The Composers Conference at Wellesley

The Composers Conference at Wellesley

one of the problems with contemporary music is that many people who are exposed to it for the first time don't know how to react to it and many times as composers were faced with the most the most feared reaction to any piece of music we write as apathy the composer's conference is a very lively interaction with other composers because we meet every day for three hours in the morning and then we talk about music in all different facets of music so we talk about the score talk about presentation on music talk about performance and we talk about social insights into new music the focus really is very very much a concentrating in helping young young composite professionally the recording of the ten fellows music is a single most important thing the 20 saw performance we have are some of the most outstanding specialists of contemporary music in in the East Coast the particular in New York and Boston in the profession the composite conference recordings and successful effort to help young performance is very very highly regarded you will not find apathy from a single person participant performer or composer here we all care deeply about what's going on here so it's just a really supportive environment the conference the the conference time we have as composers where you know you have ten composers from completely different aesthetic backgrounds meeting in the same room and talking is really one of the most inspiring things because you get out of that room you've heard other people's music you've heard other people's viewpoints and you walk out of the room and the first thing you want to do is pick up you know run to a piano and pick up a pencil and paper

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  • katherine kilburn says:

    So what piece was playing throughout this video? I'm curious about the composer. Was it Peter Van Zandt Lane?

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