Small-Space End Table. Or Night Stand. Free woodworking plans.

Small-Space End Table. Or Night Stand. Free woodworking plans.

You know who totally got snubbed at the Oscars this year? Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer. Work Smarter. This video is also sponsored by Harry’s. I’m using a combination of inexpensive pine boards and plywood for this
project First I’ll cut down the pine boards to their
widths. To cut the decorative tapers on the bottom
of each leg, I’m using my microdial, no wait, MicroDial
Tapering Jig. As always, it’s a good idea to cut all the
pieces that are the same size at the same time so you don’t have to adjust your setup. I can glue and tack the side pieces together. Two of them only get a rail on one side. Now I can attach the legs to those pieces, keeping in mind that the taper goes outside. Whenever I use pocket screws, I like to use glue on the joint also. To make sure this lower piece is positioned in the same spot on each side, I’ve cut out a scrap that I’ll use as a spacer. And once again, my poor spacial awareness
kicked in and I’ve got the pocket holes on the wrong
side of this piece, but it’s already glued up so I’m just going to fill those in. And once these are sanded down, I’ll paint right over them. I’ll prepare the two back pieces the same
way. I’m going to glue and screw these into just
one side. I’m notching out the corners in the lower
shelf. Before I assemble anything I’m going to glue on these drawer runners which are just square pieces of solid wood. I’m sanding the tops of these runners down
now with 220 grit sandpaper because once this
is assembled, it’s going to be really hard to get my hand
in there to sand it. This part’s going to be a little tricky, I need to set this shelf in place before I put this together. And again, I’m using glue and pocket screws. Now I can glue this shelf into place. I can’t get my nailer to fit inside of this
gap so I’m just going to clamp this into place. The drawers are just simple boxes made out
of plywood. I’m using a rabbeting bit on my router to make a ledge for the drawer bottoms to
drop into. I cut these two thin pieces of hardboard to use as the bottoms of the drawers. The rabbeting bit leaves these rounded corners so I need to cut these corners to match. Then glue and tack them into place. I don’t want the drawer going all the way
back. I want it to stop right about here so I’ve cut out some little stop blocks that I’ll glue and tack into the back. This piece of plywood is going to be the top. I’m covering up the edges with iron-on edge
banding. {Visit and use promo code: WOODWORKING!} Well the paint’s all dry and I’ve moved it
inside. It was just too blindingly white out in the
sunlight and I couldn’t see anything. I want the drawers to slide in and out really
smoothly. The key to doing that on wooden runners is
to polish them using a paste wax. I’m going to use this wax sent to me by my
friend Linn. She makes her own using linseed oil and beeswax. I’ll include a link down in the description if you’d like to check it out yourself. It even smells good. Let me show you how it works. Using a rag, I’ll just wipe this onto those
rails. You can even put it on the paint. And I’ll put it on the bottom of the drawers
too. Once it’s dried for about 5 or 10 minutes, you can start buffing it with a clean rag. Having drawers slide that easily is very satisfying. I’d really like to take a moment to thank
you for choosing to spend a few moments of your day with me in my workshop here at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. If you like this video and you’re not already
subscribed, I’d like to encourage you to do so, so you won’t miss a video. I post brand new woodworking videos every
Friday on this channel. And if you like this project and would like
to build one of your own, I’ve got a free set of plans
down below. Including metric. And I’d like to remind you to become a Me-Mo Head over to the Woodworking for Mere Mortals
web site at where you can post pictures of your own projects, interact with others in the community, and download free plans. What do you think? Is it an end table or a night stand? I think it’s an end table because nightstands usually come in pairs, right? Although I’m going to use this as a nightstand next to our new Murphy bed in the guest room. Thanks again for watching, everyone. I’ll see you next week!


  • Paul Titmuss says:

    I'm not sure if anyone else heard it, but did you curse at 4:58? Hehe! Love your video's Steve, keep them coming – I look forward to watching them each week.

  • Lenny F says:

    WHITE??  You actually painted something white!

  • Collin says:

    Can you make a mere minutes on brad and finishing nailers. Please

  • Zhelio Ferreira says:

    You are the best!

  • mick szym says:

    great video Steve… but you use too much expensive tools for me….. at the beginning… you used regular tools that every beginners could afford… but not anymore ;-(
    but still.. it is a pleasure to see your videos.

    BTW.. very funny, the part with the glue for pocket hole… i am sure Mathias will appreciate 😉

  • Danny Compton says:

    Nice project.  Thanks for the plans I've been looking for a set of nightstands to refinish, but I've not seen anything I like.  This might be a project for me.

  • Steve Eady says:

    Did you not participate in the Kitchen Utensil Challenge? Didn't see anything from you or Mathias. Very nice end/night table/stand

  • whowhat691 says:


  • NVOutsider says:

    It depends, are you putting it at the end of another piece of furniture of next to the the bed for things to stand on at night?

  • John winfrey says:

    Did you edge band the bottom shelf the same as the top? If not why? Sorry just wondering

  • BeeRich33 says:

    Microbial.  Looks like you build a one night stand.  

  • TJ Dupuis says:

    Micro Jig should have gotten an award 

  • Raúl Blanco says:

    Good simple design, easy to build, inexpensive, what else could you ask?. Great little project Steve, and No one looks at the sides of drawers! Thanks for the great content, greetings from Mexico!

  • Maxid1 says:

    Wait, toward the end there you were leaning on something. Couldn't quite make it out though, it blended in with the walls…

  • J S says:

    Pocket screws AND glue… oooo, someone should test that for strength 😉

  • William Lutes says:

    Good Stuff !

  • WoodenCreationz says:

    Glue and Pocket Screws!!! Rofl!!!

  • Quito Mauro says:

    Hi..Steve..Marvelous Proyect..the nightstand looks SO NICE..! Thanks for share…!
    Greetings from Argentine.! Steve. ( Yes, My name is Steve also ).

  • Paul Urbaniak says:

    Why didn't you take part in the "2015 Kitchen Utensil Challenge"? BTW, you are my favourite woddworker on Youtube!

  • Keith Ketcham says:

    Amazing job as always Steve!

  • Michael Means says:


    I have some questions for you about this project:

    1.  How do you like the one sided edge band cutter?  I have a two sided gizmo, and I always end up taking it apart and using one side, because the grain is always tearing out on the second side.

    2.  How do you like the long reach Kreg clamps?

    3.  How do you like the Incra Miter gage on your table saw?

    4.  Did you have any difficulty getting your table saw blade parallel to the miter slot?

    As always, keep up the good work.  I really enjoy your channel and the safe haven you have created for woodworkers of all ages and skill levels.


  • j says:

    Thumbs up for the pocket holed table…
    Thumbs down for being outside in a tshirt while everyone else watches from indoors ,under blankets, and shivering. Jealousy comment.

  • Brian says:

    Those clamps look Sweeeeeeeeeeet 🙂

  • Berkut229 says:

    Хорошая штука получилась)))

  • Woodworking Maniak says:

    After seeing the heat Matthias got without using glue in his pocket hole tests, It's entertaining seeing you point out the use of glue many times over. 🙂 Oh, and fun effects with the nailer.

  • Sterling Davis says:

    Great way to save on expenses, drawer pulls are nice, but can be over rated, that looked pretty smooth after sanding, and wax finish, Thanks Steve

  • tyler reel says:

    does anyone know if the iron on edge band takes stain well?

  • Chuck St. Louis says:

    Harry's blades to leave you hair-less?
    Hope you use a push stick when using Harry's blades.
    Hate to see cut off your upper extremity.
    Joking aside nicely presented video and great project.

  • BobMaplethorppe says:

    Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your videos! Keep up the good work!!

  • dreamwisperer says:

    Excellent job Steve! Keep the vids coming! Also, at the end of your video, at 7.20' I see the router table. Do you have a video of it too?

  • Frank Gatta says:

    If you come to the end of the table, you will have a one night stand.

  • Jahabar Sadiq says:

    What kind of paint do you use. Water or oil based. It looks clean

  • ecstasyofgold888 says:

    Hi Steve, did you eventually paint the sides of the drawers?  You can see the bare wood when you pull it out.

  • Jay Mesawitz says:

    I love the design and intend to give it a build. But I see getting a screw gun in place for pocket hole screws in to both sides of the short ends more challenging than getting the nail gun in there for the lower level top. 

  • lorenzo lol says:

    before it was woodworking but now there's more advertising than woodworking 🙁

  • x says:

    Where the heck do you put all the stuff you build for this channel? You can't possibly need it all in your house.  Do you donate it to the sad children in latestcountrythathasafamine?

  • Wes Hamstra says:

    Good looking Table! I always look forward to your videos! keep up the good work!

  • Zhang Luis says:

    Love this end table, it's just so pretty and so easy to make! Keep on!

  • Yardeski says:

    Steve's product placement is the only product placement on YouTube that doesn't piss me off! 

    Good job! I love seeing new videos just to see the variations on the MicroJig intro! 

  • Bill Binnicker says:

    Hi Steve. I enjoy your projects, but you are using more and more speciality expensive tools. Thought you were for the poor man?

  • Gerald Whitworth says:

    Steve, thanks for taking time to post this video.  It is always a pleasure watching your latest project.  The best part of your videos is that they inspire folks to get out and try a woodworking project.  This table looks great, but is simple enough for someone who only has a few tools and basic knowledge.  There are lots of shoulda, woulda, coulda suggestions about how to construct this table, but this one seems simple enough that almost anyone could build it in a short time and be proud of it.  Thanks again for your videos.

  • Glam says:

    Linseed oil and beeswax….. that sounds familiar 🙂

  • Roamin says:

    It really just depends on the lighting.

  • HaShomer ShelTorah says:

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  • Eva Warhead says:

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    Hi Steve 
    Can you help me out , i need to glue a piece of glass to wooden board , what type of glue should i use 


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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great project Steve and I will really enjoyed the show, this is something I will tackle in my workshop (aka garage). I usually work with old pallets, which I like the rustic look and I'm thinking of trying this project with pallet wood.  

    Keep up the great work.


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  • trevor steeves says:

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  • Hi-Def says:

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  • Sarah Michelle says:

    Steve, I'm a lady married to a lady, and I just found you tonight. I have to say, I love you! And I find myself wishing for you, that you make great money and respect for your craft, because you are — to someone without your talent, skills and knowledge — a woodworking ✨magician✨!! Wish we were neighbors. I'd buy you beer as payment for allowing me to watch you work your magic. I'd also be poor, as I have plenty of ideas I'd wish to pay you to build for us! I've SO subscribed to you! Peace and happiness to you,
    Sarah from faaaaaaaarrrrrr northern MN.

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  • Shane Smith says:

    Hey Steve,
    I built these tables for our bedroom. i actually built them so the long side had the drawers and faced out from the bed.
    Thanks for the idea.

  • Glen Varminter says:

    Hi Steve!! Like your videos. Whenever I make a stand or jewelry box or whatever with small drawers I like to drill the sides,, at the back,, to accept a small fine thread screw. I use these screws as drawer stops rather than glue blocks so I can adjust them more precisely & later on down the road with wear there is some adjustability built into them. Hope this helps you in some small way!! Glen S

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