The Composer Harry Partch – An American Maverick | Harry Partch Project | Ensemble Musikfabrik

The Composer Harry Partch - An American Maverick | Harry Partch Project | Ensemble Musikfabrik

hey I was glad to hear from you believe us or not Elijah procedure Lecter today it must have followed me all over the world but I got to my wife she broke it open and read it and sent it to me this morning well I came back and run into a shotgun money and I was like ooh Harry Partch was a composer who lived from 1901 to 1974 to some of us who loved his music he is one of the most important composers of the 20th century and in some ways for opening up new possibilities is the most important he invented his own Orchestra of instruments to play microtonal music the to give an idea the fixed pitch instruments have 43 tones per octave but that the unfixed pitch instruments are in no way limited to 43 tones and play much more and also the the the tuning is in just intonation as opposed to equal temperament that's common to Western fixed pitched instruments now I think my music is intrinsically corporeal that it has a body feeling about it I care what the instruments look like they are pieces in space they're spacial products and being in space they have to look great they have to be inspiring all by themselves then the man who the man or woman who plays that instrument is a part of the instrument it's a oneness it's a wholeness and by God if I have anything to say about it he's not gonna look like a an amateur California prune picker some of them are our instruments where I think that you one could say that they're really planned out in terms of he had an idea for an instrument and then had to obtain the materials to realize the goal and some of them arranged more in the found object type of instrument where he had some objects that made interesting sounds and assembled them into an instrument most of them are built in a way where they're beautiful to look at and and that's part of the the theatrical element of his music theater which is to have these beautiful instruments on stage to be seen and to be integrated into the music and the action of each piece this tongue must vibrate at virtually the same frequency as this cavity and chrétien safe you can say the tongue must couple with the cavity or there's no resonant tone and yes this is very sexy other composers in this century have invented new instruments and they've looked outside the culture to examine the rituals of non-western man Harry has done this also but he's also brought a a tuning system that gives a complete total gamut of dissonance and consonants to this he's built a whole new Orchestra of instruments in a multimedia presentation you I recall going to a to the very first loss tenors Philharmonic the very first one I think it was 1919 it was a new organization and I recall this great body of blue haired lady sitting below me and 45 years later mind you I went to another concert in the same city and behold the sea of blue now just nothing wrong with blue egg red ladies of course but if we aren't concerned about our youth were headed straight to a dead end two three four I like unit two three four one da-dum I'm old enough to have been a young man and and performed in the 1969 version of delusion of the fury and then I also was music director in new bands version in 2007 I met him when I was 16 and he was 65 and he didn't have many more instruments that he was building at that point just finishing up a couple for the end of the end of the pedals of Petaluma project and and also delusion of the fury and and so I saw a bit of that yes what's that boy you can't play around with it up and down up and die I mean you can't kill it cause of it it's got to be at a constant angle that's better there you go good well delusion of the Furious Harry parches last big work he had composed several other stage works and and this is the final one and it's definitely probably the most the the highest level music of any of the stage works it some of the others are just as strong theatrically and to my way of thinking but that this is sort of the culmination of a lifetime of his musical work the piece is based on two folk stories one of them is a is a Japanese folktale and the other one is an African folk tale and the first one is as serious and the second one is comic Oh once upon a time there was a little boy and he went outside because that's exactly what I do when I was pretty young I've been going outside ever since I went outside and no big ranch country of Arizona and all get got bitten by a rattlesnake and found other things and then later I went outside of using I guess I'm still going out stuff but I'm not a little boy anymore I would choose to be anonymous of course I thinking of the missfantastic cave drawings and in France and fun France and in northern Spain well Tamir I think it is and there's no author there what a treasure they are and and who cares how many thousand years B years ago was that you know Chris I'm not saying that anything I'm going to do is good at last that long but who cares but the name roses on this property dark red and very fragrant that are perfect for rose petal Jam I was told about this by a know old friend who is born on a Greek island it is a Greek peloton sea and the recipe is about as stumble as an Incan thing can be a few rose petals of the right kind little water a little cheer stir and boil for about one minute aa rose petal Jam you


  • Jim French says:

    Amateur prune picker is a derogatory term for someone from Oklahoma.Well Harry..the Okies created the
    Electric guitar and they know how to keep the pitches from slipping instantly like your drunkmans zither does.Erv Wilson had it out with you over that..Oh Harry..not ONE person in the Partch Ensemble ever got
    anywhere on their own dime..all grants..

  • Jim French says:

    Out of tune bullshit..when a drunk arrogantly puts guitar tuners on a zither the pitch slips quickly into PARTCH muck..piano pins in maple blocks hold the pitches in place.Steven James Taylor,Marcus Hobbs
    and Kraig Grady are way better than this intervallic poser.You are playing the ratios correctly if and ONLY
    if,the instrument will hold the pitch..PARTCH used to Harbor teenage runaway boys and keep them upstairs
    so he could molest them by sneaking into their rooms at night.Phil Keany told me that he witness it would be in prison.Partch and his Slumlord benefactor got over on that one..

  • Soylent Ramen says:

    Mind blown.

  • Manny Hernandez says:

    Just saw +Ensemble MusikFabrik perform Partch's Delusion of The Fury in New York last week (July 23, 2015). It was amazing!

  • StellerBap says:

    Out of every composer I have ever heard of, I would like to hang out with Partch the most. He seems like a hilarious person.

  • Danagain says:

    What is the instrument he is using to insert the fastener?

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