Tattoo Artist Confessions

Tattoo Artist Confessions

hello welcome back to another episode of confessions i'm riyadh and this week i am with a tattoo artist confessions of a tattoo artist hello hi what name would you like to use pick a name any names paddy paddy mm-hmm like cuz I'm Irish is that way yeah great okay Patti it is Patricia whatever let's do this how long have you been working in the tattoo business 14 years Wow why tattooing it kind of fell off my on my face really oh yeah what is the weirdest tattoo that you've ever done on someone or seen one of your friends do my friend tattooing a very interesting gay man bum holding black that was quite what like in Koran that inside as well in the fight yeah and you need someone to help you stretch and Oh legs up why though why not right how did he go for a well ask him we will what are some of the things that you refused to do on a client I refuse to do next face and hands and people they are not fully covered but how are they gonna get covered if you don't do it yeah but not neck faces and hands get your arms your torso or your legs or feet whatever but you don't deserve those tattoos if you didn't go through the entire experience first oh so it's almost a rite of passage yes get the other big parts of your body done first before you have that yeah they're the social suicide parts they are the parts where you can't go back you're gonna be a reject from society once you have that don't you it's a job stopper you know you have a tattoo right here underneath your eye yes does that give you any grief do people look at it stare at me of course yeah and especially as a woman what kind of message do you think it sends out into the world like what have what do they perceive you as Dianna failure um and then responsible person are you any of those things no you're a businesswoman yes very successful businesswoman right thank you it's alright I did that as well my face kind of like a proof for myself that I couldn't go back that now my career was in in the right place you're not gonna be an accountant anytime soon are you who wants to do that but thanks to my accountant for sorting out my taxes love you you tattoo penises right peni penises what's the plural of penis anyone no penises penises are they soft hard hard hard yeah how do you make them hard surely you don't do that no I don't I ask them to bring a fluffer so a boyfriend/girlfriend I don't care whoever can help you otherwise blue pills they are very practical then I would say an iPad or a laptop with so much material yeah okay that's a call it material yeah how long do they have to keep it up for how long as necessary a lot of guys enjoy the pain oh how long do they have to abstain from you know it heals quite quickly so usually about a week to maximum are there certain places that you believe just should not be tattooed but they still are by certain studios clitoris yes the ring is like a lot of people think that are you get your clear tattoos or your clit peers that's not actually true nobody would pierce off to this because it's a very sensitive and it's nervous part Oh usually it's tattooing or piercing the hood producer Maria's behind the camera grabbing her crotch are you okay it's not gonna happen it's okay and even if it was to happen it would literally be tiny little dot isn't it not that small you definitely don't know what it looks like there nope not a cliff what's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen in terms of you know a client's coming in and maybe not having washed I think the grossest was it was the top man what the top man yeah the tap tell me about the top man I had this mistress a dominatrix coming with a slave they were both very lovely but basically I'm tattooing a signature next to his groin and I lived at some point in my arm and there's the sensation you know that and he's like yeah his peepee it was dripping like a tap oh no and it wasn't urine no they called me like top lady for me you may not have heard about this but what do you make of these people who take skin from their dead loved one at a to preserve it frame it in the house and keep it forever I don't agree with it why because that's not your property that person may down themselves to go with it to the other world you know and it's not your property it's their skin this is a horrible to do to someone are you taking that energy that experience away from them right they should be buried with it yeah they paid for it they went through it you didn't their money yeah people pass out a lot don't they there was one guy came for his first tattoo and yet flown in from Canada and where London all the way here for that Wow and I was putting the stencil on and he said that he didn't feel really okay and he was really tall and then suddenly this exhausted style vomits all over the place exorcists Oh God yeah project I've run it and he fainted so we had to old him because he was so tall and so small you know we laid him on the floor and I'm just covered in puke covered in puke and could you tell what he had eaten yes chicken and granola of Jesus out of all the jobs in the world why this one basically I've seen the way it helped me overcome my struggles in life I mean through a lot of traumatic experiences I would say tattoo has really helped me reclaim my body in what ways have you seen your work affect someone when they come in to get a tattoo I get a lot of women mostly women and most of them have been through some abuse whatever psychological or physical seeing them passing the door with the shoulder like this you can see they're troubled and they're broken and a few years later they walk straight and they're powerful and they're strong and confident and this this is everything and you think tattooing is the part of that journey yes of course it is a part of that journey because they reclaimed their body they go through the pain they've chosen everything about it they've chosen the tattooist the reason the moments like that they are allowed to say yes or no it's a full total story of trust and consent and I think nowadays is very important and then they look at their tattoo later on and they're like it was painful but I did it and now it's there as a reminder that I can overcome anything that comes my way that's powerful thank you for what you do so many people talk to me about the politics of being a new age or old generation tattoo artists there's a lot of ego it's all about money it's not about the healing side of things they don't give it they just like oh I'm an artist I'm a toward on Instagram I've got 8 billion followers but there's no consideration of the human being that you're tattooing that they think is just a canvas and that's not the case so they know you like to say okay someone's watching knives are thinking of getting the very first tattoo done but they want to find the right person what are the warning signs that they should look out for so that they don't get a crap tattooist okay five point yeah they are one look at the portfolio look at the quality of the work and the amount of work that they've done – don't look at someone close because it's convenient look at really someone that they work resonate with you three I would say talk to someone that has been tattooed by them or get consultation with the person for don't count your money money doesn't matter you're not buying sneakers you are buying something that is gonna go in the grave with you none of your designer clothes your shoes or whatever you're buying is gonna go with you unless it's tattooed so don't be scary yeah Dom be scabby ro5 follower gasps it's very important if it doesn't feel right don't do it don't do it well that's it thank you so much for your time cheers honey Oh make sure you subscribe to the channel tell your friends about it and comment below any of your horror tattoo stories or tattoos that you are very unhappy with and we can have a little bit of a laugh down below and sort of soothe your pain sorry we'll see you in a couple of days bye bye you want to show your face oh it's a gorgeous oh stop it you sweet okay so if you want to get a tattoo done where can people go come to the delays make a sweat shop gonna put a link down below check it out bye bye


  • Gareth Jones says:

    penis, penes in Latin; penis, penises in English

  • Mark Cuellar says:

    Not to be a dick or anything but . . . I think this dude might be gay . . .

    🤔 🤔 🤔

  • luckeeleeyeo says:

    I was SO excited to see a new Riyadh vid in my inbox that I clicked without reading the title. While I was eating. I got to the part about skin in frames and… can guess the rest. Still love you though.

  • EmLee Gee says:

    No responsible tattoo artist would tattoo an asshole. You cannot possibly heal an open wound that is compressed in darkness and getting literal shit on it.
    Loved the video and her though. More tattoo content please

  • Eve Kohley says:


  • OLDS98 says:

    Interesting video because it was educational and informative. I think it helps understand why people get tattoos. Thank you Riyadh.

  • Max Alberto says:

    OMG!!!! your Back!!!!

  • Anny & Dennis says:

    Ohh, he’s back

  • Shezy Ali Fitness says:

    Really nice content. Kindly check my channel for fitness, diet, cooking, transformation and recent VLog of KSA, Riyadh visit.

  • Jay says:

    Awesome and enlightening video! Well done.

  • Jou*Jules says:

    When she said "and now it's there as a reminder that i can overcome any f*cking sh*t that comes my way" i felt that. That's exactly how i feel about some of my tattoos.

  • Heather Leonard says:

    I love all my tattoos, BUT about a year ago I broke my leg really badly and have had to have surgery twice which means the tattoo I had on my leg now looks like a patchwork quilt 😂

  • Jana Ras says:

    Please make a video with your parents! Would LOVE another mean comments one! Please!

  • Karl Morton IV says:

    There’s a series of confessions?? How have I missed them? To the search engine!

  • Nisarg Thakur says:

    I love you Riyadh 💜

  • Sean Masami Shimamoto says:

    Yay!! Riyadh is BAAAAACK!!! #fabulous This video ave me the feels the entire time, all 9 minutes and 13 seconds!!!

    As someone who works in Accounting, I LOVED this video!!! You’re always preaching inclusiveness, open-mindedness, love, and acceptance…and you make the world better place for little boys and girls who are gay like me. I wish your videos were around when I was a little boy…they would’ve made a world of a difference!!!

    Thank you so much for all you’ve do, that you do, and what you will do for the 🏳️‍🌈 community!!!

    Much love and aloha from Hawai’i!!! 😍🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽

  • 10th CHILD says:

    Great to see you posting new videos 😁

    The editing in this was great ✨

    I’ve considered getting subtle tattoos, but I’m still too scared 😬🙈

  • Mark Shelton says:

    I had my home state of Mississippi tattooed on my chest. Permanent reminder of what I’ve overcome as a gay man , love it! It’s fun watching people here in California try to guess the state, get it wrong, then stare in shock when I tell them. I get more free beers that way. Pity and poor geography, lol!

  • nightowl says:

    Btw Riyadh I saw your book on a big display in Waterstones. That was a surreal moment for me.

  • nightowl says:

    okay but is she the worst reviewed artist on yelp?

  • diseasterfan says:

    Why is she not showing the face?

  • Sara glittermepink says:

    Riyadh, I absolutely love you! Your videos are amazing and you are beautiful inside and out. God bless you!

  • Sara glittermepink says:

    Tattoo inside the tush?! Oh honey, honey nooo

  • Victor Hugo says:

    I loved it ,it's so beautiful 😍

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    ok Riyad.. fess up ! What did YOU get tattooed?

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    Would love to see your parents reaction in case you're gonna get a tattoo Riyadh 😂

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    LMAO “you definitely don’t know what it looks like do you?”

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  • Meaghan Morrissey says:

    Lol the only tattoo I have IS A HAND TATTOO. It’s a simple “a” for my cousin that died from brain cancer. Her name was Ali. She always held my hand literally and physically. I got it to simply say her and I will always be holding hands.

  • Gary Neeley says:

    This was awesome! I go to my friend, Charles Comber. He and his wife own a tattoo shop called Pin-ups & Needles, in Traverse City, MI. People have traveled there from several States away just to get a tattoo from him. He's INCREDIBLE!

  • Alexander Hill says:

    Literally getting my first tatt this Thursday. This video was awesome

  • Molly Rose Magic says:

    Glad to see you back! How have you been? I've not got any tattoos but it's something I'd definitely want to do someday. 💖

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    As an avid tattoo collector I absolutely love this <3

  • Rebel The Girl says:

    Why would you tattoo a part of your body that no-one but you and your partner will ever see?

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    interesting point of view ! She is really nice !

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    As a person who is thinking of getting her first tattoo this was really imformative. Thank you! And her tattoos are sooooo awesome!! 😍😍

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