“The Blip” Explained by the Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

“The Blip” Explained by the Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– This episode of "Nerdist News" is sponsored by "Borderlands 3." The "Spider-Man: Far From Home" writers, explain The Blip. "Spider-Man: Far From Home" climbed to the top of the box office for the second week in a row and while the film tied a nice bow on the first three phases of
the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were left with plenty
of questions and theories about some aspects of Peter
Parker's European vacation and as we head into Comic-Con, where we will finally
get some more information on the future of the MCU, the cats over at the Hollywood Reporter got the chance to sit down with
the "Far From Home" writers to discuss some of these
questions and theories that left fans scratching their heads, most specifically, The Blip. Of course, there's a good chance if you're watching this video, you have seen "Spider-Man: Far From Home," but if not, this is your spoiler warning so duck out right not to
get your passport stamped. – Stop watching because there's some serious
spoilers about to come up. – Still here? Great. So what did we learn? Well according to Chris
McKenna and Erik Somers, the writers behind "Far From Home," we earned a, "We'll see," when asked about whether other characters in the MCU could actually
be Skrulls in disguise and we also got a, "Nah, Brah," when asked if Edith was named for one of Howard Stark's ex-girlfriends from the "Agent Carter" series, but the biggest thing that
came out of the interview is a deeper understanding of The Blip, A.K.A. when half of the world's population popped back into existence, after the Hulk snapped
the Avengers' version of the Infinity Gauntlet. First off, the name. Real world Marvel fans were quick to call Thanos' little stunt The Snap, However, in "Far From Home,"
we learn that in the MCU, the event is referred to as The Blip. This is partially due to
the nature of filmmaking. The "Far From Home" script
had been in development long before the release of
"Avengers: Infinity War," so the writers came up with The Blip along with the Marvel team. Plus, they argue, people who weren't there when Thanos snapped, didn't know that all that destruction was due to a single snap. The writers put it this way, when they started hearing fans call Thanos' actions The Snap when in the MCU is was
referred to as The Blip, "It made sense, but it was
strange for us to hear. "But also we loved the
idea that the world itself came up with their own
term for this thing." Of course, this tracks with
how the world of the MCU would come up with their own name for the event based on the
information they had on hand. People turned to dust and then reappeared. Who in the general public knew that a giant purple space God, snapped his fingers and caused this? MCU head honcho, Kevin
Feige, helped clarify this. In an interview with Fandango, he revealed that the fan term, The Snap, had made it into MCU cannon, saying, "We've narrowed it down to, "the Snap is when everybody disappeared "at the end of "Infinity War." "The Blip is when everybody returned at
the end of "Endgame." It's nice to see that good ideas from fans can be integrated into
the films they love. Now, if we can only get the momentum to make the MCU, Fantastic
Phase Four a thing. Hashtag it. Now. What are you doing? – That's what I'm talking about. Pretty nice. – Another part of The
Blip that was addressed is the location where people
popped back into existence. While the scene of the
high school marching band blipping back into existence during a basketball game was pretty funny, this got fans thinking, if people were to reappear where they had disappeared
five years earlier, does that mean thousands of people who were snapped off an airplane, would show up back in the air and immediately plummet to their deaths? Thankfully, no. According to McKenna, "We asked that exact question. "Bruce, in making the snap back, "made sure to think about
everyone being safe and sound. "People were not falling
35,000 feet out of the sky. "That would be a bummer." Another theory that fans developed based on the trailers
from "Far From Home," was that repeated use
of the Infinity Stones caused a tear into a greater multiverse, as was claimed by Quentin Beck's Mysterio in "Far From Home." While we know now that
Beck was a big, fat liar, and his story about him
coming from another earth was made up so he could get control of Tony Stark's E.D.I.T.H. AI system, that doesn't mean the concept of the multiverse is dead in the MCU. First, the writers
explained how they arrived at Beck's plan for tricking
Nick Fury and Spider-Man by saying, "Someone in the creative team "pitched the multiverse idea "and immediately, we said yes. "That would be a great way. "People would ask fewer questions. "It seemed like a great way "to help Beck accomplish his goal "and help us get one
over on the audience." However, they then went on to say, "In the comic books, there
are multiverses, obviously. "Whether there's a multiverse "in the MCU remains to be seen." So they're saying there's a chance. – There's a chance. – [Interviewer] There's always a chance. – [Female] There's always a chance. – A multiverse of alternate
timelines and what ifs is a big part of Marvel history and a lot of comic fans would love to see it on the big screen and if you wanna see more about how Marvel could move forward with making the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, check out our "Nerdist
News" from last week where we break that down. But what do you folks think? What term do you like better? The Blip or The Snap? Did you trust The Hulk to make sure people reappeared safely or did you think a bunch of
people fell to their deaths? And seriously, if Marvel
is open to good ideas, let's make Fantastic Phase Four happen! Let's discuss. Thanks again to "Borderlands 3" for sponsoring today's episode. The original shooter looter
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  • Kazuma - kun says:

    If the people who were snapped while on an airplaine were blipped in the air rather than back in the plane, then that would mean everyone and everything snapped would blip into outerspace. Not like the earth stays in one place.

  • KALIMAindia says:

    What if someone blipped back into antoher living creature or human?

  • White Jaguars says:

    Yo I love you video and l got inspired to do my On my own go and check it out https://youtu.be/W0X3f8WY22o

  • White Jaguars says:

    Yo I love you video and l got inspired to do my On my own go and check it out https://youtu.be/W0X3f8WY22o

  • Abril Ryan Dacanay says:

    Prediction: It makes creative sense to set Phase 4 during the period between Infinity War and Endgame. They can even bring back RDJ and Chris Evans if they can fit them in the narrative. The 5 year time-jump in Endgame is not a random number because that's when Phase 4 will end. There will be no big events in Phase 4 because it will set up new heroes and tease the next event that will culminate in Phase 5 or even 6. I doubt that the mutants will be introduced in P4, maybe P5 because I'm still hoping that those who Blipped will have genetic mutations.

  • John Phelyno says:

    No. All Nerdist staff could be a skrull!!!!

  • serpent08n says:

    Seriously I like this host but we need to something about the makeup on her nose it looks way to defined on the tip

  • Paul says:

    "The Snap" still doesn't make sense if each event has a separate name. Again, 99.9% of the world had no clue what caused everyone to disappear. Bruce snapping everyone back makes sense being called "The Blip" as that's how it appeared to everyone else. But what happened at the end of Infinity War should've been called something like "The Dusting" or "The Disintegration".

  • Chrismaelle Erol says:


  • KM RC Adventure says:

    Her voice is annoying

  • Kirsty Shadowdancer says:

    I was saying on another video – the easiest way to explain the snap/blip is that "When Thanos Snapped, all those people were suddenly "Never Born" meaning everyone was moved to where or what they would be doing in that scenario. Then when the blip happened and they re-appeared they appeared where they "should be" at that time / place. The reason it wasn't clean and tidy was just cause of the logistics of re-writing time causing matrix style continuities errors within universe ^.^

  • marvciputra says:

    Yeah Amy…. 🙂

  • Cole B. Ryan says:

    Ps.. I #ashtagged ya damn #FantasticPhaseFour on Twitter, now kindly follow me @castle_sandi. Thanks in advance.

  • Cole B. Ryan says:

    I like your nose highlight.

  • Surreal Nirvana says:

    Amy looks like someone from purgatory, Thought my monitor was breaking for a second

  • Rehab Sparrow says:

    I perfer to call it the Dustening

  • Clef the Misfit says:

    Despite Mysterio lying about coming from another universe, the multiverse pretty much has to be introduced into the MCU in order to bring through all of the mutants that Marvel just bought back the rights to. It wouldn't make sense for them to have been around the whole time and not participating.

  • J. J. Marley says:

    what a fabulous mustard yellow HEAVY pea coat to wear in the HOTTEST MONTH OF THE SUMMER JULY!!!!

  • Tina Bojan says:

    I vote for "the snapture" or "the snappening!"

  • TheNerdMichael says:

    Imagine being on your death bed, surrounded by friends and family as you are dusted away….

    Five years later, you come back to just die a few moments later. No friends, no family, just a few moments of returned life to face death alone.

  • Luke Navarro says:

    The explanation that "the snap" is everyone disappearing and "the blip" is everyone coming back doesn't track with how they use the term in the movie. At the very beginning of the movie, Betty says "those of us who blipped away came back the same age. But our classmates that didn't blip had grown 5 years older."
    "Blipped away" is obviously referring to disappearing in this context. So they either use the blip to refer to the original snap or both. Feige's explanation is kinda poor

  • Luke Navarro says:

    "So they're saying there's a chance!" Does Doctor Strange's movie not exist anymore? You know, the one where the Ancient One confirmed to Strange that there is a multiverse

  • M567dk says:

    I really HATE the MCU take on Spider-man and his mythos. To me the Sony and Marvel deal makes things a mess considering how Spider-man is usually viewed.

    If I wanted a DIVERSE Spider-man cast, then I look to Miles Morales.

  • Angel Arch says:

    the mcu multiverse was already confirmed years ago in the dr,strange movie.

  • Faaip says:

    Where's my chobot!

  • AJ Federation says:

    After 3 Fantastic Four films, it is time to let go. The Fantastic Four films will never grip "harsh realities" that made it different in its comic book debut. There are so many other heroes to choose from in the Marvel lineup to make stars in the MCU. Some of which don't even have to include other heroes in the MCU.

  • Jay Enlow says:

    I didn't think about it at 1st but I kinda wish that actually happen with the people who got snapped back in dangerous places

  • - Sioniwinwns says:

    What about people in aeroplanes?

  • Toby D says:

    A bit disheartening to hear how much is coincidence, as far as it's place in the greater MCU. I get the Snap/Blip thing (I also like both, one as the 'real' name, and the other as the more commonly known 'civilian' name), but the whole topic of the multiverse being an ACTUAL ass pull, and not as part of a coordinated theme for this end of Phase 3? Sure, it easily works out. This time. 😛 Still, great flick. Can't wait to give it another go.

  • Dima Polianskiy says:

    strip the flesh
    salt the wound

  • Lamont Phillips says:

    "Blip" What? I fell asleep Five years ago. What happen!?

  • MahoutsuGuy says:

    Still a bummer that people that died as a result of the snap taking other people away are still dead, yeah?

  • Philip Aarseth says:

    Btw, Kevin Feige has already confirmed the Multiverse in the MCU as it is spoken by The Ancient One in Doctor Strange 🙂

  • AC says:

    I personally like The Snapture.

  • KungFu Kenny says:

    Pretty sure they talked about the multiverse in Dr strange

  • KuronoXD says:

    Multiverse is already kind of confirmed. How else are we getting the Loki and Wanda Vision series?

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