• Nicholas Fagnilli says:

    I like that somebody mentioned Radiohead as being a part of this closed off world of popular music, because Steve Reich has professed a love for Radiohead and actually took two of their songs and made a piece out of it. Search "Radio Rewrite"

  • onepcwhiz says:

    That's why it's called "rehearsal", folks.

  • Federico Carraro says:

    too hard mallets 😀 Reich wouldn't agree. However compliments, playing this piece is my impossible dream!

  • CarlosIsDown says:

    Steve Reich not being Youtube friendly argument is truth.

  • JazzGuitarRobin says:

    there is i bigger world out there then radiohead, britney and kiss. i feel sorry for ppl who cant open their eyes and minds for other things than they watch on tv.

  • Michael Kapilidis says:

    beautifully said!in fact,a lot of elctronica artists have admitted to have been inspired and influenced by reich's music…

  • sonicboyPT says:

    This music, Steve Reich, is completely different acording to the context. Its much more powerfull played live in front of you. On headphones, looking at a buzzing city, its great as well.
    Its not good for youtube… 🙂

  • sonicboyPT says:

    I learned to understand repetition patterns and slowly evolving harmonics with Sonic Youth and I find alot of similarities between Steve Reich and Sonic Youth.Good electronic music like Aphex Twin has a lot to do with Steve Reich music. Wouldnt be surprised if they got inspiration from Reich. For those bashing "repetition": I canot hear repetition in Steve Reich music, it always seems like water flowing or wind in trees evolving due to the lack of dominant percursions. It sounds very natural.

  • Stefano Ottomano says:

    Yuotube :Stefano Ottomano

  • spasman says:

    Just fantastic, this is such a beautiful piece of music.

    what I find annoying however, is that certain renditions sound different, and I have only heard one incredible one, which is on the naxos website (if you have an account there, I would recommend it!) and that is just fantastic.

    other recreations of this piece sound more flimsy and are less deep, or at least i find it so,

    When i say it detracts from the piece, that still doesnt change the fact I love it though

  • Elore Cohlt says:

    Simply perfect.

  • Zachary Smith says:

    that's one battle of endurance

  • blkjock81 says:

    4:04 is really just cool

  • Sammich says:

    that was a really unfortunate place to misspell a word…

  • earcandy says:

    Well, interruptions are a bit annoying…but it made me want to listen more to Steve Reich. Thanks for posting !

  • Erdfuss says:

    Too sad all this interruptions/breaks…

  • W4d5Y says:

    Okay, thanks. But I don't think Glass is more astounding, because music simply lulls you in, it doesn't really challenge you in any way. It usually is the music met in a car-ad.

  • Sea Oh says:

    i've designed a cd cover for that album,
    in association with the BBC 21cc and the British Film Institute…….

  • Jon Bash says:

    yeah, i didn't realize how much steve reich influenced sufjan. the last song on illinois could practically be a steve reich song. i definitely like reich more than glass, i would have to say, though.

  • kaini says:

    stunning interpretation. the sorta thing you could send someone to get em hooked on reich.

  • Sono Unminollo says:

    why don't you upload the whole performance??????

  • Sea Oh says:

    I'm designing a CD – AlBum CoVer for that 'Beautiful Music'…
    some what sounds beautiful,
    some what sounds too repetitive…

  • Bob William says:

    Wow! What a delightful lie I'm living! 🙂

  • chor74 says:

    bad thing to stop the groove…

  • MysteryGirl says:

    this is great…

  • Bob William says:

    Well… I'd never been in Heaven.. but I think this is the kind of music they play in their jukebox 🙂

  • Bob William says:

    Everytime I listen to Minimalist works I feel like in Heaven!

  • Dr. Duck: gaming the slow way says:

    I could listen to this for hours and hours, but then my brain would be exploded from the awesomeness(.) and I need my brain because our drumline is doing a show based off Reich's work for Windoor.

    Steve Reich=Genius

  • BillyLapTop says:

    One should listen to his "The Desert Music" CD. It is fabulous also..

  • Blodhevn666 says:

    This rules. Steve Reich is the shit

  • daemn42 says:

    What's ironic about people saying things like "it sounds a bit repetitive", is how ridiculously repetitive the typical pop and techno that they listen to, is by comparison.
    And the funny thing is a lot of artists were strongly influenced by Reich works like this one (if not *this* one itself), and now we're another two musical generations down the road, and the new artists are influenced by the people who were influenced by Reich, and yet the original idea is still there.

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