The Art of Communication and Visual Connection | Clay Leonard

The Art of Communication and Visual Connection | Clay Leonard

Part of the thing that keeps me engaged in being an artist of ceramics is the constant challenge what’s next – what’s new. Every time that one of those things, like a new plan right so I have a kiln sitting waiting for some of these new ideas that I have it’s like that’s my favorite thing right now. My wife – well when she was my girlfriend at the time used to tell me like she could tell. It was always like, he’s opening a kiln. How’s this going to go? Cause if it went well I’m going to come home really excited if it went bad, I’m going to come home in a bad mood. They’re kind of set up how they’ll be displayed so you can see how that gold is starting to connect them but I really love this is something I’m starting to think about now more of how those objects get connected through those lines. and then this is a total experiment. So I started – you can see that everything is very controlled and very specific. And so some of this drawing lets me loosen up a little bit and lets them be individual. This form actually is one of the first firings of this form here. I made this and designed this in Denmark a couple summers ago at an artist residency there at the international ceramic research center and so I brought that back from Denmark so I could start making these forms here. I have the lines on the back here so I think there’s something nice about the viewer if they’re using this one of the things I like is if you see this I think it’s an interesting form itself and I like that surprise and being able to turn over the form and continue seeing that line. So it addresses the form and lets the viewer kind of investigate and rewards them for investigating. What you give to it – you see. Your fingerprints – it shows. The time you put into it – it shows. It’s such like an honest recording of that experience and your efforts and I really love that.

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  • Diana Perez Bolanos. says:

    Omg I cant believe i just found this.

    Hey jonathan!! Its me from Design foundations and ceramics. I cant believe i just found your channel!! It looks really nice and so professional. Keep up the good work!

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