Sleep Tight Dev Diary – The Art of Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight Dev Diary - The Art of Sleep Tight

I hadn't seen a game in the indie world that looked the way sleep tight look so my career as an art director in triple-a games and movies I work on a lot more adult focused content that are a lot more serious and gritty and a lot darker and so for me when we were designing sleep tight I wanted to do something completely different that was spooky and reminiscent of what you think of your childhood as but also had this feeling of warmth and was very inviting for everyone and the reason it looks kind of like a Pixar movie is max was able to bring a bunch of his buddies from Disney to help work on the worlds and characters for sleep tight we kind of chose to go down this road of Toy Story Mad Max it needed to feel slam together with anything you could find around the house so the monsters in sleep tight needed to strike a balance between feeling original and fun and unique but also being generic enough that anyone could preach at their own idea of their childhood nightmares onto them with the animation of the monsters we didn't want it to be too spooky and too serious because we do want this to be a game for everyone so we tried to bring out the humor in there and have different monsters running around flailing their arms in the air falling down completely dramatic almost like if your dog's playing dead we wanted it to just be comical and fun and let the actual tension come from your ability to survive the score of sleep type really evokes the spooky nostalgia that I get from watching some of my favorite childhood moves we wanted to create the feeling of nostalgia but we didn't want to rely on a specific era to give you that feeling so we tried to stay away from things like synthesizers or 8-bit or anything that would make you think of a specific time but rather give you the emotion of nostalgia so that you could feel that regardless of your age you


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