The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

The beginning of everything. The Big Bang. The idea that the universe was suddenly
born and is not infinite. Up to the middle of the 20th century,
most scientists thought of the universe as infinite and ageless. Until Einstein’s theory of relativity gave
us a better understanding of gravity, and Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies
are moving apart from one another in a way that fits previous predictions. In 1964, by accident, cosmic background
radiation was discovered, a relic of the early universe, which, together with other observational
evidence, made the Big Bang the accepted theory in science. Since then, improved technology like the
Hubble telescope has given us a pretty good picture of the
Big Bang and the structure of the cosmos. Recent observations even seem to suggest
that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. But how did this Big Bang work? How can something come from nothing? Let’s explore what we know. We can ignore the beginning part
for now. First of all, the Big Bang was not
an explosion. It was all space stretching
everywhere all at once. The universe started
very, very, very small and quickly expanded to the
size of a football. The universe didn’t expand into anything,
space was just expanding into itself. The universe cannot expand into anything
because the universe has no borders; there is, by definition, no “outside”
the universe. The universe is all there is. In this hot, dense environment, energy
manifested itself in particles that existed only for the
tiniest glimpses of time.>From gluons, pairs of quarks were created,
which destroyed one another, perhaps after giving off more gluons. These found other short-lived quarks
to interact with, forming new quark pairs and
gluons again. Matter and energy were not just
theoretically equivalent, it was so hot they were practically
the same stuff. Somewhere around this time, matter
won over antimatter. Today, we’re left with almost all
matter and nearly no antimatter at all. Somehow, one billion and one matter
particles were formed for every one billion particles of
antimatter. Instead of one massive ultimate force
in the universe, there were now several refined versions
of it acting under different rules. By now the universe has stretched to a
billion kilometers in diameter, which leads to a decrease in temperature. The cycle of quarks being born and
converted back to energy suddenly stops.>From now on, we work with what we have. Quarks begin forming new particles,
hadrons, like protons and neutrons. There are many, many combinations of
quarks that can form all sorts of hadrons, but only very few are reasonably stable
for any length of time. Please take a moment to appreciate that
by now, only one second has passed since the beginning of everything. The universe, which has grown to one
hundred billion kilometers, is now cold enough to allow most of the
neutrons to decay into protons and form the first atom, hydrogen. Imagine the universe at this point as an
extremely hot soup, ten billion degrees Celsius, filled with
countless particles and energy. Over the next few minutes, things cooled
and settled down very fast. Atoms formed out of hadrons and electrons, making for a stable and electrically
neutral environment. Some call this period the Dark Age,
because there were no stars and the hydrogen gas didn’t allow visible
light to move around. But what’s the meaning of visible light,
anyway, when there’s nothing alive yet that could have eyes? When the hydrogen gas clumped together
after millions of years and gravity put it under great pressure, stars
and galaxies began to form. Their radiation dissolved the stable
hydrogen gas into a plasma that still permeates the universe today
and allows visible light to pass. Finally, there was light! Okay, but what about the part
we didn’t talk about? What happened right at the beginning? This part can be defined as the Big Bang. We don’t know at all what happened here. At this point, our tools break down. Natural laws stop making sense,
time itself becomes wibbly-wobbly. To understand what happened here,
we need a theory that unifies Einstein’s relativity and quantum
mechanics, something countless scientists are working on right now. But this leaves us with lots of
unanswered questions. Were there universes before our own? Is this the first and only universe? What started the Big Bang, or did it
just occur naturally, based on laws we don’t understand yet? We don’t know, and maybe we never will. But what we do know is that the universe
as we know it started here and gave birth to particles, galaxies,
stars, the Earth, and you. Since were ourselves are made of
dead stars, we are not separate from the universe; we are part of it. You could even say that we are the
universe’s way of experiencing itself. So, let’s keep on experiencing it, until
there are no more questions to ask. Subtitles by the community


  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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  • Cameron Ivankiv says:

    Just imagine this. You find out what started the Big Bang? Then you wonder what started that and how long has that been there for… it may be hard for our brain to digest it but the only answer is there is no limit to how far we go because if you reach a border… there must be something beyond that border and there can not be a beginning or end to the universe and it has always been and always will be

  • ZAKI PEKKA says:

    ﴿كانتا رتقا ففتقناهما﴾😊🙏

  • Bear says:

    How can you call this a Big Bang theory without an infinitely dense singularity and an explosion?

  • Valerio Caiella says:

    String theory

  • Sebastian Lucas Hernandez says:

    When god said let there be light the Big Bang happened

  • XsplitX XsplitX says:

    Something came out of nothing yet we claim without time space and matter nothing can be created. I guess they were already there before the big bang

  • Live freely and Wonderfully in joy. says:

    The narrator said the big bang was not an explosion but an expansion of space and energy but why did this happen out of he blue if there is no such thing as outside of the universe smh is this some kind of a joke kurzgesagt.

  • Michael Drew Prior says:

    There is not ONE shred of evidence that everything began at the Big Bang, and logically that is utterly impossible–so scientists repeating that lie are just lost in space.

  • SharLo says:

    My booty hole was wet so I farted and then the Big Bang happend

  • Anthony Domoulouka says:

    Fucking hate school and all subjects

  • DAMIEN says:

    Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 🌌 🌎

  • Jorge Mendoza says:

    who on hell could dislike kurzgesagt videos🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Algirdas42 says:

    The Big Brain

  • DionisuYT says:

    Know what? You just waste your time about big bang theory. No one will ever be able to tell the origin.


    I wish I would present there before the bigbang to watch the big bang😓

  • Martin Groma says:

    * Universe is infinite, space is not.. but a great video 😉

  • Char says:

    Maybe instead of the universe expanding, it’s just zooming in. It’s always been the same size; it just gets bigger if you start to understand it, because otherwise it’s nothing

  • Syfy Firefly says:

    It’s so cool, the magnitude of what we do not know!

  • Blue Jay says:

    He says that "Matter won over antimatter" yet if "antimatter" had won then we would have labeled it as Matter. I think he mentioned this in some other vid.

    Love your vids keep up the good work👌

  • Jesse Metzger says:

    I still wasn’t told what the beginning of everything (universe) was. He says there wasn’t a “Big Bang,” but that “all space was stretching everywhere at once.” So, it begs the question, how did everything start stretching? Where did the initial force come from?
    Nothing can’t do anything. There would have to have been something outside that initial space, matter, and time to create time, space, and matter. Intelligent Design is the only logical explanation for the origin of the universe.
    “Nothing” cannot create time, cannot create matter, cannot create space. “Nothing” is what rocks think about.

  • Endermeap says:

    “We are part of the universe”
    Dammit there goes isolationism

  • adam shortnacy says:

    200 year's from now people will look back at our understanding of the universe and think how little did those people know just like we do when looking back to the 1800s or the 1700s when people thought the Earth was flat and the sun went around us on the Earth. We know nothing about why the universe came to be and for as long as humans are here trying to figure it out it'll always be nothing more than the best theory. We will never know for certain about any of it

  • Toxic - P says:

    Ok but shoutout to Fr. George Lemaitre who first proposed the Big bang theory all the way back in 1927

  • Brit Robinson says:

    04:24 … and God said, “ LIGHT BE !” And light was.

  • Anger Cloud says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This video has helped me A LOT along with 3 of my friends! Very useful!

  • Daddy DeVito says:

    I’m an atheist. But does anyone else think this is a bullshit theory, I mean a giant explosion caused by nothing creates gas and shit and the gas forms stars ( which does make sense) but also formed plants? I mean what the fuck is that really our best explanation “there was a big explosion” hell god makes more sense than that

  • Ruach says:

    “We are the universe’s way of experiencing itself”
    That’s my favorite thing to come out of all of these videos

  • ZEN says:

    Can nothing create something?

  • XBL LMLWO says:

    We can make a religion out of this

  • Lance Rutherford says:

    Isn't nothing something tho? Where did nothing come from

  • ziomalZparafii says:

    5:26 "The more important fundamental laws and facts of physical science have all been discovered, and these are now so firmly established that the possibility of their ever being supplanted in consequence of new discoveries is exceedingly remote." – Abraham Michelson, first American nobel prize winner in physics, ~100 years ago 😉

  • Himanshu Sharma says:

    What exists before Big Bang

  • Himanshu Sharma says:

    What before quark how they created

  • avery baxter says:

    You got such a chill voice

  • Murilo Vidal says:

    Binge watching Kurzgesagt videos about the universe is a slippery slope.

  • Izzy McCartney says:


  • tony baloney says:

    I just watched your video on what is something. You said that empty space wasn't empty it had fields in it and nothingness really didn't exist. Outside of the singularity that was the origin of the bang,what was there? If there was a big bang, there has to be an edge, even though we will never see it ,what would it look like to be on the edge? There has to be an edge or the universe is infinite and if infinite, there could have been no big bang. Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • Austin Jaeger says:

    This comment section is proof that the average person is an idiot.

  • Lost Stratagem says:

    I almost cried, because this has made me love Science even more!

  • Manu Oussoren says:

    So if the Big Bang started the universe and created "time" and "space" then where did the Big Bang happend, in what space or place did it all started?
    Can we even call it a thing or is it just a higher understanding and a form of consciousness?
    I think this is one of the most diffcult things to wrap your head around. We are human beings so we think like human beings. Our mind may seem unlimited, but I think that it's limited eventually. We can't think outside "Human thinking".
    Maybe it's not meant for us to understand all of this and that we just have to accept it… but we all know that we are curious beings and that we'll never stop questioning the unknown. The unknown is what we fear the most… We all want to know where it all started and where it will possibly ends. We get born and we die, so our mind is created with a start and an end, so that's why I think we can not accept infinity/nothingness.
    Please let me know what you think🙏🏼 /^-^

  • TheSnipps says:

    Wait so if the universe started small and started to expand, then HOW DOES IT HAVE NO BORDERS? Saying the universe has no borders means it is infinite, which means it cannot have started small and grow into the size of a football, because that is sizing the universe. This is very contradicting.

  • Crabislav says:

    But what if our reality today is an alternative to a white hole, we are just a parallel universe to something that is on the other side of a tunnel, where big bang was just a center of some black hole?

  • søar says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand how you can be religious

  • Sai Kwan says:

    that was beautiful!

  • Rick SanchezC137 says:

    What happens is a "normal matter" black whole absorbs antimatter? Would it annialate or would the immense forces cancel out that reaction?

  • theking wolf100 says:

    The big bang created earth and god put the decorations like tree, humans, animals, etc

  • Paragon Of virtue says:

    God did it .

  • TheNoob Playe says:

    Just proves there's no point in life.

  • SoloKxngKid says:

    Since we know the earth is round im now curious. is the universe flat or round?

  • Puppylover# Vicky Lee says:

    on on earth did the big bang form? from nothing to something

  • ReVolutioN says:

    “Universe is all there is.”
    “Universe can’t expand into anything”
    I have mental problems about those statements. Wtf is nothing? How can it exist. If something exist, there can’t be a nothingness.
    I thought that either the universe is infinite or our universe is a small part of bigger universes or dimensions. In other words, is there a starting point for “existence”. Because that means there was nothing before it. I love the way you give me anxiety Kurzgesagt.

  • EpicFace8558 says:

    1 second has passed since the beginning of everything??

    What does this mean for humans

  • navidski says:

    Extremely badly explained and very boring, too.

  • ROBLOX Ninja says:

    The big bang was made by GOD BANGING MOTHER NATURE

  • Bobur Amatov says:

    Not depressing

  • londontrada says:

    3:00 the first time I took LSD

  • caelen simpson says:

    "Untill there are no more questions to ask"
    What happened directly before the big bang?

  • Humpty Dumpty says:

    So…. a universe that has always been endlessly expanding and retracting? Sorry I’m a little skeptical

  • keiming227 says:

    I am here just looking for Infinity Stones memes

  • sendercorp says:

    Sendercorp we, bring peace to the universe.

  • Aia gachawolf says:

    I'll ask god when i die how it was made

  • Adil Khan says:

    If there is the beginning then end too?

  • Subscribe for no reason says:

    To be saying this, would also be saying you believe that science always existed even though something had to create it, and that it knew exactly what we need to live and where we need it

  • Josei Shein says:

    Read the Bible, then you will know how everything began–


  • Speed stars ! says:

    Before the Big Bang there was probably another universe that collapsed by its own weight, which exploded heaps of matter. That could of made the Big Bang. the universe, space and time never ends its a life cycle

  • Chillness says:

    I wonder, do scientists have discovered the center of the universe already?

  • Chloé Mostrey says:

    ik vind het moeilijk uitgelegd

  • R says:

    Shit !! Now I have more questions

  • Kat Long says:

    This answered nothing.

  • Irodoku Puzzle says:

    This is the turn of the matter, last big bounce the universe was made of anti-matter entirely

  • Half Cooked Curry says:

    1:13 " First of all, the Big Bang was not an explosion. It was all space stretching everywhere all at once. The universe started very very very small and quickly expanded to the size of a football. The universe didn't expand into anything, space was just expanding into itself. The universe cannot expand into anything because the universe has no borders there is by definition no outside the universe. The universe is all there is "

    Religious people : brainhasstoppedworking.exe

  • Wendy says:

    yea but how did the nothing turn to the big bangfdsnjkdfgnkjnjkfgdjnkfgd

  • Prince Joseph says:

    Get good energy

  • Rockelle Balbag says:

    ~Incoming exsistential crisis~

  • Arthur Olai says:


  • Akaj Čavok says:

    There will always be a question to ask. At least: Why there is no questions to ask?

  • A Kh says:

    Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, then We separated them, and made from water every living thing?  Then will they not believe?” (Quran 21:30)

  • Prameetha says:

    1:35 who noticed that the bird was talking like Kanye West 2009 vmas to Taylor swift

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez says:

    The Big Bang Theory is not a theory about the beginning of the universe. It is a theory of how the universe came from a super dense state at 10 to the -34 seconds to what we can observe today.

  • conosci conosci says:

    What if the universe came from the result of a phenomenon from another universe with different laws of physics?

  • Felix Melton says:

    Hah, i like it how you say that we might not know something, if enough time is alloted then theoretically pretty much anything can be learned

  • 이도현 says:

    I've been thinking about this for a long time.

    If the mass exceeds a certain value due to gravity, it may expand and consider it a big bang.

    I think the big bang could be many or circulating.

  • scraperindustry says:

    "The universe isn't expanding into anything, it's just space expanding into itself" — my mind can't even wrap itself around that concept. 🤯

  • Paul Oscar Madelo says:

    The Big Bang send six Infinity Stones hurdling across the virgin universe.

  • Adam A says:

    Our minds were not made to understand the very small.

  • I see fucked up shit in the night says:

    Space is nothing space is just empty space space is nothing there for no beginning no end there for no creator

  • Maqsood ahmed Kazi says:

    I didn't understand a shit

  • Olga Pagan says:

    I can’t believe people really fall for the Big Bang theory. Crazy to believe such perfect and amazingly beautifully creation came from nothing. If these scientist were doing their job right they would find God. They don’t know what happens there they are working on it. They’ll find it when they die and come face to face with the creator. Ready to be judge for deceiving millions into hades. There was a Big Bang don’t get me wrong, but it was God’s Big Bang. He is the one that made all that noise. He spoke and all nature and science follows. With his breath the planets were formed. Think about it. Sound is vibration. Our voices make sound. Our breath produces vapor in the cold. Every thing was dark and cold until God Spoke The Word and it is so!!!! Thank you Jesus for such beautiful planet you’ve given us. Although now it’s going nuts and out of order thanks to us humans polluting it with filth and sin. Wake up people!!! Stop letting the governments lie to you.

  • RaPter Inc says:

    Wow we religious people are mocked at when we say God created the universe! So i decided to come and take a look at what this whole big bang theory is all about and see that there are a whole lot of unsolved theories that you people bet on and question what's what God has created. Lol have a fun time in hell 👋

  • Daniel Blair says:

    I'll stick with what the bible says because it's the truth.

    God always existed and he created all that exists.

    Perhaps the video reveals the details of how God created everything I'll allow the possibility of that, but God was the force and power behind it all and he did it in six days as the bible states.

  • slim shady says:

    National geographic also has a video on big bang and it is much better than this one.

  • Esben Maaløe says:

    to the little blackbird at 1.37 – I'm not sure our cognition developed in order to avoid having babies, although I'm pretty sure that it has hindered a lot of would-be sexual encounters 😛

  • Kenneth Ballena says:

    My life matters now

  • Live freely and Wonderfully in joy. says:

    Now let me ask this why was the universe born don't hate me for asking this its only logical.

  • Chris Russell says:


    wait, is that avoid being killed by tigers AND making babies, or to avoid being eaten by a tiger to CONTINUE making babies?

    cus if its teh first one, we really stuffed that idea up…

  • The Diehardsaint2 says:

    5:21 is just a great value version of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s “We are the universes way of knowing it exists”

  • you me says:

    Human: why are you exist?
    Universe: IT JUST WORKS

  • Lal Awmliana says:

    How long did the big bang happen?

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