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Amazing Geodesic Dome Homes, Breathtaking Homes

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best shipping container homes design architecture ideas

Container house is one of the brilliant breakthroughs in architecture Not only unique in terms of building structure, this type of house is also pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly when compared to conventional homes In building it, you also do not need to practice a complex set of traditional construction methods which often risks jeopardizing the

Tokyo Home | Inside Today’s Modern Traditional Japanese House

in this video I’m gonna show you guys what’s inside of a traditional modern Japanese house so today I’m gonna give you guys a sneak peek inside this Tokyo housing center to visit a model home by hewill house a popular home builder in Japan the main entrance doesn’t have your traditional door it actually

Solar Movies – Solar Home Designs on Different Budgets

Solar Movies – Solar Home Designs on Different Budgets

In the last 1980s, after designing and analysing and promoting solar housing for about 12 years at the time, we decided to be involved in a solar movie that was put together by a TV station to explain what solar design was in the housing sector. We had developed the solar energy information centre that