Somebody to Love (Queen cover) – Sean Kingsley on the RØDE Performer mic

Somebody to Love (Queen cover) - Sean Kingsley on the RØDE Performer mic

hi there my name's Shaun Kingsley I've been a professional vocalist for over 35 years now mainly West End shows they're kind of big West End musicals I normally called on to do the big kind of rock stuff I have a big rock tenor voice which makes me a perfect candidate to come in and put this thing through its paces this is the rodelink performer kick it's a condenser microphone it gives you studio quality in a live setting I really use kind of all the ranges of a microphone in a live setting so this is gonna be really interesting for me I thought one of the shows I did was we were rocking I played Khashoggi and was auditioned by Brian May as well I've actually stood on stage with Brian sung Bohemian Rhapsody with his hair flopping in my face one of the most surreal parts of my career so I thought as a big Queen fan as well and what better to do than a queen song because Freddie's vocals you know and his range can really put this through its paces so here we go somebody to love let's give it a go it's morning I care about I'll you can banish down on my feet in the mirror and cry thought what you're doing to me spend all of my years and believe in you but I just can't get no relief somebody somebody can anybody find me somebody to learn I work hard every day in my life I work till I ate to my bones at the ends I'll take on my heart and pay my own get down on my knees and begin to pray till I just can't get no love somebody for somebody anybody every day ha try'n I try and I try but everybody wants to put me down there they say I'm going crazy they say I got a lot of water in my brain got no consents I got no fear I got no rhythm I just keep losing my breathe it's okay I'm alright ain't gonna face no defeat just gotta get out of this prison cell someday I'm gonna be free fine me somebody to love find me somebody to know fine somebody somebody somebody somebody somebody find me somebody find me somebody to love anybody anywhere climate somebody


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