Sword and Shield 8 Generation starter Pokemon Sobble Clay art : Making Story

Sword and Shield  8 Generation starter Pokemon Sobble Clay art : Making Story

Hello Clay Cacao. Today is the story of a Sobble making.
I will explain the characters of the starter Pokemon. Today I was out in the waterfall.
I’m recording this clayart with an acrylic stick in the clay. I paint the varnish 3 or 4 times this time.
Clay was not melt?, right? The clay did not melt. thank God. Now, move on.
I will explain the three starter Pokemon. Hello I moved to the place. The weather was so good that I came out. I came out with a Scorbunny, Grookey, Sobble. I’ll also tell you some rumors of evolution.
The first Scorbunny is a rabbit pokemon that jumps with an exuberance He attacks his opponent with his hot soles.
And when you see the nose nose on your nose and soles, According to rumors,
It is evolving into a human form, and it is a fighter. Matches ?? Then, Grookey. Looking at the position of the triangular ears and philtrum,
The motif is expected to be a squirrel monkey. Do you want to see the tail? It is a monkey’s tail. He pull a stick out of his head like on direct video. It is said to strike or attack a stone on the floor.
And because the background of the province of Garral Region is England. There is speculation that it is related to rock music and drums.
And the final evolution is a giant gorilla attacking a wooden drum. I wonder what it looks like. The next is the Sobble.
It is said to be a water lizard that is a bit crying and hiding in the water and aiming for a gap. When the color of the body becomes clear, and then the unusual limbs and the dried tail are seen, the motif is chameleon, Among them, it is presumed to be a veiled chameleon. And when this was first publicly released, He took his first place on Pokemon Information Agency on Twitter. Because of cute?? Today I came out and introduced clayart.
In the next video I will upload with a new Pokemon clay art. Well, thank you for watching. Goodbye ~~!


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