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Snow Cone Soap Making - Soap Art - Soap Piping - Cold Process Soap  | Royalty Soaps

– Hello, everyone! My name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds
here at Royalty Soaps, and I will make a brief apology for the lateness of this video. Should have gone up on Saturday, but we were at Vidcon and
we got really, really busy, and it kinda just fell through the cracks. Also, the day right
before we left for Vidcon, we got some news about the business. Big changes. Nothing bad, just really
huge, unexpected changes, which we will talk about
as soon as we are able to. You can look forward to a
very massive compiled video that I will be putting together. It will include lots of different clips that I will have to gather over time so that the story makes sense, but it is a story worth hearing. It's snow cone soap today,
which is so, so fun. This is another one of
the soaps where I'm like, "I could have blended that longer, "and it would've been better." But then we made more and
those actually did look better. Sometimes you guys are seeing like the very first thing that I make, like right on camera, and so the ones that I make off camera typically look a lot better than that. And today's video is also
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for sponsoring the video. I very much appreciate that. Everyone here at Royalty
Soaps appreciate that. We think you guys are great. And without further ado,
let's make some soap. All right, let's begin the same way we do for every single high top soap (laughs). We are changing it up ever so slightly, by using a stainless steel strainer today, because you guys asked for it, and I do my best to accommodate you. Introducing a brand new stick blender. It's pink, it's $25, and
it's on Amazon so we approve. (upbeat music) Now our soap batter is nice and runny. We've got three different
colors we're working with today. So we're gonna pour it off into these lovely little
mixing containers. Glub, glub. (laughs) So into our large container, we're adding some brilliant blue mica. It's so gorgeous, and it makes
such a deep shade of blue. Give that a scripity-scrapity, not a whipity-wipety. (laughs) – [Man] Oy! I use your catchphrases,
you better use mine! – [Katie] We gone put
some red in this one. (moaning) I cut my finger. – [Man] Oh no! – [Katie] (chuckles) Just kidding. It's just colorant. (chuckles) We're gonna put a little
true yellow in this one, and I'm gonna start by blending
it all in with my spatula, because, quite frankly, I cannot remember if this fragrance oil accelerates or not, so better safe than sorry! I know 100% what I'm doing. Someone told me one time, "Katie, I can't believe you're
a professional soap maker." And I was like, "I'm not." (laughs) I have never thought
of myself in that way. I'm a professional crafter. I'm a crafty person that just (laughs) happens to make
money doing (laughs) it. It still very much, in some
way, feels like a hobby. I'm still getting to be
just as creative as I want, which is rad. This red is the exact
same color as the spatula, so I don't really know
when it's all off. (laughs) The fragrance oil we are using today is Blue Raspberry Slushie
from Nature's Garden. I thought, "How fitting
for a snow cone soap," because it definitely
smells like a snow cone. Smells so good. I may have filled this
one a little too much. Wow, this kinda smells like an Icee to me, like you know the Icees you
get when you go to the theater, or the cinema, depending
on where you live. I think the cinema sounds so regal. It sounds like 1950's glamor. I'm wearing a suit to go watch this movie. Woohoo! Fragrance oil is blended in, so let's go ahead and
pour these into the molds, after this quick commercial break. (mold scraping against table) Time to pour, so we're
beginning with the blue. I will fill this up about half way. Do the same on this
side, about half way up. All right, so let's start our drop swirl. I've had a couple comments recently being like, "Why do you
always do drop swirls?" Because they look good, that's why. There are a lot of different swirls you can do with soap-making,
but I like color, and I like my colors
to stay very separate. Also, whenever you pipe a soap, you can only cut it a certain way. So whenever you have to do it that way, there's only very certain swirls that look good if you
have to pour this way, and also, I have to be able to recreate the swirl multiple times. If you're just making
one small batch of soap, you can pretty much do any
type of swirl you want. But if you're having to recreate it multiple, multiple times, it's really not in your best interest to make something that
is extremely complicated. The people I know that do soap making on
a larger production, meaning like more than 300 soaps a month, they don't do fancy soaps. They don't do them at all. They're just like, "Hey, no way! "I got lots of soap to make. "Here's two colors, and
that's what you get." And there's absolutely
nothing wrong with that, and I can totally see why they do it, because it is a lot
easier to do it that way, it's better for your production time, and as Kenna Cody from
Modern Soapmaking says, "You should be using
20% or less of your time "on actual soap making when you are "a soap making small business. "That should not be taking up
the majority of your time." I will say, in the future on this channel, there will be some soaps that we create that will not be recreated. So whatever you see us make on camera will be the only batch, and those will be the ones that we make really
complicated, really complex. Maybe have special swirls,
they take a long time to do. I will also say, for
the people that I know that make a lot of soap and
sell a lot of soap every month, I don't know anybody that
makes as much as we do, that makes them as complicated as we do. We also do eight new
designs every single month. And, typically, I design
over 100 new soaps a year. A lot of people told me when I started, that that business model wouldn't work. They were just like, "Uh, no. "You need to have a standard line "that you recreate multiple times. "You need to limit yourself
to three colors per bar." And I was like, "No." (laughs) "I want to do more than that. "I don't want to limit myself that much." And, I didn't have to. It works for us to do it this way. So, moral of the story:
break the status quo. If you're not comfortable doing something that is the norm in your industry, find a way to not do it. (laughs) It also helps set you
apart from everyone else. I also just want to clarify, I don't think my way of doing soapies are better than anybody else's. It's just my way of liking to do it. And this worlds needs
all types of soap makers, and all types of soapy businesses. Let's say we swirl the top
of this, just for funsies. Obviously, we will have piping on the top, but sometimes it's fun to just go through and swirl it anyway, because it's just nice to look upon as you are piping across it. This is a pretty popular
way to swirl soap, and I think it makes it
look really, really good. It's just the right amount of swirl, but it leaves all that color very vivid. So now that it is unnecessarily
swirled (laughs) on top, I'm gonna mix up the soap frosting, and we will get to piping that top. (upbeat music) So I've got my piping bag filled, and I've put a stripe of
red, and yellow, and blue to match the inside of the soap. It's still pretty runny because I'm gonna be putting
salts on top of this one, so I don't want it to be super firm or else the salts won't stick to it. I'm gonna pipe a little down the middle until all three of the colors come out. There they go. Make sure we get that
yellow all highlighted. This looks like a bomb pop. (laughs) I am gonna turn it slightly as I pipe, that way all the pretty
colors can be displayed. This reminds me of every summer carnival I ever went to (laughs). Got sort of mottled color coming out so I always place those in the middle. It's no big deal. It'll probably happen to you at least once whenever you're doing
a three-toned piping. And then once you get past that point, like I have now, you
can go back to the edge where it's gonna be appearing, make sure you keep turning the piping bag so you've go all different
colors being displayed. And actually, this particular soap is gonna be a good deal covered up by salts that we're putting on the top, so if it isn't 100% perfect
on this particular one, doesn't even matter that much. A little on the top now,
and I've rotated it again. You see there's some
yellow, and red right here, so now I'm trying to rotate it so there will be blue on the outside. And I got a stripe coming
out that ain't real pretty, so I'm turning (laughs) it
again to kinda hide that. That's gonna be the part that you're not gonna
be able to see anyway. And it just does that because no matter how hard I try
to scrape the inside, it's always gonna have
just a teeny tiny bit that doesn't get picked up, and then that'll mix together with whatever color is coming out, and then it'll get cleaned
up as you pipe along. Just gonna add a teeny tiny, little dollop because it's a snow cone, we don't wanna overwhelm
the top with a large spike. So for the top, I've decided that we should probably make it actually look like a snow cone, so I colored three
different types of salt. We're gonna sprinkle them
down the side, and hopefully, they stick and it looks
like a rainbow snow cone, with yellow in the middle, and red and blue on the sides. So I'm gonna start here with this blue. I'm just gonna sprinkle down the sides. I'm being a little bit
careful with this first pass, and then I'll probably just use my hands to sprinkle the second one. Come here to this side,
do the same over here. They're gonna get everywhere. I am prepared (laughs) to deal with that. And I've used two
tablespoons of these salts for just two loaves of soap because I really want it to cover as much as humanly possible. And I got this idea from Caleb, who said one time, that these
look like little ice chunks. And I was like, "Hmmm, ice
chunks, you say?" (laughs) "That reminds me of a
favorite treat of mine, "a snow cone." With the blue done, I
am wiping off my gloves so it doesn't get on the next color. We're gonna put on the yellow
right here in the middle, all the way down the soap, and once again, the good things is is
that as you use this soap, the salts are gonna come off, but that pretty piping is gonna stay. I don't know what flavor this is, but in Terrell, there is a
flavor called Tiger's Blood, and it is so good. They put that on the snow cones, I think it's like a berry mix. Not real sure, does anybody know? And now, we will do the
red on the other side. So again, it's gonna make
a huge mess (laughs). I am prepared to clean it all up. I'm just sprinkling the first pass on so I can get that line where I want it. Gonna do the same over here. There's actually a lot of
red on the piping over here, so that coordinates quite well. And now, I'm just gonna dump this. Let all those little
extras fall off the side. That's the quickest way to clean it. All right! All right, let's go in for a closeup. (laughs) Y'all (laughs) these are so fun! I love them. I really am digging the salt on top. I'm glad we went ahead and added that. We're gonna wait 18 to 24 hours and then we'll come back,
and we will chop them, and take a look at the inside after this quick commercial break. (swipe)
– Oh we boy howdy, my friends! This is looking so nice the next day. Now I got these straws on here, so I'm gonna have to flip it on its side. (salts falling) (mold hits table) So let's pull one out of the middle, and I'm already afraid, just
by looking on the edge here, that I'm about to have to talk about a very common fragrance
(laughs) oil mistake that I just made. Yep, I sure am. (laughs) So here's what's going on. You got all these little white specks and that's the fragrance oil that didn't get mixed in completely. It has been turned into soap, it just didn't get fully incorporated into the entire batch at large, so it's making lots of little
white spots in the soap. That's called ricing. It's what happens when the fragrance oil hits the batter and kinda curdles a little bit. It makes, you know, like
little chunks of rice. So, to beat that, you're
gonna stick blend. I did not stick blend, I blended in my fragrance
oil with a spatula, and that's why this happened. So in the future, that's
what you're gonna have to do to beat out the ricing. And also, just in case
ya'll wanted to know, if you're gonna use the Blue Raspberry Slushie in the future, you're gone have to watch out for this. But let's take a moment to focus on the good thing: this piping. So you can see the mottled
red, blue, and yellow up top. It did exactly what I wanted it to, and the top really does
look like a snow cone. And it does smell absolutely incredible. So future Katie is gonna
insert a picture right here of the soap when it's made properly, and that fragrance oil
has been blended in, instead of mixed in with a spatula. This is what the soap is
supposed to look like. Now, for the question of the day. Do you like snow cones
or shaved ice better? Yes, there is a difference. I, personally, like shaved ice more. I always feel like I'm getting more for my money
(laughs) with shaved ice, but snow cones are really good if it's really, really hot outside. So, to vote on the question
of the day, simply click the I in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. So what you guys think about
those primary soap colors, hmm? You got the red, you got
the blue, you got the green. Green? Since when has green (laughing)
been a primary color? Oh no! I may or may not have just gotten back from Vidcon yesterday at like
1:00 a.m. with a newborn, please give me a break (laughs). We got the red, we got the
blue, we got the yellow, and they didn't mix, which I dig. Thanks you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed today's video, please give it a big thumbs up! Maybe think about
subscribing to the channel, if you wanna see more videos like this. Leave us a comment down below. We've got Instagram for
you, all the Instagrams. We got Kenny's Instagram,
we got my Instagram, we got Royalty Soaps' Instagram. And if you're not on Instagram, this doesn't apply to you (laughs). And be sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that is going out and
getting yourself a snow cone. Come on, now we all wanna do it. There's one in Terrell called Tiger Ice. Really, really good. Or, plant yourself a little plant. Okay, when I went to California, there are succulents
growing out of the cracks in the pavement on the sidewalk. Such an inspiration. I finally have some growing in the window, we'll see how long it
takes me to kill them. I'll keep you posted. So until next time, you guys
have an absolutely royal day, and I will see you soon. Bye for now! (hums and imitates slap) (upbeat music)


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