Snap Boogie – Street Performer (Boston MA)

Snap Boogie - Street Performer (Boston MA)

all the way from behind this guy your hometown hero from Boston top 12 on America's Got Talent solo dancer give it up but snap I do like the acting one shilin and Johnny non-union she's a girl No love Jesus he's about Oh the truth shayana Johnny no one is Napoli 22 years old my hometown is Boston I'm an international Street alright ladies and gentlemen I'd like to take this time to thank each and every single one of you guys for watching my show I put it up something show without any of you guys and I can't do anything without my audience that watched me so thank you guys so much ice to perform because I have a dream guy and that dream is to get $20 bills for merry fighting my hottie no silly people my real Aviva shot my own dinner I can't do it without you guys the 20 would be amazing the 500 chin lets me know I still have a future if you don't have anything just walk up to me shake my hand say excellent job and I believe live Street dinner is for everybody what do you have when you're not and that's why I do my job ladies do me one more time on the count of three everybody go crazy let's have fun this is my city Boston one nice and loud sorry if you clap with the hands in your pocket it's gonna hurt one night your lab do don't let me down one I want to have my own like my own galerkin if I do that I mean I'm able to rotate atmosphere what I do right here is create an atmosphere and I do like these features I've always wanted to bring light to a whole city you know I mean when you bring light to a whole sea it kind of feels good you know so I could bring light to this can I can bring light to other things in the world so that's why I want to I want to have my own theater


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