TATTOO artists HATE doing these tattoos! (r/AskReddit)

TATTOO artists HATE doing these tattoos! (r/AskReddit)

to two artists what pieces are you tired of doing nautical sleeves I'm from an island and damn is it brutal trying to make it unique when every fifth person has one anchors compasses maps etcetera feathers and pocket watches are close seconds I'm just gonna get I'm unique tattooed on my neck I'm also gonna get I'm unique tattooed on my neck I'm an apprentice right now but practically all of the artists in my shop have agreed on a few things infinity symbols especially with words anchors birds feathers that turn into birds however that being said my mentor followed that up with but that's your job security you'll always have girls coming in for the most basic tattoos and no matter how tired you get of them they'll pay your bills clocks especially those asshats that go back and forth between the laser shop and the tattoo shop to get the time updated I worked as a shop manager for a little bit my boss slash the head artist was getting super burnt out on big cats specifically Lions wearing crowns in about a month he'd done five realistic lines and a panther wearing crowns argued who wanted to feel likings I had to start politely turning them down when people called to inquire about them sorry Ian's not really interested in doing more big caps this month I'm sorry we are fresh out of caps with crowns might I interest you in a pocket watch or an infinity loop I know several men in their forties and older who have their last names tattooed across their back my uncle is one of them apparently he didn't get the memo that it's supposed to be across the shoulders he's is a tramp stamp my first tattoo artist said he refused to do anything gang-related racist or the Tasmanian devil bloody snake coming out of the eye of a skull and why does the guy who want sister to always have a perfectly groomed goatee Igor Karkaroff wannabes my first tutu was I love you forever and always in my mom's handwriting on my foot while my tattoo artist was doing it another artist came in the room to ask what I was getting when he found out it was script on my foot he asked let me guess live laugh love he awkwardly left after we explained it wasn't bad and in fact my mom's handwriting so I'd say he's sick of that you catered to artists okay pocket watches with roses surrounding them have started to die a bit one or two years ago my god they were rife the worst part is when the customer says they want one they follow with I've got an idea to make it special and unique to me and I'd say you want the time your baby was born don't you oh my god how did you know this year it has definitely moved on to lions tigers et Cie wearing crowns it's always the guys that have to check with their lass if the design is okay before they start to like mentioned before however I'll take a pocket watch with the Lions face in the centre birds flying off it merging into an infinity symbol with each bird having its own individual birthstone of the family's lost cats over the years then a smelly person I don't know but 20 years from now there's gonna be a lot of old people with Mandela tattoos and tree silhouettes my wife is a tattoo artist she's not tired of doing anything as long as the price is right and you're cool you could be getting the sweetest tutu ever but if you can't sit still bring three friends and two toddlers and share way too much information about your personal life that's a hard no went to a tattoo artist in Colorado once he asked what I was thinking of doing I said I want an outline of and he just sighed and said listen dude I'm sorry but if I have to tattoo Pikes Peak one more time I'm gonna lose it for the record I was asking for a rat and he apologized profusely but I thought it was hilarious I know three different Coloradans with Pikes Peak tattoos no judgments just curious but why rat first thing he could come up with after deciding to not ask for Pikes Peak I hate when couples get each other's names tattooed on each other's arm and crap because then like two weeks later the dude will come back for a cover-up but who as they broke up it drives me up the wall so from what I can tell I need a line wearing a crown holding a pocket watch with roses for his mane gotcha tattooist from Scotland hair infinity symbols a remain suspect but one I straight-up refused to do now is that skull jaw on the top of the hand you know the one where you put your hand over your face and it's supposed to look like you have a skeleton jaw the people that usually ask for it have no other tattoos Samoan tattoo artist assistant here it's not so much a piece but when we working on a full traditional Samoan tattoo which include Faiz waist and buttocks when working on the glutes sometimes so the person would fart since they've been clenching butt cheeks to counter the pain that comes when tapping chisels into their butt or as we like to say tap that ass we quietly stared daggers at them since it's not a pleasant experience to get a mouthful of ass gasps I've only been tattooing for a year but my shop collectively is really frustrated with the macro tattoos people bring him from Pinterest and want done half of the time they are photoshopped and even if they weren't once they settle into your skin they will eventually blur into a nasty blob other people's tattoos bringing a reference is great bringing a photo of someone else's tutu already on them and saying you will not accept anything less than an exact copy is the worst besides that I don't ever get tired of doing tiny or basic tattoos remarkably those clients tend to be a lot less pretentious than some of the hips to traditional people that come in butterflies I bloody hate butterflies they are part of the reason I quit to tooing but the main reason were pain in the last customers who thought there were experts because they watched a couple of episodes of Miami Ink what you can't do an entire back piece in one session to tour from New York City here I've probably done a ton of watercolor tattoos that I always reluctantly agree to after explaining it'll look like crap in time also super tired of doing Lagos why are people so obsessed with Lagos I've always thought that was weird keine run relative but I hate having to sift through an entire thesis in an nao just to figure out what they want please keep the sentimental meaning and story short I just wanted to to you man basically for me it's when people want a tiny tattoo would like 12 different subjects in it that isn't how it works stop it I know you want an anchor infinity dreamcatcher pocket watch Rose with grace written with the swoop east of script and birds flying off of it but it's not going to fit on your damn finger and also I love my job on its worst day it's still the best I ever had some people just don't know when walking into a shop and that's fine we can help them navigate this new experience but it's the ones who think they know that suck the soul out of you I'm honestly tired of dates for birthdays in Memorial tattoos they mean slash meant a lot to you get something that is beautiful enough to represent them in a better light than just numbers birth flower slash stones are good options and give a lot of variety to a meaningful tattoo it's just lacking taste in my opinion and from a professional point of view I've seen more happiness come from a beautiful image than numbers I studied in Cape Town South Africa there are hundreds of international students particularly American and German every single one I saw or met in my time there has the outline of the African continent tattooed somewhere on the ankle calf shoulder neck always visible so people can see I swear to you it's not branding done at customs these people went to a tattoo artists he heard the accent and probably went our crap here we go again I've been tattooing for 15 years now so I could go on and on but I'll stick with one all these upside-down wrist tattoos girls get because it has to face me cause it's for me drive me crazy you will look at that thing for two months and then you won't even notice it anymore when I reach my arm up to grab something I don't even notice my tattoos they just kind of blend in and become normal meanwhile your tattoo is upside-down and looks weird to every other person in the whole world would you get an eagle flying upside-down on your forearm because but I want to see it it's just dumb and trendy I know this might offend some readers because you have one upside down like that but you do you boo boo I'm just stating my personal opinion I have some Pokemon tattoos on my legs and the artists at a shop I went to recently saw them and said yeah they look really good but I'm so sick of tattooing that yellow guy that in Mario thank you for watching ask reddit please like share and subscribe you


  • QuantumNightmare says:

    I’ve seen a lot of these tattoos around but the bizarre idea that lions wearing crowns has become a thing made me laugh. It’s a weird concept.

  • Edward Oliver says:

    Tattoos have NEVER been less cool…

  • Indigo says:

    If I ever get a tattoo I’m gonna design it myself

  • Jude Caplin says:

    Im about 70% covered and i can say tattoo artists r often the most cry ass ppl when it comes to rules or certain pieces they hate doing. Some r great ppl who get that it dont matter what we want as long as we're the customer. And I've said it before and I'll say it again….. dont go to a shop that charges by the hour, the artist can make that shit last as long as they want to make more money.

  • CreepyLoserYeetLoL says:


    German guy walks in tattoo place

    "Unt I vood like yor finest tatoos, ja?

  • AshKetchum442 says:

    Honest to god i saw a guy at a waterpark with a tramp stamp.

  • Jessie Brader says:

    Sadly my highschool sweetheart legit went into a shop with a….. kid rock cd jewel case, opened it, pointed to a truly ugly looking eagle from shoulder to shoulder and happily got an exact replica…

  • D D says:

    Ooh glad to see my response here.

  • ccggenius12 says:

    Wonder if there was an uptick in tattoos of Will Farrell clawing out of your skin after Blades of Glory…

  • Lily Mcp says:

    i just got my first tattoo on my birthday a few weeks ago. i watched and read countless things about what tattoo artists hate and didnt do any of those things. my tattoo artist actually said i was the best customer he's had. no wincing in pain, no moving around, and i didnt get just a basic tattoo. I want a horror themed sleeve so i started off with a poodle skull w a little bit of fur bc why not lmao.

  • T'airn'KA says:

    I had open heart surgery when I was eight (6-16-1964) and when I got older (15?) I thought I'd get a tattoo of a closed zipper over the chest scar.
    Years later (18?) I thought of having it open, showing a realistic heart but then I remembered all of the times I was pocked and prodded during years of countless hospital visits before my surgery.
    The eight scars (including chest) are enough to remind me of those experiences.
    Btw – I had a second open heart surgery on 11-14-2012, adding an additional 2.5 scars (second chest scar over first).

  • SuperMeandnooneelse says:


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