarrett Melandez – "I love you John Layman" (not gonna buy your comics tho')

  • TheAutistWhisperer says:

    And this is why modern comic books suck.

  • evilashxero says:

    Layman… seems like a real cocksucker.

  • Nico Spatti says:

    I…i… I do t need reading glasses…
    You're old Zack…

  • David A. J. Berner says:

    Wait… Layman thinks there are people who still want to work with him? That's just sad! 🙁

  • Skye Dragon7 says:

    Not that anyone cares, but here's my story; I started reading comics in 1964, I was the only kid in my first grade class that could mostly read, some hard words tripped me up. My Uncle had a HUGE collection of comics from 1941 until he stopped collecting in 1965, mostly DC, but some Timely and some indies. I continued the legacy, still liked DC, but Marvel characters were just more real, better, even the families didn't always get along, and they often crossed over which DC almost never did except in Justice League. And I loved Legion too. I collected comics from 1964 on, devoured my Uncle's collection, reading some to oblivion, joined the Navy in 1975 but still tried to keep up. Parents burned mine and my Uncle's in 1976, and with limited storage I could read but not really collect. I was injured in 1984, and Honorably discharged, but stayed in California and got my dream job as manager of a comic store! I rebuilt my collection somewhat over the next several years, never to the thousands and thousands I had had as a kid. After 8 years I had to quit, the owner had become a drug addict and I couldn't be around him anymore. My second best collection I had to sell off the return home and lived off it for 6 months before I got my feet under me again. But by now comics were going up in price and from 1992 to 2010 I was spending $400 a month on average. It was about 2008 comics stopped being fun, were $4 for a single comic, and the constant reboots, my 70+ years of comic history and lore no longer meant anything! I started cutting way back, both DC and Marvel were letting me down so from 2008 to 2010 I went with a few indies, but eventually, and finally stopped as suddenly characters I had know for 50+ years were gay, SJW, PC, beta male soyboy wussies, and in some cases anti-American! So comics lost me nearly 10 years ago and now my heroes are gone. I met most of the Legends before they died, Stan Lee, Kirby, Bob Kane, Wally Wood, list is endless. I am almost glad they can't see the garbage being put out now. Ironically, comics pander to the soyboys and feminazis and they don't buy comics. They only whine and cry and have now destroyed something that was great, something that was American! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!

  • Warren JB says:

    Daily attacks… Even after all these time, I'm still amazed that these people equate something like "hey, stop being so partisan in comics" with "I think anyone 5% darker than me should be lynched."

  • Jacob Blanton says:

    FYI to this loser, the Democrats passed an illegal bill that resulted in people having their healthcare taken away… and then were fined because they had no healthcare.

    And yes, it was illegal: it was formulated as a tax bill but the chamber it originated from is not allowed to create tax bills. Oops.

  • William Hensley says:

    To be fair, I wouldn't want to work with him or others like him either. If someone is on twitter non-stop blasting shit I am diametrically opposed with, that's a big pass from me.

  • passerby5 says:

    Semi-permeable membrane? I haven't come across this term since my science lessons in primary school. You should get on that Are you smarter than a 5th Grader show. You'll win hands down!

  • JCAliberty82 says:

    This idiot probably voted Obama the man responsible for his rising healthcare costs

  • RGC2005 says:

    Do Subpeona's count as Invites?

  • nclanceman says:

    My pull list nowadays is just Star Wars and Conan. Month in and month out I know they're usually going to get me decent adventure stories only because the people who make Star Wars and Conan movies aren't mining comics for scripts, so there isn't this race to the bottom of increasingly woke SJWs fighting for key positions there. So when I see stuff like this, I'm reminded that if anything happens to Magic: The Gathering, I'm not even going to get the few comics I want out of this industry when my store closes down.

  • RGC2005 says:

    This like the time TIMEX responded to Casio stealing their IP by doing nothing. Who in their right mind would even buy or wear one of those overpriced, low quality, not very reliable watches anyway…………

  • Isaac La Vina says:

    Damn it people! Support My Boi Zack!

  • Heroineburgh says:

    It's not just Twitterers with TDS who are having trouble getting new work. There are many regular veterans whose careers are slowing down for whatever reason. Times are tough out there as the industry contracts. CG is really one of the only parts of it that's expanding.

  • Unka Bill says:

    In 2016 I once drove to a comic book shop an hour away with a $100 bill to treat myself and after an hour of looking I walked out with my $100 bill intact because I couldn’t find anything I wanted. And comics have just gotten worse each year. I now buy almost all the “comicsgate” Indiegogo books and each one has been great. I rarely go to a comic shop anymore.

  • OmegaPi says:

    Nothing pure about that, more like he is looking for people with hate in their hearts to work with. No wonder he self imploded.

  • Kevin Street says:

    I guarantee you Doug's panel does very well and all of the people screeching about him being at SDCC will be too afraid to confront him in person.

  • Paul Dozier says:

    These people think they are "above" religion, but in the absence of a God to worship, they worship at the altar of their political leanings. Those who will not submit must be expiated.
    Comics industry is now the town from Footloose. Or worse, the pop-up grocery store cult from The Mist (great movie, if you haven't seen it… fix that).

  • kurumais says:

    why was he blacklisted by marvel? dude no comicgate guy or the ppl you work with will be allowed at a con never mind be on panels. you didn't have a name right ? you zack? i cant believe it.

  • SamGuthrie1977 says:

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!

  • KillerGrooves says:

    These lunatics are just driving me into your arms, Zack. Every time they do something insane, you make a video and I'm like, "Oh ho ho, can't wait to watch this!" And then you sell me a product and the industry is like, "Wait. We wanted you to buy our books instead." No one can beat the comic book industry at sending customers to the competition. I wonder if they teach that at Harvard business school.

  • Miguel Valladares says:

    Men, you and others make $$, let alone this Soviets SJW, you work and make monney. Remember: «cuando veas a tu enemigo cavar su tumba, no le quites la pala».

  • Comic Gladiator says:

    The sad thing? He's not losing work because he's woke; he's losing work because as much as he postures and virtue signals, he's still a straight white male, and you can't wash away that original sin.

  • That Guy says:

    At 1st I was disturbed by the future collapse of the mainstream comic industry.. now Im just like "Well I hope I can get some buttered popcorn made & a comfy couch to sit in, just in time to watch it all go down."

  • 3 8 says:

    This sort of questioning is beyond unprofessional – as someone thats also in IT, its a red flag to not hire a person that would do this kind of "screening"; they're definitely not going to try to contribute to the team.

  • Eloquent Sarcasm says:

    When a Scooby Doo comic sells better than a guy with that many years and former hits on his resume…….you MIGHT have chosen the wrong side of history.

  • Jonathan Sanchez says:

    Check out Valiant's new flub. Bleeding cool put an article about their employee's toxic behavior and how the active fan site admins facilitate that behavior. Even the CEO was involved. More bullying of the fans by the company.

  • Gaudia Certaminis says:

    This git is going to Manchester? That’s almost a hundred miles from me! I don’t feel safe. Is there someone I could report him to?

  • Tim Dolan says:

    I really like Outer Darkness. But something he wrote (I think in the back of one of the issues!!) was just so aggressive and gross, I had to quit it.

  • nooctip says:

    Astro city? Not Astro City. I have to recheck my originlal issues. If this the same guy I'm gonna cry.

  • Hemuset says:

    Where would I be able to get Lost Souls? I wanna get GØD-K1NG, but I feel like I'll be lost if I don't read the other first.

  • hollywoodmeow says:

    can we talk about the fact that those four tweets are all directly causal, & his subconscious understands this (because he literally woke up thinking about it after crafting his other statement the previous afternoon), but he still clearly doesnt recognize it?

  • Frank Meadows says:

    Well bless his little heart.

  • Michael Price says:

    So basically it's the same add McCarthyism but in reverse and administered by people who think McCarthy was the devil.

  • Handsome Orc says:

    I can't recall off the top of my head anyone who wears their right wing (even far right wing) views on their shoulder and it having any implicit negative outcomes on creative works… But I sure as shit know that SJWs and other assorted far left loons let it drag their works into the mud.

  • J J says:

    It's like they all subscribe to the ideals of Trotskyism.

    I really am over this insanity.

    I don't want it in my comics,in my television ,in my films or in my books.

    It's uncalled for.

    I don't run around screeching my political beliefs from the damn rooftops(Libertarian for the record) why the hell should you be doing it?

    I know the entertainment industry has always leaned left but why is acting like this socially acceptable?

    These people make me boycott the stuff they do, it's as simple as that.

  • Michael Price says:

    So you refuse top associate with people Ion the grounds of politics but he's broke. Maybe wait until you aren't a beggar before being choosy.

  • MustangAce36Kills says:

    It's really pitiful that Layman refuses to work with people who don't think the way he does. I would just want to work with people who are, you know, COMPETENT. I don't give a toss what your politics are, as long as you're not militant about it. Some of my friends are waaaay far left but I don't shut them out; I just avoid talking about politics and or religion with them. It's not hard.

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