Tesla Model 3 Paint Repair Kit walk-through

Tesla Model 3 Paint Repair Kit walk-through

suck on my electrons diesel you crashed
your car Oh getting a knickers scratch in your car’s paint is any car owners
worst nightmare and would you get a Tesla Model 3 and you don’t get paint
protection you’re neva tably going to see a nick or scratch in the paint so
what do you do about it well there are third-party options out there for paint
repair but luckily Tesla also makes their own paint repair kit now and in
this color specifically the midnight silver metallic this color has been
elusive in the Tesla community to get a paint repair kit for from Tesla there
are rumors that they were having issues with the shelf life of the paint etc so
it’s been a color that’s been hard to get from Tesla directly but now they do
sell it in a paint repair kit and that’s what we’re going to be trying out today
to see if we can get this scratch out of the model 3 now the first thing that
we’re going to want to do with this paint repair kit is to make sure that
the four-letter paint code on the back here matches the car I’ve already gone
and opened the driver’s side door to make sure that it does in fact match so
we are good to go and let’s go ahead and open this thing nice packaging here
we’ll just slips out alright and this is the Tesla paint repair kit so we get
repair kit instructions there’s also a video from Tesla that they put out on
how to repair the paint but if you’re watching this you may still want to
watch that but we’re going to be kind of detailed here to go through each step of
how to actually do this so nice that they give you instructions you get a
microfiber cloth here you’re going to use this to wipe off the scratch and
clean it at the start and then you’ll also use this again at the end of the
process next we get the paint itself oh this just flips out here oh that’s kind
of nice you get the paint itself you get the blending solution and then you get a
rubber screwed a rubber squeegee so the other stuff you
need they actually give you black gloves which is really nice and then this is
the clock here that you will use with the blending solution so just keep that
handy we got the paint microfiber cloth and then lastly the blending solution
alright and we are ready to go all right the next thing we’re going to do is make
sure that our paint and bloody solutions make sure that they are shaking up
properly so here’s the paint solution here I’m just gonna make sure all right
next we’ve got the blending solution now that we’ve got the blending solution in
the paint shaken up next step the Tesla says to do is make sure this area is
clear now we just washed this car so this car is definitely good to go but
just use a microfiber cloth to wipe all that away also do you notice that you
won’t have to open this up so I’m actually gonna get I have another latex
glove that I brought just in case I’m gonna go ahead and put that on as well
so I missed a couple things when I opened it I was looking I was like once
we got to the Pinot’s like how the heck are we gonna get it out here so Tesla
does give you it wasn’t in this little white pouch which I just thought was
part of the packaging actually includes the brush right here so we can just
apply the paint there and then we’ll just wipe it over the neck with the
squeegee they give you the squeegee to make sure it’s really flat although the
person in their video on their website didn’t do that but I’m gonna go ahead
and follow the directions Tesla actually gives you in the kit here midnight
silver metallic color really likes so I’ll make sure we’ve got that alright
great so I’ve got my paint here got my paintbrush what I do is I’m just going
to take it take a little bit of this paint here make sure I don’t drip and
then I apply this paint right – right next to the scratch oh and this
dripped a little bit here so you can see that we definitely don’t want that so I
probably use a little too much paint there but we’re gonna go ahead and use
the squeegee and apply that paint evenly over the scratch and alright that looks
pretty even probably only want to do that a couple of times
alright so I’ve already learned a couple things by doing this one you don’t need
even the little drop of paint I had was more than what I needed there but what
we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna let that dry for a little bit and then we’ll
use the blending solution just go over a bit further than any excess paint
alright so you know it doesn’t exactly say how to do the blending solution I’m
just guessing you put a little bit on your cloth here and then kind of wipe
around so this is programs most elegant way to do this but again using gloves so basically what Tessa says is just to
make sure that the cloth stays damp in the area that you’re blending so this is
definitely damp we’re just gonna rub that over and should make that paint go
away I hope because I put it on way too much of an area here and again I’m not
doing a lot of pressure here oh good okay yeah I’m not using any hardly any
pressure at all and it is getting the excess paint away from the areas of the
car that did not need extra paint which is great now again if you start feeling
that this cloth is getting a little bit dry do that is wetting solution put a
little bit more on there just from what the directions in Tesla their video said
you want to make sure that this is just keep this damp again we’re not scrubbing your just
lightly moving it over and what they said is they’re just you letting the
chemicals do their do their work you don’t wanna get up the part of the paint
that you know you’re actually in down in the chip so I don’t think I’ve done just
good alright alright next step that we want to do the Tesla says after we do
the solution is to just wipe it off with microfiber so and polish and kind of
wipe all that so first impression here I can’t quite tell on the camera how it
looks you can still see it and in person you can still see it as well this is a
larger divot so what I’m going to do is I’m going to do this one or two more
times to try to layer the paint so it’s flush with the body we’ll see how good I
can get it here and then I’ll come back and check in with you guys to show you
what the finished product looks like alright so the paint chip has been
repaired it’s right there you can still see it kind of the only issue I’ve run
into is there’s still a little bit of excess paint it looks like around the
chip but the issue that I ran into is trying to actually get that off is very
easy to get some of that paint remover in the actual chip and then it just
removes all the work you’ve just done getting it up until this point so I’m
gonna wait let this dry and I may put another layer over it at some point just
to make it a little more flush with the paint but overall it doesn’t look
terrible if I was walking past it I wouldn’t really notice it so overall a
couple of things I learned going through this process one get yourself another
pair of gloves right you’re gonna want both of your hands with gloves for this
process to be very careful not to get the paint remover actually in the chip
itself that’s set me back a couple of times and just added to frustration
through this process three make sure you have a paper towel or something to put
all of these materials so you don’t get paint on your car somewhere else I
didn’t do that but I could totally see someone doing that every time they open
up the cap from where the paint is stored other than that those are some
lessons learned oh also where is it also you can use this thing to get down and
scrub away some of the paint right next to the chip I would not recommend
soaking this in the solution because this little ball on the end here it will
actually soak up more of the solution than you want and then when you press it
in near the chip it’s actually going to press that solution into the chip and
then cause the paint to discolor because it had a chemical reaction and it’s
ready to be wiped away so I would use this to scrub away the paint but don’t
actually get this into the solution bottle again the Tesla directions were
not really clear on what this was for but I’m pretty sure it’s just to kind of
detail around the chip other than that the process was pretty smooth and the
paint itself does look like it’s a pretty good match overall I would
recommend this but just know it’s gonna be more work than you may think going
into it especially if you’re more detail obsessed like me where I want it to be
almost near perfect even though I know going in it’s not actually going to be
anywhere near that but definitely less noticeable than it was before I’ll
probably put another layer of paint across it just to kind of clean up that
look there other than that though this process has been pretty straightforward
so thanks for watching if you’d like to see more Tesla videos like this one
definitely subscribe to the channel and if you like this video give us a thumbs
up until next time thanks again for watching I’m Josh Teder for 6 Months Later.


  • Janelee Keller says:

    Hi Josh 😏.
    Sorry you got a Nick in your Beautiful New Car 😒.
    It's not quite the same, but I Can sort of identify with the feeling, as that's somewhat how I felt when my Daughter was a baby, and got her first scratch !
    I can remember being quite upset over it….No repair kit, just some healing time necessary.

    Anyway you seem to have done a pretty good job with it…. Unfortunately, you'll still know it's there ☹️.
    C'est la vie
    Thanks for the video, and have a pleasant Wednesday Josh 🌄😊.
    JaneLee ^_^
    3:16 AM

  • Danny G. says:

    As long as you're happy with it is what counts. I'm pretty sure most couldn't have even seen the scratch. Thanks Josh.

  • lessdeth69 says:

    I actually don't care much about nicks or scratches. I own my cars, they don't own me. That being said, this does appear to be a well thought out kit.

  • Young Yun says:

    Love Tesla!!!!

  • Dave Dave Dave says:

    Very helpful – thanks!

  • David Hood says:

    Time for the model 3 (6 months later)
    Get on it! Scenic leaves are gone.

    That sounded rude…

  • lim Georgia says:

    How can I contact with you? I wanna do a business with you. Looking forward to your reply

  • heres Butler says:


  • 6 Months Later Reviews says:

    If you watched the video and decided you want in on some Tesla goodness, make sure to get yourself 1,000 miles of free supercharging credits. Use a referral code like mine: https://ts.la/josh95038 or your friend’s, neighbors’, or from whoever. Just make sure you take advantage of these referral codes floating around.

  • Tom H says:

    Couple tips for your viewers:

    1) Pre-clean the chip area with rubbing alcohol…this gets rid of any waxes & oils…use a makeup remover pad, not the included microfiber cloth
    2) When removing the excess paint with the blending solution and white cloth, keep the cloth as flat as possible…that keeps the paint in the chip…keep wiping until all of the paint outside the chip is removed/blended into the chip…use an LED flashlight to see your work, as the blending step is critical
    3) The black rubber glove is for smearing the touch up paint into a chip on a curved surfaces
    4) Use acetone (nail polish remover) to clean your black rubber glove and brushes after each use…do not get any acetone on the car, as it will remove the paint
    5) Keep the soft microfiber towel clean by only using it for wipe downs after using the blending solution

    Kudos to Tesla for making this type of system available, rather than just providing a jar of touch-up paint. Dr. Colorchip has a similar/same kit. Check their website to compare pricing.

  • Dmac 740 says:

    Surprised tesla doesn't shut It down and refuse to let you drive it until it is shipped over seas amd they make 10 grand f tesla

  • Morellio Benoir says:


  • Jack Phelan says:

    Suck on my electric car diesels


    …….OH F***

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