hi-yah nothing nothing no yes I'm I've blocked it with my throat that's good any part of your body is capable of walk and that's how you know you've mastered the arts of martial look I'm all for improvising but come on man trim it down all right yes and let's jump into this trailer that's the artist zone David Gandy requested this and if he asked for anything we just say yeah yeah top reward here a video request apparently this movie comes out in just a few days mm-hmm it's gotten really good reviews awesome Jesse Eisenberg making a comeback that's right man lex luthor finally finally gosh communicating ask me a question what are your plans for the weekend I'm going can use the grocery shopping in rent the film watch that is your question anyway over here I'm taking my first class today your new white belt is that the first built color white is the four color you haven't earned coming up today's lesson to kick with your fists and punch would you feet that makes perfect sense we may want to start in those reports that pilots getting off music whoa ouch buying a gun I need something that can fit into my hand sounds like you're after a handgun I challenge you to a fight to the death w16 miller charged to replace lost mentors who are also responsible about the charging yeah yeah there's a great bit great common way to Johnny Lawrence like Fonzie and Barry mm-hmm well this looks cool it feels a little bit like what was that Taekwondo movie the foot fist way look Danny Boy Meets Fight Club that's the time I'm getting here especially when he hits them assuming his employer or a co-worker in the in the office I'm gonna throat a little bit of a more realistic Fight Club with him being sort of an Edward Norton desk like character someone who's very antisocial insecure doesn't feel like a man per se to be I mean there's a line in here about really channeling your inner masculinity or something like that yeah I'm most interested in the psychological element of who Jesse Eisenberg is gonna evolve into that was the most gripping part to me was watching a guy sort of rise in form of a dude who became who might become like ultraviolent like it's called the art of self-defense but it looks like he's taking on a very violent aggressive behavior is it going to go across from defense into offense that's what it looks like it's going down that path the one thing that seemed a little unappealing to me well I don't know about unappealing I'm just more curious as whether I might actually work this whole thing with the teacher and whatever little game he has going on towards the end part of the trailer he's like biker group or whatever I don't know what's going on there we're supposed to go in and find out but I'm wondering if it's gonna get a little too big or try to become a little bit more high-stakes plot heavy when to me and like hope the really appealing part is watching a dude grow and simultaneously devolve into something of a fighting monster you know that was a part that had me most intrigued the teacher looks funny I like that kind roll weird sort of borderline high pretentious teacher who is a very intense yes very yeah but is really greedy and running a business yeah as methods that really you know cross the line but my concern is that it we can detract from the movie and take away from the character a little bit or as I'm like I'd rather have a movie that commits to a dude just evolving into a villain yeah yeah I mean this trailer at least gave me two flavours one of which was distinct and the other which was very vague and I feel like yeah half of this movie looks like a character study about this guy needs a boost in his confidence and the other half I'm like there looks like there's y'all this action crazy they're dragging a body there are these bikers there's that think about like why are you filming this and I'm sitting here wondering like what is the connection of all these action looking elements to the rest of the plot and I feel like that's probably a pretty solid guess that it's got something to do with the teacher but I also wonder if maybe we're gonna like follow him through several different altercations or something like that it's like the workplace thing I have to imagine we'll go there a couple times and I wonder if that punch there is like a fantasy punch one of those scenes it's like here's what I would like to do but here's what I'm not gonna do or whether that's real and like the same with the gun a sign on the wall and the karate dojo has an extra roll added that like guns are for the weak so I'm wondering if that maybe comes from early on in the movie or something like that but I like the general oh yeah thanks man the essence of what this is but uh you know now we're just gonna keep like my peripherals locked are you that's a really high up high up to it was like yeah that's good and work on it you know I feel like we're getting too serious better talk yeah well you know we'll kind of break this this trailer down because it's so much fun to deal with whoa whoa that got me to haha see I'm glad I'm glad that you learn why I know that the student has become as the teacher at least the demonstrator of the thing that we learn seconds very impressive Chuck grasshopper that's me mm-hmm like grass too here's what I want from the movie I want for some reason I just imagined the structure as this trailer was going and then I was really gravitated towards it this is an indie film so I'm sure it'll have a different execution if this was a bigger film I imagine like the first act would be you're really going into this guy's personal life and all his weird social circumstances that he has a hard time fitting into and finds karate dojo maybe it's T's in the setup or something right and then he joins the dojo and you're watching him really partake heavily in the class and he's learning a lot and then around the midway point you know maybe there's this little romance with that chick that's in there and around the midway point you know this other plotline starts to come into play of the gang and biker and like it looks like they're either doing gang stuff or there wanna be something weird so I want to see that first half as the primary thing in this movie I want to know this dudes personal life and plus it's Jesse Eisenberg who's a great actor so I want to what is that you guys did an interview where he's a jerk to that reporter yeah great stuff did you know the comedian carrot top yes horrible well you were like the carrot top of interviewers yeah yeah no it's a good thing this reminded me kind of of Cobra high in the sense that part of the crux of that show is watching what happens when you give severely unconfident people power in a very short amount of time yeah and so I wonder if this is going to take them much more dramatic approach to that or whether yeah this is gonna because they keep billing this is a comedy and all these poll quotes and the one thing i ND comedy so it's gonna get dark and serious I know the thing was like the comedies seemed very slight in this trailer but all the poll quotes all hilarious black comedy they had kind of his wacky pulpy tone yeah really funny yeah it's like the the first bit where he's doing the moves while he's talking is like wacky but the rest of it I would like a bit more of the comedy flavor well this is a perfect role for Jesse Eisenberg cuz that dude who you know he's the socially awkward getting uncomfortable kind of demeanor throughout but in that interview he seemed very confident like he could be a guy who really belittles people if he wants to Freeman who are you what are you on baseball team with him maybe on this press junket he'll just start beating the crap oh wouldn't be but the idea is funny might be good ads for the movie too cuz it's like he's using karate and man you want to watch it but I but yeah all right well yeah maybe we'll check it out we have a list that we can't use anymore don't worry David Gandy come down we'll go together we'll watch it because I feel like you know this just reminded me of David's life a little bit oh this is totally David's life really quick subscribe for the real rejects and click the notification bell hit that like but if you liked our video you know all that crap people say and David Gandy yeah this reminded me so much of him transition to your shout out with David he's been in mixed martial arts classes like MMA but it is a variety of martial arts a zoom study he went to a tournament recently and who I met David and he can be socially awkward and he touches himself in front of us to feel comfortable it's really weird but you know kind of flattering at the same time he's always sending me videos of himself fighting bikers yeah in the nude it's weird well I just his belt part of his advantage Robbie the naked part makes him you know I have this sort of advantage of people being like ok for me I feel like that's a strategy that's underutilized if you fight breaks out just get naked and people will be like what are you what are you doing like the whole context is different now he's a hard yeah which is aroused by the thing is you start martial arts you got a little confidence under your belt and then you get aroused biting you cut it out David danger Gandhi never doing well brother talk soon subscribe


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