SketchUp: Drawing a table

SketchUp: Drawing a table

So, in this video, I’m
gonna draw a small table. But before we get
started, I want to change a few of the settings.
So, by default, we are in the
architectural style. And the architectural style
has got these thick lines with a kind of a little
marker on all the corners. And if you’re
designing something like a piece
of furniture, that’s really not ideal,
so let’s go under Window Styles and I’ll
select the… the Engineering
style. And that takes away the horizon
and it makes the lines nice and thin,
which is ideal. Next thing we
want to do is change the units. By default,
SketchUp likes to be in inches, I’ve already changed
this over to be in metric. So I want to be in Decimal and I
like to design in Centimeters. And I’ll set the precision
to be 0.1 centimeters. And Length Snapping of .1
centimeter, 1 millimeter, that works out
very well. So, it’s really important
that you set your units especially metric versus
imperial before you get started, because if you switch
between metric and imperial after you start a drawing,
nothing works out to a nice and
round unit. OK, now that we’re
done setting up, we have Susan here. She’s part of the default
set-up when you start SketchUp. She’s kind of shallow. She’s
really just a silhouette but she’s always
facing us. It’s good to keep her around
while you’re getting started because she gives you a
nice sense of perspective. So, I’m gonna start my
table by drawing a leg. And I want that leg to be 4.5
by 4.5 centimeters so… I’m gonna draw,
just a rectangle. And you’ll notice in
the bottom right, that the dimensions
are displayed. So, I’m going to click
on here and then enter 4.5, 4.5 that means I
want the rectangle to be 4.5 by 4.5
centimeters. When I push enter, the rectangle
becomes that size. So, let’s zoom in
on that a bit. So, basically
there’s our rectangle. Now to
create a solid, we use the
push/pull tool or extrude tool as other
people may call it. And I’m gonna turn this
and extrude it into a solid shape, and I
want that shape… I want that leg to be
70 centimeters long. Now notice again on
the bottom right it shows how long it currently
is and if I type in 70, that becomes exactly
70 centimeters long. So, there’s
our table leg Now I want to draw some
apron rails for this table. So, I’m going to again
draw a rectangle. And let’s draw this. And I
want that apron rail to be 1.9 thick by about 8
centimeters wide. So, we’re close to that
on the bottom right, but I’ll enter
that as 8, 1.9. And now let’s
extrude that out, and I want that 60
centimeters long. Now, you’ll notice that this
has just become one shape, in fact it’s impossible for
me to move this part here. I can’t even move this thing
because it’s, kind of, stuck to the leg. So, this
is our next thing, we need objects. So, I’m gonna
hit backspace a few times, to undo what
I’ve just done. And I’m gonna turn this
leg into an object, so that the next thing that I
draw doesn’t become stuck to it. So, I’ll
triple-click on it. And then I’ll
select this tool. And I’ll call
that Table Leg. So this is now
an object. And if I want to
edit this thing, I have to
double-click on it to open it and now I
can do things to it. But I’m gonna leave this
leg as it is for now. So now, once again, let’s
draw our apron rail. And I can draw this
on the face here. And I’m gonna draw
this at 8, 1.9. And I’ll extrude that
out 60 centimeters. So there’s our
apron rail. Now let’s make
that an object. So, triple-click on it
to select all that. Notice that it doesn’t select
the leg, because the leg is in it’s
own object. And the triple-click doesn’t
select things into the object. So, create an
object of that. So, there’s our
apron rail. And now let’s
take that leg, and make a copy of it. And I’m
holding down Control as I drag this along, and
you’ll notice the line that I’m dragging
along is red. Basically, if I’m dragging along
an axis and it snaps to that, here’s along the
green axis. Here’s along
the red axis. That will drag it along the
axis nice and parallel. So, now I’ve got
two legs here. Now, the apron rail doesn’t
look very good if it’s just flush with the table leg. So,
I’m gonna take this apron rail, I’ll select the Move
tool, and I will move it in a little bit. And because
I like to keep things nice and known dimensions, I want
that half a centimeter. So, if you’d watch on the
bottom right, I can drag that to .5 centimeters. It’s a
bit tricky to do that. It’s easier to just punch
in the number that I want. So now we
have two legs for our table. So, now let’s
create another apron rail. Now we’ve already got
this apron rail here. And I just need to
rotate that around to get one on
this side. So, let’s rotate
that apron rail. So, I’m gonna select
the apron rail. And select the
rotate tool. And I’m just gonna
put…go on this face. Now I notice this
circle is blue. And that’s because we’re
rotating about the blue axis. And I’ll
rotate…Oops. OK, now I’ve just
rotated that but I actually wanted
to make a copy. So undo that. And now I’m gonna hit control
and again rotate that, and now I’m
copying. Now that rail is not exactly
where we want it to be. So let’s use the move tool and
I’ll take to the corner of it. And now drag that
to the corner… here. And it’s snapped
to that corner And now let’s move it in
by half a centimeter. And I’m just gonna
enter that, .5. And there is our
second apron rail. Now, let’s
take the legs, an apron rail that
we’ve already got, and we need to
copy that over to create the next
pair of legs, so… I’ll use this
Move tool, I’ll hit Control,
and I’ll move it. And there’s our
next set of rails. Now, you’ll notice that the
apron rail is on the inside. I could just
move that. But I actually want to
flip this whole thing so that when I go on
and do the joinery, the orientation is correct.
So, I’m gonna right-click
on this, flip long and I’m gonna
do the green direction. So there we go. And now let’s take
this apron rail, and again Control Drag,
to move it. Zooming in here, put
if flush, and now .5 centimeters, and there
we have our apron rails. And Susan is standing right
in the middle of our table. We now have a pretty
good sense of scale, for this little table here so we
really don’t need Susan anymore, so let’s select Susan
and delete her. So, now we need a
top for our table. Do I’m gonna
select the square rectangle tool
and I’m gonna draw a rectangle or a square
right on top of the table. And now we have essentially
just a 2-dimensional surface. So, let’s
select this, use the push/pull
tool and I want that to be 2
centimeters thick. So I’m gonna drag
this, pull it off, and I’m gonna enter
2 centimeters. And there is
the table top. Now that really doesn’t
look very good. I actually want
that table top to overhang the edges a
little bit, so I’m gonna select this edge here and
again use the push/pull tool. I’m gonna drag it out
by 5 centimeters. I’m just gonna enter that.
And I’ll do that on every side. And
drag that out. 5 centimeters. Now an
interesting thing is if we have nothing
selected, and we select the
push/pull tool, it will apply to whatever
we have the mouse on top. So I can just do
this, 5 centimeters, and then move around, I don’t
have to do separate select I can just again, go
here and 5 centimeters. And there we have a nice little
card table. In the next video,I’m
gonna do some joinery to actually do the joints
that connect this thing, and embellish the
table a little bit.


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