Stories of the Great Composers: Bach (Disneyland Records, 1961)

Stories of the Great Composers: Bach (Disneyland Records, 1961)

the time years after the life of Bach the occasion a music lesson the teacher a pupil of the pupil of Bach locked by the way is also a German word for a brook or a little river the student Ludwig von Beethoven the music the well-tempered clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach not Bach but mere not a Brook policy should his name be said young Beethoven buck was the master of masters not only was he probably the greatest composer that ever lived he was also a conductor a fine performer and an excellent teacher some of his best students were his own children and Bach had 20 children but his favorite student was his wife Anna Magdalena he wrote two books of music especially for her maybe you know a few of the pieces from these books like this one böck is very famous for his fuse he wrote scores of them a fugue is a special musical form and it always starts a special way one voice begins alone and plays a melody then a second boys answers it doing the same thing the first one dead only starting on a different note then a third voice comes in also playing the same melody sometimes four five or six voices join in during his lifetime Bach was more famous for his playing than his composing once he was challenged by a famous French musician named Marchand – a harpsichord contest the contest was to take place at the court of King Ferdinand Augustus all the great ladies and gentlemen of the court were waiting for the contest to begin when they were informed that marShon got scared and ran away so not to disappoint all the people Bach sat down and improvised on and on he played and all the people were thrilled they thought he was the greatest musician alive a wonderful performer but as a composer he was considered old-fashioned even by his own children very little of his music was published slowly Bach was becoming a forgotten composer seventy-nine years had passed when Mendelssohn revived interest in Bach and 21 more years went by before a society was formed to publish all of Bach's works there were so much music that it took 10 editors 50 years to complete the job today Bach is more popular than ever because so many people realize what a great genius Bach was


  • Claudia García Alcántara says:

    I had this album in spanish version and it is awesome. However, this english version it is totally overwhelming! Thanks a lot

  • TMD's Movie Corner POE AVGCP AUTTP NODD says:

    That was before the 1968 electronic album Wendy Carlos' Switched-On Bach!

  • Mauricio Rojas says:

    cuando niño le escuche muchas veces, alguien lo tiene en español..?

  • Carlbell1217 says:

    Like others below, I had this album as a young girl and listened to it endlessly. Through out my life I have enjoyed finding and hearing the full works all of these excerpts come from. Thank you for bringing back the wonderful memories … and melodies!!

  • David Morris says:

    Very grateful to you for taking the time to put this LP up.

  • Jamie Winters says:

    I also had this album when I was a girl.  It's wonderful to hear it again.  Thank you so much!

  • shellackophile says:

    Yes, I am putting up the B side tonight. Check under the individual composers. Glad you are enjoying these!

  • Axel Urrica says:

    Yes, please, side B!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  • Maria Antonieta Berdejo says:

    It's a great LP! I had it in spanish when I was a child! Thank you for sharing! Could you share the B side (Mendelsohn, Chopin, Brahms, Tchaikovsky)? You are doing a wonderful work!

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