Starting 2 abstract paintings with cold wax & oil paint ~ art process video

Starting 2 abstract paintings with cold wax & oil paint ~ art process video

I’m back with a couple more paintings. Hi I’m Sherry & I want to welcome you to my studio today.
I want to start by apologizing for not showing you the completed work on this piece oh I filmed it, I just lost the video I’m not sure what I did perhaps I got delete happy, I’ve done that before.
So let’s start two new paintings today. This one was in the video the first video that didn’t work and this was is an old encaustic that I’ve scraped off and so I thought I’d use some of the paint left over from the first painting to work on these two paintings whoops so I kind of want to do an objective abstract on this one something that suggests a landscape I’ve got something on there now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that with this we’ll see but that’s the goal and then this with this one it’s non objective and you know this looks thick here but it’s all dried from when I did it before I went on vacation I’m covering it whole a little more room here Donei I think it’s time to invest in a tripod because my chéri rigging of my phone is no longer working too many things have broken that’s what happens when you try to go the cheap way it’s one day it just breaks trying to get a fairly even coat here so I can dig back into it whenever I do anything other than acrylic pouring I always have more than one piece going at a time because everything has to dry even with acrylic pouring sometimes I put another canvas nearby to mess with the leftovers but that’s just kind of one after another not at the same time well that went from looking like clouds to not looking like clouds anymore what did I do you all right that looks good oh that’s dirty I bring you one of those one of the things you want to do with oil and cold wax when you’re applying a when you’re lifting off is go with the very light touch it’s better to make multiple passes and to scrape off thing as you wanted to keep this was a palette scraper this is a silicone brush you know I am going to push that’s paint now I don’t know if you noticed but unlike the other paints the white is opaque I don’t know if you know how to wear you can tell this but on the paint tube there’s usually a code somewhere with the paint over it and if you can read through it then it’s transparent and if you can’t it’s opaque titanium white is very opaque the others have a square and if it’s solid that means it’s opaque if it’s cut in half diagonally that means it’s transparent ah so I am mainly an abstract artist in case you hadn’t noticed I should say if you’re a first-time viewer you might not know that I’m an abstract artist and I love layering the reason I like cold wax the reason I like hot wax the reason I collage is because I like layering however not however abstract can come in two types non-objective and objective doesn’t look like anything specific resemble something maybe specific we’ll see when we get it done I also every now and then check to see if I can still do representational art I can but I just am NOT as fond of it you you one of the things I really liked about this piece after I scraped off the and kostik was this little bit of pink that shut around the edge like it’s just maybe a little bit before dusk you know it’s just starting the pink hasn’t gotten great colors are all still real on the ground not gray and the first painting had these creations and striations striations in the encaustic and they affected the board underneath so that’s what made me think it was a hill though quite frankly I think in the encaustic it was this direction but I rotated whoops and sometimes I can do what I don’t want Skinner I think you’ll notice that when quinacridone magenta is very transparent where’s the cobalt blue is is it’s an opaque paint not as a pink as the light but when you mix it with the wax it becomes less opaque trying to mix the turquoise in with the existing paint I’m not going I’m not laying it over I’m mixing it in that’s why the strokes are a little stronger there’s a really strong stroke and you can see down to the groove from before that I told you about this creation striations I don’t know how to say that word apparently trying to go this little softer up here for the clouds was that a few loving the texture loving the color I will be back for the second layer thanks for watching my video please leave it any questions or comments you might have and I will get back to you as soon as I can hope you’ll subscribe thanks again bye


  • Acrylic Painting Tutorial : Art Taiga says:

    Great job

  • Meghan Dawson Ethereal Orb Art says:

    It was fun to see two completely different approaches side by side. I had a dream last night that you came to my house and cut all my hair off leaving me with a weird short mullet thing. I'm still mad at you. 😀 bahahaha!!

  • Sherry B says:

    Thanks for watching as I start two new oil & cold wax abstracts. There’s more info in the description, including supplies & tools used ~ just click on the down arrow or "show more". I hope you'll leave a comment, like this video, & subscribe to my channel.

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