Superhero Face Paint Challenge! | KITTIESMAMA

Superhero Face Paint Challenge!  |  KITTIESMAMA

hahahahaha!! hey spidey heres your ice cream (fart noise) hahahahaha! I don’t feel to well…… (upbeat piano music plays) hahahahahahaha! Dammit joker you did it again Where is that painted little menice (ice cream splatter) AHHHHHHHHHH MY ICE CREAM SHITTTTTTTT hahahahaha! hahahahaha! oh look a tree! hahahahaha! I’m gonna tell your mommy (sudden fight music plays) (victorious music plays) shablamm hahahahahaha! *paint splatter noise* Kitties Mama (Emma)Hi my name is Emma, (Jonah) I’m Jonah, (Noah) And I’m Noah (Emma) And today we are doing a Superhero Face Paint Challenge!!! I really hope you like that skit! The reason why we’re all in superhero costumes and doing superhero stuff, Is because internet the really like superhero stuff! In this challenge, we have, I don’t remember how many minutes To paint our faces. we’ve all done that you have already
voted no they’re going to get there are people so we are meeting our hair done
is being I didn’t get my hair done except I didn’t get my hair so now lets get started do whatever you want its fucking spider man nowhats going on I don’t know what to do ok noah do whatever you want where do I start I don’t understand should I make an alloy I don’t know anything about I’m going to start painting my facve white how do I open this I did it, my face is so small how do I do this. there cute ahhhh ahhh Woah look at mine that looks exactly like it here whoopys hee whoopsy here noooooo ok I need a slight wash and whenever you use a sponge rub it no dab it i did that wrong extremely wrong we don’t know how ot dap nevermind i just dabbed twice oh my god i have dark shit on my nose i dunno its ruined its nice its not liar that was horrible but its better than it was o i think mine looks pretty good hahahah what>?] oh my gosh look at this that’s really awesome you got to just not mess it up in morning your doing a good job i give up I’m going to give up i don’t have any alcohol cool cool oh no its lop sided cause i was lifting my head i chose the right one the other one i had would have been perfect i hate this I’m writing stuff are you proud of what you’ve done stop lying you’re wrong i did it all wrong his spidey senses are tingling I’m fixing it cant do any worse horrible kind of trash order up ding very careful dear oh patty cake patty cake bake bakers bake bake me a cake as fast as you can ooh patty cake patty cake bakers bake, bake me as fast as you can alright now whos drawing lines. Finally you don’t look too bad We finished So as you can all see we have all finished vote on the card who you think won. Vote up there to see who won like vote cause it will have our names and vote who won and comment down below comment down below who you think won or vote on the card vote who you think won or vote on the card Its over there…… I don’t think its over there. JOKER: I think huuu finally i get a answer i could of checked the comments Psycho big eyes emma do your best spider girl its a mask by the way literally its just a mask, oh ok did you like how i painted my neck too. Uh huh its great beautiful ok Ok noah show me yours, woah. Amazing (laughing) Just a blank face that’s my best spider man He is johnny parker There you go so that was it for this challenge don’t forget to comment down below of what challenges you think we should do next cause we might just pick your suggesetions Yeah We just might view your suggestions Whats another challenge were going to do wait its a poize no it would be way to hard to explain instead of this one i forgot what it was We were gonna do one instead of this one but oh ya being evil. oh ya baby bozzle Oh i love baby bozzle ok so that is it thank you for watching peace out you too, see you next time you too hahahahha

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