Spider-Man: Far from Home Writers Considered Making Mysterio a [SPOILER]! – Movie Talk

Spider-Man: Far from Home Writers Considered Making Mysterio a [SPOILER]! - Movie Talk

welcome back to Collider movie talk on today's show we are discussing a very spoilery story for Mysterio in spider-man far from home and then on top of that looks like the new Barbie movie just got a pair of writers and it is a very unusual choice that I am so excited to discuss with this panel as you watch this show right now we are likely in transit we are going to San Diego comic-con so you're gonna have so much comic-con coverage coming your way on the channel real soon but right now we've got two hot stories to get to and I get to talk to javi and Roca with these two what's up what's up you know they don't wait to get to that second story they told me Greg album is going to be on the show wait you to Beckett javi I remember yeah that's my YouTube site yes like a formal introduction that was supposed to happen already botched it I post some videos there every now and then you know it's got like seven accounts I can't follow let's dig into this first story and I apologize in advance because it requires a lot of information to tee this one up so warning right now we are talking spider-man far from home spoilers if you have not seen the movie yet this is not the story for you scroll ahead to Barbie that might be for you alright here we go spoilers in the final movie spider-man far from home Mysterio has no powers at all with his shows of heroism being crafted solely using Stark Industries technology but in a very early version of spider-man far from home there was one more major reveal when it came to Mysterio he was a Skrull our own Adam Chitwood recently spoke too far from home screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik summers and he asked them about crafting the scrolls reveal summers teased that a very early version of the movie featured Mysterio as a scroll here is the specific quote he gave there were some early early versions of this movie where Mysterio was a scroll there were a lot of scroll versions of the story early on when you're doing a con-artist movie what we finally landed on we sat down and talked about how do keep on fooling the audience how do we keep on having a lot of fun reveals how many distractions can we get away with before people want to murder us the Mysterio scroll reveal was an early idea about why he was doing everything he was doing so what do you guys think about this idea and are you glad that they wound up ditching it it's a fascinating idea because the scrolls are the good guys in this universe with what we saw and revealed in the movie with Tallis and with Sauron being Nick Fury and Rey Hill in the movie so you're like well why would Mysterio be a Skrull attacking spider-man that puts a whole nother spin on the scrolls being part of this universe because now because Secret Invasion which is the storyline they might be exploring a place for is the scrolls coming to earth with their ability to transform and shape-shift into different characters it looks like the Kree are going to assume that with the technology from from Stark Industries that Mysterio used so it would have a in essence sparked the possibility of a civil war within the Skrulls using the earth as the battlefield so it's interesting this might be me misinterpreting Captain Marvel a little bit but is there any possibility that there's like another subsection of the scroll the scroll kind out there that they that let's say this Mysterio scroll could have been part of I think there's certainly a possibility but they haven't showed it to us yet so we can only work with what we've been given and in Captain Marvel the scrolls turn out to be all good guys in Kree which is the reverse in the comics the Kree are the good guys and the scroll are the shape-shifting evil people in the Secret Invasion so this would have been interesting if they'd done this route because it's like I said it essentially brings up a civil war on earth and you know I love some wars on earth like transformers so that would have been possible you know it wasn't until this article that I read this article that I realized that it was a con-artist film like I didn't think of it that way and there was a lot of reveals along the way and I think that it would've just been too much I think it was smart that they didn't do that because it would have been like just another layer and I'm like you did or you did enough I like the movie as it is yeah I agree – it's hard to weigh in so heavily when I don't necessarily know the future of the scrolls and the MCU I have my ideas you have taught me about sword so I do have a feel they are a heavy component up there with Nick Fury kind of maybe guiding them or even leading them to an extent but I keep thinking about what being a scroll could have done for Mysterio what it could have been doing for Quentin Beck as a character and I can't find anything about that that would enhance him as a character and also serve the MCU overall versus what we got as a human being using stark technology yeah my my first question was why why this even the reveal of Nick Fury being a scroll in I mean as far as I know he's actually in the space station thing like but why I mean I'm sure we'll get an answer later on but it's just like for why like why did that have to be like how does that enhance anything you know you mean the ending of the mask yeah well I think because Nick wanted to keep tabs on spider-man to see what he could do talus has always been working with Nick for like three decades now since Captain Marvel or two and a half decades and so he's like figuring out what he can do on earth and nickfear can't be everywhere at once so him being up on sword is his way of kind of protecting the earth while putting his people that he's worked with before down there plus a whole scroll crew they're all gonna be loyal to him so just in case this doesn't turn out so well may need extra firepower they have the scroll so that's what Nick Fury is doing is it wise we'll find out because obviously Nick's old now he's an older guy can't do all the work like a young man used to at the beginning of the Avengers so you got to farm it out a little bit in certain moments so we'll see I do wonder if maybe in this version of the script Maria Hill and Nick Fury weren't even scrolls and flip-flopped it in which case it wouldn't necessarily be too much but I was just so pleasantly surprised by the return of the scrolls at all because I thought they wrapped it up in Captain Marvel in a way that they essentially put a bow on top of it and could have sent them off and we might never have seen them also because before Captain Marvel had come out we had gotten so like neck deep in the whole secret invasion idea like oh which avenger is really a scroll and I'm kind of glad they didn't go that route in the end because this feels fun and fresh and a little bit different and it's got a lot of potential for the future but I I just can't I can't quite figure out how big of a role they're going to play because I don't necessarily want them to just be like I don't even want to them to this verbally right now but I don't want them to be like Nick Fury's minions if you know what I'm getting at yeah yeah I just want Talos to have a really important leadership type role going forward and I imagine that what's happening here is that we lost certain Avengers other ones are off dealing with other things and so Nick Fury needs to spend his time in multiple places so I wonder if they're gonna use this tool repetitively as the MCU continues I hope they don't I think it should be just like a in emergency brake class type of situation with Talos and with Sorna with the rest of the scrolls like use them when they have to use them depending what the Kree do depending on who's gonna be the big bad in phase four and there's a lot of people that's just to throw this out there to who don't think Quentin Beck actually died at the end of spider-man so he could still end up being a scroll in that way so who knows alright wait I gotta weigh in on that I understand why some think that and there's definitely a possibility that they could be right I fall on the opposite side and I keep thinking about something like just because yesterday I movie talk we are talking about a we are talking about the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie and the idea of him committing to that movie for a single movie is why he probably did it and was someone like Jake Gyllenhaal who's such a great variety on his resume I just have a feeling that he committed to one movie and he committed to the one and only movie and that's it but the other idea that has been on my mind a little bit is let's say Quentin Beck is really dead there's no one to say that his likeness can't come back especially with all the technology that still exists out there so while I am inclined to say that Jake Gyllenhaal likely signed on for one single Marvel movie one single Marvel commitment the idea of someone using Quentin Beck's likeness to continue this kind of thing they've got going on in the post-credits scene I kind of liked it from a storytelling perspective agreed agree I don't think it would have helped the story at all everything that was established in the film you know is 10 minute monologue I liked how it was I liked his him exiting the film dying I mean I thought it was cool and and to make him ask all would be like what what was all that about then like why did you that backstory was just for your character as a scroll yeah I think you make a great point Jerry because also when you look at vulture the thing that's great about the spider-man series is the both of these villains have been on the ground villains they're not villains that are out there with superpowers there are regular people who got screwed over by the Avengers in some different way and are now villains because they're angry about how they were treated both putting back and a vulture in the first movie they're angry about how they were treated so that would have removed that kind of groundedness that the spider-man universe is uniquely doing in the MCU I thought it was a great villain that was an interesting discussion a huge thanks to Adam Chitwood for asking that great question so we could discuss it on today's show we are spoiler free now as we lead you into our promos for Collider because it is a big week here it is San Diego comic-con week we have so much going on we are gonna cover a whole bunch of the really hot panels and you could find those panel recaps and reviews right here in the Collider video YouTube channel also keep an eye on the collider interview YouTube channel cuz there's going to be so much San Diego comic-con content over there as well then if you're on the ground in San Diego we've got a whole bunch of things you have to attend yourself kicking that list off with the Cobra Kai panel on Thursday that one takes place at 4:45 in ballroom 20 I am beyond honored to host that one after that Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. our own Steve Weintraub is hosting a conversation with the Russo brothers in Hall H be sure to check that one out and then we are wrapping up our San Diego comic-con 2019 with our own panel that is happening in room 6 de at 12:30 a whole bunch of us are gonna be there we're gonna say hi after we're gonna take your questions during the panel it's gonna be a great time I hope to see you there Story number two today this is this one is fascinating I'm also happy that I don't have to introduce too much about it so according to thr Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach had been tapped to co-write the Barbie movie that stars Margot Robbie over at Warner Brothers and Gerwig is also being eyed to direct this is an unusual fit this is the last direction I thought that they would go in for a movie like this does anyone feel otherwise this is so weird man this is such a bizarre thing I feel like the time to have attacked this was when the song came out I'm a Barbie doll that's when you know the Barbie Girls what I'm saying right I mean because I've looked at Noah Baumbach s– profile and IMDB and the only film of his that I finished is Madagascar the only way I loved Madagascar 3 but I tried watching life aquatic I got about 30 minutes in and my brain just I couldn't and then what was he did the mayor which stories on Netflix I just Wes Anderson is this but didn't he write didn't you write life aquatic maybe I got I'll look at my IMDB later quit in the whale I didn't is a good that is a great option yeah no that's a fantastic he does have a bunch of really great but he didn't marry wit stories right that was him on Netflix yes okay he wrote he wrote that and he also directed that also directed mistress America I really like I love while we're young as well Francis ha Greenberg those are all big winners and then of course a squid in the whale as well right life aquatic with Wes Anderson so he's not in there I was not wrong didn't directed all scared me for a sec about writing credits too it's like there's standouts like fantastic mr. Fox he definitely has so many great credits to his name it's just when you pair him and Greta Gerwig together and I think about the projects that they've worked on together that doesn't necessarily say to me wide appeal studio level Barbie movie absolutely I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing for for me someone who is well aware of this project than that it's happening you don't really have to sell me on it I'm just curious I want to see what they do with a Barbie movie no matter what I am a little more concerned depending on how much they're spending on this movie for the wide movie going public is this going to be a four-quadrant film because we have to think about what the Barbie brand does for a company like Mattel also and they want to appeal to the widest possible audience and I can't necessarily say that most Greta Gerwig enou above that movies do just that but it could change what little women I think yeah and I think that's a fascinating point you make you Perry because obviously Mattel has to have input on this thing and so it would be shocking to me they're able to do without Mattel's consent and so I guess casting margot robbie makes sense cuz a woman who's hot in terms of it being in demand and also very attractive so people are going to see some mainstream people good that's port it's reality now i agree we're going to see this movie possibly for her but it's not like she america witness cots didn't sell out the theaters the other ones the other one where she was the assassin that didn't do so well either yes yeah oh no the one that was last year forget what it was she was like focus there's whiskey-tango-foxtrot there was another one word one that she did it kinda came in kind of came and went and so you look at the situation and you say okay is this going to work but you've got mumblecore here with Greta Gerwig and with Noah Baumbach and although I enjoyed Lady Bird I have not really enjoyed their collaborations because I don't really find Greta Gehrig that interesting as an actress but as a director certainly Lady Bird she killed it so if they're gonna come together and no one's gonna write a quirky Wes Anderson type of film with Greta girl directing starring Margot Robbie then I have a little more unique interest because I love Wes Anderson's stuff my interest is piqued to see how they handle this Barbie respecting it but also making fun of the Barbie stuff what are you thinking of terminal yeah I don't think that was a wide release was like a knock on her resume that was going for a completely different audience and most of her others do you know anything about the story about this at all no you said you mentioned budget earlier what was the budget of this you know this is a project that actually existed for a while over at Sony and there were so many different people attached at a point I think there were rumors that patty Jenkins was gonna direct and I think that iteration I can't I think it was that was still the Margot Robbie iteration but at a point there was an Hathaway and oh it was Annie Schumer was the other name that was attached to play Barbie so this has gone through one heck of an evolution and really even though it seems like an unusual fit to me right now I do think the team of Gerwig Bombeck and Robbie has a lot of potential he's not even just starring in it she's also a producer and I really respect what she's been doing as a reproduce to me Robbie margarit basically pushing projects that usually wouldn't get made and I just get the sense from her that unless she has some like really valuable creative input and she gets really excited about a project for an important reason I don't think she would commit herself to it whose is for though what audience is this musing to me like are you peeling to the people who grew up with Barbie and or are you peeling to kids now like who are playing with these toys it's not a mainstream lineup yeah I don't understand where this isn't just an animation like they've done already like actually maybe I'm thinking of video games they've had Barbie video games yes they have you know you could just do something like that an animation animated series all you need to do and that'll make the money that you need to make with this so what you're saying is they're overthinking this thing yes again I keep using this word but it feels like virtue signaling all over again like were you trying to sell to like why are you doing this just make like just go with what it is they're trying to be cool about something that is has been taking hits over the last few years for being a bad role model for young girls this is an interesting game they're walking or might feel they're walking into yeah and I hope that you address things like that because even though this is an obvious brand that needs to have four quadrant appeal if you take the easy route moviegoers are smart enough that they're gonna sniff you out they're gonna know that this is like flat and uninteresting and not worth their money so I feel like they do have to be bold and daring I'm just curious to know if the bold and daring right choice was to hire Gerwig and bumble what if they did into the Barbie verse like just like spider-verse you know you got your different kinds of Barbies that would be nuts that would be so much more entertaining than whatever this is going to be I thought that was like the most out of left field comment for a second when you said it then I started to think about it that actually there's something there multiple Barbies and multiple universes because growing up there was a Barbie for every profession a Barbie for every person out there what Barbie do you identify with I can't talk about the story for that was great as well a Toy Story one two and three but that Barbie was fantastic I like that and do his little runway show for her that was grab was a great way of making fun of the situation while still respecting them so I wonder what they can do live-action wise with this because this could be like brats and that turned out terrible yeah I would rather watch the Pixar clips of barbie stitched together for 12 hours on end like what's that movie with torture with the eyes open Clockwork Orange I'd rather do that then watch whatever this is going to be the conclusion here is that I prefer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid anyone a twitter question before we close this out from Steve Calderon who's asking it chapter two is tracking to become the biggest opening for an r-rated movie at a hundred and thirty six million dollars do you believe the sequel will break the record I don't think so I don't know I mean how often do sequels break records if it's not Marvel like does it happen all that dark night have a chart handy but no I think Dark Knight bested Batman Begins a good example to bring up is probably Deadpool and Deadpool too in which case it didn't best the original but right now for r-rated releases those are the two movies that hold the number one and two spot on the charts I don't know because the the first one was like oh it's back this is awesome that's the second one is like oh we've been here and Jessica Chastain's taking front-and-center yeah I heard something like complaints about it online I didn't dive too deep into it but that she's taking like the attention of it when it's supposed to be a team thing maybe I misunderstood picky but I see this I'm not such a powerful story too though it's like I mean she does take it is a group story in the book as well but she does take the spotlight and it's a really powerful arc that she has so I've got no problem seeing her dead center in the poster and she's the only girl in that group so she's going to have to have an a woman in that group when they get older so she cast to have that kind of spotlight on her because of that situation Mike I think gets short shrift at being the only black member of the crew Mike gets a little bit of a short trip in my opinion in the story we'll see how they address that in two but I think I think it will absolutely destroy the first one in terms of box office because of the cast the cash was huge and also they needed to have that for the first one and also Moshe Anna coming back and then continuing the story and the kids people have an issue and people just rediscovered this on home video on whatever you know who maybe didn't go see the theatre and so I think it'll come out and it'll be huge or has been blowing up like crazy anyway for once I'm going to agree with you actually very high hopes again the kids they're they're phenomenal and they are a sensation and people will go and see just the kids and now you add this all-star adult cast – it's that one-two punch that's just undeniable and I think that it left people in a place where they're wanting more and then when you look at the release date calendar and this doesn't necessarily speak to opening weekend but I think this bodes well for the entire films run actually this first part does bode well for its opening weekend I think the only big release before it is Hobbs and Shop yeah so it's got this huge wide gap where there's no big summer blockbuster type movie so it is in prime position yet again to earn a crazy amount of money at the very beginning of September and then after that it has so much breathing room before we get the Joker movie that this thing could pile on a ton of money and be another huge success change my mind convinced javi of something he didn't believe before all right we are gonna say good bye jabby as always it is a pleasure having you here Roka you as well you work super hard and you're awesome thank you Adam in the booth who's heading back there now you rock thank you for all your hard work – guys I hope you are keeping an eye on the channel we have so much Comic Con content coming your way and on top of that we are recording a new movie talk tomorrow in San Diego so guess what I expect you to be right back here tomorrow 3 p.m. PT for a new episode you


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    Revealing mysterio as a skrull would have zero impact since he’s a newly introduced character

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    WOW. "Into the Barbieverse" is quite literally the best idea I've heard of for this project.

  • Tornado Chaser says:


    The Skrull twist would be needless for Mysterio, he already has a great backstory, and it would be too out-there for Spidey's world as well. I'm very happy things didn't go in that direction. I doubt they would have anyway.

  • Nikish Chauhan says:

    spoilers for far from home

    The reason Skrulls are on earth is because of Kree sleeper agents, which is a line Talos (as Nick fury) says to Maria hill as being “top secret intelligence” or something

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    Let me learn you summn I son.”

    Dude just stayed quiet after and didn’t speak for a while. 😂😂😂

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    No way are all the Skrulls good.

  • sean galvin says:

    The IP itself is what will sell "Barbie". This hiring of critically acclaimed writers/directors will give them a leg up on getting an increasingly important fresh RT score. Margo Robbie may not be a box office draw, but she's not keeping people away from movies either. The hiring of Gerwig and Baumbac isn't as confusing of a prospect as they lead on it to be. It's not too dissimilar to hiring Watiti to do Thor. This kind of indie hire can be a great thing (Watiti w/ Thor) or a bit of a mess (Gondry w/ Green Hornet).

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  • R StClair says:

    The note with the glasses was fake, Beck says one of his crew was a person at Stark industries still. He mentions this person and how they knew who was getting Tony’s glasses. Which explains why the note wasn’t addressed to Peter, it was so generic and impersonal. All about that long con.

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    Mattel sales are that bad huh? they really want to make this movie nobody is asking for.

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