Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Say Tony Stark Is Basically MCU Uncle Ben

Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Say Tony Stark Is Basically MCU Uncle Ben

everybody how's it going so now inspiring me far from home has been released the writers of the film are talking quite a lot about behind the scenes stuff with the movie early thought ideas things of that nature maybe some some more context to certain scenes as well so the writer is Eric summers and Chris McKenna an interesting thing they talk about is about basically how much did they actually know from endgame before we started writing sequel and they say pretty much really only knew that there was a five-year gap and those who died so obviously you know Toni being gone things like that but we didn't know things like Valkyrie riding a Pegasus nothing like that which obviously didn't have a reference inspiring far from home now they also talked about whether Tony Stark is the quote-unquote new Uncle Ben or basically the Uncle Ben for Peter in the MCU and they say that you know Uncle Ben of course does exist we had a little hint for him in homecoming and spider-man in this universe is already dealt with Uncle Ben's death things like that but you're right in a lot of ways the gravitas really comes from Peters relationship with Tony and he adds to that it's assumed that there probably was already Uncle Ben with the pain of that loss lingering there but this gave everyone a chance not having to go over it over and over again a whole new relationship between Peter and his mentor Tony and to deal with the loss of that which is very powerful in a very emotional event in his life to me that doesn't really answer the question about whether Tony is the new Uncle Ben besides saying basically yes I was just kind of unfortunate because I think a lot of people were hoping that even though MCU spider-man has a lot of involvement with Ironman he would still be separate with regard so you know the things that motivate him you know Tony shouldn't be a motivating factor he should just be a complementary kind of agent to spider-man his journey as he gets older and you know things like that now when talking about spider-man's kind of surprise ending they say we were challenged by producers to come up with something that Peter sacrifices by the end of this movie and when we hit upon that as a group it became very scary idea but we said you know what otherwise it's not really a spider-man movie anymore which I disagree with but they say is such a bold maneuver that becomes inevitable particularly with a tricky character like Mysterio who was like a dark father-like figure and then they say from the grave he's trying to give Peter his I'm Iron Man moment is thrust upon him but is this a lesson or punishment so accomplished as thoughts down below what do you think and we'll see you guys later


  • Detective Jay K. says:

    Was always a stupid decision to toss the Uncle Ben stuff makes it feel like something is missing SOMETHING BIG. Like the Wayne's murder it's a mandatory and awesome part of the characters' core.

  • EtherealMemory92 says:

    I'll stick to Raimi's Uncle Ben minus Spidey 3 (2007).

  • Alex Allen says:

    Interesting video 🙂👍

  • Joshua Barbato says:

    Nah bro….if i dont get ANYTHING about ben in the mcu….then im done

  • I play games Nobody Cares About Anymore says:

    Sorry man but this will never be Spiderman until they ditch that shitty Supporting cast of wannabe Teen Titan friends

    Come on man none of these kids are NY kids or accurate to the comics

    The feel is terrible with this new Spiderman
    Face it
    It's as if Beast Boy took the costume and said fuck it.

    And even then I feel way more for Beats Boy than MCU Spiderman

    Any day of the week

  • Duarte Vader says:

    Oh, no…

  • Scottish Slav 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 says:

    Just make things as they are in the comics ffs you didn't make those characters so don't disrespect the source material uncle Ben is a huge part in Peters story absolutely ridiculous decision.

  • HeatForce says:

    And there it is.

  • Joshua Adams says:

    FUUUUUCK THAT I don’t even like spider man as much anymore but this right here take a important element away from the character that’s make spider man. FUCK YOU

  • Breesus H. Christ says:

    That's absolutely disrespectful to the character of Uncle Ben.

  • PSquiddy06 says:

    What I thought happy would be uncle Ben

  • Eagle Studios says:

    Who cares, if it’s such a problem DONT WATCH THE MCU MOVIES. Uncle Ben isn’t the only thing that changed. Goddamn

  • Michail Maris says:

    I don't get why not have both?? Uncle Ben is what gives the basic values and makes Spider-man. Then Tony is a mentor and teaches him more about how to be a hero. Like this could have worked but they actively didnt want Uncle Ben and we dont even know if he was even an important person in the MCU. Like no one had said his name and when Peter lost Tony he didnt even think about Ben. The writers cant say there is an Uncle Ben when the only way we know he exists is from initals on a suit case

  • mighty squidward says:

    I’m not mad at it but a lot of people who are huge Spider-Man fans will definitely be mad about this so fro the sake of Spider-Man let’s not look at Tony in that way

  • bansel says:

    Idc if it's been done to death, Homecoming should of been an origin film set before Civil War. I don't mind that Tony is a mentor to Peter, but he can't and shouldn't replace Uncle Ben. Removing/replacing Uncle Ben is as bad as making Batman kill or making Superman a god like being (See where I'm going with this?). It ruins who the character is and what they stand for.

  • Armin Tabari says:

    I say anyone who is sick of sony screwing spider man do not pay tickets and anything to morbiuse and other sony spidys instead pay to far from home.send my message to everyone.

  • TheRealCSD says:

    I cant believe there are people who are really asking to back to the solo sony days. Lmao you people are crazy. These mcu spiderman movies have been the best spiderman movies

  • TheRealCSD says:

    The idea od great power comes great responcibility was already installed in him in civil war before he met ironman so I wouldnt call him a "new uncle ben" ironman just helped him mature

  • M567dk says:

    We really need to have a physical appearance by Uncle Ben to the MCU. At the very least give us an actual reminder of Peter’s reasons for fighting crime no cryptic type terms or Easter egg but an actual name drop of the Uncle Ben character in the MCU.

  • richystardust says:

    Things are different and thats BAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD!
    So fuckin boring, jesus. It doesnt need to be Ben. Peter just needed a mentor figure that pushes him on the right path. And he got that in Tony.

  • CrypticVacancies says:

    Oh boohoo

  • InsaneXynN says:

    I want more raimi cucks here 😡😡.

  • Twinblades says:

    I’ve been saying it for a minute but the I think deep down inside Marvel regrets making Ben a thing in the MCU. I know Spider-Man fanboys are probably tight that we don’t have more Ben related stuff but honestly as a casual, I don’t really care. I get why Ben is important for the Spider-Man/Peter mythos IE with great power etc etc but this version of Peter/Spidey is playing in a bigger universe than the previous Spider-Man films did. I can see someone like Tony having a bigger impact on Peters hero life than Ben. In Civil War this was pretty apparent because when Tony asked him about why he does what he does there was no mention of Ben. I know Marvel is probably like “bUt iT wAs a LoNg TiMe AgO”. I think he’s just not important for Peter in this version of the character.

  • O-Toko Maka says:

    Sam Raimi fans are going to be pissed, personally I don't like the MCU spiderman, I just don't.

  • Sterling Rutledge says:

    Reading this headline really upsets me. Well we all knew it, but just to basically confirm that makes me as a Spidey fan mad.

  • Huwite says:

    Like we didn't already figure that out lol.

  • Shepherd of the West says:

    100 LIKES! 50 COMMENTS!

  • Constantine says:

    Fuck the the MCU Spiderman Geoneria.

  • JC Gregory says:

    And…….I don’t like this. I really don’t, MCU Spider-Man is fine for me. But this doesn’t feel right. They took away a big part of Peter’s character. I get that Tony is a sort of mentor and close friend for Peter, but it’s almost like they’re acting like Uncle Ben didn’t matter that much.

  • Michael Brent says:

    How could Tony Stark Be Peter Parker’s uncle Ben that makes little to no sense? He wasn’t in the comics so why should he be in the MCU? That’s just ridiculous it’s like saying that pepper is the aunt Mae of the Spiderman universe and that’s Bullshit!

  • 2012XF3 says:

    No Ben is like no Alfred, same shit, fuk yall niggas.

  • BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Uncle Ben: Am I a joke to you?

  • carl charleston says:

    That's a shocker.

  • stephen says:

    but he's not uncle ben, even if it seems that way. basically, doesn't make tony uncle ben, nor MCU uncle ben, or whatever. haha

  • Laxus FT says:

    That's one of the reason why i don't like mcu Spiderman

  • Ironbay Knight G says:


  • Nikolas Mace says:

    Remember when Spider-Man turn into a Monsters🕷Spider in the animated series I want to see that in a Spider Man Movie PS why don't we get more Marvel Animated Movies DC makes Animated Movies all the time?

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