Sword and Shield 8 Generation starter Pokemon Grookey Clay art : Making Story

Sword and Shield  8 Generation starter Pokemon Grookey Clay art : Making Story

Today, I will give you a make-up story of making Grookey. first,
I made a face. When it’s dry, it’s plump. This is a clay feature that contains air. I’m going to make a different expression and a new eye. I’m trying to make open eyes.
I’ll make my mouth shut and open eyes. I can not do live broadcasting now, so I just want to show you the process of making
I’m taking it. First, I cut the face part before making eyes. If you cling the clay and cut it like this
It is easy to cut like a paper. If you do not dry the clay, it will sticky. You can cut it off and pound it. It cuts like a piece of paper like this. Let’s just cut it like this.
Please put it on your face. When you’re slightly dry, this clay sticks well. You have to be careful when you stick. There is only one chance. Then the beak. I will make an orange beak. I make orange with a little saturation. Make a circle. Like this with a knife
Give me the sheath. So,
You can make like me or black clay. This way, Pardon …
Please paste. Do you see?
Please paste Now I will make my eyes. I need a white clay. How can I make this eye
I do not make eyes. I just stick clay on my eyes. After preparing this white clay, It just sticks like this. In the eye position Attached Then,
Please press The other side of the snow … Next time I’ll make black eyes.
After making this circle, please stick it and press it hard. like this Then, Again, I’ll give you a white glittering eye.
White to pounding Both sides So Finished. Easy? You can choose one when you make a Grookey. If you have any questions, please feel free to make comments.
Thank you Bye ~ Thank you.


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