Sword and Shield 8 Generation Pokemon Alcremie Clay art : Making Story

Sword and Shield  8 Generation Pokemon Alcremie Clay art : Making Story

Hi. Clay is a cacao. Today, I will tell you the story of Alcremie making. I have an idea that came to my mind when I was making Alcremie Clay. Alcremie is a whipping cream? How about making a real whipping cream with a weaving tool? I came to the mart because I wanted to try it on the making video. I’ll buy it with this. Hi. I changed my seat. I bought a baking tool. I went to Daisso instead of Mart and bought more cheap products. It’s a similar product, but it’s a lot cheaper. I put the clay into the plastic bag, and I will squeeze it. This way? I’ll take it off. You can use this baking tool to create a Alcremie clay Would not it be better? This way, I put a clay on plastic bag. have to put it in front. Wait. Now, I’ve got a pink clay like this. Please put clay in your pocket. I was a bit worried about this I do not think it will come out because of the viscosity of clay. Clay is less moisturized than whipped cream and seems to be hard to weave. It’s hard to work out. I will squeeze it straight and roll it. Let’s make the ears of the Alcremie that strawberry is attached. Straight Please do not round. Is it cute? Please finish well at the end. Please stick strawberries in the middle. Is it cute? It looks like a real whipped cream. Beautiful ~! Let’s finish the other ear. Give me strength. I want you to squeeze out the bottom of this ear. Now, please put another strawberry here. Please gently paste. Those with hand strength can use this baking tool We recommend that you make
a Alcremie clay figure. Look like a real whipped cream? I think it will be a figure that makes use of character’s features properly. Is it cute? So I will finish the video. Thank you. Hi ~~


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