'Spider Man: Far From Home' writers on Mysterio, Nick Fury twist and more [extended interview]

'Spider Man: Far From Home' writers on Mysterio, Nick Fury twist and more [extended interview]

Chris Eric Congrats on spider-man far from home the fans are loving it it's another I think huge success for that for the spider for his fans lobbying at critics loving it crushing at the box office right now did you ever consider calling this movie spider-man Peter tingle it's my first question for you I don't know I she's gonna go right in I don't think spider-man night it was too late when that idea came coasters were already being and was all being divided where did where did the Peter tingle come from is there is there a genesis to that I mean it's what it was like as so much of a great ideas from this movie it was John Ross the director I think it was at a certain point we decided that we'd really need to lean into the spider sense element and we avoided it for a long time the movie actually naming it we thought it would be cooler if we didn't name it and then we didn't know what's the name it when we decided that we actually had to name it and we were sitting around in a room at Marvel going something tingle something with a tingle we thought that was funny and then John it's a spider ting I'm sorry Peter tangle and then everyone laughed or like well that's terrible so we have to do that super embarrassing like exactly what your aunt would call your special ability you should like to ruin it for me basically yeah and then everyone else would start calling it bad and so it just seemed like oh that's that's the perfect thing to have happen to Peter it couldn't be a cool name no that would make Peter excited or feel good that has to you always have to be giving Peter problems and making it like more complicated and so just raining garbage on Peter is really the most fun way to deal with it it sort of fits within a wider motif in the movie of just him feeling extreme discomfort when it comes to to MA and what's going on obviously with everything looming personal relationship with happy yeah with everything I think we love Peter Parker and Tom Hollands version of Peter Parker cuz he is is funniest the most entertaining when he is trying to dodge the garbage that's being like rained on top of him yeah there's constant garbage being rained on top of him there's just so much stuff that he liked him avoiding obstacles is really really fun color on the character and the actor and so we lean into that as much as you can and if you go back to the source material that is one of the fun things about spider-man he I mean poor Peter Parker is always having problems he's always having trouble getting the girl he's getting a bullet he's always having he's the world is always dumping stuff on in a very grounded I mean it's a very like ground level kind of way you know it's like dealing with I mean high school there's nothing more humiliating than high school and so leading into that as much as we can for Peter the humiliation of high school even the the blip as we call it in the movie it just makes high school even that much more excruciating so anytime you can lean into all the excruciating elements of being a teenager and being a high schooler is and we almost know that we're on the right path yeah and speaking of sort of the high school experience as its depicted I mean I think at this point I mean what Marvel it does so well is sort of reinvent it's the superhero genre with every installment you know we always hear that with and with every every new MCU film that comes out this one is you know tackles this sub-genre or it's a space opera this one's homecoming was very much rooted in sort of the John Hughes II an 80s comedy what were your goals with this film sort of genre wise or just you know setting it apart from the rest of the Canon once the idea was out there of doing a trip to Europe immediately that evoked you know sort of your teen euro trip kind of movies you know movies like Eurotrip older movies like gotcha and things like if looks could kill Richard Grieco was our our beacon it was our flag yeah that was our North Star like nothing's ever gonna get better than if looks could kill with Richard Grieco but that was definitely yeah like Oh a kid in high school in Europe who gets mistaken as a spy pretty much junk you know troubling both the high school elements and the mission impossible elements yeah you Peter thinks he's going to Europe to just have a fun high school romp yeah and and basically a James Bond or Mission Impossible happens to him I think he's gonna end up in one thing and then he ends up right because so much of it is like we obviously had so many bills to pay with endgame and endgame there are huge consequences to that movie not only for the world but for Peter emotionally and personally so we knew that we weren't to have a fun romp but ultimately that those emotional and personal elements would have to start being part of it so the movie is actually kind of an inverse of homecoming or as homecoming was so much about like trying to prove himself to Tony and prove himself as a hero and to become an Avenger and this is this is there's so much psychological toll from end game that he wants to run away he wants to just be a kid he just want to be a hero he wants to not have the mantle of Tony he wants to run off and have a romp and so the whole movie is dealing with that tension that that push and pull of I don't want to be a hero I just want to have fun I want to be a kid but you know elements are sort of lined up against us especially considering what he just just endured by the way thank you for bringing up if looks could kill I've not thought about that movie in at least 15 years or Richard Grieco no disrespect to mr. Creake oh well yes that's so that's that's a call it that is a call back right there but speaking of end game I mean is that is that daunting being the guy is charged with following that act yeah oh no police don't like it because our mandate was not like oh you have to top endgame our mandate was guys it's been a sucker punch for for the world like with this movie have do something fun have a lot of fun with this obviously there's things that you guys need to deal with but make sure this is like a really fun movie and so it was really fun after everything that Marvel and the filmmakers Rousseau's and marks in my field had done with that movie it was like oh we got to have fun with like what does it mean when someone blips away what does it mean when they blip back and we get to have like the ground-level fun of dealing with those giant cosmic questions that we got I mean the whole team had a great time with like what does that mean like your pet slip away like if you blip away and your brother is younger than you and you come back and he's older what happened so like the kid who's like 11 years old and now he's like the 16 year old hunk that you're now competing against all those things were things we're just really fun elements that we got to deal with in a very comedic way yeah and as much as I'm as much as I'd say there might have we might have felt some pressure but it all end game also created great opportunities you know the the trauma of what Peter goes through in endgame then creates this huge opportunity to mine that and see where does that take him in our movie and it's only because of everything he went through in the Avengers movies that we get to this place with our character and and no one's ever had a chance to to be there with Peter in that exact situation before so that was a great opportunity for us I think Kevin is said of this really like the closeout you know the closing the final punctuation on phase 3 and so there's definitely that element of how do we how do we tie the bow on all that and also open the door to you know the next chapter for you know this character but yeah we were definitely there's no way you could deny dealing with the Tony of it all and wrapping things up in a certain way and seeing how the world is responding to and again director John Watson told us that he had actually initially hoped to even even further explore the blip and the effects of the blip was it was there a lot that you guys wrote at different points that did it sounds like it sounds like yes because we didn't even read it they were you know they told us what happened we're like we what because we were started working on this before infinity war was even wrapped and they were still working on it and so and they keep everything very tight to the pasture and we were like wait everyone like half the universe flips away and then wait then everyone comes back what does it mean everyone everyone like all life all pets pets animals bacteria Terry the bees you come back you're in a plane and then you blip back but the planes not there anymore then what happens to you someone writing about this and we had the same questions and they're like well no one's gonna like reappear 35000 bummer yeah no you don't want all we didn't want the whole opening the movie to be about like all the people who died I never returned back from the blip yeah thanks was it was was I mean what is something that is now firmly part of our lexicon thanks to this movie was that was it was it always called the blip like from the moment they guys so funny we've talked about this it was early on in the story breaking where I think someone from Marvel was calling it well they blipped away even though they knew was they snapped away but like I loved about it was at the world like we took it and it became then our lexicon in the in the writers room with everyone for six months because we didn't know any better and I really liked the fact that the world came up with their own terminology for this crazy thing because they weren't there when yeah if you think that snapped anything anything that's significant there were lots of there would be lots of different names for it the world would be reacting in all kinds of ways and right and yeah they weren't there necessarily they didn't see see that and yeah I think it was a it was a smart decision made early on by by someone smarter than us I just hope someone trademarked it and made money off it who's there Pat Riley I've repeated this what works at what were some you guys wrote that were blip related didn't actually make the final cut a little I think we had we had more stuff without Mae talking about with Peter about the blip and we had watch was talking about doing something like like showing someone's Pat like we were gonna do maybe in reshoots like a flipped away and they look back but pretty early on like we we knew like that way we're gonna open up with Midtown news and and showing like home videos around the school and the the band and the basketball practice and trying to think if there's anything else though yeah a lot of stuff was discussed I don't know if we actually got if it made it to script because I mean early on even early on we were realizing this is all great stuff to explore but we have to do this economically and efficiently and just get the story started right we had a lot of bills to play in transition right it is and and so we got to pay those bills and get everyone up to speed but we also have to just get the story started and when someone had the idea someone on the team had the idea to do to use the school news as a vehicle to convey all that information immediately we were all like Eureka that's that's great cuz that that'll we can that'll be fun and we can very quickly and economically just explain all kinds of stuff and get the audience up to speed the spider movie spider-man movies obviously are their own unique creatures and that there are these joint ventures between Marvel technically part of Disney and and Sony about how you know you guys worked on a true Marvel movie or true Disney Marvel movie and man and wasp how baked into sort of the MCU pipeline are these movies is it was it the experience very similar working on 20 this one was very similar because we'll be working on a man the wasp it was gonna come two months after infinity war yeah so infinity war was again this giant epic thing that had like this emotionally draining ending and they were like just have fun just like have fun yeah have it be just a fun ride and we were then gonna be doing the movie after endgame and we were kind of given the same thing like just have fun and just have fun I mean the loss was a little different obviously because it wasn't directly tied it wasn't like there was obviously the mid credit tag that had the blip happened so we knew that was already written and it was gonna happen so but we've given a lot of free rein but it couldn't involve any of like the events of infinity war and game really it had to end with Scott Lang in the quantum realm getting trapped there but this one was also the same sort of thing but obviously it was different because Peter Parker has such a personal relationship with Tony Stark so the the events of endgame we're gonna tie in you couldn't avoid the emotional consequences and also just the existential consequences of that movie process wise though it was very similar you know Chris and I started in in TV and we're used to just working with a group of people usually you have a staff of writers and just everyone's collaborating and stuff is getting blown up all the time and and Andry conceived and that's something Marvel does really well and doing these movies with Marvel and Sony and working with Amy Pascal and Rachel O'Connor and the folks from Pascal Pictures it was a very similar very similar there's a large employee line you have to service but you know process wise it was very similar we were all to spending a lot of time together in a room the folks from Marvel the folks from Pascal and just just just churning through the thing and blowing stuff up Rican sieving and and refining it I would say though a Spider Man where I knew that we you know like with hit me in the wasp where we knew like okay we're gonna end up here and then it's got to be this tag that then involves a cliffhanger that leads into endgame with spider-man we were there was we were at least given less parameters in terms of where we needed to end up so it was we don't know where Peters gonna end up we don't know where these things are gonna end we don't know what the future of Peters life is gonna look like so there was a little more free rein there in terms of the end of the movie what we wanted to do so it doesn't sound like at any point you're getting like separate no it's for because I know what every screenwriters favorite thing to receive is no it doesn't sound like you're getting separate notes at any point from Marvel in separate notes from so neither are they are they always streamlined we did get some notes from from from Sony that we're sort of separate from from Marvel and that's fine you know we note sir but all through Mar I mean it was all like a Sakhalin all of it was collaborative yeah I mean Sony Marvel Pascal all that was collaborative yeah Kevin Feige I think we can say knows what he's doing and under maybe in the understatement of the year but what can you say about sort of what you know what he brings to the process and if there was like an example of you can share like him his sort of wisdom it worked on this film I think everyone shouldn't want to be identified just does what no but I mean all their Marvel fan ABF always be Feige I mean I know he's he he really has I think his drive is to never he's never worried about anything then or it's seemingly then what's the coolest story what's the best story what's the what's the what what I really think everything harkens back to Kevin Feige sees everything as him as a teenage boy watching movies that he loved whether it be you know poltergeist or et or whatever he was watching and he just wants to like recruit like what would I as a kid want to watch so and that's just a great creepy he's just he's it's all creative for him that again we see and that might be really naive but and all it's like sitting in a room with him he always has like the best facts he always like it's like this you know it really truly is you know when it's when we're in the Marvel rooms it's like oh like the the best ideas win and there's no ego and often he has the best ideas I think one of the best things about working with Marvel is there's a whole attitude that that just we can keep making it better you know let's let's never just rest on our laurels let's just try to make this scene better let's try to make this sequence better let's try to make this half of the movie bet you know there's always and I think that starts with Kevin and you know as Chris said it just it all comes down to him just being a huge movie fan and he just wants to have to make a movie that he would want to go watch and have fun and so work the whole team is just always just excited to try to make it better and all the way up to the end were we're still working on making the movie better again I think this might be apocryphal but and I'm probably get this wrong but I at the premiere of far from home I was standing outside the Chinese with Kevin and the Lord and we were just talking and we're like Oh something made a joke like oh well you know it doesn't work we can still reshoot something I'm like hahaha and he's like no you don't get it when we when we made Avengers we didn't have the schwöre machine we premiered it and we didn't have the shawarma scene like the end like that taxiway all sitting around he's like and they came up with the idea and they'd already had the premiere and if someone was like wait everyone's in town let's just shoot let's do that scene so they found a shawarma see it on the west side they got everyone there they shot it and they put it in the final cut of the movie and it's like this great sea and it's all it that's so like Kevin that's so Marvel in terms of there's you we can make this better it's always make it better even after it's premiered even like you know up to the last moment so anyway by the way I'm glad we talked some man in the wasp because now I'm just it's helping me put this together that you guys are sort of the goat that go to fun guys after all the heavy stuff in the MCU between following up infinity war and now having to follow we like to think of ourselves as the palate cleanser oh oh thanks God the Pat we're gonna see a moose Boosh ya know where they make it most yeah what what kind of like foodie sorbet yeah I think a pretty heavy responsibility in far from home in sort of paying tribute to the late heroes of endgame you know particularly mr. Tony Stark who is not in the film but his spirit lingers yeah how did you guys sort of you know approach that how much is his spirit would thinker in the film I'm making him sound like a I mean we knew that that wasn't gonna loom large and that that would be front and center it would have to be you know yeah as much as the mandate like you know we said was having much fun as possible is like that's everyone knew we all knew everyone on the team knew like that's where the story was gonna go was gonna we over several movies this relationship between Peter and Tony has has been built and and very effectively and so now we have to deal with it handle it guys we made it Hamlet we made the MC Hammer but but again like we we can't let it just become a sad glum movie right so we wanted to handle it respectfully and and do justice to this kid has lost his mentor but also have fun yeah and of course he takes on a new mentor albeit somewhat briefly yeah the film does in a lot of ways feel like a towel to halves before and after the the Breaking Bad of Mysterio it would that factor into the writing approach I mean typically we always hear about the you know that the three-act structure but did you guys kind of look at that this film the whole team Marvel Watts Sony Pascal we all sat in a room for a long time and we had a lot of different villains we went down the roads of we kept coming back to this iconic great villain and we were trying to figure out how do we how do we make this character how do we make this character real and also part a story that we're trying to tell and it all came together once we all started realizing that this need for a father figure this need for a surrogate father a need for a replacement for Tony would be this guy who was the ultimate con artist and so yeah like once we once it became a story of once it became a con artists story then it was like well then there has to be the midpoint reveal and everything up to that has to be someone who's wanting a father figure and realizes that he's chosen the wrong person and that we can't have a father do a lot yes he makes a lot of mistakes a lot of missed I mean homecoming I mean does he make it good again maybe not I mean maybe like maybe it's just him wanting to do the right thing but I mean he destroyed a fairy yeah and then he finally gets it right by the end of that movie and then this movie obviously is making a lot of bad decisions but yet we still love him because I think we just love that he wants to do the right thing and doesn't know what the right thing is that's what's so great about that character we're there who were some of the other villains that you guys considered before landing on Mysterio Pete yeah six months of paste-pot pete like all that goo all that paste so much paste a lot of different villains just in the early stages we kept coming back to mysterion yeah he was one if there's a list of people's favorite villains of the most iconic villain it kept coming back to well this is a guy people would really love to see and and you know there's a lot of source material there it's just a question of how do we make him how do we modernize him the way that Marvel has successfully done with so many with so many villains and characters from the source material you know you're talking about a guy who has a glass bowl on his head he had Springs on his shoes the former stuntman were stuntman he there's a great comic where he glues the furniture to the ceiling to trick you know so how do we take that guy he had what I love there was a comic where he was the same one where he liked where he was pretending to be it was it was a psychiatrist anyway he he had the tact to have a mechanical flying bat shooting like holographic images but like the holographic image to me it was like well how do you know like animatronic like bat they could fly through the air like that's better than like yeah so he had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and it was like oh this character not ridiculous also it was like how do you fool anyone like who knows anything about the the story with a con artist that is Mysterio and that's what we started then once we committed to that going okay well how do we make him a real believable character and that's when we started leaning into the multi dimension multiverse element like okay people want to believe in a multiverse people really want to believe in that if we lean into that well they believe this guy's actually from another universe because God knows people want a Marvel multiverse that was really exciting for all of us to see how excited people go yeah yeah I mean it was kind of it was kind of poetic that Mysterio fooled I mean I as you guys discussed I mean there's obviously a little bit of a cheese factor to his character did you want to sort of lean into that and in the first half of the film when he got when he's doing these illusions before he has sort of his full capabilities before he has he did once it was a con-artist story we really wanted to make him as believable as possible like you really want to go like oh this is unspoken wish of Peters coming true manifest like Peter wishes Tony was there this guy then shows up who's handsome and an awesome outfit has facial hair it was a father figure who has quips like it was as much like oh the dream come true which exactly what Quentin is trying to do he no I mean he's smart enough to know Peter psychology to know this is exactly who's gonna fall yeah that's it exactly I mean he he he tailor-made the Quentin Beck persona to fit what Peter wants yeah and was he and so that he can I mean it's it it's the perfect Connie his tailor tailoring that directly to the mark so that he can trick him and steal and steal the thing this sick bastard yeah well speaking of Edith we've seen people online asking this question did you ever consider bringing Karen back as opposed to Edith I think it was kind of discussed but we thought like oh should be something noon something once like it was Watts who came up with the whole idea like we had this whole thing was like oh what is this MacGuffin what is this global security system and it's just thing how do you get access of it and then watts came up with like the brilliant idea of like oh it's Tony's glasses and it's so perfect it's all wrong Tony's glasses but also obviously it's like you know it's the crown that you can wear and then when we were writing it or beating it out it was like oh you should have enacted I should have a cheesy self-aggrandizing like Tony asked acronym and then some words and I came up we did all these different names and like like fooling around with all the letters and stuff and came up with Edith and then once there was Edith it was like oh now it's a person now it's great and I don't think we ever considered I don't know if they actually considered having it be Karen I go to us too much bringing something back from the first movie we wanted to make sure that this that this global security system that ultimately became it if we wanted to make sure it felt different and and grander we do we didn't want it to feel like here's this gesture from beyond the grave it's that thing that you've been basically already had last and to be more special than that we had Jake Gyllenhaal in here probably about 10 days before the film opened and he was committed to doing the whole interview as if Mysterio was indeed a hero yeah he was not gonna budge on that yeah but how you know but given that you know that Marvel fans know this guy is a villain in and I think a lot of people assumed that he was gonna be how important was it for you guys to to attempt to keep sort of the the smoke and mirrors even as you can even if even if some people know you have to imagine maybe some people don't yeah and and even if people know you still have to do your due diligence if it's a con you have to do your best you have to put your best foot forward in that first half of the movie when he's being this fake person and he's tricking everyone you know you have to take a full swing and try to make it as convincing as possible even though there will be people in the audience who know the whole time yeah and I think you know anytime there's a twist like this there's so much time and effort goes into trying to protect it mask it set it up and just try to really trick people try to make them surprised and delighted when the twist happens instead of just angry and I think one of the things that really helped this is what you hit on earlier when the idea when someone on the creative team floated the idea of mentioning the multiverse it was probably John that immediately we all spark to it because yes that will help the con because there's so many things you so many questions you could ask the con artist and he can just say sorry multiverse you know and and you just believe you have to but know that you're playing on the audience's desire versus everyone wants about their oh we got this exactly by the way on the horizon is the into the spider-verse yeah probably helped us win over a lot of people who who maybe would have immediately assumed he was a bad guy maybe now they were willing to think well I know these comics multi-verse maybe in this in this situation he is a good version of Mysterio because obviously in full I'm sure like they're like yeah you know I had friends are like I knew I knew that you guys know that's what you guys are doing but we also have people who are here good fans like who actually his former marvel employees who are like I had no idea I'm like yeah that's crazy that you didn't because that was our main reluctance with the character was I think it's why it took us so long to break the story was we really felt like if we're doing Mysterio we were really gonna con anyone no one's gonna no one's gonna think this guy is actually a good guy and III would like to think even if you think you see it coming and if you know what the twist is hopefully it's enjoyable enough oh wow I think like you know like you're just waiting for your waiting for that moment you're waiting for that reveal even if you're like yeah he's not really for the multiverse you just want to go but what is he doing what's this guy's plan who is this guy and definitely but delivered on that but that's yeah you guys I think that's one of the reasons why the film works so well is because even for those of us who always had a strong hunch that that was coming the scene itself is executed in such a satisfying fat fashion I mean that the bar the bar scene is one of the greatest moments in the film what can you guys say about devising devising that moment that was a very damaging yeah that was the codename for those cuz it was kind of that that scene where you and your buddies all after a hard day at work have a beer and we actually just been a lot spend some time thinking but I think was Feige who named it dad right because I think somehow like in the editing room on was it was it ant-man the wasp they were like he in the editor like and another people they kept on watching like those old lone brow commercials for the 70s see funny and somehow or other like that became the codename for the scene because it was like that scene if you ever watched those commercials like about bunion yeah but it's like smart but it is it's like it's like oh like everyone sitting down and they're having a I mistake and löwenbräu a hard day at work but we did it guys that became like the code name for like that became like our North Star for that that scene oh the reveal and I still these fans are like having steaks and löwenbräu to do that just because we made it through that scene I actually think there was an easter egg of lowenbrau still makes löwenbräu looked it up and they do make it somewhere my kids that scene was in the Berlin sequence apparently like when he's like coming into Berlin in the background of one of those scenes as a lone brass sign that they inserted to look for it see you the third time Easter egg yes movie but I was saying like we still need to go up stakes and Lowenbrau just to celebrate because it was that's that scene yeah cuz that scene was one of the hardest it you have a lot of you know you're completely changing who the new the notion of who this guy is you have to do as quickly as possible to get the audience up to speed you want them to enjoy the surprise but then you don't want them to feel confused so we had to very quickly explain who this oh who is he really then and what does he really want it's one of the scenes where someone is explaining what's happening to everyone in the room party who everybody knows my favorite kind of scenes arise whole team you know what I'm talking about Janis yeah Joe you how long have you and I been brothers it's like it's like the pilot if you're watching is a brother and sister you know it because in the act one the brother will call his sister sis so we've you know in every movie we do there ends up being one scene or two scenes that are just those real yeah just a real gorilla because I think the ball is tough we did it in the amp and the wasp we're with ghosts like you had like we we we hit the ball for half the movie and then it's like okay now here's go so now here's you don't Laurence Fishburne and so it's Hannah and Lauren Fishburne and you just have to try to do it as quickly as possible otherwise you have to front-load who the villain is and what he's doing the entire time and right you then you can't have the fun of a twist yeah if you're withholding from the audience for a while and sooner or later you have to that bill and and so it was really challenging for everyone on the team and we spent a lot of time with the whole creative team just talking about that scene thank God Darius Jake sells that scene is material really dead their company have not seen Jake's contract you're saying there's a chance I think as you've gotten from this interview Marvel and Sony do not tell us much like they but we're yeah they can't even assassinate us because yeah speaking of keeping the Intel out of certain people's hands Tom Holland is one of our most beloved cherished leakers when it comes to you yeah how much of the script did you have to redact from him I don't know that's a good question I think I don't recall any you know anything but certainly possible Marvel does I mean I have to hand it to him they have some huge secrets to keep and they do a really good job yeah but you know they oh they would always keep us they would always tell us what we needed to know but that was it I know they're they're they're very serious about keeping those see yeah that we were told the five-year you know gap and Tony is situation and that was it we could always ask be in a room so often can we do this and what if he's out so we can call on cap and then they'd be like the whole thing with with Hulk remember I've got a whole thing we're like it runs in like he goes the whole as guard guard and in Scandinavia yeah it was always like this kind of thing where they'd look at each other like last I got fired I was well yeah well I was gonna ask about sort of the potential involvement of always the other Avengers that were alive I mean there's a line about how they're all busy is there is there is there white board somewhere we had a lot of questions about that one yeah kid on saying who's left like being all up on tapping who would Nick and Peter call upon there and then you know very early I think I made it into you know it's some articles about like oh like what if he's like leading you know Sam into the charge and it's like Oh him really stepping up like as leader of the Avengers and because I'm saying but who are the Avengers for that's point and it really like so much as the movie is meta because we were asking the same thing like who's left yeah like Jason I&L oh and that opening is like who's left is there a plan is there there even the Avengers anymore and then we would get like okay well that's dialogue but the challenge was as much as we would have loved to incorporate someone else from The Avengers we were also trying to tell a story about Peter feeling like he's all alone and that people want him to step up and take this mantle and things so we wanted him to feel if you had had a wealth of other people just popping up then it wouldn't have felt as much pressure yeah and so ultimately everything is in service of the arc of your main character and so you know for for a lot of reasons we didn't incorporate some of these other other fund and that's that's the main one so you sounds like it points you had designs your wish list for people you wanted to incorporate did it ever get to the point to never come into the writing process or was this purely conceptual we were just desperate like going like who can we call on what would be happening like who do we have like anytime you could lean on MCU characters you're at least you have a you have you know ground underneath your feet so luckily we were able to have happy we knew we had happy and then early on the idea of Nick Fury was someone that we could have and then was like okay then obviously then this could turn into this like half high school movie half of Nick Fury movie which seemed really fun and yeah we would go we would occasionally like in that in this room going can we use Hulk can we use Falcon can we his Thor restore one of the one of the one of the great joys of working on this iteration of spider-man is that he is in the MCU and and you have these other people share hold on and and and so yes certainly when we were in that room and and and discussing story especially early on it was just fun to throw out all kinds of names and you know what about this what about that because that's just one of the things that we get to do in these movies that you couldn't do in a spider-man movie before so why not try yeah yeah and in in terms of in terms of story elements how would you guys say that the the early that the project changed most dramatically from sort of the early versions of the script that you guys submitted to to what we see on the on the screen again it's such a have to see it again this is a totally collaborative experience with John watts and Marvel and Pascal pictures this was like we're all working on it together when we've turned in our first draft Mysterio had a different motivation in the Train and there was a train he was he was he was someone who had been in trapped in an illusion or something like that part of some like God was a diversion and he wanted to get back into the illusion yeah and then you know this is the way it goes and again collaboration and coming from TV sometimes you just got to have an idea you got to go down that road you put it on paper everyone unanimously agrees like this ain't it and sometimes you just got to get out there and make the action and you know and and we joke around with the team about being reaction makers because sometimes you can discuss things in theory but until you just try it and everyone reads it and you all just agree like yep that's not what were you thinking and they throw it in your face like well I was thinking that we needed a reaction because no one is making the decision here oh my god was it really bad yeah no it's fun we all do it and then everyone its but we've worked so much with the same folks that it's fun really good at showing people absolutely don't do this road but we're right I mean I think we've worked to get this whole team has work together enough now that it's like there's no there's no blame game or anything we just sort of have a meeting we sit down or like alright well we tried that and that's not good so let's just lesson learned let's let's all put our heads together and let's let's figure something else out and that's that's how you get again again it always comes down to just we can always make this better mm-hm plus if you throw out an idea that doesn't work when you do when you come back with a better idea it seems even better when compared it sure does this were there any you so Peter Billingsley comes back that's a great a great marble deep cut right there were there were there other characters that you guys once you start leaning into the MCU like I think once it really started coming together I once you go oh well he's doing illusions someone had the idea of like well what if it's barf what it's the what if it's the holographic attack from Civil War that Tony had developed what if it was and then you're like okay well yeah what if this guy actually invented that tech what if he's the behind the scenes guy and then he began comes tied into Tony and then if he's tied into Tony obviously then he has a you know a tertiary relationship to Peter particularly if like he was passed over by Tony in a way and then Peter was actually chosen by by Tony to not only be a protege but also then be hand it's like this giant billion-dollar global security system so that's when things started really tying together when we came up with a barf idea and once we realized that oh what if he actually worked for Tony then it became really fun the whole idea of like oh god what if you do a whole reveal where everyone in his crew he's gonna need a crew he's gonna need a production crew he's the director you know these are his crew members then it was like oh they should all have work for Tony and we can tie it in that way there were actually in certain versions earlier of the movie that are actually shot you see like GU Turman and some of the other people actually place they place those actors in previous scene yes from Iron Man movies so that was kind of cool and it just felt like oh well maybe we don't have to show everybody worked there like in flashbacks but we had them one of those ideas you know so many ideas are tossed around and discussed and evaluated and that was just one of those ideas that once people once it was decided oh it's gonna be the barf tech and and then we started discussing the crew and it just all came together and it's like that's perfect these people all worked at start we can see you know we can see we can see Peter Billingsley getting yelled at by Obadiah and you know all of that and just everyone got really excited so some of those you will see were actually filmed but didn't make they did cut yeah like I think the guy who was sort of the writer of the story goo termen uh named after a community writer they they took a scene from I think Iron Man 2 or Tony's drunk and showing off the suit and he's blasting away at his mansion and he he shatters some glass and you zoom in on that actor I was new to the movie but and then he gets glass in his eye and like from like from shooting yeah whatever he was doing anyway so ya know there was a really brilliant kind of thing but it all got truncated because for good reason so but ya know the whole idea was how do we place all these characters that were essentially you know background characters in Tony's life you know background characters in the movie I mean were there any other scenes you guys shot that you were surprised not to see in the final cut I don't think so I think there were there were certainly scenes that that got cut out for pacing and and things like that and that's just that's just what happens I don't think there's anything that we were surprised you know it it's hey Eric Eric shot a scene that you know his daughter dies at the Tower Bridge and it was really touching everything but it just didn't seem like it was like we didn't need you playing a father crying over just shot a scene myself no no it was shot with him starting at you cameoed yeah yeah yeah a little girl dying on the Tower Bridge and was like so hard it was like it just sort of brought the whole know I mean you know his stuff in act 1 it was like fun Aaron stop before he goes to Venice you never make a scene hoping it gets cut you know it's always but sometimes it's just you just watch a sequence or an act or something you just realize like we have to paste this up and so anything that's not 100% essential you know maybe we gotta trim it out yeah but pretty much everything I think pretty much made it into the movie as is or not yeah it was it's sort of by the time we got in front of the camera was it was what it was of course there's a will they or won't they that bubbles up between Peter and MJ yeah was was the plan always to bring them together by the end or risk a fan revolt I think so I think I think I think early on we settled on the idea that we wanted to have them you know have a nice kiss at the end of the movie I think we consciously knew we didn't want it we we didn't want it to come in the exact form that maybe you had seen in previous movies so we wanted to try to differentiate it and but the sort of journey of how they get to that kiss wasn't much was a larger question that took a little little time you know when you know when are they gonna be are they gonna be on the outs when are they gonna finally start to be open with each other about their feelings and then of course the whole TWiT the whole idea that he's gonna confess his feelings and then suddenly in that very moment she's like you're spider-man that was a big idea that was the one act came up in the creative team it was sort of scary to everyone but at the same time thought oh well that would be a great way to differentiate this made me love stories we've seen before with Peter Parker or just as he's about to say something to the girl he like she's just like oh I know who you are I figured yeah I definitely think like particularly after so many spider-man movies you know watts and summers and I never the whole team we feel like anyway you can sort of undercut and subvert expectations because everyone's sort of seen everything at this point so that led into the idea of Mg already knows that he's spider-man which was Watson's idea and oh let's let's actually you know unmask him by the end of this movie so that we're no longer doing you know sort of this masked vigilante yeah those those are all our instincts with with all of this story stuff like how do we subvert every scene every moment that we can did you guys write the end credits scenes as well the uncredited in the movie and then they decided to make it mid credit tag which okay which was when Jameson comes on yeah so he used to the movie used to end with Peters saying goodbye to MJ hopping up on the lamppost and then seeing that on on the screen okay it had been discussed for quite some time like Oh shall we use that as one of those names in the credits or should we in and we we there were different cuts where we truly was tried different ways and I'm glad they ultimately it was done the way it was because it just makes for a great credit sequence you know yeah that had to be a delight for you guys to get Simmons back and and right for such an amazing yeah yeah I keep hearing him compared to the new the the new version of Jameson that is introduced here keep hearing as a reference Infowars Alex Jones this I mean look at the code that's without boxing him in I don't think we want to box him in that way yeah absolutely like the media landscape has changed how do you update the Daily Bugle so that it's you know I mean come on I mean print for instead guys and yeah it seemed like a it seemed like it seemed like a great way to update him as someone on the internet who has his own new service who is you know finding the truth I think we might have done that anyway but especially if we're bringing back JK yeah it just felt like okay well that idea was floated early on to bring him back and that was everyone was really excited about it but let's do it in a different way you know let's bring him back as the exact same person once everything is different any you know things have changed in media anyway so let's let's reflect that and let's let's find something more interesting and credit sequences typically are either sort of standalone or they were looking forward what's so brilliant about that last end credits scenes in this film is that it makes you re-evaluate everything you've just seen when it comes to the Nick Fury and Maria Hill reveals how much you know what can you say about that in terms of like that the writing process of you if you're writing those characters differently all things considered that was a wats idea that was floated for a long time like a one final con artistry trick I mean the whole movies about deception so the best con artists movies always have that final twist at the end and I thought it was a great idea because you could have one final twist and also dispel everything that you've you've seen it for that point make you question everything you've seen but we didn't write him any differently I mean again if you're if you're doing if you're trying to pull a con you have to make things as authentic as possible before you pull the rug out and so so we wanted Peter and everyone to believe that this isn't it for one of the audience to believe that was Nick Fury and so we wrote him exactly the same you didn't want to use so there was never the thought of sort of like throwing throwing a little little tease in there that might like make people question what's going on or reward people on maybe John Day hey I don't know if there's anything specific though in terms of I think someone said like oh the way he cuts his toast or something like that maybe that's a John thing that he did in terms of like little hints but we wanted to make it as authentic as possible but also want to cover ourselves so that we never had Maria and Nick like alone together where you would then question on second viewing why aren't they just talking to each other yeah when they tell us sort of yeah just assume their normal form and that right yeah I don't know if I read too deeply into it but cuz I've seen the movie twice and on second viewing I was like I feel like we're gonna play again maybe you're just right you're just trying to look for clues and I'm like because Maria seems a little like colder or something like that but that might have been my my own interpretation we you know there obviously is a you know early on in the Italian hostel there's a scene the first scene with Nick and Peter where he's saying like you know he's been through so much doesn't know what's going on like he doesn't know anything anymore that definitely was a nod to the idea that the world is so different that even Nick Fury could doesn't know what's happening around him and doesn't know what's real and what's not real so hopefully you think that it's a nice explanation of why he would fall for the illusions of a Quinn back but I think ultimately by the end of the movie you're going oh well he fell for it because he's not because he's tellin ya did you ever discuss how long he was being played by talis like was it before the events of this film we discussed it but that's a that's a Marvel that plays into yeah that's way above our pay grade yep we're about to get to our own end credits here okay thank you guys absolutely thank you here today again congrats again on the film thank you thanks alright thanks guys

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