Surface Book 2 Real Artists Review part 1

Surface Book 2 Real Artists Review part 1

hi this is justice with tablet Pro and this is the second hardest review now that the program start with the GPU enabled some of them start with the Intel HD 620 engaged and so you need to actually manually change that by selecting the Nvidia control panel right there so let's start in Photoshop now you can see we're in performance mode as well as right here shows that that little lightning bolt shows that the GPU is active and you can see that a couple different ways here all right so we're going to go ahead and repeat this action okay and the best blend so we're using normal sized brushes you can see that the blending and the drawing is zero lag now if we bump this up so we're using a 500 size or close to 500 size pixel brush you can see that there is lag now if we switch to pixel brush here this is a good choice and we bring this up to 5 or 600 again there's like the canvas is three thousand by two thousand three hundred dpi for reference alright so let's do the standard jitter test I'll pull up the finer than fine brush from Kyle and if we zoom in and do the test you can see these little divots here words I think is pulling the pen tip or the input point over to my palm kind of like a palm rejection kind of an issue now if I pick my palm up and pull him down see it's pretty good very similar to the new surface pro that I reviewed earlier this year still better than the surface pro 4 and the original surface book I think there's some good improvements and the new surface pen it's a perfect pairing as far as I'm concerned what improvement I'd like to see is I'd like to see the tip of the pen adjust to the body line of the pen so basically that point right there would move out a little bit when I tilt the pen instead of lining up as if the pen was vertical really really good as far as the size goes and the weight of the computer like picking up it doesn't feel awkward it doesn't feel especially heavy I had the 15 inch yoga 720 before this and that felt really cumbersome and it was not easy to pick up here you can see these new surface pro and the thirteen and a half inch surface book and then the 15 inch surface book and the surface pro is same size as the previous generation which i think is twelve point three inches but I'm not positive on that size about the SD card slot it is the short one from the regular surface book you can charge through the USB see I used a Nintendo switch charger and that worked it just slower I believe it's 10 to 15 percent every half hour and with the 75 watt charger I believe it is that one I was able to charge 25% in half hour so it was 2 hours to charge the entire thing which I thought was actually really great now I also have the new surface pro the m3 model which has the same connector but it's lower wattage as well and that one does connect in charge but again it's a slower rate it's very similar to USBC charging speed in the next video I'm going to show how the clipboard behaves on his own performance why is likewise for now I'm going to get into some questions that I got from you guys alright so yes it charges by USB see it does not charge by the way with just a USBC cable plugged into a USB port or a portable battery I tried that even a fast-charging USB C portable battery it said that the compatible the charger was incompatible and use the one that came with the device so normal charging 50 percent to about an hour 80 percent was about an hour and a half in two hours of 96 percent charging via USB C by the Nintendo switch which is a 15 watt charger I think it was 10 minutes ago does five percent so again that would be 30 minutes would be roughly fifteen percent how hot does it get as very tolerable because of the design of the surface book and the hinge the vents are up here and there's a gap in between the device screen and the device base and that's where the heat dissipates into I think that's a really great way of handling it there's absolutely no vents down here and this little rubberized track feels really nice sitting on top of any hard surface with the surface pro there's nothing on the back like that so setting it down physically it's always going to scratch the fans can actually be adjusted by adjusting the power mode so you can hear the fans right now and they're gonna wind down and then you'll hear them turn off and just a couple of seconds let's take that off rotation okay does the battery drain while plugged in yeah it does but only during really heavy use and unlike the vial he flipped that I had earlier this year where it would drain significantly in power off this seems very very nominal I was getting one to two percent drain during heavy gaming during in hours worth of use so that's days worth of playing at that drain level before you're going to power off not a huge deal not ideal but I think for doing artwork you're not going to see a problem so here's my big problem with the surface book and the reason that I returned the original surface book that I had if I'm doing something in a program that's using the GPU and it's in full screen mode almost all the time you need a keyboard key to get out of full-screen mode or to interact with some of the different pop-up dialog boxes that come up so how you do that well there's nothing really to press here so you have to press the power button and the right button right volume rocker button then you go into the program you hit here you hit end task the program asks you to save you press the button it closes down you press this button right here to detach the screen you flip around your device you put the screen back on you're reload your program you reload your file and then you have access to your keyboard keys the only problem is the keyboard is now vertical if you're using your tablet lay down flat the way that feels most comfortable I think to most people this is the reason why I think tablet pro is such an essential tool for anybody who owns a service book we are having a sale right now for tablet Pro that's $9.99 for everything the total value price of everything is $54.99 and we're doing a very big sale until Monday so if you're watching this video recommend picking that up right now so how long does the battery last I did some gaming on it and I've had mixed results so I'm not gonna really go into that yet but subscribe if you want to know more on that I'll have that in the next video does it feel good for designing yes absolutely it's a wonderful machine to work with it feels really good the pen to the screen the touch interaction all of that feels great the screen does feel kind of overly large to me like I I would be fine with just this area to design in mine it's nice having the tablet pro artist Pat over here because it kind of shrinks the way that the screen looks so if I close this down it looks especially big and then when that's up it looks like this is the usable space that I need and I don't do like a lot of really big lines across the page if I'm drawing so that's not something that I've ever really wanted one thing to know is it is a giant tablet when you're carrying it around it does feel big not huge big giant kind of if it's sitting on the side of my bed is it comfortable and easy to lift up with one hand and use yeah it's very easy to pick up with one hand it's not feel heavy or awkward I don't have any problems with that experience at all I have a set to undo this is in the hover undo solo and this is inside of the community assets for tablet Pro that's tablet procom so sign up if you want that so essentially you can just in any program undo which is pretty cool if you want to right click you just tap and click and you still have right-click functionality all right is it heavy I know it's really not especially for the size it doesn't feel uncomfortable now when this is docked you want to pay attention because it will click and secure itself it with us not when it's not all the way and plugged in this right here is actually wonderful to hold and I really like it it feels good having the screen up a little bit and then wrapping your hand underneath feels nice and it feels it does feel more stable than the other one I threw my pin just now so it's on the ground and I'm not willing to get up to get it pretend I'm holding a pin yeah see you're doing it alright so anyway that feels really nice I like this again the big issue is if you're trying to do anything that needs keyboard you have to and this is the fast way to do it so I'm going to tap here ok that was faster it is faster and we're gonna click it right over here and open it up okay now it's open and now I can use the keyboard and the mouse the way the standard way if I want to do that and I have a program that uses the GPU again this is the big issue I think with the surface book more than anything else that's why you keep mentioning it so you're gonna have to think about whether you want it or not for 3d using ZBrush I have ZBrush core if someone has a file that they would like to send please send it and I'll demonstrate that in the next video something that obviously has a high poly count so that we can see a really good indication of how that looks right does tilt work with the new surface pup – yes because it's based on the pen not on the computer that much okay so here this is a Windows app store yeah and you can see the rotation of the pen this is probably the easiest way to demonstrate the pen rotation and this one does it better than Photoshop Photoshop they do some funky things with the little animation over here they have for the brush tip it makes it kind of hard to tell which angle you're at this one does a perfect job and this is called X Express II as expr II s I I apparently it shows you the frame rate we went into some more details but we did not cover everything I know there's gonna be more questions and leave them in the comments and I will try my best to get to those questions in the next video coming out soon I will have the gaming video the surface book 2 for gaming which actually is extremely exciting and very very promising I don't have a problem with the surface book for gaming right now it's it's a beast there are a couple things that you're going to need help with to get it to work right but I will go into pairing the xbox wireless controller which is different than the Bluetooth one in detail as well as setting this up to run on your TV with the controller and streaming audio into the controller alright thanks for watching guys if you're watching this today have a happy Thanksgiving and until next time stay creative and also subscribe


  • Gonzalo Pantoja says:

    Hello! Since im using powerfull softwares as photoshop and the surface starts to warm up, while im using the surface pen, the palm rejection stop working when the surface book 2 is connected to the power adapter or a usb-c HDMI adapter, but only if it is resting totally horizontal (my desk). do you have any problem like this?

    I would greatly appreciate your response.

  • Alfredo Ruiz says:

    Wow! awesome Artstation sticker👌

  • vikas upadhyay says:

    Is the keyboard detachable in surface book ..can you still work with the keyboard wirelessly ? And is drawing performance better than surface pro 5 or same ?

  • johnson he says:

    Do you have any coil whine?/ Do you have the 13.5 or 15 inch model?

  • Edrick Diaz says:

    Is there any way to config cs6 to recognize tilt with the surface pen? (Surface book 2 / 13.5 / i7 / 8th gen)

  • Burning Heart says:

    That diagonal line jitter killed it for me 😣 Great review!

  • Joanne Chan says:

    Can someone tell me how to open the keyboard bar on the left side? I dont know where is it and I want to use keyboard shortcut in tablet mode too :(, Thanks!

  • Zenroy says:

    How do you put those keys on the side?

  • Renny Pitner says:

    Hey, I appreciate you're in depth review. As an artist I've been looking for something that would be a replacement for my 2013 MacBook Pro + Wacom Tablet. One question: is there anything I can use to forgo the palm rejection? I like to rest my palm on the surface when I draw.

  • Marek Bogdan says:

    What preset of Tablet Pro You use in this video? Can I download this preset?

  • Micheal says:

    How you get that panel on the left…

  • D B says:

    Please review ebook reading on the Surface 2, especially textbook reading

  • Infinite Transcendence says:

    I never cared for drawing in photoshop.

    When you have it in "view" mode or the backwards setup you're drawing on, does it wobble? I heard some people say it wasn't good for bed/lap use.

  • Juan Sin Miedo says:

    WOW¡ Where I can get that picture?? :0

  • hamidreza saleh says:

    14:01 are you naked?!

  • Gabriel Alejandro says:

    0:53 whats that on the left side of the screen? its a mod for photoshop?

  • txshon Tseng says:

    For yoga 720 15 and surface book 2 which do you think is better? Is surface book worth the money? Or yoga is good enough?

  • James Bullo says:

    Use an artist glove and you wont get finger prints and it should eliminate that jitter.

  • Mitzi Chan says:

    Nice video. I'm thinking about getting a surface book 2 but I am curious when is part 2 of your review coming? ^^

  • Hjj Jjk says:

    Is it normal to put m'y hand on the tablet and start drawing or it makes it lag .

  • Ben Jammin says:

    How did you set up those buttons on the side of the screen?

  • Malick Toure says:

    "yes I was caressing"

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    can tablet pro go on the right side? left handed user here

  • baukepoelsma says:


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    is that the fan running in the background?

  • Lord Vader says:

    scared my laptop will startup if i carry in Bag, cos the Start button is not flushed in and its outside ☹
    Does this happen to anyone ?

  • Lord Vader says:

    Is it better to keep it pluged in charging all the time ?
    Even if its fully charged ?
    or should we unplug the Adapter and let the Battery drain to 0% & then charge it again
    what is better for battery to last longer

  • theoatmilk says:

    Softest voice ever :’)

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  • Ahegaliant says:

    I'm on the fence between this and wacom's mobile studio, but until this sunday the Surface Book 2 is on sale!!!

  • Stefan Verbakel says:

    Quick note, if your canvas is 3000 by 2000 pixels then a DPI setting of 300 is irrelevant. (at 72 DPI it would still be 3000 x 2000 pixels)

    DPI only comes into play when you convert pixels to cm of inches. So it only converts into measures that tell you how dense you'll be able to print it. 72dpi is less dense so you'll have a wider cm or inch size available than 300dpi which is more dense (more points per inch = less inches available for the total size). Hope that makes sense 🙂

    Apart from this, great review. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • mrsmith427 says:

    So for working on 50 megapixel photos in photshop this device would not be ideal then? I want to do retouching on it as well as lightroom work, I have a great desktop and a separate Wacom Pro (not the one with the screen) tablet for that but I want a mobile setup also and if this was good for retouching those large files I would consider it a step above the less expensive Dell XPS 15. The Dell has a touch screen but no pen support, if I could eliminate taking the Wacom tablet with me that would be awesome.

  • Ben Ikeler says:

    I bought this laptop and love it, but I lose a good amount of battery overnight on sleep (7-15%), and more than expected through daily use. I was wondering if anyone has discovered the same problem.

  • Aquarium Gravel says:

    is it possible to turn off touch so that it doesn't give you the stairstepped slow lines? I'd wear an art glove but unfortunately I'm allergic.

  • Jeff Mendoza says:

    How do you make that control set on the left appear beside photoshop? Is it a built-in thing or a plug-in?

  • Krispy Art says:

    Photoshop is the shittiest app for painting, period. They have gotten so lazy over the years, their demise is inevitable.

  • Cuong Nguyen says:

    How does SB2 work on other adobe programs, such as After Effects and illustrator? I do a lot with AE and illustrator with my Cintiq. Been comparing SB2 and MBP to fit my workload.

  • fatalradius says:

    iPad Pro has been the best for me. Procreate + iOS is just an amazing.

  • Grzegorz Zielinski says:

    Hi, Im thinking about getting second hand Surface Book 1 with performance base but I would like to ask you if beside performance is there any big difference? Like for example this jitter or any difference if you draw using pen and use shortcuts on screen or fingers at the same time? I would guess it should be more a software issue than hardware so maybe that was improved in first S Book? I will be buying new surface pen to work with. I guess that old beefier version of Surface with i7, 16bg and gt 965 would be faster anyway that new one with i5 and intel graphic? So question is more in pen behave and software I guess… I would like to use it on Photoshop, ZBrush and Ableton Live mostly with your shortcut software

  • ana karina dominguez says:

    hey there how do you open the left panel for short cuts?

  • Double D says:

    cant you just connect the Keyboard and press ctrl ` to exit full screen? most ADOBE programs do for me…

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    Why don't just use a bluetooh keyboard while working?

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    Hi Justice, thanks for videos .. is there significant difference just in drawing/painting experience, between surface book 2 (i7) and surface pro 2017 (i5) ?

  • Expresii Paint says:

    We just went to a local store to try out the Surface Book 2. We got 200+ FPS so looks like you're not really using the Nvidia GPU in your video.

  • Expresii Paint says:

    Thanks for showing the tilt with Expresii. We're been trying to tell Samsung people about this so that they can avoid the awkward situation of using Photoshop to show the tilt: 🙂

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