'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Writers Break Down Biggest Fan Theories | Heat Vision

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Writers Break Down Biggest Fan Theories | Heat Vision

hello friends this week on heat vision breakdown we are joined by very special guests Chris McKenna and Eric summers the writers of spider-man far from home which is in theaters right now gonna talk all about Spidey thank you so much for joining us all right one of the things that this film does it officially names the snap that Thanos wiped off half of the life in the universe with and they call it the blip that is a name that I wasn't expecting for it where did that word come from and how did you guys come up with the blip it's funny I you know we we spent a lot of time a windowless room with the creative team Marvel and John Watson Amy Pascal and someone I think in the Marvel team called it the blip and then we just adopted that yeah I think John and the team had come up with calling it the blip very early and so just as soon as we started talking about everything that we're calling it the blip and we weren't sure that that was we're talking about the same thing or but cuz the only told us a little bit about what happened in endgame so maybe we're like oh is this something else additional thing how bad is this fan oh sky yeah it's funny we were working on this for a long time and we only had a little bits and pieces of what happened in infinity and endgame to go off and that was one of the things with the snap yeah I guess we weren't there you wouldn't really know that he snapped his fingers yeah yeah but as Chris said it's kind of cool that people who weren't there would give it a different name right because it would have lots of different names I raised a lot of questions and one of the questions that keeps coming up is if you were an airplane and somebody snapped you when you snap back in are you still in midair we asked that exact question okay it was explained to us you haven't seen an endgame Bruce in the form of the whole snaps everyone back but Bruce and making that snap back made sure to think about bringing back everyone safe itself so people are not falling 35,000 feet out of the sky that would be a bummer yeah Notah been a great that would have been a great though epilogue sure just I'm just showing people just died anyway additional getting goodbye strategy I happen on top of the other huge I'm also curious about the things that snapback with you like your clothes come back with when those get mapped out if you were holding a cellphone I guess your cell phone comes back here you were eating a banana yes yes we had lots of conversations this conversation so there are established rules then for the snap well so yeah definitely I mean I think that's part of the fun with far from home was we wanted we really want to play with the nitty-gritty of this crazy cosmic event that happened and then it was reversed that's why in the opening you get to see I guess you know Bruce didn't account for marching bands and basketball teams who then collide we talked about animals but it's all it's half of all life on the planet so I mean in the universe one of the great things about spider-man is spider-man's stories as they happen a little bit more on the ground level a little little bit removed from sort of the grandeur more epic things and so we always want to deal with what is the more ground-level repercussions of the snap and so we talked extensively about all that kind of stuff you can go for half the e.coli in your system getting clipped away and then flipping back and how everyone would have like digestive problems throughout the movie right well that was my maybe they didn't like that didn't uh not real deep yet in this film we also find out the Maria Hill and Nick Fury were Scrolls the entire time John Watson said that there was a line in the movie about Nick Fury cutting this toast diagonally which would have been a hint that he is a scroll where there are other little pieces that you guys put in there to kind of signal to the audience that these are not actually the characters but scroll versions of the characters I think if you watch the movie it's careful to have them always be in public when they're talking to each other so that we're protecting the idea that they were just alone by themselves they wouldn't be just talking those Scrolls but I don't know there was anything else specific that was dropped in there well speaking of that there is a line in there where they say I thought the Kree sleeper cells were supposed to be a secret is what Nick Fury and Maria Hill say to each other I think they're in private when they say that line but they're outside of there in Berlin and they're outside so they wouldn't be scrolling around yeah you never know if anyone's yeah yeah yeah in disguise but that line itself is there's a lot to that line it's not just a throwaway line at least it doesn't feel like a line that way when you write something like that is that hinting at something farther down the line was that something missive that came from above they're like well we need to put that line in there that's something you guys came up with we could lie and say yes but honestly it was one of those things where we needed a downbeat with Maria and Nick talking in their disguises outside of the Berlin headquarters if this is before even Captain Marvel came out so we would be asking plot points and they would be giving us little things here and there and that was one of those things that they felt like oh yeah I think they could be talking about the Kree keep it on the subject of Scrolls edith can't pick up scrolls apparently because when peter is wearing Edith it doesn't say that Nick Fury is not Nick Fury when he's laying it is that or Nick Fury is clever enough that he knows an end right and sort of an end run around eat it maybe he's part of the network I don't know we'll see but if Edith couldn't recognize Skrulls I would give eat at the break for that because has Edith seems II didn't even know that Scrolls into this controls copy DNA down to the like the blood level that you'll be able to pick up if it scans you you would still be you even though it's a scroll copy good question I think you know it goes to the question of would look did Tony who designed the system know about Scrolls if he did was he working in league with Nick with them so that he would want to protect scroll identity all things I'm sure writers of the next finally the name Edith it stands for even dead on the hero that Tony Stark came up with but fans have noticed that it is also the name of a woman that Tony's father dated in the show agent Carter is there a deeper meaning to the name edom yes they found it they discovered it yeah they win they win a million dollars and don't know where it's I don't know it's buried it's that's hidden in the movie too all right I know I feel what a real answer for that it was we just knew that so people aren't getting a million dollars I want to be yeah no boy now we're in trouble uh we knew that Tony would come up with a funny name for the system like he does for everything so we came up with the most Tony version of it and it just happened – oh it was just a coincidence with the the woman that Howard Stark used to date yes okay and there's no me if they find it if there's all right onto the multiverse the multiverse was something that the trailers kind of teased that like this might have been a multiverse the opening of the multiverse in the MCU however it was found out that Mysteria was lying about it we did find out from endgame that till the Swinton's the ancient one character has talked about the multiverse and faggiest said that she's a bit more of a trustworthy source than somebody like Mysterio but your take on the multiverse is there a multiverse yes in the comic books there's there are multiverses obviously we were doing a con-artist movie and we wanted the most believable cover story for Quentin back so therefore it seemed like not making him part of this universe but a bit another universe seemed like the best cover story whether actually there is a multiverse in the MCU I think is remains to be seen yes Chris said you know when when you're doing a con or some sort of big deception or something just a lot of time and effort goes into protecting it and setting it up and someone on the creative team pitched the multiverse idea I don't remember whom but immediately we all thought yes that would be a great way people will ask fewer questions there are so many questions they could ask that simply can't be answered because you can just say well I'm from another multiverse and and so it just seemed like a great way for Beck to accomplish to help Beck accomplish his goal and help us get because the audience they want there to be a multiverse and so you're playing off of their love of manipulating I don't blame you speaking of Mysterio a lot of people think that he might still be alive and that maybe at the end he was pulling one last con actually dead is Mysterio no more you don't want you don't want it revealing that certain characters have Scrolls kind of opens up a Pandora's box in the MCU and it means that lots of other people could possibly be Scrolls as well do you think it's possible that there are other people who are Scrolls that we haven't discovered yet and if so did you kind of write clues in there that people could pick up if we dissect I think it's certainly possible we didn't write anything in specifically and and we we have not personally planned anything out but I think it certainly opens up a a world of possibilities that's very exciting and see if there's a door to you guys is that it frankly Marvel tells us very little so they might I mean we don't know the idea that there were Scrolls in this movie was an idea that was floating around very early in the story breaking and worked out I think in a fun way particularly since the movie is all about how many lies are being told and you know so up until the final tag there's still another lie to be revealed but Marvel they are very good at keeping mysteries I think our first priority was just to think about the movie itself and let's do what's the most satisfying and and pays off the best in the movie nothing was ever mandated like hey we want you to do this and put these Scrolls in it was all about just trying to make the best movie we could and then now fortunately we've got these great things at the end that are really gonna promise all kinds of cool stuff in the future which is really exciting I think one of the other great reveals in this film and one that people really went crazy for and all the screens that I've been in is JK Simmons returning as Jay jonah Jameson was that originally written with him in mind or were you going to do it with or without him in the script was it originally written for JK we have to have JK for this they were talking about bringing back JK pretty early in the process and that was an exciting idea for all of us and then the new idea at some point was well let's change up the Daily Bugle and if we're gonna bring him back are we gonna bring him back in the exact same capacity or do we want to try spin it in some way change it in some way perhaps to reflect the way the media landscape has changed and it may be in keeping with the themes of the movie and so then the idea was pitched by someone on the team to to have the Daily Bugle now be this this internet kind of thing and have him be more of an Alex Jones kind of character and we all like that idea so that's what we went with it's similar to last year's iteration of him in the Marvel spider-man video game addiction for that's where we still okay that was my question that so your theme no it's funny we were down we were far down the road with that idea the incarnation of Daytona and the game came out yeah we still like the idea in there after we but yeah we were like good idea guys we've seen with all the Iron Man villains and every single one of his films are kind of people who were sworn by Tony Stark or his family at some point we've also now seen that in the spider-man films with Bulger last film and now with the Mysterio in this film is that something that is a mandate for the character that this is the type of villains that spider-man's gonna be going against the same as Iron Man was going against cuz he's kind of taking up that mantle or is it just whatever works best for the story this is the way to know I think it's the latter I mean for us the backstory of vulture was just something that evolved from the team talking about what would be a good motivation and I'm talking about keeping it personal and to Peter and things like that and then the backstory of beck is similar we were just talking a lot about this villain and his relation to Peter and what he does what does this villain do what is his nature these tricks and this and that and and ultimately we landed on on that being the the backstory and that felt like the best for this movie but it certainly wasn't part of an overall you know mandate right because we were trying to figure out the technology he'd be using to pull off allusions then someone you know referenced the power of technology from civil war that tony was using as a self-help mechanism as he referred to it and you know and all these Marvel movies from our experience it seems so great when you draw upon stuff that's already been established so drawing on that gave him an instant tide at Tony we and it just sort of went from there it seemed like oh personalizing this villain with this tack and with Tony there's a surrogate father of Peter who may have also had this sort of a personal grudge that you know that he worked for like Tony but didn't get the recognition that he felt he deserved and then have a teenage kid who's getting not only the attention of Tony but is being crowned a hero by him I'll just seem to fall into place but I think you know two movies now personal grudges against Tony work pretty well yes they should do that for the next one though I would say at this point hopefully there's you know a situation that was teed up in the end of this movie will organically lead to all kinds of new stuff ah the most important question I have for you guys might save at the end where did Peter tingle we're just kicking around the room with the teeming with watts and I think we're like we're like well we can't let's not just call it spider-sense let's try to like it's what everything we try to do like let's let's try to bend it a little or subvert it and then I think wats like somehow the word tingle came up I don't know spider tingle and then watt said Peter tingle I'm like that's horrible yeah so we have to use it's super embarrassing it's the kind of thing your aunt would call it you like that would embarrass you and then just as soon as it was pitched we thought it was perfect for that's what a high school kid does not want his superpower to be called so of course then herranz boyfriend is gonna call it that and then if someone sent me a tweet like right after the movie came out last week I think it was a bar in New York that suddenly like Peter tingle was on their cocktail man it sounds like a cocktail oh yeah not maybe not one I want a water no but David all right thank you very much to our Chris McKenna and Eric summers the writers of spider-man far from home which is in theaters right now to one of the only people who haven't seen this movie go and see it right now if you have seen it posted again thank you so much you guys thanks you


  • Film On The Eyes says:

    A million dollars? That’s like finding that Boardwalk stamp in McDonald’s Monopoly game…not gonna happen.

  • Austin Full says:

    So people in a plane were just blipped back into the same coordinates? So they're safe on the ground?

  • themaker151 says:

    Why didn't you ask if everything after Mysterio's "death" is real or what having Spidey's identity out there mean?

  • Tanner Cox says:

    I heard they are making spider man gay…

  • Clyde says:

    Make them watch Hi-Top's video on FFH.

  • Jacob says:

    They were so slimy about mysterio fate, GUYS HE'S TOTALY STILL ALIVE

  • scampoli25 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the Skrull version of Nick Fury has the cat claw scratch marks from Captain Marvel instead of the actual 2023 Nick Fury that has no real scratch marks around his eye patch.

  • Jon Ratchford says:

    They tee'd up the Sinister Six for the third movie with the reveal of Spider-Man's identity! At the end of Homecoming, the Scorpion ask Vulture who Spider-Man really is cause him and some of his "friends" want to get some payback. The writers know that's what's coming, thats why he smiled when he said they set up the story for the third movie.

  • Steve Johnson says:

    Maria calls Fury 'Nick'. Not even his imaginary kids call him anything but Fury. I assume the writers are also Skrulls since they call him Nick

  • Mo 2k says:

    This film was a riot. Had a great time. So goofy but well made.

  • Shanna Cummings says:

    Half the ecoli……🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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