TATTOO ARTIST the biggest tattoos, eyeballs, tounges and many pictures

TATTOO ARTIST the biggest tattoos, eyeballs, tounges and many pictures

test and waiting lis waiting waiting and I think we online so you all it's me Lily Lu welcome back to my podcast your my channel everything is a little bit different everything is about a little bit a different kind of life a little bit of alternative life I thought you want to call it I call it just a pretty normal life I live pretty much basic and normal probably more normal than most of the people out there will free me anyway so yeah today we talk a little bit about my past as a terrorist and why I'm not a tattoo artist anymore we will look a couple of old pictures and talk about old stuff like we will see what happened so dive in and odd case bring I first miss audio right for you guys as a sound code is a picture good let me know quick that I know so today we will look a little bit at old pictures in the time I waiting for your response I will take a little look let me see what we find here dumb old had to picture related stuff let's get very tricky guys and again like always you have questions put hash tag question and then your question I try to respond on as many questions as I can and we will see oh yeah that looks like a funny picture to start with one second I have to struggle a little bit still with the technique here repeat this one second here we are Ricky and we got or ready to show you some pictures okay here we are we start with the first old funny picture I find from me that was one of the last heterozygote see for my little wife and yeah let's we can talk quick a little bit about my own ink as you can see there's a lot of lot of layers on my body there you still see some swastika pattern under you see like a lot of little scars I got from mosquito bites and stuff you filled in like weird funny color to make it a little bit ma'am using I have a lot the name of my daughter tattooed on my body here you see a couple of different pots from a couple of different thoughts from combo experiences I got and it's this so yeah I got a lot of combo experience for the ones we don't know that it's kind of a medicine to reboot the body it's a not so much fun it's like a very hard experience like you all your body collapse and explode but that's a different topic for some different podcasts for the future so yeah I got a lot of layers on my body let's see what pictures we still find here we have one of both what is he doing here here we have one of my back okay so yeah you see I have a big big Simon on my back like the biggest Simon goes to me with some size livescript inside and you see I got a lot of succulent on all my body the swastika inside I got from lung people was one of the most powerful monks and the rest is from a different kind of monks all from the temple over many many years last year I started no is filling black hand over my black ink and everything would was why'd we fill in some gray to get some more layers I just don't like white skin anymore so you got some questions hashtag questions and let me know we can dive oh that's a good one from me that was like probably one of my most favorite tattoos I got on my body here's a I hate people I had over my face because I'm very antisocial I may be mentioned before and I don't believe in humanity and I think a lot of humans out there are not so nice and that's why I got a huge big face tattoo dedicated to that I got another one in my fingers we're stand like peoples are stupid but that is just my opinion I don't know yeah I really miss that tattoo I was already thinking too fried it back with white or something but I'm lazy for tattooing so what I what you wanna see guys when is the dirty dread Summerfest it start on Thursday in two days that will be crazy mayhem going on here for almost one week and I probably will make one flock about and all the rest you will find over that there are two great platforms and that's basically is it I'm from Thailand and I want to know your opinion about sake and yeah you just seen my back and it's all my body looks like this so I got I got succulent everywhere in my body even in my palms on my hands on my full body through my ass Craig everywhere I do love sake and I love the ritual of sake and I personally don't believe in the meaning not meaning but in like the real protection but I don't believe in anything so I believe it's a very beautiful ritual in something I benefit a lot from it and silent benefit from it a lot of my atmosphere of tattooing I created is routed back to suck yawns I think my first sake on tattoo I got almost I got like around 10 years ago and yes I instead I collect and collect hundreds of sessions oil yawns and all kind of stuff you begged her to the masterpiece yeah actually the first lay of my back was one of the masterpieces of carrot respect from time-traveling tattoo you still have a very big painting from it hanging around and he was also the one layers and scraped and layers and rituals and layers and yeah people ask a lot what is that for sense with your bodysuit and I just lost track I lost the line and I start don't care anyway it was just all about experience and all about oh I felt in my progression as titurius and as person did you tell Czech NOLA stuff yeah she was my ex-wife as some of you know I hate tattooed her first layer who was looking nice but all the rest I'm out so it's not something of me anymore it's just black and it looks not very nice he fucked it up in my eyes so but that's a different topic we don't talk about we talk about more funny stuff can you show us some couple big pieces yes I can we skip here I got notice this little control also I can just switch around makes it more easy than going with the mouths all the time so yeah let's see I can show you some double bags why is it open and always there you can screw screw some double bags that most one I started and never finished this was like some freehand scribble I just go nuts I think it was one session I sadly started a couple of double bag pieces which the couple separated and they didn't want that finish it some of that pieces I finished separately but I don't have ten pictures from the double bags anymore yes we all know in the old folder of my tetovo so yeah that was actually the very first double bag and this one is tore she is normal apprentice signs a few years that was a old girlfriend from her they also separated later on I made the arm the sleeve of doors fitting to the double bag as well and yeah compared to my other work it's a little different it was the first time I go over one body and I wasn't that far is connecting bodies as I am it no so that's why I'm still hanging around and they're not really fitting into the picture but I learned about that very fast and I start moving the bodies I put people's on steps or sitting down or whatever I talk to like move people's a little bit to better together yeah that's very old stuff very old stuff there is there is actually and not so old double bag as I remember that was like two good friends from Sweden and as you can see this was done in four days so some of the tattoo is already healing you see the green here is or repelled off after the day for some little stuff is still in there that's why it looks very dark because when you work a couple of days on the same piece and I start with the light colors usually a lot of dark color get wrapped in it and make the tattoo very dirty but yeah when it spelled off and healed it looks very very nice but I have no changes usually to make healed pictures from double back senses or multiple person pieces because the people's come from very far and there's not many chances to redo a picture and you don't can get people's together to make a picture and send it to me it works very little even when people send me pictures from single back pieces but yeah we saw a big forget it that's only one angle where this really works it's one angle where I always stayed the same I place them the same and when I make the picture so it's a lot of cheating involved a lot of cheating with the form of the body with the form of the shape of the body to make straight lines like like here where the body is like shaving and I have a field of tape of like 5 to 10 centimeters sometimes it's very difficult to make the connections work see me all right oh yeah that was like I think one of the I think the third or number Ford of the double bags they also separated and yeah a lot of what is a lot of double bag separated later on so I had to change his back a little bit because he wanted break the connection to the other piece but we still keep the piece Holloway intact just a full picture from it I really love that piece say one of my favorite double backside done it was the first time I involved like a fool limp like a full arm and trust made the backside of the arm later on we make the rest of the sleeve fitting to it and I love it yes oh that's long ago that's also in my old gallery that is like maybe 2013 no no no what to tell the certainty was already in silent 2011 or 2012 it must be there's like this pattern is is transforming a little bit then there's gray shade in the creature it now looks very reddish because it's fresh I don't have a heal pictures from from that oh that's like a lot of old work that scape to the double pegs when we find some more there yeah you can see a heal picture from the second double bag not a good quality picture but here you see already I try to put a pattern in the sleeve so it fills a gap it looks very nice also I would say it looked very nice only on the one back of her and yeah that is actually what I really love about the double bags let me go quick back to this one I really love how they how they look alone you see that they look very abstract alone and I really love how Oh abstract they look look alone they look much different then then what I ever would create it as a a single back piece also this side you see it looks still it looks nice I think it looks very nice very abstract because it's really just like cut out one part of something and yet this was as I say the first double back it's a lot of Corona cleaner on doors we changed a little bit on her bag because it's a lot of stuff happening there too much in my eyes but we all learn from experience from progression well it's a lot of old tattoos yeah you see some stuff alone from the double bag also see here also that bag it looks very nice alone still it not looks like it is just half piece no one would like recognize it's just half piece I would say so yeah oh yeah that was my LST dedicated piece and this was actually the first piece I separate the body from top and bottom I would say this was like little groundbreaking for myself because till that point there was always up and a bottom up in the top in a tattoo there was always that vision field where you see the at the top this is the bottom and this was the first time I really try to break this and you can read the LSD from this side and all when I switch the piece it looks nice from all the sides and you can see no no you can read this the read script so that piece actually read please actually don't have a bottom and the top it you can see it from all the side like the third dimension the certain mention goes even in all the dimensions it have not one thing you can like put it on a needle and twist it and it there are no rules from where to see it because there's no up and down anymore and yeah that was the first time I done this I put them on a lie so they kind of have away stretched because on lying fully it wasn't working so we find out that is the position because I still plan to have not too much deformation when they stand alone in the body later on like the third dimension there's a lot of deformation going on when the people stand normal but that was a long way till there because I progressed a lot and I put the art over everything I put the final piece over the single individual body piece what is very disconcerting my eyes but you know double piece is still for the people's 40 couples for the friends like this this was also the first time there was really two friends coming and it was very fun to do because it's different than couples I would say friendship usually is a much deeper bond than what a couple have basically when you go dead intense and that far but yeah different topic again yeah I love that piece because it was my LSD dedicated piece here you see it from the side two different side two different angles I can switch that quick pic for you guys and yeah that was like a very rough fast piece I done there's another picture from it where you see also the the separate bags oh yeah anyway a lot of old work here in my old hockey fair we are right now and be stuck here that was the first Tribble piece but that was I think after the second session or the third session all my first double breaks I needed roughly four sessions for it and the days was very long it was very exhausting sessions it was very new for me I dare was not a real real progress going on so that I was having like my my knowing what to do and where to go and was a lot of work sometimes it took me forever to place the peoples together and yeah but you know you learn each piece you learn and at some point I was getting so confident and fast with double breaks that I was making denim three sessions and I start making expendable double bags I make one like half doubles huge body peas and I make bigger project and pick up pieces but it was really a very long long pace to go there I would say there was like 2025 double bags till I start making very big things and in the last year's most of the easiest way to get appointment with me boss still to make a double piece or make a female front piece that was still my favorite things to do especially double back pieces I made always very good deals to people's because I love the atmosphere and I was go against all the rules of like professional tattooists I don't use separate needles don't you separate anything I wanted have them session is one big mess sharing the needle sharing the experience sharing the one piece so it's really getting as much bond as you can get and yeah I speak with the people's about before and they loved it and I share needles with all my good friends and we everyone was close to me I think it's a very deep ritualistic intense Cherry moment you can have with someone you're very close and I love this connection I love the energy who was in this double bag sessions much more than in the big project the big project was less in team than double bag sessions was it doesn't there's a final one from this there's the final one from this and you can see I finished that piece and I was very very struggled with that piece because wow it was the first time I expand over to people before I made I think four or five maybe five makes him on five double back pieces and then I got actually the I think that was this was a couple and it was the best friend from the couple and we make this piece and it was very hard for me she wanted have a lot more petal and they wanted to have it much more crazy and heavy and it was very hard for me to struggle a concept later after that I learned when you go with dead much people you cannot define an actual individual concept anymore you not can say this get this and he get this and Wow it was too much struggle it still ended up very very nice it still was like blowing my mind to stand in front of that piece and seeing a tattoo like this size this large like wow actually Wow yes no I would do a lot of things different but we all would do things differently done a lot and let's go forward yeah I have no real sorting in my archive I write no just in my web archive don't know we at the end of my bed octave so let's see what I can find more maybe we go quick jump Vic we will return back to the chat any questions hashtag questions presents do you already cut your lawn I heard that is about a 4 comma 2 centimeter I can tell you I just cut it alone today because I want to make already and tidy for the Summerfest even with I don't know how it's called a side cutter with the spinning thing to make everything very nice yes yes yes I make everything very nice and tidy because only the grass is not growing that much because we have it so dry here so harden try this here the grass is not going much so let's go back to you guys some more questions hashtag how long do the double pegs take you yes at the end like the last year's I make double back in three sessions and sessions go like maybe five maximum six hours it's a very energetic and when I'm in my tunnel I'm in my tunnel and I don't have to make much breaks because when one of them want to break he can't stand up in the next one sit down I don't even have to change my clothes I loved it because it's just bringing these focus tunnel in this full adrenaline rush and just keep going and it's fun I love double back yet still till yet in my in my past s tattooing Bobby Beck was the biggest passion I had I can take a look quick let me go quick in my tattoo are Keef whoa whoa give me one second guys okay we break so no I have to deep dive a little bit more in my Akif and I have to say quick thank you to volley our computer guy from silent because we're having a small server no setup we're having all our data files on one little server I can reach it from here I can reach it from any computer I ever automatically backup off all my stuff because it happened a lot that I fucked up and I was not good with data equipment and I have around 60,000 pictures from my past as photo crafter as well and they all unsorted and a big big house the same like here on my tattoo Akif I just go with you guys through some stuff here there are a lot of old pictures old stuff and yeah here you can see this is probably the first picture of a double-baked where I was working on the first session and I go step by step layer by layer as you can see or you see my ears not tattooed and my hair very short this is very long ago very very long ago still white skin on my arm yeah wow that's long ago let me quick look what I find more I will find some more double bags when you guys give me time let's dive into some old pieces oh yeah here we can maybe interesting for you guys you see that's all that's actually two friends of mine and he's he's some of you who know him maybe that is Friedel one a good friend of silent and yes he already got one slave if you make his table baked and then we make the peck of John he got a lot of Marvel too same as Friedel he got a lot of Hiroki he's on the way forward for bodysuit no and do you see roughly how I built up table pecs every single is very natural because before I never know how I can place the peoples together I tried out a lot of really weird and crazy stuff and yeah so till the point I put them together I don't know what I do because I don't know what Candice I have so this is roughly I start I make like a rough arrangement of what I want to do the top layer the most dominant part of the tattoo you can see that secondly I was like this cutout here I decided I won't have like some flour stuff in some more lighter and here we go a little bit more crazy this was planned to be a very very heavy piece and as you can see here I start scripting the next layer everything what I do is basically freehand I just looking on it I painting on it I created in my mind that's what I done in my past everything is spontaneous free and what happened it happened so yeah this is how my first script looks the first script before I start the first line of tattooing until that this point already I have a full concept in my mind it's very hard to explain to people's because I never hundred percent know how the piece will look up and I have this vision now if this vision in my mind and I couldn't even explain it so I don't try to explain it because even I could explain it probably the peoples would never really understand the idea or so yeah we skip that point that's what I paint then we start tattooing like very old stuff here holy shit no we've been a very old folder actually holy shit very old folder I have to ski and this is another nice piece because it's a mescaline dedicated Peas and as all you guys know I'm very in pretty much in psychedelic so I try to make a piece dedicated to everything I also made a DMT related table bag I hope I find it somewhere in my Akif is some very nice peas as well so yeah here we back to the the first layer as you see I made a couple of peyote A's and I paint them freehand like I do most things the top part is just like a little orientation for me for the next layers and as you can see here already i tattooed one side no the next step would be oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I have to mention that was the first piece I separated a session so that means I made one type of session with him and then after that I made a title session with him on the same day but we separate and I really didn't like this session and the next time I talked with them for the second session and I talked with them and I asked them because the first time they commented say yeah they both fuck around a little bit and they don't use much protection and they will just want to be sure and save that they don't put something on their frame because they're not tested and the second time I sit down to them and I was telling them you know guys I was think about it and actually when it would be me and when you go that far you give a shit if you get like some some shit from a girl you don't know why you care what you get from your friend then better get a std from your friend from a tattoo session like this and from a one-night stand and then they agreed and we all agreed that we just skip it and we tattooed everything like usual and make one crazy messy session and they loved it yes and some of them I think both of them was coming back to be silent and get some more work done actually most peoples who come here they get more stuff done so you can see that I think was one session I and then I start that was one session with the first side and then I start painting freehand making the second session and working progress so I think that was the first session from this piece no it's not sorted it's one folder everything is like just all messy here is some way I work in Australia in a private grant from the only two guest spots I made in the last decade it sat in at the house from some teacher friends somewhere in the bush and of deep deep countryside of Australia they put up a big sound system and I looked I had a big window here and I looked out and I see like dogs playing and chicken running around and a little lake and kangaroos drinking from the water was very nice and yeah I was working a lot of pieces maybe I show you some pieces another time because I made a lot of crazy stuff most of that pieces I I never ever published anywhere I think the last the last five years of tattooing I didn't publish much pictures yeah I love to play a lot with the plague to play like this love the softness the soft faith the soft structure and intensity playing with different kind of lines even shade the lines yeah a lot of people will start copying my work they make black and they make like this garden fence we call it just like solid black and then they like a few hard lines like it's not nice for a real fate you need some some room you need some stuff it's like you paint of all black and then you make have a white wall next it and you want a soft fade you need more than a centimeter anyway let's continue there's a lot here's another double bag for you guys there's another double bag for you guys I think there's some more better pictures yeah this actually older couple or that picture looks funny looks almost like Photoshop so anyway that's a little older couple from not so far from here they was married for very long and they wanted to have one tattoo to pound them and they actually just plain to get a double back piece done and they was coming back and back and back and they posed on the way Forbe silent party suit no and a big big thing to both of them special two-axle because he's the one drive our trash away always he's the officer silent trash man because we have some trash problems here science I'm not allowed anymore to self recycle my trash in the garden and there we are I burnt my trash in the garden let's get minus three and a half thousand hippy points guys and girls you heard it that's not very hippie like anyway that piece is mostly healed all my tattoos when you see them healed they I never touched them up you see the black is not so solid some people seal it better some less I not so much think that you have to really touch it up sometimes when it's really necessary but usually people prefer to just keep going on the bodysuit and at the end of the policy Oh to touch our part we all don't touch up our body suits at the end to be honest we don't do that that's a nice piece as well Oh oh wait let me see if I have a better picture from dead yeah he's also underway for bodysuit he had one of my most intense back pieces I don't see a picture of his back here sadly but you have very very old sleeves and then I started making his back and we tried to adopt the front long long story let's go there is a vintage piece look at this holy shit that is a vintage piece this piece is probably whoa let me think Oh Oh guys I don't know yeah that's like 12 or 13 years old this was actually the first time I try something like this and I had to stencil and I was like wow that works I have no idea and I sent the idea to some friends and I say like you think that works and I just scale it very big and put it on a single break what do you think that could work and yeah we tried it out and it looked very nice later on I think we put something in a background but I don't have a picture from there do I don't know that is very old that is very vintage yes actually something a little bit more new I think this is from last year it's a bodysuit I started last year he already got a front finished and this year is I'm not so hundred percent precise with my screening here and yeah he got a lot of the body done already and I look very forward I like like here all the stuff I done the last year I start playing a lot with the black texture also here it's done in four days three sessions in four days that's usually the first time someone comes to me the first ritual you have to go through and you can see the healing start already on the fourth day the skin is peeling off the pink is peeling off yeah my healing was always very fast and I not make any fancy cream or any stuff it's just nature just dry healing no creams or no nothing or we go in some but you see and that is the picture like I can show you completely next to it from last year to like 13 or 14 years back and oh yeah that was one or two sessions I don't know anymore but this piece actually get copied one to one and a funny thing about this I sadly don't have any pictures I never are Heath to pictures but he got copied one to one on a very big bodybuilder guy and they make it like very small so it's just like a picture like this it looks ridiculous he has a lot of old vintage pieces holy crap he has one picture from the mescaline double peg almost before we finished it you see I think there we just had to finish some of the filling and the arm and some parts here on this side yes I cannot show you female stuff here because then then I have to censor everything I will not do I can show you some bags here yes is allowed I heard that's actually three body suits only mr she is missing one more session one last session to go and these two suits are finished and it's very funny you meteor-like wail it smaller that you guys see it for I think that's a very impressive pictures I don't show you the front pictures because they not sends what yet and you some of you have seen on my patron page where I share pictures like this uncensored and yeah I done a lot of lot of body suits in my life sadly I don't have much pictures from body suits because I don't know at some points you get such a personal bond two people said it's not about the pictures and you don't can show what a bodysuit really means to someone and what it really is for armor on the body for the shoe the real shoe not just a full tetra body and how it moves with the body and everything you can document it on pictures anyway so yeah but there I had a chance to put three of them together so I used it sadly there is one session missing on a month I have to attend to that with a black screen when I you said and yeah I know she was coming because we start feeling sighs quitting all the white skin yeah that a lot too silly shit because they're not even finished and they just start again oh that's very old again it's another start of a suit you see how I start wrapping it around I start wrapping the red side around and the black side around try to keep like the same flow of the tattoo but it's very important when I work on body suits to keep the same just keep it very minimalistic as minimalistic as I can for full body like here I started with the back piece and we start keep going on the sleeve and then keep on the front it's a little bit more tricky than when you already know you do a full front piece yeah you do a full body suit but a lot of times people's don't know so it's a little bit more tricky to plane into here's something very vintage as well very vintage yeah you see it goes in the same direction as the one first piece I show you is like this Photoshop effect and here I got a little bit more artistically and we try to put some stuff in and you see here we make a couple of touch-ups that why it looks very funny here yeah that is very old yeah when I have to change like here I've worked on the sleeve so I had the chance to make a little touch-up so I do that usually if the people's won't or not and yeah that's a funny today I talked with some Collins from Angelo today about that piece about who abstract you can go what means you know there are no rules there are no rules I make that piece and yet like this position and he wanted something similar like this but he really don't like faces in like yeah you know we don't have to do a face we can just make a triangle with the head and I like this yeah free men's and stuff but we turn to the triangular rounds it's like unti remains whatever you know this is a vintage piece as well look that's a funny funny little picture of a mother one body suit you chassis before that's when I started on her at that point we wasn't know that we do a body suit that's why she got just a chest cover piece back then I still made chest cover pieces for girls but at some point I just stopped it and trust me I have full frontal nothing and it's funny local young sincere young little Emma little cutie look here we back to topic finally back to topic back to topic you will be get the double back that was the first time I painted something like this and back then I feel so ridiculous it feels so damn ridiculous to stand on a table having two people's lying under you and you just like scribble on them and make something like this yeah you see and that was in the first gallery we hated this gallery was damn crazy yeah yeah when you think you know up silent is different silent is still crazy very crazy more typical and more much more and a deep mindful level crazy but this place was trust me and this was like punks cape cod-style for all of you whoever was here you know we had this pool in the middle of it you have to climb over whoever rabbit living free inside I was just mayhem going on that was when I really decided I want to go away from the Tetra society and I was go all-in so yeah there's some more pictures from the piece that's how I done the lettering on it look at that picture really makes me smile you know very apparent the looks of funny see me wearing pants I didn't wear pants for like years yeah and look I already got pink hair there yeah a lot of time in my life I have pink hair I later can show you some very young pictures from me your weight right it's too much a mess to find them though where I was like eighteen years having pink Reds all in Punk style escape or tongue sided where I come from that's what my roots are yes yes crazy tattoo bacon and wanting you our journey of double back pieces here we are another one and it is ridiculous even for me to go through my octave and c10 amount of skin coverage I done in the last one half decades is just crazy insane yeah they're actually I started making really huge piece and that was the first time I go away from the you have to see the piece in once because this piece was dedicated that you can walk around it and as you can see I started it still in my old gallery the old gallery we had 2012-2013 in the beginning of 2013 we give it up and that's when we moved up silent so this is very vintage already vintage vintage and that's how it started like a lot you see all this was one bottle of ink – we had to stop there because it was a very special color I not used much and we just waste away one bottle of ink and that is how big that actually is and all the fool piece it didn't in me it looks big but it didn't look that big but you see how much space there is on her and it's like almost half of her body and that is like just a lot and yeah we run out of ink so we had to stop the session oh that is vintage Novi very vintage here's another piece this is a fresh oh no that's not finished here we still had to had to fill out the pattern and because here was a lot of information going on when I when he stand and when he lies so we just used a pattern like there formate a pattern so it looks nice and pretty and later on it can just can stretch and therefore mate by his nature and still will look nice so let's yeah it's not up and down as I mentioned already before there is no up and down and there we fried Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds okay whoa you're back to vintage oh you see I not even remember some of the stuff I started here I just don't even remember I have to see if I and it's a very big mess so guys I don't have much picture sorted here but oh yeah I have to say this little tool is so helpful I don't have to go with the mouse it makes something like it's much more easy but I struggled a couple of hours today to make this hardware running so yeah this I don't see a title picture from that the thing is with the double bag I have a lot of pictures like that because normally I don't make in progress pictures from the piece I create but yeah the double bag people now can just turn around and look in the mirror so the only way they actually can see when I painted is that I make a picture and show them the picture there is another double oh no there's another picture from that I'm sorry I find one picture or that was a couple sessions later probably yeah I done a six pattern you can read like six six six years then was already the time I started making script script pattern it was also still in the old shop as you can see in the background so it still was two thousand somewhere before 2012 yeah it's kind of a funny nice piece we say you see the voodoo dolls will connect them and some script and a lot of colors that was like back then I started using a lot of colors a lot of colors yeah let's deep live some vintage pictures I have somewhere here picture from there it little em'ly again also in the old shop and yeah this is interesting too we talked about that piece before and you see I started that also in the old shop before 2012 I made pieces like that already a lot of the things I made I published years later and not before so you see the crazy process it takes I go through the pieces step by step that is very old piece you have very old pieces very old pieces a lot of very old pieces here your merry old pieces there's another one from the double back in progress from the LSD you can see the splitters I paint freehand all I don't like the pedals you printer don't press on it because I like to shape it in and make the red across my letters in my script I want to have 100% control over so that's why you can see mr. Rhett I make like a rough script where I won't have the main form of the splatter go and yeah that's what it done that was a period of like a couple of years I made a lot of splitters and then the time then or a copycat start making splitters and I moved on usually it worked like this yeah old pieces a lot of lot of lot of old pieces that's a very nice example of what's the first time I done and I called it heavy outline work because as you can see I make heavy outlines actually double outline the outlines and fill it later on and like this piece with double collar so that means I put a stencil in a head like put a lot of outlines over and I have you make a mix of red and black outlines and make this kind of work yeah I really really love that piece was one of my favorite back in a time I can see from the background it also was at the old shop because that was the garage from the neighbors from the old shop and it was also somewhere before 2012 yeah I love that piece also here this was already in silent that was also heavy outline work it looked crazy that was my time I sing around to move to silent where I was covary deep into pattern work where I try to figure out how crazy I can go with pattern hold their tight I can go with credit oh skilled I can go you see how small and letting the the heavy outlines grow yeah I love to go very technical in the time because I got very bored very fast in going to deep into a going to long into one field to just making black it's pretty boy I started with heavy black yes when heavy black was very unknown like 13 14 years ago I started to his heavy black work but still I started mixing in up with abstract work with traditional stuff mixing it with start work there wasn't people's mixing it that crazy up it was either heavy black work or something completely different I start smashing to get a lot of different genres of tattooing because I was just too bored in making sticking to just one genre of tattooing and that's how it ended up there is a one funny picture you see one of the the LSD double back you see – with one double bag you see this double back here you see a couple of volleys our IT guy is a big sync again you see then is a good friend his ex this he is largely good friend this is actually the first back piece I done in this style this was the first time I done the style you all know before my style was a little different I can show you some examples when you guys want ramen before I made a crazy switch and when I start making the transition into that style I didn't published any pictures for I think two years I didn't made any interviews anything I keep that style very private very secret I had a lot of people's coming and I showed him my new style it was like wow go for it and it was also in the time I make the double bag so I keep all these very secret and I go out to the world with style I had already like 15 double 15 big pieces and I think three double back pieces that was when I was go out to the world and show my new style and it was very nice because it really shocked the teddy world like seeing something completely abstract completely nuts back in the time someone go crazy completely over body it's over the trauma of tattooing as we know it yeah a lot of friends in that picture that was funny pictures me and my look at me I look so silly look at that guy that's me yeah that's me oh and you see my young mountain young mountain t-shirt it was fall apart sadly for all of you who don't know this really strong you young mountain EP I have it tattooed here on my body it's one of the most sentimental music albums in my life and I would say in the post rock genre as well it's like one of a statement of album it's one after the best written albums in the world it's a self recorded album I think no eleven or twelve years old it's on my side for like that time frame yeah and there was not one thing very important who I done without that album a little off-topic but we here for off topics you guys like when I go off topic oh look at that it's another old piece done by me I'm so naked in my face step in my life also get rid of all not permanent modifications not permanent modification means having implants having big lab rats big jewelry in my body and it took me a lot of surgeries so total knee surgeries would like cut out some parts of my tattoos give it back to one BB the first one although here we find the painting of one piece I show you guys before all freehand like always I'm I'm a freehand boy I believe in the power of free hand and the Scrabble here I I just grab it on a paper like a little kid and we just made a couple of them they choose one and I scaled it big I make a transfer on the skin and that's what we put in and it is piece again step by step and you see I just cut off some of the script piece piece I remember there was an old hippie couple and yeah here we have another piece and here you see we I play with mirroring script I have to UM it's not the whole mani padmi hum oh is it it's all mani padme hum and I put it once in parotid behind normal and I put it in negative in mirrored I like to do mirror stuff because it's for the people's they look in the VIN in a mirror and they can read it a lot of the stuff on my body I like guys I can show you that quick what I have here on my body is a script and you see it makes no sense for you guys because it mirrored it's the first the first song script I ever fried it was for the first paint I had it was kind of punk post Rock and it was a song I fried for my daughter after she was born it's about love it's about freedom it's about feeling and emotions and I wear it on my body I actually lost the script and this is the only script I still have and I can read it when I look in the mirror I love stuff like this and a funny fact about a tete on my neck I wanted have it mirrored friend but I think Michael passed you know no rule tattooed it they couldn't I've painted and they didn't could paint it proper like I wanted it and I very precise so I want to stuff on my body so I had to paint it myself and I painted it mirrored because I wanted to have it mirrored but it was not thinking about that when I painted me wrote while I look at it mirrored in the mirror it's actually real so yeah little off topic again let's go back to the screen little Maya that piece again you see them singing again I like how they look alone I really love forward they look alone you already can see he got two sleeves added to the back piece you got like half sleeve added to the back piece later when I finished your sleeve this is losses was the first peg I mentioned you before I just wrapped a back piece to the front make a cut put some crazy psychedelic pattern inside woohoo adding the sleeves one sleeve is from Mike this one is from me I later on had to cover this a little bit because it absolutely was not fitting in a body suit sometimes weird because you add even teto from a friend even it's the same style but you can see it still looks completely different than rest of the tattoo so even they'd have to go away he said two very favorite body suits of me together this one I really loved this piece as well yeah and that was actually two favourite pieces of me they have to do nothing together but like I made a session with him and I made a session with him after and so they meet here and I make a picture from them together makes me very happy stuff like this this is another this is a number pattern I done I really like because you see it looks just like swastikas so you guys probably only see this Vasek as here but when you look back you see 1972 he wanted 1972 now make a pattern out of it so it's a very secret I would say it's very very secret let's move on a lot of like I done hundreds of sleeve I never really published that's another topic we have here and you see it's fresh so you already can see you know it's one half of the skull and here's the other side of the skull I think was from a beer or a wolf I don't remember we made it a little bit more abstract and this was the concept where you have to walk around the body to see the actually full piece that's what we done with that piece you see it goes really from from all this side of the sleeve where we later than the sleeve – oops – once around – her sleeve holy shit this is how far you can go little funny pictures for you guys in the middle of this this is when I got my balls tattooed you see the wrapping here because I use cream because I'm not that stupid to make this without any anesthetic and yes scared he really enjoyed this we really enjoyed stuff like this many things to get hurt he done a lot on my body done a lot on my first bodysuit and I love him he's a very close friend of me yeah and that session after that we make my gum my gum the first time it was an experiment it didn't hold that good so we have to redo it though and here we have healed pictures from the LSD double bag from all the sides you can see there is no no top or bottom there's not one right or wrong we said peas a lot of pictures from it you see them single you see there's like a little deformation of the line going to the side but something you can live with later on like the third dimension order a mineral piece or the swastika when I put the people's like that on the body on the ground there was a lot of formation this line would be like completely bended but that's not a compromise as I have told you before we have to go in pieces like this old world here's another double bag the first one some tattoos from me you'll see a mescaline tattoo I got in my Palin because I do love masculine masculine is after DMT my sick I don't know if it second I love lscs well about mescaline is very quiet very calm and it's very special because pure mescaline it's something very raw so I really really love poor mescaline you have to dedicate it on your body maybe I can show you this little fella you can see this probably not yeah I have this cup here this is my ayahuasca cup with the heart inside I have ayahuasca dedicated tattoo for two on my body because I do love ayahuasca it's me reframe it as well but yeah all this is very true listing form is very you don't use for fun you use for yourself you use for very special moments in life what it should be screen me come here some eyeballs tattoos we have or that's actually not done by me that's a different topic he was in Poland and he got it fucked up you see all that is swollen and that is not swollen that was actually three months after the injection you already get little blowouts on the side and here you see what I try to do I try to wash it out I put a saline solution in the eyes and we'd make a couple of sessions to like blow it out it was get a little bit better it was very thankful that I tried to help him but he didn't fix the problems but it's a different topic we can talk about eyeball tattoos another stage that's a very old planter to I done for all the non-believers that you can do very filigree and palm tattoos I think that is around five years healed and it stayed in very very well I think we done it in two sessions and we make one touch-up session and this is how it looks like I dive in a little close to it as close as I can go with a resolution and especially here this is the very difficult parts of the palm to tattoo where it stays in also like here where the fingers are and you know yeah it stays very solid but here on the fingers it's very difficult also on the fingertips I go only till here but because the fingertips they are very sensitive and you use for touching I not really like much to go in there because it's don't stay in good and it's just destroying a lot of the nerves in the finger so we don't want to do dead here's another double peg it's not so it just not stop the double Bexar that was after one or not full session probably I finished this part and I don't have a picture because I make the pictures to show them here we have finally the healed and not heal the fresh pictures from that piece oh yeah you can see I put a lot of colors in here and it looks very blurry because when I make the shading I shed in here so you have the red skin irritation from the skin in the green what makes it look a little bit blurry no though I maybe I think I have healed pictures from that because they got a tooth here much more so I have pictures from that healed somewhere but you can see all the colors are look very nice and all right orange is very solid in yes that's how it looks that oh that only happened a very few times that I can't just put Stan peoples together like this well that's a big old bodysuit I was working on I start very very young like a Borneo dedicated bodysuit I never finish she has another nice this piece I've done in two sessions skate or the skate crew yeah simple piece and into session oops let me dive deeper what is he yes uhm when I showed you just before also again you see the the freehand splatter how I do the freehand splatter here I go a little bit more abstract and you can see we make some love hearts also cute that little lovebirds oh that's it – from my face in the middle of it just like this this is my soaring guys so you see this letter freehand splatter here we go just some laughs yeah he got a lot he got a lot more titles from Thailand he got a lot more titles from silent No he is on the way for bodysuit and here we get this double bag finished I somewhere have healed pictures I can show you because this I done entire relief is great will look completely different healed much more lighter so it will be just like one step behind so the full contrast piece and you maybe remember the the freehand painting I done before this red lines dominant who was like wish this was what we planned to have like the red twisting up with the triangles here are two very old pieces of me and some of you who follow me science the very very very old PME days you may remember this one this was one of the first pieces I got a little bit known in the world I rep the thing completely around the body also this was one of my earliest masterpieces and yeah – very nice pieces I photographed together many many years later ten years later or something like this some rough pollen cover sessions here bed photography pictures over here um bed photography pictures he on a bodysuit you ever update from this in the beginning I plan to at the legs and at the sleeves but they they truly had a lot of pain always from tattooing and they take a lot of breaks between the sessions so they had like healthier one-year break in between a session it took me very very long to finish that piece I decided I just cut it off here and I'm done with it because I really don't like when people have one year break in between the sessions it brings them completely out of my mind set or tattoo so that's why we stopped it here and yeah that's a piece I'd mentioned before you cannot see on pictures because it's wrapped around the body so it's I can't show these pictures here or there's like three of the black boobie club together but I can't show you here's again a more newer piece you know the same I done always gray I've done it in four days so three sessions in four days so you actually don't see it you see is still a lot of dirty stuff going on here because it's fresh that's how a fresh tattoo looks like this is actually I please I really appreciate to do a lot of very crazy scripting that was more than lady's pieces I done the last year's when I just go completely all in freestyle all in abstract all in no concept anymore and this is the one I mentioned before this was the only time I think the last ten years I needed four sessions for back piece but you can see it looks very crazy in the front with faith in the red here and then the front get red from the one side and here later on me dated in black and the side goes to the black yes yes yes old pieces lot of old pieces here there's another bodysuit not fully finished I finished that bodysuit but I don't know if I have finished pictures from that or that's a piece I really like I done also in the last year I had a fast when I really was go very deep into my my Dame my DMT cistal's who I called him no there are no flowers anymore because there is a lot what happened when I smoked DMT that like it's very sharp and hard and edgy oh yeah these are my DMT assist those with some swastikas in here runs a little bit over the side yeah I love playing with the lines fading the lines playing with different shades and different colors and different structures I love this softness this softness within the tattoos here's another one with the DMT sisal here's another one from a cover-up I don't mean Lord of cover-ups in my life and here we have a finished picture from the law of heart double-bag all the pictures right now you see a completely out of an oyster look out of my camera so they unaided or anything I would need to make a tone corrector to even show the right color I don't even know how that looks right now to you guys because I have a little great on the no actually I don't have a great on it I only have great on this here but I don't have a great on my screen my screen should be very neutral well you see all the Ted was very Nora the the black looks a little bit more black in real life and a wide a little bit more white but yeah as I mentioned we are right no in the raw octave of my work though that's all that's why some pictures you see are completely they wrote from my camera I showed it usually in a different profile so I can attach it differently later on I don't like to revoke my tattoos that's probably the most natural it comes to the original you see even here like all the red and the red from the fresh tattooed from the session but yeah you see this is the raw profile a short ways and you see a lot of different pictures that's a double bag I done in the you know in the United States on the most heavy peepers I ever done a bodysuit I tried to make it very simple to like reshape them a little bit and give them a nicer shape for the body if they're more confident and it ended up very nice still let me deep dive bigger here we go the loft a two and this is very funny we done this like four years or five years after the loft a – I had my ax with me here and I resembled it tattoo to make a healed picture and it was a pleasure to get them all together I made an exhibition in Italy and I asked all of them if they would come for an exhibition so we can make a heal picture we drive to the same war where we have made the first shooting and it was a very ghost bump feeling for me very ghost bump feeling to really go back to that place – I would say very Haverhill brew I would say to a very historical place where I made that piece and this was by far the first piece who really liked I would say pushed all the boundaries sure the double back pieces was breeze taking back in that time but this was like what it was when I stand here the first time I assembled a loft a – I stand there like I couldn't believe what I see there in front of my eyes and in the same time I know it's so so sad that you not will see that again and here actually it happened actually it happened and you could see it again and you could assemble it again and it's very nice I remember I assembled a man wrote a tube is only two of the three because they meet here and it was also very funny maybe one day we can assemble the self dimension and even when they have some parts missing it would be still very very funny to do and even nice because the people under the body always in here so this was actually we assemble the piece again and as you can see I have a print out I have a picture from the piece so I can try to make it as perfect as I can and it's funny because when I made it this this shift wasn't it just wasn't there or let me see it with the hero we even tried it they wear like similar pens and similar clothing what they were the first time they try to match the clothing and yeah very nice to resemble that picture again I can show you quick order roars we try even to copy that picture and I tried to copy that picture with Maya yes but she was not feeling so comfortable in front of the camera yeah yeah it's yeah also very one of my very first customer you see a lot of swelling in her face you got his entire body done by me different topic different topic different topic another body suit here another crazy tattoos with transparent look that's other the date times of my tattoo I didn't share a lot in the last year's because I just don't like to share it I make transparency stuff and I make transparent even in the abstract part of the tattoo you see that like it that's what I do that some of my work from the last year's some of this was Anna you seen before they finish double bag this is a piece I really enjoyed the last years yeah very very very abstract here very Marcus tie very minimalistic the Wheel of Life the Tibetan Wheel of Life out of my perspective they eat it up and you see very minimalist again the more minimalistic you go with something like this the more difficult I would say to really show emotion a piece like this to really show dynamic in a piece like this it's very very difficult the more minimalistic you go the more difficult because you have very little to express yourself took me many years to go that minimalistic that massive in my line work and this is actually just a 15 or 18 magnum shifted to the side and Kelly crafty with it like calligraphy is a big adding marker and you can see the pattern work I use different kind of colors vary the tile ash I like the mix of be very minimalistic and very tight Eilish on the other side here's another date I picture from it because I love the details of it I make a couple of scratches very tiny scratches then compared to the very big outlines I use here and here is another double back piece and another double back here is a very nice one I sing and also here in the web picture you probably didn't even see that here we added a tone of green we give it a little greenish character be very minimalistic from the outside it runs over the sleeves and over one part of the arm here and it's a very big and heavy cut and I'll always loft to use very heavy cuts of white skin because it brings a lot of contrast and that piece I can guarantee you you can go away like 50 meters and you'll see just one big cut and you don't see even a form of the humans anymore you just see one heavy cut off the body and I really love to play like this with the body I always done and I will always do I think to letting a lot of white skin sometimes makes the tattoos much more heavy and when you see someone like me I just look like a black guy I not look like very heavy tattoo it but something like this it looks much much more heavy than other stuff this is actually how we created in the inside we created it one was sitting down so I can arrange them very nice yeah yeah that's here inside that is another very heavy piece two sessions fucking heavy I just finished it like last week because he had some parts of his face missing you have also almost black phase I have to cover up a lot and I done the swastikas I done like 12 years ago and later on he got almost black from the rest of his body suit so we decided we not make the swastika splegg we keep them white and do the rest right here's another detail of something he's actually dead piece and I've done a lot of very heavy orange work between like very heavy line work a lot of details here you see the lines I done with grace order the letters are more heavy more massive I done a couple of read scripts in the orange I really I've always wanted to it liked it I always wanted to just fill a piece just massive always one color we done it here I loved it I just loved how heavy that looked or massive and heavy that was looking just fill it fully because it don't look like it's painted on skin anymore I would say and here that was actually one of the pieces I enjoyed the most this was a piece I done together with Maya the green is all done by Maya it took her like four or five sessions to make the green and later on I just make my black script and actually I just go over the black script in some paths to make it like that it looks like it's interacting and my cut goes behind so actually it's a bodysuit and he have two sleeves mixed together with me and my daughter and that is the sleeve done by me and like I think she was maybe six or seven years old at that time very funny I'll show you that again little more closer this is a piece done by a six or seven year old little girls and also the script is by her and she didn't could fright at that time she just must start fighting but freighting was just like putting like stuff together so we asked what it's called and she said call it destined Robert is a cool guy Robert is a guy is a good friend of mine and Maya so Robert is a cool guy standing here I think it's a secret script we really loved it and yeah let's go forward I have two quick check some things ok I can show you that us headed to check if it's censored he's the toughest more toughest toughest guy ever was in Thailand we done this poly suit in five journeys from him but he come five times to silent in he made this body suit with the travel of five times and it's a lot of there was some cover-up here as example was a cover-up that by a to us make stuff short the sleeves Moses cover-up and you see it's a lot of detail work in his suit that was the time I still done work I still done you don't see from the resolution from this year because you see the pictures like this but I start doing don't work and we put grey shading in the dot work later to make gray shading in dot work behind this is the bodysuit from the bare lower the one and only pair lower some of you have seen his face hangs insulin he's the only customer God till yet a framed portrait from him because he's the legend no one was as brave as this guy he was the first one who was make not only for he make even five sessions in born journey remember this face Bela is watching you okay enough from Bella yeah it's a end up a very nice suit also in the front the pattern was get very heavy very very big very massive I love sessions mr. Bello he have still one more ride open and he will say he want to come back one more time for making their hands on both sides an egg and a full head and for everyone else we would say you insane you will never take this in one session because it's too painful but for a pair lower we was all know he will do that he can do that yeah this is another body suit I started right that's only the back piece but stay tuned you will at some point see the body suit because I prepared a lot and oh man one party I think is are they finishing up the rest of the body suit this is a very old piece by me done I use a protector to like protect the vme logo on the guy and then it's like Justin for mating all over his body and it just worked with certain for mating abstractness of it we later on we read unders ously if I you see here already comes something from the back piece to the front I don't have actual picture from the back piece here because it wasn't finished here man who finished it at some point and so on so on so no more pieces I have hundreds of pieces here hundreds of pieces it's not stopping that's a little bit more vintage one what we have here is a very abstract one here's another double bag the one I showed you before here's some more pieces mr. Maskull nobody rocks on a full body suit he's almost done mr. bodysuit a lot of stuff some more crazy eyeball tattoos this one is from me fresh after injection is probably one of the most crazy eyeball tattoos I done we can maybe at some point go to the eyeball title folder here we have another piece I done in a couple of days it's more some color this looks very dirty because you see this is my very normal bright cream but because it's done over four days three sessions the Green was not on the first session it's very dirty when it will start peeling it will be very nice I have some healed pictures from it somewhere and yes here we go back to the oval a tattoo I showed you the last time I made a couple of more mixing up crazy colors very extreme tattoos extreme silent punch I call this silent punch and it's actually not extra at all it hurts like almost nothing the healing is like almost nothing when it's done right and I will still consider this as very this difficult and not very difficult as well because when you don't know what to do it is very difficult to do very tricky oh I love this picture look at this this is poor poor Ted to mayhem I don't even know what we do I think he got his 1612 tattoo then I don't know why door she's here this is silly family stuff I love this was when I still had my long beard some of you see here is my trophy because one year I always was like having these are real men where mousex and moose tux was so uncool and so silly that I start growing moose tux for like a lot of years and at some point I was joking that I go to the Musa competition in here one time I grow my moustache one half years to like 38 centimeter whiteness and I go to the German competition of muskox and I got a third place but that's another off topic silly story we don't want to go deeper here and here's the Roary er maybe you're looking sticky you are looking here stuff Oreos when you're looking no let some comments let some comments you watch a lot of my YouTube stuff I see I know some of you guys are on my channel a lot he is a warrior he'd end up a very very nice piece I had to cover some stuff as you can see here but I'm not ashamed to cover stuff I like to cover stuff and also here the pink is very dirty and rough here but he probably can confirm you guys that the pink looks very bright pink nor the green looks very green know that what might it is too it's sometimes very tricky to show pictures of my work because something like this I make the pictures when the titles are fresh and not only fresh when the pictures are fresh and one day later you make the next session and then three days later kind of you make the third session and then there's a little crust on the first one in the first two sessions and then you wrap all the black ink over and the black ink is just fucking on it and I don't want to torture people so I not just can wrap the shit out of them so that's what I do I just have to keep it column and trust don't clean it up so much and let the healing do the job and I'm always happy about getting healed pictures because they look a lot nicer healed let me see what we have here another very abstract piece same here you see a lot of dirtiness you see already some of the red is completely healed after four days what is completely crazy I would say but yeah I'm very soft for the skin everybody who got tattooed by me knows that I'm probably very brutal but I'm very soft for the skin my tattoos 98% always heal very very good very solid very nice no complication much with my healing no ripping no feel no special tattoo creams no blah blah blah and stuff around no no no no no you don't need it oh yeah we are finally the end of the rest of this folder so that was a long ride I can show you quick a couple of eyeball tattoos eyeball tattoos here we go I love to make a gray natural blue kind of fits to the to the eye itself I really love to pieces like this it's our very favorite pieces of mine to use very distant pieces is a very good friend of us this is actually the the face is a copycat from us not from us this was a second session it was right after the injection so that's why the eye is a little swollen right now but the swelling is very minimalistic this is another good friend of us he got a very nice green tone I really think this is a heal picture from it a couple of months later it really suits her very very well to black and blue out here not comes from the eye Lee the blood actually must come from the tattooing and yeah we will cover up then at some stage I don't know why this happened but all the big Blake makes a lot of Lord also deadlines here made sup Lord here some people just more tense for blowouts and we will fade with some grey at some stage probably here's another able to and yeah I made his face neck and chest in one session also the ears was a very intense ritual for me and for him as well and yes I love Asian peoples and yet is crazy alien looking face already wasted implants and I love the idea to cover his face he fly over from Singapore to Australia I make it for free to you trust to match it to your face because they will look just unnatural white and that's what we done I find in a web some pictures from him healed it looks very very nice it's probably one of the most favorite face tattoos I ever seen because it looks so crazy so abstract he looks like an alien creature no it really suits him I really love it and what we have here oh no we really deep dive it just feels so much of you I think you guys want me to continue so why not let's continue mmm oh oh I don't even know where I have my eyeball tattoos here couple of eyeball turtle that's one healed one I done for Indian guy I like charged like nothing because you know you're an Asian I like Asian peoples and I know him I meet him before he's a nice guy he got some tattoos big spastic on the hand and stuff and he comes to me to napal I done the eyes in Nepal and I think they're the first a the first Indian the first Indian guy with eyeball tattoos and I was like hey let's do it with a crazy orange because I think that would look like Bubba style and yeah I like it this is a heal pictures he sent to me this is a very nice set I done I made a lot of mixing and you can see I try to bring a little bit of this this brownish also in the eye I mixed up a couple of different grades we done over a couple of sessions to get like something like this done I really love how it looks it's very organic and natural ooh yes and I don't have the problem is no I have so much of the pictures are not here and not sorted maybe at some whoops and I wanted open the folder in I whoops I just created a new folder believe me okay here are some more eyeball tattoos from mr. flying swastika but it was just after the first session he experimented with different kind of brown tones we never seen brown eyes and brown is not a really good color we need to recommend to do that again here's some has a crazy eyeballs I done fresh after the injection we redo that later on I don't have pictures here yeah mixing colors I always love to mix colors and you guys are ready for some tongue tattoos this was all in my experimenting field a lot of experimenting with tongues a lot of color tongues different kind of tongues yeah a lot of color a lot of craziness going on here not of mixing black and yellow a lot of stuff going on here a lot of crazy tattoo stuff in my aji if we tried out a lot we tried out of a lot of different colors here's a oval a tattoo they're very difficult to picture them and then maybe around 20 hula tattoos I would say maybe a little more less I don't know but yeah they are what they are they still very risky and sketchy don't do that at home or me okay you guys we go quick back to the chit time for the chat so I give you guys a couple of minutes hair tech question hashtag questions put some questions what you want to see is here you want to see some old titles from me you want to see some old titles of me some old tattoos I have done some questions about my past a tattooist please put some questions questions about little swastika hashtag little swastika that's what we want to know that's what we want to see right now I show you some old pictures from in a time while it refreshes here look at this that is lint it's people studies vintage material this is actually me around maybe 17 18 years or tattooing at home I am sitting on a bed a friend of me sitting on the ground tattooing DIY style this is the poorest this actually skin of a real picture back then there was no digital cameras exist this is real vintage Jesus poor little swastika happened here and look at this this is where my roots are people's this is me is around 18 years old making a piercing to a friend with my arm in a cast from skateboarding no gloves no shit happen here I would say this is poor epic picture what you guys think this is this is a piece of history I would say this is where my roots are this was tattooing and piercing at home I made implants and scarification and branding Brickton back at home then ridiculous fucking ridiculous ridiculous see if I find more vintage pictures I know in a vintage folder you know actually not just a mixed fold I'm just lucky to find all pictures like that here look at this this is a very old picture of me I was like yeah I was 18 or maybe 19 here already yeah I got it's already long time gone skateboarding killed my brain it's dedicated for skateboarding dedicated for dead skateboarding was give me a lot of freedom that was skateboarding always was for me so yeah you already see my ear here I cut out a little part of my ear that's like my back my back then you see I got a straight edge tattoo on my back there was around I think just 18 I got this and you see the spiders on my back you see the spiders on my back I got them when I was 17 years old it was my first real machine tattoo not DIY not with herself period not by hand I was in Turkey and I just walked in in a tattoo shop and I see that I should point at him and he say like yeah hello or real I say real and I got my first tattoo one big late I go back there get some more spiders on my back and that's it start straightedge we stand when orders fall I was very crazy straightedge in the day I liked really nothing not even medicine not coffee you know eventine extract no green tea black tea nothing I was under percent like this I'm still don't using drugs in the sense of drugs drugs in the sense of anything will take away my subconscious my conscious anything but blue in my conscience anything like alcohol i over heavy use of medicine over heavy use of anything yeah no cigarettes no via chemical shit drugs no nothing blowing me like whatever I never done coke I never done speed I never done a lot of things out there I'm very clear I'm very sober I would say I'm a friend of psychedelic but that's really is it and most of it I use just for my own just for expanding my consciousness yesterday that is very rude I'm no LSD hecho I call it psych or I got tattooed psychedelic edge hardcore life of psychedelic straight edge whatever you want to call it I still I'm still against drugs I'm still against people waste their life away for drug to nothing better in their life that's what I am oh that's a very old picture from me this is probably the most famous picture ever exists from little swastika I would say it is like yeah how many of you know that picture how many of you know the pictures and I just see in the whole chat a very good advice to no drug smoke some 5ma or DMT instead and yes when people ask me how they can change their life I say first number one step is stop smoking because you probably smoked second step is stop drinking alcohol you probably do cert says third point is stop doing normal whatever drugs will just waste your mind away like weed MDMA speed amphetamine coca in whatever ecstasy whatever I don't even know the names from that kind of stuff stop using that three things in your life and you will save a lot of energy you'll save a lot of your mind you save a lot of money and you save a lot of time and you take that money and you buy LSD from it and you buy poor LSD and poor up psychedelics from it and you take this in one year you will change your life you will see what happened you will see what happened when you will be one year in full consciousness without any drug and you take a lot of psychedelics and I hate the word trucks because what is a drug you know legal stuff is a drug alcohol is the biggest most horrible drug out there alcohol kills more people than anything else how much people's get killed by alstom not much you know how much people's rape other on LSD kill other on LSD be violent on LSD and all that kind of stuff not much but how much of this violent shit out of this in the world out there happen on the on the substance of alcohol have fucking a lot and this is like very horrible and it's not fair to call legal illegal and whatever you know a drug is a substance I agree was influencing you and yes LSD of psychedelics are drugs but I consider them as substances who are very heavy to use so you should be aware when you take LSD you should be aware of taking LSD LSD is not a party drug LSD is not something you just throw up in when you out when you end of wrong settings and ASP wrong stuff but LSD or any kind of psychedelics can really really help you like ayahuasca is one of the oldest medicine for the mind we know in this planet and it's something I benefited a lot when I was I wasn't like in not good state mind so let's say I break off I don't know where to go in my life I was chip challenging a lot of hard points in my life I'm a lord in the ground of the body that was the time I used ayahuasca a lot and I yes I'm an extreme person I mixed up ayahuasca suspensions body rituals and all kind of crazy substances I'm very strong in my mind I'm a very strong person and I know myself I know my limits I know my settings and I bring myself in places where I bring everything around very nice I would not do that on on festivals or stuff even when you can do it for fun when you have a lot of experience but for the first experiences like this do that at home do that with some close friends do it where you feel right and comfortable where you in charge of everything we're in charge of the music there you can change everything where you can scream cry Slee whatever it needs for yourself woman whatever you know there should be nothing but hold you back for whatever the trip guides you in and then it was psychedelics can do psychedelics can rise you to mentals of my life as a lot of you out there know in my first book I talk a lot about life and the three fundamentals of my life what are psychedelic rituals and sex is not mentioned in my book because the topics are way to pick and way too deep I will probably the next year's when everything here comes more down I will fry it three more books at least about each topic one book and I will deep dive a lot into this the same with the podcast I will not go too crazy knowing top psychedelics because I plan to make the next row of podcast after I'm done with all the tattoo topics about psychedelics and let me know guys if you want make me even two podcasts a week if there's interest and interest in it guys let me know because it's very easy for me to just sit down and make a podcast with you slowly slowly slowly I make more and more podcasts because it's fun for me it's easy for me get quick over the chat they make weed legal in many states and more people than ever smoke and yes they do and you ask why they make weed legally out of the same reason why alcohol is legally because it makes people stupid it makes people follow it makes people less question anything out there and beside that the government makes a lot of money out there and yes the governmental system society however you want to call that part of life they don't want people asked question you can imagine everybody out there would take LSD you remember the sixties when people start taking a lot of Elysium and it still was legal there was a big revolution starting and that's why the government had to do something they had to make make it illegal even that it didn't make any harm even that it was having so crazy stuff in society in medical in psychiatry and they had to make it illegal because too many people asked too many questions too many people open their eyes my eyes are open a lot I can tell you guys it's not such an easy life when your eyes are that open and government don't like that so ya better make something like weed legal so people's use less other stuff like saggy ladies okay but let's go back to topic they go to look at this little fella who is that little fella so he tell me who is that holy shit that is funny you also think that is funny I think I was around 22 or 23 22 or 23 Oh quick quick back to the I see in the chat to podcasts are better sure but don't forget your private life your Wi-Fi also need apart from you don't worry about that it takes me less time to make a podcast and to make an actual video and what's that two hours of the day I spent I you know we live together we both are freelance so you still have a lot of time together and in a couple of I think in what a half week we sit in the camper and there will be no podcast for a couple of weeks because we in the camper and we all live in the know where we have our daughter and we just enjoy life all my videos know I've worked a lot so I already pre planned and prepared all my youtube videos for the next two weeks everything is set up and ready so I just have to make like this and you guys do all the work you go crave is commenting and at this point guys still go crazy for the tattoo life the tattoo were sick born crazy insane tattoo live clip we're still working on it to hopefully make it viral slowly comes the time that an algorithm can maybe catch it the data looks very good looks very good it slowly have good fuse we still need keep promoted you guys can do me a big favor watch it again watch it again share it again like it like it again you can't but you can comment again you can comment on some of your comments you can comment on some of your replies you can start having like little chats there everything engagement like it's very nice everything when you when you need you don't you share it straight from the YouTube page that all helps a lot it would means a lot to me when this clip go viral when this clip makes it the last 1/2 months I think we focused a lot on the tattoo topic a lot of the tetas video already ranked in the tattoo in the tattoo categories and it looks very nice it brings a lot of you but see rechannel is it's like making very little right now I think me just one step ahead that this breakthrough and that would means a lot to me because it would give me a little income it makes life a little bit more solid and a little less sketchy as it is right now and I can invest in more technique and you guys know I love filmmaking technique I love getting new gadgets and make everything rising up know more and more you guys also found my social links here you just can't follow me everywhere share every single not too much we don't want to spam too much just the stuff who really made us to me just don't don't share anything just share the tattoo stuff the the type of words clip just shared every day so let's go back to get the picture again holy shit it's very sentimental to watch this and actually I have to be honest it don't feels like me it don't look like me don't feels like me I think it's like 10 years ago I think I I was like three or four different person signs that I had a lot of crazy experience I did a lot of there's like different life partners on my side a lot of crazy relationship stuff going on a lot of stuff changing friendships changing locations changing I got a daughter signs then I skip silent growing up I got like already know number four of apprentices and growing and growing and I'm growing as a person and it's crazy to see myself there holy shit it is crazy to see myself there whoa yeah and look how big my earlobes are no I have these teeny lobes left a shrink or back yeah and back then I had like six centimeter Warren Billy people's no stretch yes that was good times that was a good old times look at this old picture of me there I got my first I tattoo I've only got one because I was a little too scared back then I look so badass tough guy my pink dress I think that was somewhere somewhere I have a picture I cut off my Dre it's not fully but because they annoyed me because they was too long and now they annoy the shit I mean I can tell you guys know they really annoy the shit out of me look at this picture 2009 compare 2016 there's a lot changed since then the Lord Lord changed yeah and I remember get done the piece to me and I tell ya we never tattoo the ass crack it's too painful I learned one seeing never say never look at my Simon he is protecting his actually hugging me because he comes from stone here on the side he's hugging me is like backpacking me is protecting me everybody off you should have up Simon on the body concept Simon is protecting you and yet this monster this was the piece of carrot v-spec it runs down till here it's very very big you see some of my very old values you see that guys who got a squirrel tattoo because I'm a scream you see I'm a squirrel I do love to us what should I say I love squirrels you see I already love squirrels 2009 10 years ago I lost squirrels because I think that was the only one of two or three collar tattoos I hate because I had to get a squirrel tattooed on my body because they are the favourite animals in the world and the squirrel is holding us hostage and you see you have a flower from noon I don't know if some of you guys know noon one of the pioneer also in avant-garde tattooing I got a lot of stuff I got here some stuff on soil I got my face done from Lionel out of stead yeah I got a lot of very old stuff from peoples very no no in the scene yeah I got a tattoo for my Kemper Rudy was my first Kemper and some of you already sleep in Rudy I love Rudy I spent six summer in him I spent a lot of time in him I survived a lot of stuff is him crazy trips it was like my brother oh that's why he got a tattoo on my body as well look at this ridiculous old pictures from me oh yeah you see my you see my self-made implants I pierced him myself back then some fresh scars a lot I would say almost all my body modifications done by Roland from visible Chara he done my lab reading the scars in my face he's go over my bridge I got scars all over my face and you see the conch was purely fresh and my first guy my one of my best friends I teach him piercings and the first piercing he ever done was a couch eight millimeter that's how it's done in our place here's another picture from the side also fresh scars here still yeah you see already bigger septum I got here I start getting my septum bigger here's one picture I got the size great fresh and a lot of people ask me what you have written there is an upside squid with Sanskrit with Tibetan Sanskrit and I like that it looks very silly not silly that it looks very spiritual for normal peoples but I only had weird stuff I have like vagina Danes anal sex lot of stuff like this all over my face because I think it's funny see me sigh screech no upsize which means a lot of silly stuff and I like fried silly stuff because it looks spiritual but it is silly that's what I love dice that's what I love look at here's a historical picture I was making a road trip mr. Bello this isn't Olaf and the belly of me as well I think there's when we done this site here I don't remember it's still I think it was in my old home so it's before 2012 okay this is the old picture of me and escape the acro skate skate festival he was gaudium a couple of skateboard related shows and this is actually there are some pictures from me with implants sorry for the bad quality I don't have much pictures from their time yeah there I started to myself a lot I had a black gray stuff I started on my body I cover it and I start getting more and more that was just get started my front piece then this was the start of my front piece and here's the picture I told you when I cut my dreads you see I feel so bad the day after I feel like all that was a bad bad decision it could be long already look at this no we coming somewhere look at this little face my reign is ridiculous yeah that is Moss me with a teen punk hardcore skateboarder back today's ridiculous would look at my earlobe I just start stretching my earlobe and I remember when I started the other side I started I'm spear sit as a tattoo needle and then I put like wire in in every week I put one more wire until it got very big and I think I stretched it to 3 centimeter without using any professional piercing cavalry so I bind nothing I had nothing and then we had his face we just buy a lot of piercing needles and a couple of piercings and me and some friends which has gone nuts and we got so much piercings that was already the good part when I was finding a little bit more back to normal stuff look at this this was one of my first my first tattoos I made myself very bad done back then it was related to society there was a big Damon Damon was a represent in society and society playing war like a puppet like a merry let you see I don't know and some stars presenting the universe but I get build a lot and I was born to kill in homage to Full Metal Jacket because like people when they got a weapon they go all nuts but that's what society do they give them weapons and let them kill and it's alright and here I have rid mich eyes over the belt that means I I give a shit on your world I shit on your world and the inside I had like this it's clown jumping on a stick on the actual world and I was the clown and I jump on a big world and yeah and here on my son I had society game it's still written there it's the only thing I keep Society game because I still believe society is a big big game and people just playing us and doing this yeah that's like very old old stuff here and you see this this is also more historical picture let me go back in time this should be roughly like 15 years back in time yeah you see I don't have a leopard I don't have I just have teeny scars I made myself just with the scalp I cut them and that was because when I was 18 I got my tongue and I got my stuff cut it before I was not allowed so I had to wait till I'm 18 so that was maybe short before 18 or something like this yeah I done heavy black works Waseca got ping trettel's I done this was at home this was tattooing at home break them I can see that was my my home studio holy shit that is ridiculous in that old pictures I look at me it was the first time I was at vat pan fry is this long P long PE don't peep how long peep out is this long people he is considered as one of the most powerful monks in Thailand in Asia I got a couple of sessions with him I was here the first time with my friend John durante he showed me a lot stuff in Thailand that was the first time I was in Thailand this was you still see my first body food I still have 100% my first policy would wasn't my face was still very free yes you see that's also very old picture from me you can see I just have a very little bit in my face I got this in my face and the one on my chin after I decided that I will give up normal society life I was deciding I will be a tattooist I was deciding I go out of normal life that's when I wanted market in my face as well till that I was still not ready I still you see I had a little bit on my neck but I was just finishing my front piece they have you already start with my back piece I can see this part of the shoulders was go with my back piece and yeah I got some stuff on my hands when I was 18 just to in my punk time it was like this punk thing to go on but I am already I think I was around 18 19 I already was more confident of being a tattooist I already decided I want to go through the process of a body suit so I I stopped working on a more visible field I start making stuff more ritualistic the who can recognize where on my on my neck was hammered by hand my borneo flower was hammered by hand I have some Borneo stuff here and some Polynesia stuff from old ponies it pulling is a guy from an old Polynesian family and he makes this like freehand with an old machine aunt aside you don't see it here what I think it was this side of my neck the rest of it I got done bike saddle ahead I done a lot of stuff I got by old traditional tattoo it's this was done over by by gerhard from time-traveling tattoo he makes a pattern to me and yeah the stuff of my on my forehead got to done with a bamboo mat hold yeah it was the first time I tried to occupy ritual making my old shop yes some believe stuff from rituals we not go into look at here is a my a tattoo in very young in age it's not so long I got already the gray layer in my face actually I got a 25 over my face also no poop Psychonauts out there I wear the 25 is pride in my face LLC 25 I'm still proud of this that was the first part of my face done from Lionel out of step for the ones you never know from Lionel out of step he done this side of the face I designed it I had a monkey designed the key baton here stained little swastika and with a little swastika because I'm a little spastic as I got a little plastic ax and he designed this for me and I designed the piece I wanted a piece it's a one tribe have it very similar so I wanted to have a mix of abstract and still a little try because I still was varying a lot of tribe stuff on my body as you can see I still mixed it up already whistling some script in it and you know I started the first over layering of my first body suit and yeah so I was searching for him he tattooed it as a friend's bedroom to me because he used to work a lot on conventions and I don't wanted to have my face on a convention gun so he make that to me at a bedroom of a friend and it was very much suiting to myself and you see this the AV it's the NT Wiegand because I'm an anti vegan and there was a s for anti vegan society it was a little bit my piss-take for all the wig entities out there and yeah I got the Trans Am as implant back then but already here you can see I got a big elaborate in my eyes must look normal here's the other side of my face some of them is done by him this lower side pattern is done bike said he done some other stuff here the hand poking here in the years done by little by flying swastika this is an awesome picture this is skateboarding skateboarding done a lot of damage to me in my life I can tell you a lot of damage done by skateboarding that's my skateboarding killed my brain yes I think that's the old folder there's some ritualistic pictures in it I will have more and more favorite for you guys this is when I got done my ass tattooed by God you see you have the same face when he done my balls this is his I am be very precise face and yeah most of my legs I done actually by hand it's all hand poked even the big black stuff his hand poked later on I started and don't working with great white all by hand very stupid here you already see the first layers of of scars that scars was one of the first layers of yes ting Shiva 108 you some of you know yes question why are you auntie vegan I not auntie vegan but I think it's ridiculous this presenting your vegan I mean posting your wig and what cares what you eat you know why I like hello I'm Lily and I eating raw meat oh hello I'm Lily and I eating only sell it come on there's a lot of more interesting topics in life than food even I love cooking and I can talk with people who cook and I'm awesome about food but yeah this is ridiculous it's a lot about self presentation and it's fancy and fashion I don't like it I know we can people stay don't have to hang it on the big Bell and I like them but there's no point in like sold out like that that why I am anti vegan society I'm not anti vegan I'm not anti vegan but i'm anti anyone who use stuff like this just to propagate themselves and you know make themselves feel better or like we can do it better you know that's all bullshit and then the we can sit down and smoke cigarettes and make other stuff we're like child's in the third world suffer for and a big topic no we don't want to start because a lot of people should more stick to some more discipline in life and when they really want a better world they should start on some other topics instead of making stuff where they don't do stuff better than me by fancy vegan stuff from fancy vegan labels would a kill rainforests in the third world and all kind of stuff oh man is ridiculous we don't want to talk about it your dog don't start this don't start this let me see what I have here and right now we're not even was in the tattoo archives I have old stuff I in the old stuff I have a folder older stuff and in the older stuff I have a folder old school stuff holy shit Oh what I do here fuck wait oh you guys want to see some very very very old stuff from me when he write a – like very old and look at this look at this is like DIY at home they're known needs Vaclav spectin there are no need for anything that's ridiculous this is old-school tattooing this is like me tattooing at home one of my best friends this is what I done when I was like 17 maybe look at me between my Punk friends very old well your old pictures holy shit freehand also that was freehand that's what I done back then it can bum letters and stuff that's the normal stuff you do look like grey like you're not so good but I tattooed maybe like 3-4 months back there that was the first total guy ever done this was the first you see this is like a skin from from here a picture from Blake white picture boy all the pictures are in that folder our skins from from pictures look what I done then look what I done dance okay we go back out of that folder even folders even folders let's go back to here you guys wanna see some old school but work tattoos from me you're curious about it or like old abstract stuff I done like over decade ago this is all very very old stuff very very very old stuff mr. flying swastika at least from London one session Blake work every black work packed in me tattooing heavy black work there you see some of my implants I was wearing at a time heavy black work I done there I had a fast but I made a lot of Simpsons characters with tow truck I done a lot of stuff all that work and then I started progressing to like mixing it up with a little sketchy a little different make a lot of towtruck stuff back then this is a good friend of mine dot work oh that's so old all that stuff this is soul Jesus like 12 13 years old at least these are some this was also one of the very first pieces I got known for it was the first time I got the absurd idea just making a small painting and just scale it big not just make it big tattoo and make the attach just scale it big and that what we actually have done we just scaled it very big that was two sessions and I made heavy dot rug I call it heavy dot work it was the first heavy total guide and then some vast seeker illusion some silly tattooing the to mr. left elbow some of you asked already what was the real aesthetic techniques you tried not to miss the left elbow there – blindfolded – with the right elbow with a hood actually penises see that blind blind left blind normal normal left silly stuff old old work for me and this is very much my roots after I start making normal baroque I start making a lot of Polynesia then I start making a lot of more ornamental oriental stuff then I start mixing it up I make mixing up touch work and ornamental pattern and I start mixing it just up and then I start putting red scribbles in what red stuff in scribbling and getting a little bit more more avant-garde but still more heavy different I would say different I start experimenting a lot back then this is all way over the cade old then I started with the paint brushes and this bladder very poorly done splitter back then still a lot of hue metrical stuff then a lot of more cleaner work all the stuff I painted myself because back then you didn't find any of that anywhere out there you had to paint it by yourself all the scripts you have to paint by yourself yes that's like more ornamental work I done back then a lot of pedelec we will look at this this is Shiva Shiva yang Shiva mr. um yeah lot of weird stuff back then back in the days I'll go to old stuff now instead of very old stuff we are now going to old stuff you guys are ready to see so much of you online here I just keep switching a little bit through that you guys enjoyed it I do like a lot of old tattoos you come a little bit to the next epoch already let me click skip yeah here see like a lot of older tattoos in the middle bill I done a lot of towtruck you see that a lot of not to a guy down there old artwork I actually fucked up my hands I have a irreparable nerve damage in my hands I fucked that up pollen tattoos I made a lot of pant at who's here as you see I also done a lot of heavy black milk baked in for people who had already coverage I started mixing it up a lot a lot of torte worked and not of torture a lot of avantgarde they start experimenting a lot of fake pieces already then i think that was in that time I still I still made smaller pieces and at some point I didn't decided that I skip this ain't that the only piece I do is a back or front piece so people actually really had to go in or entire right front or back piece to get something from me there's still a lot of sleeve lock them in a lot of stuff a lot of this is pasta sleeves yeah and you can see a lot of yeah it's a lot too much in my eyes no you see that a lot notice days now I have a lot more quietness in my tattoo either script and it goes to different scripts over each other and here that speed taught work I called it back then yeah maybe we have to speak no pink here's a lot a lot a lot old rug here from me so guys I think we slowly come to the end for today I think that was a very long podcast maybe you guys have any last questions then just give me hash tag question little Farsi I technically ask a question I don't care no it's a time to talk about my past as tattooist maybe we have to make another podcast about my past at was there are still so much stuff in the Aki if I not even was going to project I not even was going to more newer stuff I was not going to more stuff and there's still so much old stuff here holy crap yeah so you guys have any more questions please please please let me know and it is much stuff I have and I was not even in my real father O'Keefe I can tell you I was not even in my real father if I mean there no and that's like too much so let's go click over to the chat you guys any more questions the old Ted spot still no look messy if yeah for me I can't look at them they look like very shitty I don't know I feel very ashamed of it a lot of old customers I covered a lot of my old tattoos question Simon what the meaning behind it I will make Tuesday trip the episode about of Simon and bout side script because all our stuff means a lot yep Simon is an ambigram you can read it from both sides you find a lot of 25 inside from all the sides you find a lot of more meanings and I will come to that and you will love it because it's awesome logo it's an awesome protection symbol for all of you guys out there it protects the small little bubble we created and on the other hand it destroyed a small at a big big world you can see that in it just turn it around this little fella I have it always on me you should always have observant on you for protect you this is the number one protection stuff you have to got we love to subside Simon tattoos and also I have a lot of size creep in the web on our Facebook page and in the web where you guys can use for free to make some size critter to stop Simon tattoos we love it is it's not a question what is your favorite food and good food self-made food so yummy food I experimented a lot with food when I travel through the world I love eat local I love to eat in in little tribes you know whatever they eat say they usually are more vegetarian stuff because the tribes are more poor but when they slaughter a peak and then you drink the blood and then it's a full celebration the village yeah I love local stuff I might sell if I I love to cook myself I really enjoy cooking I enjoy the ritual of cooking enjoy barbecuing and joy a lot of different things I enjoy vegetarian meat I enjoy better Jeremy's as much as I enjoy meat I eat just everything as long as you are aware of where your food comes from and that's it questions do you want to grow your own food I ask because you say that you don't like people very much yes it's a good thing people think a lot about growing our own food but the thing is we not so much here in Thailand we travel a lot and we not so much here we tried over the years to have plenty and even all the plans they just died so maybe in future but I don't think it will happen questions what made you choose the name little swastika we talked about that the next time in the next podcast I will do another podcast about my path little swastika and I can tell you already know I don't choose that name that name was given to me that was just happened to be my name and it was silly and stupid so I just used it I never assumed that I get that pick and that so much people's in the world know me actually it was just friends call me like that and all my friends called me little swastika so that was my nickname back then and I like to have it personal that's why I just like just my my nickname is my tattooist name and stuff ran out of control and Here I am no I am here you said once in a video that you gave up your Kenda what did you mean I will come to that at some point and I say I give up my gender I mean I give up my gender I don't pretend to be a guy I don't pretend to be a girl I just playing a rose in between I give a crap what you guys call me it is what it is and can you show us what you eat through today no I can't usually once a day we cook healthy and no I'm kind of hungry as I will probably eat some healthy yogurt I behave here local yogurt they make it fresh and they come with berry and some robbery or something cherry I sing that I like to eat I like to eat fresh stuff which we got a lot fresh berries right now we got a lot of strawberries no we have cherries in the garden I love fruits I love red fruits red fruits are mine fruits I love to eat foods but I also sometimes I like this you know we all have our little candy stuff Kenny's it's good I love sugar I still love sugar and candies it's like really my poison candy and sweet I eat it but because beside of this I eat very very healty I avoid fast-food almost always we probably it once a year fast-food that once a year make donald's experience no I think we skipped it too once every two years at some point you crave ride and you like yeah why not and after you just sit on a toilet two days and you feel like shit and you okay that's all right for the next two days mmm question no way back to tattooing no I have to tell you guys I really believe that you have to let things go when you want to move forward in life you have to let things go the last three four years I speak with a lot of my clients there's a lot of people's from leaving tattooing not because I don't like tattooing anymore because of other reasons and actually it's funny that was actually the topic I want to talk with you guys today but we talked about that the next week I promise next Tuesday we talk about that cause it's a very deep topic and I really want to talk about it and after that you probably understand that question and we do that next week okay do you work by what is going on in the moment feeling mode or did you want to schedule day by day yes I live 100% in the moment I have some kind of schedule I can show you know that are kind of my shadows as a filmmaker I have my little list right scrap chop stuff that's kind of basically what I want to do before I go in holidays what does it take to get a bodysuit I recorded that today so this is already prepared I have two more shabari masterclass to shoot I will do that next week because I'm working on Seabury class it's sad I think this Thursday and then every Thursday for the next two months you will get a Shi barrack video from me this I done also fucked right um yeah I kind of have a schedule but usually I try to have different points on my schedules so I can't choose and I do what I feel like sometimes I start editing and I get bored by the one topic because it's a too much affording the too much complicated edit so then I trust to something else then I just go outside oh I feel sick to sit all day long here so I kind of split it like today I wanted to two things I shoot a little bit outside I shoot one in the tattoo studio and I still play a little bit outside I cut the lawn and I prepare some stuff outside so I kind of arrange it and mix it up yeah schedule is important and the funny thing how to be motivated to keep doing your thing because you have to be keep yourself a little schedule because otherwise you are too lazy and you lose track of what you have to do and you have to do some stuff in your freelancer so I kind of arranged it like this because I'm a rare chaotic person and that's what I do one more time back to the shed what happens to your finger they in a char oh are you in school smarter did you struggle I hated school but I was smart oh can you teach us how to deal with X I and anxiety yes I can but I make a small talk episode about that because I think all that stuff is happening am i take ayahuasca fuck it that's how you confront yourself is topics like this confrontation is how you open doors in your mind confrontation is where you find out what are you deeper problems with some certain things and that is how you progress and how you will probably deep dive deeper in your own mind and confront yourself is topics you don't want to confront it with and that's how you and survive that's what I done in my life you force yourself on payday sometimes it's the mood that makes the schedule or everyone who knows me I really have bad days bad days don't exist everybody who knows me says like oh you can always be that positive oh people can throw you so much shit in your face and you just turn around and you smile and you just make something what makes you happy I am 99% optimist positives realist I'm really really I'm really realistic in the sense of that when you are optimistic in your life you will gain optimistic life motivation out of it you will have a better life and your positive goes through life so something bad happen this bad thing happened out of a reason and this bad thing happened only to give me that experience so that I can progress in a positive way for the future of my life in a positive way that's what I believe and that's how I go through life so I don't think it's good to be pessimistic because pessimism is hold you back and then your days will be like very unmotivated and frustrations yeah make stuff what makes you happy the one to stuff you don't do you happy you know I do stuff who was make me happy no I did decided to be a filmmaker because this is what makes me happy all this stuff would drive other people not to always take stuff and things and chill and whatever I stand up in the morning with filmmaking stuff in my mind and I go in bed in the evening this filmmaking stuff in my mind and it makes me fucking happy and that's what you have to do and life will be much more positive okay no that's it no I don't look at a Chet anymore here's again where you find my stuff you find merch on silent 25 calm you guys can support me with merch you can support silent with merch a little bit we don't make so much on the merch it's all in very good quality you can buy some of my art rinsing stuff from the retreat some videos something for these some nerdy prints nerdy stuff you can find on our web shop you can support us there please have in mind that we are not a professional crew it's not a very big webshop everything runs very small so it sometimes take a while but we give our best to deliver the stuff in the best quality on a cheap shipping way to you guys out there when you really want support me when you really want make this table that I can make this podcast this videos and all this kind of stuff for many many many more years the most and easy way to really truly support me is under my patronage you find a link down there you can find links everywhere to my patreon page you will find a lot of different stuff on my patreon page I post from now on one or two small private videos like around 15 20 30 minutes length where I talk to you guys in a very private atmosphere far away from all YouTube far away from everything it's much more in team for me and you will get a lot of backstage pictures from all of this from silent from me making films it's the most personal you can get to me and it's the most you can really truly support me because it gives me once every month in the beginning of the month a little income a little paycheck a little stability in my life because right now my life is very very unstable I go from a life of making a very good money and a very good income as a tattooist to make like no more and invest everything what I saved invest everything what all my other things like the web shop and my guys and everything who comes in my life I invest all of this to make this happen right now guys so I'm very thankful for all of you who support me already on my patron page and even it's just 1 or $3 a month it's not so much for you guys but it helps me a lot it truly helps me a lot and when you donate $5 a month you already have access to my private video and to a little more things but it's not about that it's not about the money it's about your help help to make this stable because there's a lot of things happen right now in my life and I tried to have one year freelance work one year free for this project I call it YouTube to be a hundred percent focused on this I still have a little bit stuff running with dirty threads like no the next the rest of the week and next week and sometimes I have to produce a little bit but last year I already produced a lot of things beforehand for dirty trades so everything is already set up for this year so I really have one year free for you guys and for me and for YouTube I really really hope I can make this happen I really hope my channel grow big enough also for this share my Tet over T's are my most insane tattoo life clip watch it again maybe just put it on and let it run in the background you can help to make this count you can help to let this video rise because this is a very important very sentimental video and I can tell you I work already on the next video with a little bit on the same quality of videography as this one it's about life it's about how much life is a drug to me how much I addicted to life and we should it was kind of a crane like very crazy shoots and I hope I can finish that somewhere the next week's and the probably somewhere an end of August we will released it then it's time to move on till then still put all your energy into the Ted words the most insane tell you life clip when you really want to share something go on my channel it's the first clip on my channel and share it on YouTube share on Instagram shared everywhere share and ready to get ready all of you get some reddit accounts because that is where viral videos born I got old and I struggle with stuff like this I have so much in my hands I already know got one friend he took over Instagram for me and I'm very thankful that I hope I can make a little bit in coming in your future so I can give away some of my other stuff can give away Facebook and I have a Twitter account also really low films you find also the links here I hope I can give that away to some other peoples who take care of that so I can hundred percent focus on my video content because I really want to produce more quality content more quality content will be the future it will be a lot more cinematic a lot more tricky a lot more crazy edit a lot nicer for you guys and a lot of deeper from the meaning that is where I want to go that is what my future is hopefully are and I'm very thankful that so much of you was here today for this today's podcast and I hope I see you next week and let me know in the comments after not know in a chat in the comments if you want me to make two podcasts a week maybe I don't make them that long maybe I make one podcast related to teto's borne podcast dedicated to psychedelics or rituals or other kind of stuff and you are more precised where you want to hit in so thank you guy boy thank you guys and girls for today's episode and I hope you had fun I really enjoyed this day we're going through old video we next Tuesday go again back into my o'keefe and thank you a lot thank you a lot and see you next time peace out sniggers and you get one more time the intro and bye bye bye bye


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