The Batman Potential Composer | Josh Gad Not The Penguin | Justice League Snyder Cut Discussion

The Batman Potential Composer | Josh Gad Not The Penguin | Justice League Snyder Cut Discussion

hey what's going on guys it's rock from eros Avenue happy Friday I hope you guys all had a great week mine was definitely stressful but it came with a lot of surprises especially the news that came yesterday and that I posted on the channel this morning if you care at all I did a gender-reveal for my baby coming this November it's cool if you don't want to watch it but for those of you that are curious I did a Star Wars themed gender-reveal I think it's pretty cool thank you guys for all the congratulations and well wishes and things you guys are the best in this video we're talking all DC news I'm really excited it's gonna be more of a laid-back issue there's a lot of stuff we're gonna touch on so I'm gonna kind of breeze through it kind of a more relaxed video for today I'm sipping on my Guinness here Jason Momoa would be proud but let's get into it because we're talking about we're talking about the Batman we're talking about a little bit of Suicide Squad James Wan gives us an update on the trench and we are talking about some Snyder cut stuff it has to do with cyborgs in Green Lantern's so again a lot of stuff to talk about but first let's get into the Batman and in particular we're talking about the potential music composer Michael Giacchino now Michael Giacchino went on to his Instagram account and posted this picture right here without a caption no not really any context to to to work with right here it's taken in Dublin Ireland and as you can see it's a building with a statue of Batman perched on the side of a Ledge it doesn't look like it belongs there so I don't know I don't know where exactly this is at and maybe by the time you guys watch this you guys got more news so definitely comment down below if you do get more news but shoot I guess Michael Giacchino is a composer that has worked with Matt Reeves a ton in the past I think on all of his projects and this may be our potential composer for the score of the Batman and if you guys have followed this channel and particularly my videos I always talk about the score being incredibly important in superhero movies because it really helps to for you to internalize and really connect with the character right so if you think about and I mean if you were maybe born in the 70s or 80s maybe when you think about Superman you hear that John Williams theme it's the automatic thing you think of maybe if you were born a little later and Man of Steel was your Superman movie maybe that awesome Hans Zimmer score is what you think of I know I think of kind of both I liked both or the Batman if you were born if you watch the Batman grew up with a Batman in the 80's 90's you probably think of the Danny Elfman score for the Batman so yes lots of examples to go by but Michael Giacchino definitely a well accomplished music composer he's worked on a ton of projects definitely seasoned he's he's even won some awards he won a he won an Academy Award for Best Original Score for up-up was a great animated movie you guys definitely need to check it out if you haven't he did ratatouille he's been nominated for ratatouille and let me just list some other stuff that he was nominated for the Incredibles ratatouille star trek up Coco and then other movies no he's worked on again he's his resumes extensive but some of the stuff he's worked on that is notable to me outside of the ones I just mentioned is so mission impossible 3 of course Cloverfield Star Trek super 8 john carter actually like john carter again star trek into darkness dawn of the Planet of the Apes Jupiter ascending Jurassic world actually Jurassic world he was supposed to work with Colin Trevorrow till consoles off of that project Doctor Strange is one of the more notable ones spider-man homecoming star rogue one a Star Wars story and if you guys know about that one he had kind of a massive task on his hand because John Williams wasn't gonna compose that and I think he did a great job for the road one movie and so he's gonna he he did dress world fallen Kingdom and he's doing spider-man far from home and yeah lots of other projects did incredible too he is very season I am a fan of him you know for me seeing this resume that he's worked with I am definitely intrigued and I'm definitely III think this is this is some good news if it's it's not news this is a good thing if this is what he's teasing us with this picture right here if he's telling us through this picture that he may be working with Matt Reeves on his next project who he's worked with for all of his previous projects I think is a good sign Michael Giacchino's great composer as you can see he's he has some range man he's worked on animated movies all the way these serious movies dawn implanted a piece of sci-fi movie so I think he has range I'm really intrigued on whether he's gonna continue the Hans Zimmer Batman theme or is he gonna rip off of the Danny Elfman 1989 team I have nothing against the Danny Elfman 1989 theme but if you watch my videos back from Justice League you know I would like them to use the Hans Zimmer score just cuz it differentiates these different these universes but hey I would actually given all of the drama surrounding all this I would be okay with them doing a whole new score for this Batman movie maybe combining bits and pieces of both to kind of merge the the two fan bases maybe you know so I would be okay with that but ultimately for me you guys know I'm a big fan of superhero scores in particular but in general movie scores I love movies I would I want to know if it's gonna pass my super is it gonna is is he gonna compose something that's gonna be on my superhero playlist because I definitely have an extensive playlist if you guys have seen the videos where I talked about it I actually I'm in charge of a superhero 5k 10k race that raises money for Parkinson's and I do it once a year and everyone loves this the the playlist that I mix together and um if it passes that test if it's something that's that I'm able to put on there and people at the race get excited for that's what I'm looking for here something memorable something that will latch your memory and your whatever whenever you think of the character of Batman you think of that theme that's something that's how iconic it has to be because it's such an iconic character so let me know what you guys think about Michael Giacchino hit him potentially teasing us with this image so I know it was kind of long but I am very passionate about that so uh next up Josh GAD so Josh GAD rumored for like what a whole year now it's been at least a year since people have been speculating that he was gonna play the penguin and it looks like that may not be the case because he went on to clarify finally he made some comments about it so here's what Josh GAD had to say in regards to this okay seeing as I keep getting this question as much as that I have loved torturing you all with teasing you about the penguin I feel like it's time to tell you I'm not actually playing this character but I've thoroughly enjoyed the fan art and the love so the heat go from his mouth himself from the from his lips himself however you want to mention everyone wanna say that he says that he's not gonna be the penguin and my reaction is I'm okay with that well I thought I would have taken it if it happened you know because I'm gonna trust Matt Reeves and what the vision he wants to bring out and if he chose him fine I'm okay with it but I'm kind of glad he didn't because some of you guys again I I did a video a few videos ago where you guys you guys threw out some of your casting choices for the penguin and I gotta say there were some awesome casting choices I will try to link the video up here if I can find it but check out that video because I go into detail about some of the stuff the comments it was one of the reading with comments videos where you guys offered or one in one guy in particular I forgot your name on top of my head I know you comment frequently so thank you for that because the one thing that I forgot to think about it was man Andy Serkis I really want to see that I think that would be awesome Andy Serkis as the penguin but again I'm not gonna you know outrage if I don't get the cast thing that I want but yeah so no Josh GAD a four the penguin I'm okay with that we'll probably get some casting news soon so I'm you know I'm pretty happy with this again if you guys had any new ideas that we haven't heard of for the potentially the penguin let us know in the comments down below are you kind of sad that Josh gay is not gonna be doing it I know he was on some of your lists because I read some of the comments in our videos but um are you okay with this or your alternatives let me know in the comments down below okay let's move on we're off the Batman topics now and we are talking about the Suicide Squad and Kevin Smith actually knows who the villain is and he's saying it's phenomenal so Kevin Smith got some insider information about who the villain is and he made some comments on his latest episode of fat man beyond his own YouTube channel and Kevin Smith again he's a legend in this community and here's what he had to say he says this to the audience does anybody know who the villain is for the Suicide Squad alright I do and I just can't say it then because I thought everybody knew what I was about to say and I was about to say I might have heard that privately I'm not gonna spill it but if it's what I heard its effing phenomenal and boy is it in the right hands with James Gunn so again he says it's phenomenal man and again Kevin Smith though he's the type of guy I feel like I'm a little bit like him where I find something to like in a lot of movies so whether even if I didn't like the movie overall there's gonna be bits and pieces that I like from them and Kevin Smith man he's all enthusiasm so you know Kevin Smith sees the good in a lot of things so I'm gonna go ahead and trust him then and say it's phenomenal especially because I'm not the biggest Suicide Squad aficionado so those of you guys who've been reading Suicide Squad for years if you guys got a guess of who the bill and might be or even if you're not a Suicide Squad reader you just a big DC fan in general who do you guys think the villain is for this movie because I really have no idea because Amanda Waller was kind of Amanda Waller and enchantress was kind of the big bad of the last one and you know they missed out on not making the Joker the bat big bad so who do we think this could be for this movie I'm curious to know what you guys think but apparently it's fantastic and James Gunn you know you guys know I'm a fan of James Gunn you know you guys I've said what I had to say about his past and his his his comments on that and his apologies for that so let me know what you guys think let's move on to the next one so we all know that James Wan is working on a kind of Aquaman spin-off movie in regards to the trench and he gave us some comments about it so here's his comments after he was doing an interview with he can go into a lot of details so here's what he say we you know we're still deep in sort of crafting the script crafting the story right now so I don't want to get into that too much but definitely it is it's one that I really want to lean into a horror of it so it's going to play more as a monster horror movie then it will as a superhero film but it's definitely part of the Aquaman world so there is his comments on that and what do I think of that I think you know I wish James wants talents could go right into making and developing another part of the DC Universe that you know that would explore another major character instead of a trench kind of you know a monster I thought it was done perfectly in the movie I loved that aspect of the Aquaman movie I would be cool to see more of it for sure but in in a in a context without Aquaman I don't know how they're gonna work it but hey that's why he's the artist that's why he's the director until we get some pitch about it or or with some footage or storyboards or whatever you know I can't really judge but um yeah it's gonna lead to horror and definitely horror is in his wheelhouse so definitely whatever James Wan touches I'm intrigued by so what do you guys think about this whole trench story again not a lot of details but we got an update on it so moving on let's move on to Snyder cut discussion I know there's a lot of snot to cut fans in here and we've all been treated to a few things lately you know we were treated to the image of Darkseid then we got Ray Porter giving us a little tease of the Darkseid voice and some people weren't as enthusiastic as I was Darren was it for sure I thought you know in that clip he gave us a little tease and he didn't even get to fully get into the character or voice yet and again it's also him without any you know ball uh voice adjustments you know in post so again that little tease that he got into when he says release the and that's you know it's all we got so I didn't even think he had a lot of time to get into the character so I was who's promising for me I was excited a lot of people were speculating that it was him in the trailer where he says no lanterns no Kryptonians something like that I'm not sure I'm not sure and so basically two things to talk about in regards to the Snyder guy first as we all know cyborg is his original role I just thought we talked about this already we you know we've covered it already you know cyborgs major role was cut out Snyder said cyborg was the heart of the movie and it was drastically reduced and and altered for joss whedon's theatrical cut and again I blame the higher-ups not necessarily Joss Whedon because he was hired on to do a job so I don't necessarily Billiam job Sweden again maybe there's more to the story maybe there isn't but he apparently this was a cyborg origin movie and it got completely cut out as we saw from the movie a lot of stuff we didn't see we didn't see the football scene we didn't see his mother we didn't see his dad died he actually they changed that in red Condit and his dad was alive in the in the in the end of the movie so it's uh it definitely showed us you know the deviation that Warner Brothers was taking because cyborg was isolated from humanity and you could see that in the beginning of the movie and they didn't really go they didn't really run with that too much and I you know it's just really sad I just I'm hoping that I'm hoping that we do get we do get to see you know ray Fisher you know in in some regards or in some way play a part in this universe I had on its Speight they're gonna make a cyborg movie that's just me I don't think they are going in the direction they are and you know he's like the only guy who could defeat Steppenwolf especially in that last scene so you know and it also says that Silas stone originally had the closing monologue and not Lois Lane I was okay what they did at the end but yeah a lot of stuff they cut out but I'm moving it on from the cyber topic how it connects is that that image that Zack Snyder posted and revealed the other day had one of them outside of the dark side one was image of a cyborg looking at his family in the mother boxes were clearly messing with his mind trying to make sure he doesn't disrupt the unity so someone comments on Zack Snyder's post with cyborgs picture and says is that an epochal apocalyptan ship in the background and Zack Snyder responds hashtag Green Lantern Green Lantern we were gonna get the Green Lantern's in this movie there was a Green Lantern ship and yeah it's it's just absolutely nuts now Warner Brothers are supposedly developing a Green Lantern Corps film with Geoff Johns on board as a writer and producer but we don't really got any news from that so far I'm hoping they are still doing that but do we were gonna get Green Lantern's in this movie and I did a report on art a report I did a video reporting on what what Kevin Smith has heard about the movie and this all matches up Kevin Smith I did a video maybe a month or so back where Kevin Smith heard all the details from people who worked on Justice League and the green Lance's were gonna show up at the end of this movie they were gonna get defeated it was gonna get taken into space by the second movie they were gonna fight Darkseid and man it was just this massive mark and it's unfortunate we didn't get that I just thought I'd let you guys know if you didn't know that ship in the background was a Green Lantern ship insane now I'm gonna continue to bang that drum whenever we get some news hashtag release the Snyder cuts I've let me know what you guys think about this it's disappointing for sure but it's exciting because you know we keep getting more and more information at exact Snyder and it feels like eventually we'll get this may not be a year from now may not be two years from now but I feel like eventually we'll get the Schneider cut if we keep banging that drum so the bells cannot be unrung thank you guys for watching let me know what you guys think about all the stories in the comments down below please give this video a like if you did enjoy it subscribe if you haven't already and make sure to hit the notification bells to be notified for all our videos giveaway news coming soon I know I keep saying that but we do have several tickets for a comic-con in the Bay Area to give out to you so stay tuned guys thank you guys watch and catch you guys later peace



    I hope its wandel savage

  • Irfan Khan says:

    Congrats on the baby bro.

  • Marco Zolo says:

    I could care less about the Trench, c'mon man, it's not like the DCEU is shitting major hits every year. As for world building I would have preferred a Justice League Dark or Green Latern movie with James Wan at the helm. Total waste of his talents and time.

  • Peter Jackson says:

    i wish Howard shore would work on several dc movie soundtracks.
    could zod jr. be the villain of suicide squad? or black Adam? maybe reverse flash?

  • Guyver S says:

    Possible Rumors, Suicide Squad villian Vandal Savage

  • Niko Burton says:

    Why’d the executives mess up Cyborg?!?! Are they hateful?

  • Niko Burton says:

    I’d say the villain for The Suicide Squad should be Vandal Savage or the Joker

  • Official Filmilen says:

    I am so happy that Josh Gad isnt the Penguin

  • Niko Burton says:

    I’m wanting to see how the Green Lanterns looked like in Justice League: The Snyder Cut

  • Niko Burton says:

    I hope they find someone who can portray The Penguin! He has to be dark and powerful!

  • Gowri Karthikeyan says:

    Ra’s Al Ghul/League of Shadows or the Hive

  • Walter Johnson says:


  • MGSBigBoss77 says:

    #ReleaseTheSnyderCut – French Official (Presentation) Snyder cut is an international movement, don't let haters tell you otherwise o.k. The whole friggin globe wants it.

  • Mahesh N V says:

    I think the villain of ss2 is vandal savage.

  • Omshri Kitwadkar says:

    Guys please tag Kevin Smith to that Darkseid (Uxas) image that Zack Snyder posted 🤞✌️

  • MGSBigBoss77 says:

    15:59, Christ the amount of damn; "world building" Snyder's Justice League truly had, he was setting up the Green Lantern Corps movie for 2019 and building up; The Flash and Cyborg for their own solo films, while Justice League would've ended on a major cliffhanger setting up part 2 for this year and month of June 2019 as well. With Darkseid kicking supreme asses everywhere's (sigh). Alfred met Lantern not Superman originally lets not forget that little bit of info as well by; Kevin Smith in on of his videos, cos Smith met people from the production crew as well in London's Pinewood Studios From JL's film sets.

    So screw all the haters out there man. Like Richard Donner before him? and David Ayer after him (Suicide Squad messed around with by WB as well?), he clearly had a vision for later DCEU movies that inter-connected all together! But the studio stupidly fired him before this could be executed and come to fruition, bloody idiots! their interference's on these movies is what made DCEU look so stupid at the box office since BvS received mixed reactions from audiences back in 2016. And their poor marketing of Shazam costing it major box office numbers against Captain Marvel in China etc's. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut already goddamn it!!! And turn the tide already Warner Brothers!

  • Dç King says:

    Aquaman and Mera will be in small role of The Trench witch it was confirm last few months or last year

  • SURAJ VR says:

    Honestly I want Jack Black as penguin and Andy serkis as doctor Hugo.

  • I Hectic says:

    Not a big fan of what zack did with the characters in bvs but I’d love to see his cut

  • Jason Love says:

    The fucking lanterns!!! Smh why cut this from the movie

  • Game City Savior says:

    Jonah Hill for penguin have you seen war dogs

  • David Ruiz says:

    Have you guys been watching Swamp Thing? Why isn’t anyone talking about these amazing 4 episodes, so far!

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