what's up guys there's a nice article in The Boston Globe about Terry Rozier I will link to it amid surprise about massive contract terry rozier plans to prove his worth to hornets and it's a nice article and terry rozier is really going to be given the reins and he's compared favorably to Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry by a coach or his agent or something like that I think it's a Mitch Kupchak maybe the GM saying he's just behind Kyrie Irving but of course when it comes to actual team results we know that Terry Rozier brings way more to the table than the empty stat sidekick Kyrie Irving so this is very very interesting no the question becomes we know Terry Rozier he's going to average over 21 points a game okay and in the playoffs the most field goal attempts he's ever taken was 18 and he still ties Kyrie Irving for most three-pointers made in a playoff game with seven and in the regular season Terry Rozier the most shots he's ever taken is 21 Kyrie Irving taken 37 38 35 33 shots four season highs in different seasons and the NBA so Terry Rozier is poised look at that jealous bitch right there look at that jealous bitch bitch-ass what a bitch-ass so Terry Rozier is going to get a full shot he may very well be able to take 19 20 shots a game if he wants to and everyone will say oh one over on efficiency what about efficiency Kyrie is a great leader these players just don't understand they just don't understand how to be a teammate and take a back seat to Kyrie Irving just wait till the playoffs carries gonna step up it's gonna be superstar anyway guys Terry Rozier the question becomes who will lead the NBA and triple doubles it's not a knee question but it's a question you know that the triple-double is a overrated stat but for all these Kyrie section you know that triple-double means a lot because it's just one of these gimmick things like a fancy crossover or a stupid kids movie and we know that Terry Rozier scored a triple-double in his very first start which I believed in his very first game he tied careers he tied Kyrie Irving's career career total for triple doubles with one and so given the full reigns and remember that when Terry Rozier was starting it was almost always with Aron Baynes and Al Horford as the starting frontcourt so as good as a rebounder as this guy is he wasn't in the ideal situation for triple doubles not that any of this matters this is just superfluous right but in the eyes of all the kids this is something that will really catch the Rye is the triple-double so given that the Hornets are given him the keys and they believe he's one of the great point guards in the NBA which he absolutely is we also know he's a rhythm player we also know that even this past year when Kyrie was supposedly so terrible that he still shot over 40 percent from three okay on high-ass volume this guy has always been a high-volume 3-point shooter and he always knocks him down on major volume major volume guys and you want to point to one little game where Terry whose ears didn't have a good game this is why we need Kyrie Irving to help us win a championship because we can't win a championship without Kyrie we just wait till the playoffs and so Terry Rozier what he could he could shoot eight easily he could shoot eight three-pointers a game next year it's gonna be glorious on 38 39 40 percent just like he always does when he gets to start okay none of this D'Angelo Russell 37% BS and remember before that very last game when the Celtics were in the playoffs against the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals when he went over ten from three after going like six for ten from three the game before remember he had no Shane Larkin and no Kyrie Irving to back him up give him a little bit of a rest he was simply exhausted he also knew he was playing for a starting job because if he did ball out that game they couldn't possibly go back to Kyrie after having made the playoffs without after making the finals without him so we had tons of pressure on his shoulders that game he he went down shooting though at least you can say that and with no fear and it's going to be unbelievable this year so this past season triple-doubles leaders Russell Westbrook with 34 which is amazing but we know a lot of those steps are somewhat empty although we did seem to take a bit of a backseat to Paul George in the regular season which was nice to see but you know they had a situation in Oklahoma City where everyone knew just to let Russell Westbrook get the rebound you know even the wide open rebounds just make sure Russell gets it so he he's a big-time stat patter Terry Rozier is not going to be out there studying Pat's padding stats Russell Westbrook also is going to have less triple doubles with James Harden who is like number six and triple doubles last year on the same team sharing the same backcourt Nicola Yeo Kitsch is another guy who could see more than 12 next year Ben Simmons he's got he's going to have the ball in his hands a lot this year and you know there's no there's not gonna be any Jimmy Butler taking the ball out of his hands and the only weakness of the 76ers right now is if Ben Simmons gets hurt really because they have so much depth and firepower at these other positions although a JoEllen in JoEllen be an injury would be major as well so LeBron James is due to he'll probably get 15 or 16 triple doubles he'll have the ball in his hands all the time setting up Anthony Davis for lots of baskets and at this stage in his career LeBron James is more about padding stats than he is playing defense so he's gonna get lots of triple-double so he will probably have more Triple Devils than Terry Rozier but you know Luka don't Rogell even though he's probably going to have more than a triple doubles next year that's right around the level you're gonna see Terry Rozier playing at I remember Luca don't judge so-called superstar he shoots less than 33% from three on seven shots a game and everyone calls him a superstar because the Europeans have ordered him for all-star and they laugh at the idea that Terry Rozier is even a above-average starting point guard so there's a lot of bitch boys who are gonna get a lot of dirty diapers this year watching Terry Rozier watching the highlights watching the media reaction to him and quickly forgetting that they ever had anything bad to say about Terry Rozier at all and it's so pathetic and it's gonna be so funny and even this video I'm making right now will get laughed at by these little catty bitch boy Kyra sexual types who don't know anything about basketball and don't know anything about context if a guy shoots poorly off the bench that means he that means you ignore all the evidence that shows he's a lights-out shooter when he gets to start really really so Terry Rozier gonna be better than what's-his-face Luka don't judge he's gonna be right up there with everybody and he's gonna make a bigger impact they and Kyrie Irving us the Nets are going to be the most disappointing team in the NBA next year and the the very poorly constructed Charlotte Hornets are going to surprise just a little bit but not too much because they really don't have a whole lot but Terry Rozier is gonna carry that team it's going to be positivity everywhere and Michael kidd-gilchrist they're gonna need his defense they're gonna need all the depth they can get I think Cody Zeller was hurt a lot last year so that may very well have hurt them losing Frank Kaminsky hurts a little bit but you know unfortunately I think the myles bridges pick was really wasted a six foot six power forward you know a very poor man Zion Williamson I guess but anyway some of these guys are gonna have big careers and they do have a solid back a point guard and Devonte Graham PJ Washington should be solid catching and shooting with the Terry Rozier dry wood dishes malik monk oh another wasted pick a guy who was never a gym rat and guy who was I'm in play unplayable because he couldn't defend anybody so we will see how this all comes together but Marvin Williams a very underrated player Cody Zeller probably a little underrated and they have Bismack Biyombo so they should be pretty solid guys they should be pretty solid and Terry Rozier can catch and shoot the three on Sky high-volume when someone like Nick Batum has the ball in their hands so anyway guys who do you think is going to lead the league in triple doubles I think Terry Rozier will be top five in triple doubles now how many games will they win well they're projected to win 24 25 games I'll probably make it a little more exciting than that 32 33 it's not bad at all not bad at all and you know I don't think Terry Rozier is gonna make all-star but he's going to be play well enough that he may very well make all-star unfortunately guys like Kyrie Irving in the bigger market with all those fan votes in Brooklyn and in China or whatever who's what whoever else is voting for this stuff remember there's the Chinese connection to the Brooklyn Nets now with the incoming order being Chinese and their mascot be in the Chinese panda bear Terry Rozier probably now looking at an all-star but that's just a popularity contest anyway guys and when he's putting up all these triple doubles all you Kyrie sexuals are gonna bow down just like you weren't bowing down opening wide for so long you're about to be bent over by Terry Rozier alright guys let me know what you think I'll see you soon peace


  • Dujuan Williams says:

    I told u he was killing russ smith at the gym on campus

  • David Henderson says:

    I will pay to see Hornets vs. Nets this year!!!!! Let's see Kyrie can't play games in Cleveland, Boston, or Charlotte.

  • Marcus Aurelius says:

    Terry is about to go off….

    Kenna’s contract vs Rozier

    For the same production 😞😞

  • Mandela's Cellmate says:

    People keep on harping about Rozier’s contract.

    Pretty much every PG that stays with the team they’re drafted by is maxed out.

    He has an average contract by today’s cap and in comparison to his peers.

    People just look at his counting stats, call him a scrub and write off everything.

  • Heimspiel89 says:

    Thanks for your uploads, Scout 🙂 although i disagree on your take on Luka Doncic. He was the Nr.1 option as a rookie and was taking (and making!) A lot of harden-like stepback threes and off the dribble- high difficulty shots. Nobody could facilitate for him really and still he was winning a lot of games for the Mavs till they changed the Starting 5 almost completely in the Porzingis Trade. I believe Doncic will be Top3 in a few years. And yes, he might be an MK Ultra/ occult/freemasonic kind of athlete if you look at his tattoos closely. Still he gives an ok-impression.

  • KWRBT says:

    Rozier, Brown, Tatum, Horford, Baynes was a championship caliber starting lineup. Wish we gave that another shot

  • DirtyHairy Callahan says:

    I can't tell you how much I wish we would have just kept Rozier and by the way Scout you should just stick to being a straight guy I can't get that lisping out of my head! I'm not a homophobe or anything but that was a little bit creepy.

  • Doggy Bonez says:

    Terry can't wait to destroy Kyrie and the Nets.

  • JBD says:

    Gonna miss this guy

  • christopher sosa says:

    “Look at that jealous b***h”😂😂 👌🏽

  • Kio Revana says:


  • Scouts Honor says:

    Players that have averaged at least 90 3-pointers on 60% TS in each of the last 3 seasons: James Harden, Stephen Curry, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kevin Durant…. and Kelly Olynyk

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