hello my name is sandy crow Tila I’m one of the skeleton see artists we are here in our skeleton see environmental art center which is in Santo Isadora one kilometer from here is the famous peach of divided Ilias divided years and seven other waves and peaches were nominated for the first European world surfing reserve and triple s balloons greek cypriots and harvest at sea together with my two artists friends and surface schwow Varinia and luis de oz we found that this project is green our project in 2005 our concept is easy we go to the beach to beach cleanups individual for most of the time we organize big groups to help us the flood Sam’s plastics and mostly garbage we find is our material to work with we create installations and sculptures out of this stuff and every single artwork has his own story to tell to raise awareness against this ever-growing pollution in our oceans meanwhile we created more than 50 sculptures and about 20 of our best art pieces are on our touring exhibition which is taking place all over Europe we also work a lot with children the children’s are our future and in our workshops we try to implement the seeds for our future caretakers of the environment and the oceans we call this the seedlings project and the workshops we do is turn trash into art so we bring these groups of kids or school classes to the beach and first our friend Raquel she is a marine biologist in our team explains them all about the environment of our oceans and beaches after we do a beach cleanup and explain them where all this litter comes from what damages it causes how we can help how to recycle this stuff and how important it is to keep yours clean then the creative part starts and we turn this trash what we found into art sometimes we do a big bunch of flowers like greetings from the sea sometimes the kids like to do more individual small art crafts like fishes or birds for a collective piece the kids love this workshop and also they understand very well our message we have a very good feedback from the parents that their children behave differently thank you for watching our little video and hopefully we could inspire you to support our siblings projects to keep the oceans clean Oh

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  • Nicole Carp says:

    We are so excited to be working with Skeleton Sea on the "Seedlings" Art project: Support US on Kriticalmass –
    Special Thank You to Luis Villa de Brito for making this video possible.

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