• mrnocal says:

    I think they were too hard on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Wasn't a great movie, but good light entertainment, and there wasn't really that much nudity in the movie as they led you to believe. Most of the nudity was just male butts in the locker room scene, and just flashes of female topless nudity very briefly. It wasn't like Porky's or other R rated nudity filled movies of that time. They make it sound like it was an exploitable skin flick, which it was not.

  • Jesse Coffey says:

    In 1982, it was hard to sell a movie like The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and not just to Siskel & Ebert. The very word "Whorehouse" was considered objectionable in certain parts of the United States. Universal was thus forced to call it The Best Little Cathouse in Texas in some print ads. Depending on the area, TV ads for the film were either censored or banned outright. In Detroit, the announcer for WXYZ-TV's Now Showing segment made a clicking noise during his reading of the film's title, mainly to get the offending word off of the television set. And finally, Dolly Parton did interviews in which she referred to the film as The Best Little Chicken House in Texas.

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